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Arrowhead High School

May 15, 2008
By Anonymous

Arrowhead High School is represented by vibrant colors of red, white, and blue
People stereotype, but some don’t have a clue.
We try our best to fit in,
But in our minds it’s hard to win.

With cliques galore
It is a war
Preps and jocks
There are people who wear different colored socks.

Each group has different qualities
But why is that bad?
It sometimes makes me kind of mad.
If people were all the same, then there would be no point of having names.

We have friends that will stick with us until the end
But let others in and don’t pretend
We all want to feel a sense of belonging
Not stuck in the shadows following.

There are many challenges we face and the last thing we need
is to be in the middle of a stampede.
If there was only a way we could stop all of this
And live in a world with bliss.

There must be a way
To conquer these hallways
We just need to think of something
Not just it around and do nothing.

Don’t judge others
Because you may regret it one day,
even though we all part in our own separate ways.
Don’t walk away.

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