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Golden Horizon

November 25, 2012
By RojerThatCat ELITE, Canoga, California
RojerThatCat ELITE, Canoga, California
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"We all can be only what we are, nothing more, or less."- Sword of Truth (Kahlan)


Jane and Mia are the best of friends and they, being like any teenager, were thrilled to be travelling together. When their plane crashed they were mortified. Their greatest fear had become reality. Worst of all it appeared they were the sole survivors. Mia's frantic behavior only escalates as she searches for her beloved cousin Seth and his best friend Trevor.

With their hope running dry and their upbeat mood quickly souring, will they survive life on the island? They are forced to think about things they hadn't previously dealt with like how to find food, water, and shelter. Their minds turn from basic necessities to possibly populating the island. Whether that's the smartest decision, Jane isn't too sure but with all their problems one more doesn't seem like too much. The island for all they know is full of mysteries waiting to be discovered.


Golden Horizon

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