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Dear Best Friend

April 27, 2015
By jessieroza43 SILVER, Traverse City, Michigan
jessieroza43 SILVER, Traverse City, Michigan
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Dear Best Friend,

I know we have not talked in a while but there are some things I need you to know. They are important. I have to tell you the things I am about to say. Now, remember all the things I will say are out of love.

First, I miss you a lot. I live far away from you. And I need you to listen to something. It's hard for me to talk to you and think that everything is okay, when deep down I know your dying. I will be here for you when you need me. I know lately I have not been able to talk to you. But I think you should know it kills me inside to know, if your hurting you can't come to me. And I am so sorry. You know me good enough that I will be there for you when I can. Even if I am going though a hard time. Just remember that I will try to be there as much as I can. 

Second, I miss when I knew someone was there to just be there. You were the one I could go with anything because you always had some kind of idea to fix it. I miss being able to ride my bike down the road and just knock on your door. Or just walk in. I know sometimes we would fight and not talk to eachother. But the great thing about us was that we would not talk for a week. Then we would just have to call each other to say sorry and then hang out that weekend. We would plan to do something stupid. ;)

Thrid, would be I miss coming to you for help. I would come to you for help after, I moved but you would never listen. You would be laughing about what someone just said to you. Or something stupid. That was our problem. I wanted you to listen, but if you were not in the mood, you would change the subject. I know that part of it is that we do better in person. And that we didn't talk everyday. So we both had a lot to say. Of course you would have to start. And by time it was my time to talk you would have to go. I felt like you never made time for me. I always made time for you, to talk in my busy days but in your busy days you would say you couldn't talk. 

After all is said, I have to say I miss you everyday. I will never forget you. I mean its kinda hard not to. But I really do love you like a sister. It's so hard to not be able to talk to you when I want to. And it is hard to think about you because I miss you a lot and I just want to come and see you, but I can't. And I know we spent only a little while friends but to me it felt like forever. The reason for that is because you have permanetly burnt a spot on my heart for you to live on forever. You will always be my best friend. Even after you have moved on, I will be waiting for you to return, because I love you like a sister. Forever and Always...

The author's comments:

 This is to my best friend who lives were I lived last year. She was my best friend and I miss her so much. There is so much more to say to her but it's hard to rap it all up into one letter.

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MiniMouse said...
on Sep. 17 2015 at 10:02 am
MiniMouse, Kewadin, Michigan
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Can I get your email?? I love your work by the way... :)