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December 19, 2013
By Garyhuang, Coquitlam, Other
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Chapter 1

In 1972, Jackson was born in a rich family in Hong Kong. His father is a police and his mother is a housewife. When Jackson was 4 years old, his parents divorced and Jackson went to mainland China with his mom. In that time mainland China was very chaos, because in July 28, there was a biggest earthquake happened in the history in northern China. The economic in China was recession. It was hard to find a job. Many people died because of hunger.
When they went to mainland China they didn’t have that much money. After a year his mom knew a man and his mom married him. After a year he had a brother which was John. Jackson didn’t like his stepfather that much because he always blames on people and he is lazy. He doesn’t listen what people say; he always think he is right.
In 1988, Jackson was 16 years old and John was 10 years old. They want to become Hong Kong residents. (In 1988, Hong Kong was British colony. So Hong Kong had different government, Hong Kong was more easier to get a good job and had better education. In mainland China everyone wanted to become Hong Kong resident in that time.) So they swam to Hong Kong in the evening. It took a long time to swim to Hong Kong and it was cold. It’s very dangerous to swim to Hong Kong. When they arrived to Hong Kong; they were very hungry and cold but they didn’t have any food to eat. They found an old house and they wanted to sleep there for a few days, but there worried about the polices found them and send them back to mainland China again.
“ Jackson I am hungry.” John said.
“ John we don’t have food right now, I will find food for you tomorrow.” Jackson said. Jackson used a rock to draw a cake on the wall, and then they imagined they were eating a cake.
When they were going to sleep. There were two polices walking around the house, so they hid under the desk. They used their hands to cover their mouth. They tried to do not make any sound. John was shaking, he was so scare. So Jackson hugged John, he said to John: “ Did not afraid, I will protect you.” The police use flashlight to look around the house and they could not find someone so they left. Jackson and John almost got caught by police. After the polices left they came out and had a nap. There was a new day coming.
“ John! John! Wake up!” Jackson said.
John use hand to rub his eyes and then stretched his body.
“ we need to find something to eat and walk to downtown Hong Kong to get the temporary ID card before 12 o’clock in the evening. If we can’t get it we can’t become Hong Kong citizens and we need to go back home.” Jack said to John.
Now there were in the mountain, so they tried to find some fruit to eat. They walked to the top of the mountain and they found a tree had a lot of fruit. Jackson climbed up the tree and picked the fruit for John. Those were the first thing they eat in Hong Kong. They looked at the view down the mountain and they can see Hong Kong had a lot of tall buildings and cars. Jackson said to John “If you want to become success you need to have a dream. In the future we will own our shops in whole Hong Kong.”
After they finished breakfast. They started to walk to the police station and get their temporary ID card. It was a long way to walk for them, they were new here. They didn’t know which way they needed to go, so they bought a map and ask people how to walk. They were hungry, tired and thirsty; they didn’t have any money left. They couldn’t buy something to eat and drink. They walked out of the side of Hong Kong. They asked the people where was the police headquarters. The people told them you couldn’t walk their, you needed to take the taxi go through the bridge.
“ We didn’t have any money left, we couldn’t take the taxi.” John said
“ Don’t worry, we can go there.”
Jackson found a taxi and they take the taxi to the police headquarters. But now already 11 pm. They only had one hour left. The taxi driver look at them by the mirror and he started thinking “Did they money to pay?” On the road, John hold Jackson’s hand so hard. John worried about the money to pay. If they didn’t pay the money for taxi, the police will caught them and send them back to mainland China. Finally they arrived the police headquarters. The taxi driver ask them the money.
Jackson said to John “ run now, run as fast as you can and I meet you at the police headquarters.”
They opened the door and ran to the police station. But John only 10 years old, he was not strong enough so the taxi driver caught John. Jackson ran to the police station, he was waiting for John. The taxi driver called his friend came but his friend know John smuggled to Hong Kong, he was sympathy John. He pay money for John and John ran to police station to meet Jackson. When John got to police station it was already after 12 o’clock. Jackson got the temporary ID card but John couldn’t get it. John could not stay in Hong Kong. John started to cry because he could not live with Jackson, he needed to go back to mainland China.
“ John, did not cry. You are a man. I will let you come to Hong Kong. You needed to take care mother and father.” Jackson said to John.
Jackson hugged John and John was still crying.
After today, John and Jackson started a new life. They could not see each other anymore.

