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December 3, 2011
By misstywaterfall SILVER, N/a, Massachusetts
misstywaterfall SILVER, N/a, Massachusetts
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"if you dont understand my silence how will you understand my words"

a throught came to me , sitting in silence in the corner of my english class just listening. what are we ment to do? why were humans created? many religions have different takes on those questions, but i think noone really knows. everyone waas ment to do something with the life they were given. even if you might go through bad times and you feel as if nothing will ever get any better but then i thought , maybe bad things happen to make something good. if you go through something horrible maybe you were ment to help others who are going through the same thing.there are so many things in the world we dont understand, we dont get , but maybe we arent suppose to get it. somethings are more worth expierencing when they are unknown. you can go through your whole life wondering , thinking , reasoning but you’ll never find the answer.makes my think why? why is it we can’t figure it out? it’s beacuase we have to expierence to truley know and even then it cant be explained to another person. its confusing. what am i supopse to do with this life? going through the daily routine isnt doing anything. everything is unknown

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