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My Pride and Joy's

March 12, 2008
By Anonymous

There are many things I value and people I love. I care about my family and friends and they matter a lot to me, but that is to original. There is one unique thing that most kids my age will not value as much as I do. My Cleveland 900 series wedges, titleist 745CB forged irons, taylormade hybrid 4, Nike T40 5 wood, king cobra sz 460 degree driver, and a Scotty Cameron studio design putter. I could be about ¾ of the nation would have no idea what I just said but to all the avid golfers they would probably say nice clubs. It may be the most assorted amount of golf clubs anyone has ever heard of but I don’t care they are my pride and joy’s.

Other then the fact that these clubs have taken over $2,000 out of my pocket, I tell myself, “Who cares, I wouldn’t be able to play golf without them.” They are not magical or sacred clubs that can perform any task perfectly on the golf course when I tell them too. Golf involves much more then just having good clubs but its impossible to play without them. I have had my horrifying days sometimes almost convincing myself I hate the game of golf. I have experience some great days where a rush will not escape my body until about a week after the event occurred. Golf involves much more then just having a nice set of clubs to be able to feel that rush.

Having a consistent swing is probably the next, if not the important thing that matters to me. Learning how to swing is much cheaper, but harder to come achieve. There are certain clubs that allow people with bad swings to hit the ball well, but they most likely aren’t legal in a USGA sponsored tournament. I don’t have a perfect swing but it gets the job done. It’s is one of the most rare things to have in the world and there are many unique ways to swing. Mine swing is very simple and smooth. I don’t go past parallel at top and stay on the swing plane down with a strong finish.

Golf is my passion and even if I had a bad swing I would still love the game. I love the fact how golf is a game you are able to play until you are 85 years old. There is no little to no physical contact and very relaxing of a sport. Playing football after a long day of school is not how I do things. I prefer to relax but still have fun, and not get as tired as I am after school. Yes, I do love my golf clubs, and my swing, but these are items that help me play the game at a higher level then others. They make me feel superior to some when playing, but I would still love the game if I was the worst player in the world. All in all the sport of golf in general matters the most to me. Really anything thing that relates to golf I am somehow interested because of my love for the sport.

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