Charter 2
Jackson walked in the street. He was trying to find his father in Hong Kong. He went to his old house in Hong Kong, but his father didn’t live there anymore. After that, he thought was hard to find his father so he started to find a job. He went to a hair salon and worked there. He didn’t know how to cut hair so he learned how to wash hair. There were many rich people went to that solon. One day, there was a woman want to that salon and washed hair. Jackson washed her hair but Jackson was new, and then the woman though Jackson was not pro so she asked for other people to wash her hair. After the woman gone, Jackson cleaned the salon and then he found a ear ring on the floor. He thought the ear ring was the woman’s. Jackson toll the manager and the manager said “ You had to send the ear ring back to her. I know she was in the hotel behind our salon, you should go there and give it back to her.” Jackson put the ear ring in the pocket and walked to the hotel. He went there and saw she was eating lunch with her friend. Jackson walked to her seat and gave the ear ring back to the woman. The woman thought he steal her ear ring, so she through the ear ring away because she thought Jackson’s hands were dirty and he made the ear ring dirty. Jackson was shark. He didn’t know she through the ear ring away. After that, Jackson walked back to salon. When he was walking, there was a man walked pass to Jackson. Jackson looked at the man and the man looked like his father. The man was walking to the woman’s seat and sat with the woman. Jackson asked the waiter the name of the man.
The waiter said “ His name called Sam Qiao. He was a police and he always went to our hotel.”
Jackson was so happy because he found his father. He sat in the chair and waited for his father. After one hour, his father was walking to his car. Jackson ran to his father.
“ Who were you?” The man said.
“ Dad! I was Jackson, I am your son.” Jackson said.
“ SHH!Ok, Jackson please leave here. I will give you my phone number. If you need help you just call me and I will find you after a few days but didn’t talk to me right now. Please leave here!” His father said and he drove the car and leave the hotel.
Jackson didn’t know why his father didn’t want to see Jackson. The only way was wait for his father to call Jackson.
After two days. His father went to Jackson’s house. Jackson lived in a very small room.
“ Hi, dad!” Jackson said.
“ Jackson, why you came to Hong Kong. Why you didn’t stay with your mom?” His father said.
“ why? Because you are my father. I wanted you to take care me. I wanted to had better life and better education, so I came to Hong Kong.” Jackson said.
“ ok, I will find a school for you and rent house for you. I will give you some money every months. I will give you my address, if you got in trouble you can find me.” His father said. His father put the money on the table and leaved the room.
Jackson felt strange, why his father didn’t want to take care him. He wanted to find the answer so he was planning to go to his house after a few days.
One day, Jackson walked in the street, he saw his dad was kissing a woman. Jackson remembered the woman, the woman always went to Jackson’s salon. She was the woman that who last the ear ring in the salon. Jackson saw there was a little boy beside the woman. Jackson thought the woman was his father’s wife and the boy was his son. Now Jackson knew why his father didn’t want to take care him because he had his own family. Jackson couldn’t accept his father had his new family.
After a day, Jackson went to the place his father lived. When Jackson got there he called his father came to see him. The met in a coffee shop that near his father’s house.
“ What happen? I didn’t have time to talk to you.” His father said.
“ Did you have a wife right now?” Jackson asked.
“ How did you know that, what did you want to say?” His father said.
“ I saw you family yesterday. I knew why you didn’t wanted to take care me, because you had your own family. I knew why my mom wanted to leave you. You didn’t love my mom. You didn’t want to tell the people I was your son.” Jackson said.
“ I was a policeman. If the other people knew I had an illegitimate child I will lost my job. My family will breakdown. You didn’t want me to become this. Please, stayed far from me. I will give you money, I didn’t want to see you.” His father said.
When Jackson was talking with his father in the coffee shop, the woman which was his father’s wife saw them were talking but the woman didn’t know Jackson was his husband’s son.
After the conversation, Jackson didn’t find his father anymore. He hate his father.
There was a man called Tim lived with Jackson. He was same age liked Jackson but he was member of Organized crime. He sale the heroin to the people. Jackson’s father always wanted to catch Tim but Jackson always help Tim to escape. Tim thought Jackson was his friend so he asked Jackson: “ Did you want to join me? If you join me you can have a lot of money.”
“ Tim, the reason I helped you was I hate my father so I didn’t want him to catch you. I won’t join you. Please did not ask me that again.”
“ Ok! If you needed help in the future you could ask me anytime.” Tim said.

