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October 28, 2011
By Lady-Milano BRONZE, Richardsbay, Other
Lady-Milano BRONZE, Richardsbay, Other
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"When ever someone says life is so hard I'm tempted to ask,compared to what?"

LIES! I bet by now you're tired of the topic. You're sick of listening to people tell you how wrong it is to lie or how it's all one big sin. Yeah,yeah, I've also grown tired of those speeches.

Truth is,the worst lies are the ones we tell ourselves. If the truth isn't good enough or if it somehow doesn't suit us we always find a way to twist and turn it until it's exactly what we want.
Lil Wayne once said "Repetition is the father of all learning, I repeat, repetition is the father of all learning". See the thing is we repeat the lies to ourselves over and over again and somehow we start believing it.

It's not just the little lies that hurt us but it's all the little lies that build up to create one big one. It all starts with "I'm fine" You know that the world is crumbling at your feet but somehow you manage to smile, keep breathing and get on with your day,before you know it a month has passed and nothing has changed, you still keep that pain bottled up and somehow it's eating away at your soul each and every day.

We all come up with excuses to why we lie and I won't lies,some of them are pretty good. "I was just protecting you" or "I just didn't want you to find out that way",RUBBISH,one big pile of rubbish! We lie because we are cowards and we don't want to deal with the consequences of the bad choices we make. Infact most of us are selfish, as long as I'm off the hook,who cares if the other person is hurt!

It's a never ending cycle, you tell one lie to get yourself out of trouble and when that lie comes out you tell another to cover it up. Somehow, somewhere,someone always gets hurt and trust me,one day that someone is going to be you and you'll have no one to blame but yourself.

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