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The Honest Words Of A Dishonest Man

September 21, 2015
By Stalker_Panda BRONZE, Albuquerque, New Mexico
Stalker_Panda BRONZE, Albuquerque, New Mexico
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What’s the one thing I’ve learned in life that trumps all others, what’s the one thing that makes humans different. Is it our ability to love? No, your dog can love you. Is it our ability to speak? No, all life communicates. How about our cognitive ability? Not even that, animals have adapted to their worlds and obstacles for millennia. What sets us as a species apart from any other lifeform is our ability to lie. We have this amazing part of us that allows us to be willingly dishonest with one another. Day by day we go around telling others stories and facts with dishonest information. Why though? What makes me different from the neighbor's cat? Or even better what makes me different than a dolphin, or ape? As a human I have been taught that lying is okay, where it started I can not tell you. From childbirth we are taught that misinforming the population, whether large or small, is okay. If I tell my friend I can’t come over because my mom said so when it’s really because I don’t want to see them that is a lie, but what makes this okay? Humans have this worry of avoiding conflict, of not wanting to harm that which we love, and what we don’t. Instead of saying what happened, they would much rather say an alternate, or “bend the truth”. This affects us more than we can even comprehend. What is a lie? It can be physical, emotional, or verbal, all forms of communication. Cheating, deceit, and blatant lies are all forms of dishonesty. As I told a friend “people don’t get mad at honesty, ever. If you’re always honest, you don’t cheat, you don’t deceive, you don’t bend your way out of things. You do what you say and people know they can hold you to your word. An honest world if a perfect world, but humans aren’t honest, that’s why we’re not perfect.” You tell me a situation that when you were completely honest things went wrong. I’m talking about being completely honest, keeping to your word, and only speaking what you can and will do. If I tell my girlfriend I will be faithful, and I keep to that, there are now no problems. If I tell a friend I will pay him back tomorrow and I do so there are no problems. Even with the start of a situation beginning in a lie (cheating, etc.) it can be fixed with the truth.
My whole life I’ve been a lying and deceitful person, and I can’t and am not very proud of that. Through my actions I have hurt those I love, care for, and everyone in between. How can you be happy with your life knowing you couldn’t be honest with your family and those in your life. Every day I wake up ashamed of who I am and what I’ve done. When I hear my peers speak of how proud they are of their accomplishments I am shadowed by their completions in life. How can I be proud of myself knowing I hurt my family, but the guy next to me is an honor roll student with no worries of the future. I wonder on the daily how my future will turn out, if I’ll ever be proud of what I’ve done. When most people look in their futures they see a very straightforward and distinct thought, with very particular ideals and items. When I see my future there is nothing, a blank space that says “I really don’t know” with a shrug of the shoulders. The adults tell me that one day it’ll just click, and you’ll know what it is. I’m nearing adulthood and that has yet to happen, so what will come of me? I know I won’t be one of those people who changes the world, I’m no Martin Luther King or Newton, nowhere even close. So what can I do, little ole me? I may not be able to change the world, but maybe I can change just enough lives for the better to make it worthwhile. In the past year I have learned quite a bit, I’m hoping some of my new ideals will help out just enough people to spread a little more happiness throughout my community.

What’s the only thing I own, and will always own? My words, my freedom of speech will never die. Words are just word until you make them yours, then they’re eternal. So make a difference, show the world how rational irrationality can be. I wake up now going out of my way to help those I can, to do my part. I may not be anything like some of those who precede me, but that doesn’t mean I can’t try. I’ve been shown by modern society that if you can’t do something don’t worry about it and move on. Is that the right thing to do though? I’m starting to learn how much more rewarding holding the door for the next lady or carrying the older gentleman's groceries to his car really is. I 100% believe that it came to be through getting rid of the dishonesty in my life. After the first  time of hurting those you care for it really messes with you. It teaches you that you have such a large impact through your words, that you do matter. Honesty led me to the start of a long trek to rekindle my self respect and self worth. It’s not easy but I see more pride in my father’s eyes by the day, I see more trust and care squirming it’s way back into my life, I see happiness and love, friends and family. My eyes were blinded by the cataracs that were my lies. I had gone for so long it was near second nature, but now every thought I have anymore is “Will I be proud of this in 10 years” my “What would Jesus do” if you will. Thinking of the effects on those around you really makes you ponder every action before you do so. I used to see opportunities to better my life and would immediately take them; now I notice how much that can, will, and did hurt those I loved. I know everyone says to learn from my mistakes, but I won’t tell you to do so, as I’ve showed you I learned from my own. However if you do decide to repeat some of the things I’ve done in your own life, maybe you’ll perceive it that much better, maybe even save yourself. I can only hope.

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