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who you really are

January 16, 2008
By Anonymous

what does really matter?
To me what matters the most is showing who you really are,ALWAYS. To be able to say who and what you are proudly and to accept others. To go out of your way to chase your dreams no matter how far they seem, and never give up on yourself. To give people a second chance, to forgive and ask for forgiveness when you know you should. To cry when you feel like it, to laugh when you want, to love as if you had never had your heart broken before. To be there for your friends when they need you and not worry if they are going to be there for you, to help them out as much as you can while you can, to be honest with them, to give them your trust. To stop thinking about what happened in the past and focus in the present and in the future. To be strong during tough times and just hold on, and when you cant, to have somebody with you is what matters to me. Dont ever give up on others, dont give up on yourself, dream, and work for what you want.
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