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I Believe

March 24, 2008
By Anonymous

I believe in never giving up in school or life and even when life gets hard. When I was in 7th grade, I didn’t care when about school. I just went to school and did homework. I just took what I got for grades. When I had Mrs. Goodman, she changed how I thought. She taught me that when I think I can’t do it, it doesn’t turn how you want it to be.

Once in October my friend and I had something that was hard for me to talk about. Mrs. Goodman she told me,” Brianna you are strong and you can get through anything”. Then when I had another life crisis .She helped me out when my mom broke up with her boyfriend .It was hard for me because I knew him for two years. Then when my mom stated dating this guy named Drew. She always went on dates with him. When he moved in it was hard because I don’t know him.
Then I just got over another life crisis not too long ago. My mom and I got in a fight. She went to go grab the food. I decided to run away. Then I went to my friend’s house. About one’ clock the cops came for me. I just went home then about last Friday I went to court. This man was talking to me about how I should be getting straight A’s because he said that I’m a smart girl. Then he told me that. He is right if I gave school my best I can go to any college. So then when he told them that I made I promise that I should get Straight A’s.
My life is like a circle. Like the sun goes around the earth. I have one bad trip; then I have a good trip. One good thing is to remember that you should never give up.

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