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To Be Isolated

February 23, 2011
By BabyJ SILVER, Herndon, Virginia
BabyJ SILVER, Herndon, Virginia
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Have you ever seen that kid at the end of the cafeteria eating by him or herself? Looking all lonely while no one even bothers to stop by and say hi? It’s not because they want to feel isolated, it’s because we don’t do anything to prevent the isolation. We just sit and watch as people begin to lose hope in their lives and grow hungry with wanting. Wanting someone to hold on to them at night. Wanting to not feel alone in the world. Wanting to not feel isolated. Yet we let that happen. All for what? The cliché social stature of not looking cool? Well why don’t you ask that person in the cafeteria if they care about that. And watch them say no. Watch them say “I’d be happy just to have a friend.”

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