Jackson studied very hard and he became a policeman

Chapter 3
On the other side. After John couldn’t get the Hong Kong temporary ID card. He went back to mainland China but he talked to his mother he still wanted to lived in Hong Kong. He missed the chance to get temporary ID card in Hong Kong, so it was impossible to go to Hong Kong again right now. The only way was they could go to Macau. Macau was a very small city in southern China. In 1988, Macau was still Portuguese colony. So Macau under controlled by Portugal. Macau also had better education and chance to get a job. John and his mom decided to move to Macau but John’s father still stayed in China. His mom was called Eva.
The first day they got there, they didn’t have house to live. They found a old factory and live there. The people that lived there were new here. They made a kitchen in the factory.
The second day, John’s mom went outside and tried to find a job but she didn’t had a Macau ID card so no one could hire her because it illegal to do that.
When she went to a market, she hear someone wanted to hire someone, so she asked the vendor: “ I was looing for a job, could you hire me? I was not Macau resident and I didn’t had a ID card right now.”
“ Ok, but I won’t paid you that much. You needed to be careful, you couldn’t let the police catch you.” The vendor said.
“ I will be careful, thank you so much.” Eva said. Now she found a job and John could go to school.
One day, there was a rich woman went to market to buy vegetable. The woman went to Eva’s booth bought vegetable every day. The woman saw Eva was eating her lunch. There were only a few vegetables and rice for the lunch. The woman though she had a very bad life. The woman knew Eva was a very honest people. The woman asked her “ Did you want to have a better job?”
“ Yes.” Eva was very happy.
“ You could be a servant in my house, it was not a hard job. It just cleaned the house and cooked for my family. You could lived in my house with your son.”
Eva was very surprise. “ Thank you! Thank you!” Eva side to the woman. Eva was very thankful for the woman. Now Eva had a stable job to do. When Eva said this good news to John, John was very happy because he had a new house. In the same time, John’s father quitted his job went to Macau found his son and wife. His father was called Tom. John and his mom didn’t know Tom came to Macau to find them. His father didn’t know Eva found a new job and moved to a new place. One night, Tom went to a factory that Eva lived before. Tom went there and couldn’t find Eva, so he asked the people that lived there. The people told his that his wife moved to other place, but Tom didn’t trust them because he though his Eva will tell him if she moved. Tom start to mad on the people and made noise.
“ Where is Eva?” Tom yell that so loud.
“ What are you doing here. Please stop making noise, we need to sleep.” The people live there said.
“ I don’t care, I need to find my wife.” Tom said to the people.
There was a man was very angry because Tom made the noise so he couldn’t sleep. The man started to argue with Tom and Tom became very angry, too. After a few minutes they fought with each other. When they were fighting, there was something was blowing. When they were fighting Tom pushed to me to the kitchen and the blowing fall down with the fire. The the fire started became more bigger and bigger. The people in the factory run away and the factory was on fire.
After a day, Eva watched TV and saw the news was saying there was a factory on fire last night. She remembered the factory was the one they lived before they moved. So she went there with John. When she got there she saw many people lived there got injured. She felt shark; she was worried about her friend. When she found her friend, her friend told her there was a man found her last night and he fought with a man and then the factory was on fire. Eva knew the man was her husband, so she found her husband. When she found her husband she asked:

“why you came here with telling me?”
“ Sorry, because I missed you and John. I didn’t want to live without you and John. Now I already quit my job and I was planning to move here and live together.” Tom said.
“ Ok, the first thing was we need to find a house because now I was living in my boss’s house.” Eva said.
They found a house easily but Tom couldn’t find a job in Macau. So he decided to make a cart and sell peanut candy in the street. Because of this decision, John couldn’t go to school. John needed to make peanut candy at home and bring the cart to the street and sell the candy with his father very day.
John missed his brother, which was Jackson, a lot. Sometime Jackson went to Hong Kong and put the letter in the house that Jackson lived before. Jackson wrote about his life right now and told Jackson every Sunday he will wait Jackson in the Ruins of St. Paul( Ruins of St. Paul was the landmark building in Macau. I went there almost every year.), but he thought Jackson didn’t went there so Jackson didn’t Know John put the letter there.

