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Think About It

March 14, 2008
By Anonymous

Have you ever felt that you were in an awkward situation where you don’t belong or where you felt distinct from others? Well that’s how I felt while I went to visit Juarez. I knew that being in a different place was going to be weird, especially if I had never been there. I thought it was going to be like any other vacation but it turned out to be the best trip.
As we entered Mexico I noticed that everything around me was different then what I was use to seeing but the thing that shocked me the most were the people. As soon as I got out into the city about 10 taxi drivers were fighting with each other just so they can give us a ride and we thought they were crazy so we rode the bus. We went walking around trying to entertain ourselves so we went into a shop but it turned out to be small restaurants. All of a sudden these women started yelling out all the food they were selling trying to get us to buy from them. I had to go the bathroom and I had to pay 2 pesos. I was like, “First I get a hamburger with ham and now I have to pay just so I can pee? What kind of place is this?”
After a while we went back outside and everywhere you looked you see people selling in the streets and sometimes its children selling. Right there I realized that there weren’t any kids playing outside; they were all selling just to make money for their family and here we are letting our parents do all the work. I’ve learned that people struggle to get money and just like when your parents buy you clothes or shoes you tell them that those weren’t the ones you wanted or those aren’t the best ones but what you don’t realize is that there are other kids that would want that stuff just because they’re poor and don’t have money. So the next time you say that think about the people that don’t have anything

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