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dragons heir

February 11, 2013
By tobiilori, Dublin, Other
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tobiilori, Dublin, Other
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even in death may you triumphant darenn shan

"Spalsh" "spalsh".A myterious dark figure was sprinting through the town it was very dark at night and most people would be asleep at this time so no one would look outside or bother to notice what was to take place.The figure ran as it if its life depended on it and the figure was holding someting that was moving in its dark robes and the figure held on to its item as a mother would with a new born baby.Behind the figure there was something moving as fast as the figure it moved with unnatrual speed and silence and there was more than one of it.The figure in the dark robe ran even faster to evade the creatures in the dark and those creatures were closing in very very fast.The figure ran to a big building in the middle of the town and this building was something to marvel over the figure ran even more faster and its seemed that this place was a place of haven for the figure in dark robe.The building was tallest building in the city it was painted in white and gates surrounded the building, the building had a massive golden bell on it to signal the town if there was danger about. The creatures in the dark started to slow down seeing the buliding and stoped in there trails the creatues hissed at what they saw and turned around to wherever they came from.The figure in dark walked up to the wooden door in front of the building and removed its hood and a long flow of blonde hair fell down. The woman looked at what she was carrying and removed the blanket that conceled the package and she looked at a baby with a black stubbble of hair. The baby's hazel eyes stared at her and she smiled when the baby began to laugh, and then placed her palm on the babys cheeks and caressed its face, the woman's blue eyes started to swell with tears as this was the last time she would ever see the child... her child.She brushed away the tears and regained herself and she knocked on the door three times and a middle aged man in his forties with silver hair and blue eyes as cold as ice opened the door and stared at the woman and gasped.
"Maria I assumed that you would be back the following year after the mission, what happend?"
The woman looked at the man and tears started to fill her eyes again. "Abaddon, the mission has been comprimised and I return to you for one last favour my dear friend."
Abaddon looked at Maria with worry in his eyes for a long time and then he looked at what was in her hands as she handed him the baby, and he looked at it. He didn't understand why she wanted to give him a baby and then as he looked over the babys body he saw something that made him jump.
"Maria is this what I think it is?" he asked as he stared at her with fury in his eye.
"Abaddon please I don't have time and I am begging you. Please, you must do this for me, the child will be our only chance in the war."
Abaddon stared at the child and saw the mark again it was a triangle with a cross in the middle and this mark he saw on the creatures he was trained to kill the creatures that took his family away from him. The creatures that have caused the world problems. He was tempted to kill the baby, as to him what he saw was an anbomation not a child, it was the thing he hated the most.
The child had the mark of a dragon and in that moment he looked at Maria and he calmed down he has known this woman for years and seen her as his own sister, the sister he never had, so he sighed and said, "I will take the baby but if what you say is true then ill protect him with my life."
Maria was overwhelmed with relief. "Thank you Abaddon for everything you have done". She took the baby one last time and kissed its forehead and the baby laughed again, it hurt for her to give away the child the thing she loved the most but it had to be done and she gave the baby back to abaddon and put her hood back on and ran away.the rain was pouring heavilyand the cold was setting in and abaddon looked at his friend run away and he loked at the child she gave him the baby was asleep now he knew somewhere in his heart that this baby would change the world and everthing he knew he closed the wooden door and took the baby to his room and placed it on a bed.Abaddon! a woman yelled is everything okay.abaddon still staring at the baby said yes honey iam fine and he went to his room with one thought in his head what had he done.