Chapter 4

After eight years which was 1996.

“ Ding-Don” the door bell.
“ Jackson!” a men yell at Jackson.

“ Yes. Let me opened the door. Every stopped what you were doing and covered every thing.” Jackson said to every one.

Jackson was in a factory and they were making heroin. When they hear the door bell they scare it was police press the door bell. Jackson walked to the door and opened the door. He saw a man deliver the food. The people side they saw was the delivery and they started working again. When Jackson closed the door. There were about ten people came inside with the gun and said “ Police, do not move.”
When the people know were polices, they took out their guns and had gun fight with the polices. At that time Jackson ran away with the boss. They ran to top of the building. There were only two people in the top floor. When the boss tried to jump out od building; Jackson take out his gun and said “ Don’t move, I am police now I need to catch you.” Jackson used the handcuffs to lock the boss’s hands.

“ Well done Jackson! This time we collapsed a group of criminal group.” Jackson’s supervisor said.
“ Thank you sir, I will keep working hard.” Jackson said.
Jackson was the police undercover. This was a very dangerous job. Because of Jackson finished this mission, he got a higher position. Now he in charge a whole team. His father was Jackson’s supervisor. The reason of Jackson wanted to be police was he wanted to show his father how strong he was. He wanted to show his father he was strong than him.
Now Jackson had his own house, he lived with a friends called Mandy. Mandy also was a police. When Jackson started to be a police, he also started to learn Tae Kwon Do. He always practices with the people that were higher position in the police, so Jackson had good relationship with people that higher than him.

One day, Jackson went to old building with his team. They knew there was a bank robber hide in that building, so they needed to catch him. They ran the fifth floor of the building. The bank robber saw them and started to ran away. When the bank robber was running away he saw a lady was walking on the hallway. The lady was very beautiful so the bank robber chocked her neck and took out his gun and used the pointing the lady’s face. Jackson saw the bank rubber walked to the window. Jackson didn’t want the bank robber hurt the lady, so he took out the gun and shot the robber. But the rubber and the lady was too close to the window. The lady fall down to the building, but fortunately the lady could hold the shelf form some where out side the building. But the shelf was too old, the shelf could break anytime. When Jackson saw that, he didn’t think anything because he didn’t have time to think. He used the fire hose and put it around his body. And then he jumped out of the building. He used two hands to embrace her body, at the time thy were safe. But there were too heavy and fire hose couldn’t bear that weight so the fire hose broke and they fall own together. Fortunately there was a trunk under them and inside the trunk were mattress. They fall in the trunk and there safe. The young lady fall in love Jackson, Jackson started to pay attention to the lady. Jackson send the lady to the hospital and then he knew the name of the lady, the lady was called Rachel. Rachel was born in a very rich family. Her father was called Phillip. He had a very huge company in Hong Kong. Rachel was good at design clothes. She really wanted to become a fashion designer but her mother didn’t want Rachel to work outside. But Rachel didn’t listen to her mother because this was her dream. She went to the factory because a people was interested her design so this was the reason that she went to the factory. After the doctor checked every thing she still needed to go to police office. There were a few questions the polices needed to ask her. When she got the office she was looking for Jackson, but Jackson was working so it was other police asked her. After the grilled, Rachel still looked for Jackson but Jackson was not here. And then she wrote her phone number and her name in a pink paper and put it in Jackson’s desk. After finished work, Jackson saw there was a pink paper in his desk and he looked at the pink paper and started smiling. He was so happy that he got her phone number.
Because of this chanced Jackson and Rachel’s love story started.

Chapter 5

On the other side. After eight years, John grew up a lot. He kept selling peanut candy, but there were less people to buy their peanut candy. John and his friends thought the candy tasted not good, that’s why there were less than people to buy his candy. These candies were his father taught him how to make them. John really wanted to make his own candy but his father will not agree because his father thought he always right. Jackson wanted to make more money so he made his own candy without discuss with his father. His mother also agreed with John and she really supported John. John used almost all the money to buy the best ingredients to make the candy. He went to his friend’s house to make the candy. His friend was called Kristal. She was John’s best friends. Her father owned a hotel so there were a lot of room for John to make the candy. Kristal helped John to make candy every day, after they done the candy. They will give the candy to the friends and let them try it. Every one said the candies were very delicious. John believed that he will be make a lot of money.

