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Those Who Are Crazy

July 28, 2011
By neubauRAWR GOLD, Calgary, Other
neubauRAWR GOLD, Calgary, Other
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Maybe I’m crazy. Or extremely lucky. How should I know? As from the wise words of Albert Einstein, ‘A question that makes me hazy, is it I or the others who are crazy?’ We can’t know. We don’t know. We only know what we think, and maybe that’s enough. Who’s to say who is right and who is wrong? It may appear that I’m becoming garrulous, but I swear I have a point. That point is simply, whose crazy?

Our world appears to side with those who have power in numbers in being the ones who are ‘sane’. Take religion for example. Face it, the great number your religion has, the more people seem to take it seriously. It’s almost enough to make you question, to actually believe in your religion, or are you simply following the numbers? Or the people around you? Or what your parents have taught you to be right?
Now, everyone has the freedom to say, write, draw, act or sing what they think. It’s your opinion, your choice and your freedom to do so. I only ask, have you ever notice the contradictions? Not just in religion, but in life itself.

Religion is easy to pin-point. Take homo-sexuality and the church. Many are against homosexuality in general; some are against them getting married. With the Christians, many are totally for it, some are against it. How can one person using their religion as an excuse for the wrongness in homosexuality and another whom believes in exactly the same thing is totally for it? Ah, and the contradictions unfold.

That’s not all, racism is another thing. Of course it was way worse seventy years ago, with the ‘back of the bus rule’ and separate bathrooms of the black peoples and the white peoples. But, people still think the way they do occasionally. Now, the contradiction in this matter is the fact that obviously the people who are being hated on for their race shouldn’t like that now should they? However, people tend to take matters into situations where they can pick out a type of situation where it works out better for themselves. Here is a situation that actually happened, and our story begins, on an airplane. Now, the one thing I believe the entire economy class flying population can agree on is, having someone lean their chair back so far that you can see their forehead is, in short, irritating beyond belief. Especially on a six hour flight. Now, in this case the woman was asked by the person behind her on whom she was leaning back on to an irritating angle, simply asked her to move her seat up. A simple request. She then refused. When a flight attendant was brought into this, the seat-leaning-woman brought up the strangest argument. The fact that she was black. Now, unless I am mistaken, does race have anything to do with the degree a person chose to put their seat back? See, here we see the past of racism being used for the benefit of a person. Using it, for their personal gain. Using mistakes of other people in the past to gain, gain whatever it is they want. Stating, you’re only asking me to do this because I’m black, seems to be fairly irrelevant. Contradictions arise, yet again.

Numbers seem to have more of an impact then simply on math equations, but also on whose right or wrong. Majority rules, seems to be a common path taken to solve a dispute. Sometimes useful, sometimes utterly incorrect. Many people see the world in black and white. I see it in shades of grey. You have to see it in different views, because you need, have, must know what you yourself think. Of course with the expense of new information you should take that in account, but in the end, form your own opinion. Not all information given will make sense to you. That’s okay. I gave two contradictive points to the common statements of racism being bad, and homosexuality being bad in religion concepts. In life, it’s not about pleasing everyone around you, or being like everyone else. It’s about finding who you are, and making some difference. A difference, by making the world better. A better world, makes a better place for everyone. And by a better place, not the rainbows and unicorns and that fluffy crap. But, a place where there is no fear. No fear, of being judged for what you believe. No fear, of being punished for your mistakes. No fear, for being who you are. No shame in being who you were born to be. There maybe be power in numbers, but there’s only real happiness in understanding those who are sane, and those who are crazy.

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My thoughts, you can agree or not, but new information never hurt anyone, now did it?

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