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Life: Alive or Living

March 27, 2009
By Emily van der Walde BRONZE, Ann Arbor, Michigan
Emily van der Walde BRONZE, Ann Arbor, Michigan
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One day begins just like the first. One day moves to the next. One minuet becomes ten and ten becomes an hour. Time creates our life. Time runs our life.

Driving through life on a beautiful day my eyes were opened. Opened in a way I was not expecting. Just a few seconds before that moment everything was normal, or so I thought. Anyway, we’re at driving. All of the sudden it seemed as though everything in my life had life upon it. This bright almost blinding light.

This light brought a question along with it. What is life, living, alive and why are all these different…yet put together?

When I thought about these more I came up with a few things. Life is what we all do. It’s the world spinning around us. Life is the animals, humans, wind, rain, mountains, this is all life. Living is our motions. Living is us in action. But how does living associate with being alive.

When we are alive are we living?
Or do we have to be living to be alive?
When we are alive are we just breathing?
What is being alive?
Being alive must be the fact that we have air in our lungs and have a heart beat.
Living must be when we are experiencing life to the fullest.
But someone can be living, without living.
Once this is discovered another question comes up: “How do we know if we are REALLY living?”
How can we be aware of this?
When we are living we are experiencing the full life God has created us to live. God hasn’t created us to be people who just go through the motions. No, no that would be the opposite of what He wants. Doesn’t God want us to go out and share His word, His good news. How can we do that if we are not, living. In order to live you must be alive, and in order to be alive you must be living. In the end it does seem to all connect together. Each one is intertwined, but not in the way we would naturally think.

I believe that in order to be in motion through: life, living, and being alive we must be in motion through them all.

My conclusions:

Life: the world around us in motion.

Alive: the breathe in our lungs, the beat of our heart.

Living: the way we walk through life that shows God’s plan, love, and word. It’s the way we show Christ.

In the end they are all connected together.

The author's comments:
All of these thoughts came to me on March 14, 2009. It was not until March 16, 2009 that I had the chance to put my thoughts on paper. My goal for writing this piece was to make people think. This thought made my mind twist so many thoughts around.

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