After that day, he changed the candy to his own candy, but his father always went to his booth to see him. John was scared his father will know he change the candy, if his father knew that his father will be mad at him. So when he saw his father came to his booth, he will change the candy back very quickly. After John made his own candy there were so many people bought his candy. After a month the people in Macau knew his candy was very good.

“ John, why there were so many people brought our candy?” Tom asked.

“ Dad, because I changed your candy, the candies were selling right now were not your candies, I made those candies. I used the best ingredients to make the candy. That’s why there were many people bought the candies.” John said.

“ why you made this decision without telling me? Did you know you use a lot of money to buy the ingredients and you didn’t make the price up. Did you know that we couldn’t make money in this way.”

“ I knew dad, right now I just wanted the people to know our peanut candies were the best in Macau. I was planning to open a shop to sell my candies.” John said.

“ John, I was glad that to hear that. You already grew up. You didn’t have to worry, I will support you.” His father.

John was so surprise because he didn’t understand why his farther wasn’t mad at him. This was the first time to see his father support him.

John worked very hard everyday because he needed to make more money to buy a unit and he could open his own shop. After a few months he had even money to buy a unit and it took a few weeks to decorate.

The first day to open, he invited his best friend Kristal and other friends to try his candies.

“ John, could I go to shop to help you? I already quit my job, I could help you anytime.” Kristal said.

“ thank you so much, you were my first employee. Welcome to the small family.” John said.

After that day, Kristal worked in the shop everyday. Kristal almost worked all the things. She worked more than John.

After John opened the shop, there were more people to buy the candy. John thought they only had one product to sell, it was not enough. So John decided to made more new products. He added some sesames into the peanut candy and made the candy became more delicious. He also made the dried pork and spicy dried pork and many different kinds of things. Because there were so many people went to his shop and John made a lot of money so he decided to open the second shop in Macau.

John’s food became so famous in Macau, and many people copied John. They use John’s shop’s name to sell their own products. John wanted to stop this behavior so he went to Hong Kong to find a good lawyer.

Chapter 6
In 1996, Hong Kong was so chaotic. Many jewelry shop had robbed by different crime groups. In that time Hong Kong was not safe. There were many gun fight between the crime group and the police in Hong Kong. Jackson’s group was in charge of this case. They had gun fight with them a few times already. Jackson really wanted to catch them. In this time John came to Hong Kong to find the lawyer. John wished he could find his brother which was Jackson.
When John went to lawyer’s office with Kristal. They saw there were many jewelry shop in this area. Jackson also looking this area everyday because he thought the crime group will rob the jewelry shop here. So Jackson and his group monitoring this area all the time.
At noon, John finished to talk to the lawyer. When they went out the office, they heard the people around them were screaming. They didn’t know what was happening. So they kept walking on the street. When they went to the main street they saw five people were holding a gun and shooting at the people. at that moment they thought they were acting, it was not real. So they kept walking on the street. In that time, Jackson was on the street; he was having a gun fight with the five men. Jackson saw one man was trying to shoot at John. (In that time, Jackson didn’t know he was John.) Jackson ran to John and said to them: “Squat down!” When John heard that he thought he was Jackson because he remembered Jackson’s voice. But he was not sure he was Jackson. He remembered Jackson’s left hand had bitten by dog when he was young. So Jackson’s hand must have a scar. John looked at his hand and he saw his hand had a scare. At that time, he could make sure he was Jackson. John couldn’t believe he could his brother in this way. John really wanted to tell him I was John but after Jackson covered them behind the car and told them do not move and then he left. John didn’t have chance to tell Jackson. John looked at Jackson during Jackson was gun fighting with the five men. He hoped that Jackson won’t get injured.
After a while, the gun fight stopped. John wanted to find Jackson but Jackson already went back to the police office. Because John went to scene of the crime so they needed to go to police office to record confession. He said to other police, he only talked to Jackson. When Jackson went into office; he started to cry.
“ Jackson.” John said.
“ Hi, who were you?” Jackson said.
“ Jackson, I was John, I was your brother. I remembered your voice and your scar in your hand.” John said.
“ John, I really missed you so much.” Jackson said.
“ Every time I went to Hong Kong, I tired to find you. I put a letter in your old house and told you I waited for you in the Ruins of St. Paul every Sunday. But you didn’t came to Macau so I thought you did not go to your old house. Jackson, mom missed you so much. If you had time, can you go home with me?” John said.
“ I had time, I missed mother so much too. I wanted to eat with you and mom.” Jackson said.
After that Jackson and John went back to Macau together.
“ Mom, I bring someone to see you.” John said.
“ Mom!” Jackson said.
“ Jackson, you came back. Where did you go these few years. I missed you so much. You changed so much. Now you were taller and stronger, I couldn’t recognize you.” His mom said.
“ Mom I missed you a lot, too. I tried you find you and Jackson but I couldn’t find you. I didn’t know where did you go. I worried about you a lot. I afraid that I couldn’t see you and Jackson anymore. But right now I was so happy, I saw you and Jackson.” Jackson said.
In this time, John’s father came in. When Tom came in, he didn’t feel happy.
“ Finally you came back. You wanted to go to Hong Kong, why you bring John swam to Hong Kong. You wanted to die I didn’t care, I did not want John to die. You knew that it was so dangerous, you will die anytime. But John was lucky, he could come back.” Tom said.
Tom was mad at Jackson. He did not like Jackson. Maybe because Jackson was not his son. Jackson understood why Tom was mad at him. He did not want to talk him, he did not want to argue with him.
“ Anyway. You did not like Jackson but I wanted to eat with him.” His mom said.
They ate at home and they talked for long time.