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A man in silver armour stood in the middle of the training ground his sword at his hand and a shield in the another his helmet was also put on to protect him from what was about to happen.The man in the armor was shakeing but stood his ground he searched everywhere with his brown eyes to see what his target was yet he saw absoulutey nothing this worried him even more he turned to Abaddon the head master of the order and yelled old man what the hell iam i supossed to be fighting.Abaddon laughed and said it will get you soon solider now stay focused so the man in the armour took his stance again and kept searching then in he saw a flash of black and raised his shield and got ready for it now. The thing is bloody fast the man said and in that second of thought faster than he could of ever moved the thing used its leg and sweeped him off his foot and while he was in the air a hand came down on his chest and smashed him into the ground he could feel it even through the armor and when he attempted to raise his sword the thing raised its bronze blade and knocked it out of his hand and jumped on top of him with a sword to his thoart and the boy asked the man did he yield with a smile on his face and the man had no choice his ribs were probally broken.Abaddon and other recruits of the order clapped for the boy get the man a doctor and the soldiers ran on to the field and picked up the man and took him to the medical ward.Abaddon looked at the child with a smile on his face and the child smiled backed it had been 9 years since maria had disaperred and gave abaddon her child and the boy had grown fast he was as strong as and exprinced as the elites of the order and faster he still had that same black hair but now it was jet of black and his hazel eyes still looked amazing as it did when he was just a baby he had the apprence of any other boy but he was muscler not to much and lean and to the maids he was considered attractive and had a tan complexion and had the hunger of twenty men but two things gave away what the boy really was.The first thing was the mark inbetween his chest was still there and abaddon had to convince people that the boys father had been a cruel evil man that tatooed it onto the boy in actual fact the boys father was a dragon and the second thing was his eyes many people these days did not have any other eye coulours then green blue or brown and the hazel eyes resembled the coulour of the dragon who was supposed to be the new dragon king but was murdered.But no matter what abaddon made had made an oath to protect the child no matter what happened leonidas come here he yelled and the boy ran to abaddon now listen to me go to the market and buy some bait for the soldiers and abaddon gave him a list is that understood yes sir leonidas said the boy ran to the market abaddon had given the boy the name because he believed that the boy would one day be a leader just as great as his namesake leonidas from ancient sparta who died for his land and with that thought abaddon went onto pressing matters with the disaprience of his vanguards around the town.Leonidas was walking through the hallways of the great building hello there leo a maid said to him with a wink on her face and he winked back and said hello to her he never understood why girls did that to him. He had been living in the building for years now and his birthday was soon to come again on the 8th of december and he was excited because abaddon told him that at age 10 he will be fully accepted into the order and he was devoted to the cause of the order.As he walked by the hallway he looked at the pictures on the wall most of them were pictures of the building and its founding fathers matthew gardner james spring and the most important one to leonidas was abaddon melshor who he considered his father even though abaddon never explained leos past to him but that didnt matter and then he saw the name of the order and the creed underneath it which said here where i stand i give my life to order to my brothers and sisters of the order and to the orders cause and if iam to die i die knowing i fulfilled my job to order leonidas recited as he was taught to and he looked at the name of the order which summed up what the order was about the order was called draco interficientis which was latin for dragon slayer looking at this leonidas remembered he still had a job to do and walked out of the building.The town was bustling with people and activity from history classes leonidas learned that they live in a period called the middle age and in this age new things were being thought of ever day by inventors and ideas were changeing.As leonidas walked through the town he smelled the familiar smells of bread being made in the local bakery and excrement form the cows on the farms the town was pretty big leo thought but secretly leo wanted to explore the world and go to places he had heard from people in the order the magestic lands of asia the oceans of the carribeans and the hot dessert land of africa but leo was still a child and had a long way to go.Leo remembered the first thing he was taught by abaddon the story of how dragons came into the world.The story said that when god created the world the first living thing he invented was dragons because he belived that they would make the world prosper but the dragons became smater and greedier and wanted more than just to make the world better they wanted to conquer it for there own and when god saw this he sent the dragons out of the garden of eden and in there replecment god made man to do the dragons job.God wanted to destroy what he had created and sent angels to kill the dragons but it was not as easy as god