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January 9, 2012
By NicoleSanchez BRONZE, Fair Oaks, CA, California
NicoleSanchez BRONZE, Fair Oaks, CA, California
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Dear fellow Bullies and Victims,

Bullying. Now that’s a word we hear a little TOO often huh? Many adults, and students at my school say it’s unacceptable. No one but a complete IDIOT will believe that bullying is “cool”.

Kids have ALL the freedom to be themselves, but because of YOU BULLIES they can’t be that Happy-Go-Lucky person they want to be/are. Instead they have to be terrified when they’re in school. They can’t have their friends stick up for them because the bully might “chase” after them. BUT if you’re TRULY a friend you WOULD stick up for your friend, be by their side, and demand the bully to get lost, no matter what the consequences are. This bully WILL cause sadness and tremendous trauma.

Is it really worth it? Did you know that kids that are being bullied are planning on killing themselves? Suicide is the 8th leading cause of death in the United States. That’s pretty sad because we have about 312 MILLION people in the United States. I think we could all do better. Readers if YOU’RE being bullied and you think there is not hope for you in this world I want YOU log onto www.yellowribbon.com or just call the hotline 1800-SUICIDE. Please there are people in this world who care about you, and need you. Don’t think about suicide just yet. You need help, get the proper treatment. You’ll feel better about yourself I promise.

If YOU’RE a bully hear me on this KNOCK IT OFF!!! IT’S NOT FUN TO BE A BULLY! You are hurting people. INNOCENT people in fact. How would you like it if that were happening to you huh? Thousands of kids are killing themselves because of you. You’re practically a murder, killing all those kids. Now THAT’S not funny, and it never will be.

That’s all I have to say for now. Victims please listen to my advice please, please, PLEASE! I don’t any of you to get hurt, or hurt yourself. And bullies stop being jerks and get a REAL life. No one likes bullies, not even me. Thank you for listening.

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This was a school project so don't hate!

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