Chapter 7
John and Jackson they reunion. They had a lot of things wanted to do together. They wanted to finish their dream together. They said that the wanted to have their shop and company in whole Hong Kong. Right now, John owned two shop and Jackson really supported John to open more shop and have his own company.
In 1997, Hong Kong returned back to the China. There were more people that came from mainland to Hong Kong and more people consumption in Hong Kong. The economic in Hong Kong became better.
Jackson said to John: “ John right now there are many traveler coming to Hong Kong. Now is the good time to open your own shop in Hong Kong. You can not miss the chance. If you have this plan, I will support you. I know many rich people that can support.”
John said: “ Jackson, I have this plan too. I know right now is the good timing to investment in Hong Kong.”
So John went to Hong Kong and found a good place. And then John had his own shop in Hong Kong.
When the shop opened, Jackson invited his friends to come, he also invite Rachel. Jackson wanted to introduce Rachel to his mother. Rachel was Jackson’s girl friend. Let’s talked about Jackson and Rachel’s story.
(Rachel was born in a rich family. She had a sister called Emily, they had a very good relationship with each other. Rachel wanted to become a fashion designer so she went to the top university to learn fashion design. After she graduated from university, she started to design clothing for other people but her parents did not want to Rachel design clothing for other people. Because they thought Rachel were working for the people. They did not want to see their daughter worked for anyone. They wanted Rachel just stayed home or went shopping everyday but this kind of life was not what she wanted. She argued with her mother all the time in this problem but her mother still did not agree with that. So Rachel started to design clothing for other people without told her mother, and then she knew Jackson.
Jackson and Rachel became best friend. Jackson talked to Rachel a lot. Every time Rachel was sad or unhappy she will talk to Jackson and he will comfort her. Slowly they become boyfriend and girlfriend.
Jackson was a policeman and he did not have lot of salary. If Rachel told his father her boyfriend was this kind of person, her parents will not agree them together. So Rachel did not want to tell her parents right now but she told to her sister Emily and she really support Rachel. Jackson knew that he did not have a lot of money but he said to Rachel: “ I will work hard and go to the higher level position in the police office.
After that, Jackson work really hard and after two years he became the Chief Inspector of Police. He used two years to redemption his commitment. In those two year he made a lot of money and he brought a shop for Rachel. Rachel could use this shop to sell clothing and all the clothing in the shop was designed by Rachel. When Rachel knew that she was very surprised because she did not know Jackson will buy a shop for her.)
These were the story about Jackson and John.

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