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War Speach

November 1, 2011
By queentabbiecat99 GOLD, Dardanelle, Arkansas
queentabbiecat99 GOLD, Dardanelle, Arkansas
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In all Americas wars a grand total of 1,313,635 solders have died. In my opinion war is as pointless as a single blade of grass. Up close it seems kinda cool and to work, but zoom out you see how inadequate it really is at fixing the problems. Just like war, that little single blade of grass can easily grow to cover and choke the world changing how we see it and how it runs.

Their is as many reasons of war as there is kinds ,but the main reasons are simple enough they are what controls most human behavior... Greed, Domination, and revenge. Greed can take many forms, greed for money being the forefront, but the one thing that doesn't change is that it can rip apart a country. Greed by definition is wanting something you don't need or deserve so it makes sense for it to be a down fall. Now another type of greed is greed for land. It takes the form of War of Domination. Domination is total take over of an other's country for more land or money for your home country. Alexander's war com pain is one example of this type of war. A group of people go into another's country and over throw the government there and enforce there own king. The war of revenge is kinda harder to define it's the war we as America is in now. The war of revenge is the attack on another country that attacked you and killed your people. Our war is started from 9/11 and has continued through to revenge to a more affect of quote, unquote benefiting war of peace.

The casualties of war stretch far beyond the death toll of soldiers. It includes the innocent deaths, of civilians, economy, and the environment. The civilian deaths of world war 2 alone is 30,755,000. That is from all major parties involved. As anyone that has to deal with money knows, or even if you just watch the news with some simple understanding, the economy of the U.S. and the world has suffered greatly with the on going wars. The world economy dropped a rough average of 7 percent in late 2008 to early 2009. Even with the wars slowing to a stop the economy is still taking a long time to turn around and go up. Finely and most dramatically, war has a huge effect on the environment. Even going back as far as 146 b.c., we are still feeling the effects on the environment. Nuclear testing and war has one of the longest lasting effects, but a lot lesser known affects that are still happening and affecting us just as bad. Water pollution, defoliating jungles and forests, and the huge impact on endangered animals are just a few examples. Though there are studies we are still not sure of all the damages war causes in out world.

There are a few not as known results of war. We all know the out comes but what about the losers or normal people? Examples of the facts are causing problems of the normal non military family and the results on the losing party. As my dad says, war affects even us. People with no connections with the front line. If the milk goes up because of gas, that when up because of war on the natural gas line then it affects us. If the dollar is worth less because of our dept then it takes more of it to buy the stuff you need, so it affects us. If the economy suffers then so to does the common people with high taxes and less jobs. One of the largest things our out look of war doesn't study is what about the losers. Take our own civil war. The south lost hugely not only slave rights but also in life, but the south celebrates the anniversaries considerably more than the north. The south does that because even though they lost, the years leading up to the war was it's hay day. Unlike that semi happy thing most losers of a war is not spoken for in any history's. Any good they did gets swallowed up in the bad. As a person once said, i forget who exactly, history is for the winners of war.

Your free to make your own conclusions. I hope that i have given you a more clear look of what war is and what it really does. i state once again that to me war is pointless and the only results is in thousands of deaths in so many ways.

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i had to write this for class

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