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Live it! Mean Behind the Screen

March 5, 2012
By foreverSmall PLATINUM, Brighton, Michigan
foreverSmall PLATINUM, Brighton, Michigan
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Hey teens!

So, I’ve been thinking, and... With all the texting, calling and commenting we do in a day on all the screens, wouldn’t it be awesome to kind of let it go for a while? Let me put it this way. Think about what you say in all those texts. Has anyone taken it the wrong way? If they have, they might give you the silent treatment the next day, or not sit with you at lunch. An almost mad glare can really get to you. This is called blackmailing, and someone’s reaction when they are blackmailed. It’s also known as cyber bullying. Either way, it hurts.

A simple text might seem harmless with fast thumbs, but it might ruin a relationship with a close friend or classmate. A person’s body language can give you all the details, along with the way they dress or look at you. There’s a lot of ways to deal with this. Picture this;

There’s a new girl in class. She comes in and trips when avoiding someone from the hallway. She totally trips and her books go flying. She fumbles through her things to grab her glasses and hurries to find a seat, putting her head down on the desk.

Some of the ‘cool’ kids would probably ignore her. But guys, we’re all cool! Plus, we know the right thing to do! We would help that girl! So, be nice to one another, and be the bigger person! I dare you. This week, try to hold off on the phone or internet and get out, to be the bigger person!

“Courage is fire, and bullying is smoke.”

-Benjamin Disraeli

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