thought because the dragons had discovered there own powers and fought with the angels and murdred them the dragons in an act of revenge created there own land in the moutains and in the sky and between the two lands the first king of the dragons was anoited and this dragon was called elrod and it was the golden rule of the elrod family for the dragon nation.But there were other dragons that wanted the throne and one of these dragons was called vertour. Vertour was the right hand man of elrod and his family and elrod would never expect his own friend to betray him which vertour did.Elrods son azul had come home from his journey in the other relms of earth to see his fathers land corrupted and taken over by his own friend now know as king vertour and from that day on azul made it his quest to return the true heir to the throne and kill vertour and for years azul tried and tried to do this and failed countless of times but he was unnerved by his failures and kept trying azul would pay the great price for his bravery and he did vertour defeated azul and had him executed and from that day on vetour wanted more than just the land of earth he wanted to claim mankind for his own and this had started the war between humans and dragons but god gave humans the knowledge and power to fight these creatures and this started the cause of the order.GET OUT OF WAY !!! leo sidestepped out of the way of the carriages way he had been lost in thought it was such a long story and it always kept him distracted but he continued his way to the meat shop. Ahhhhh leo the old man at the butcher called my regular customer what will it be today leo handed him the list and the man looked at him with a surprised face on him leo you cant eat all this meat.Leo laughed and said no its not for me its for bait for the dragons now that makes sense said the old man ill have a look in the racks for you.As leo waited patiently for his meat he heard a yell from the old man and leo ran to the racks where the meat was kept and saw the old man on the floor and picked him up what happened said leo some theifs came up to me and ordered i give them all the meat and i said no and they knocked me out and took my meat and ran.Dont worry leo said ill get your meat back and at that leo went after the robbers leo moved fast because curfew was almost about to begin and he would be in very serious trouble with abaddon so he bolted after the robbers he caught up with them in the forest and he started to strategies his next moves as he was taught to do so he climbed the tree next to him and looked over the theifs camp.Good catch today boys said the main one with brown hair he wore trousers and silver chain mill which was definatly stolen as no knight was a robber and the others wore the same just with diffrent variations leos plan started to form in his head he had bakeing powder in one of his pockets which would ignite and create a smoke screen with contact of fire and then he could finish of the theifs.He through the powder into the fire the theifs had made and in that split second they were confused and searched for where the powder had come from and then it exploded into black smog of smoke and they could not see anything. What the bloody hell is going on said one of the thiefs and leo jumped into action he pounced on the first theif and broke his neck and turned to the next one gave him three jabs one to the leg one to the chest which stopped him from screaming as his wind was knocked out of him and one to face and the man was down .The smoke had started to dissapier and in front of leo stood a big burly man who was bald with cuts all over his face and he looked mad to see his friends had been killed by a mere child so he swung a haymacker at leo but leo was strong and experienced and already had seen it coming so he caught the mans fist and crushed it and then gave him a roundhouse kick to the head which stunned the man and then went to work on his face by jabbing him again and again in the face until the man was complety dazed and then leo grabbed his head tucked it underneath his armpit and useing little effort or strength and leaned back pulling the man over his head smashing the man into the ground with such force leo could hear broken bones crack.When leo was done with the theifs he picked up the crates and made his way for the markets but not before he made a silent pray and buried the theifs they may have had bad intentions but leo saw them like every other person he saw them as equals.Leoooo!!! well done you brought back the meat and he gave leo a pat on back then his smile disaperried when he saw the blood on leos shirt .Heres the bait you asked for thank you leo said and made his way home to the building as he entered the door abaddon stood there with a annoyed frown on his face Leonidas do have any idea what time it is it is past curfew where have you been.At this leo laughed and said you sound like your wife sir abaddon and the old man could not help smileing leo explained what had happened at the meat store and abaddon expression changed to a worried one as he searched the boy for injuries.Abaddon iam fine i didnt get hurt leo said and adaddon relaxed okay boy just clean up and head to bed you have more training tomorrow yes sir leo answered and left to his room.after washing up and changing clothes Leonidas went to his room and looked outside the window he still had that dream to travel the world but he knew he would have to wait but he also knew that he would have to give his life to the order no matter what and with this he put all his personal thoughts away and just decided to go to bed and get ready for all the challenges later in life.

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