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November 17, 2014
By BeautyWhispers PLATINUM, Nevada city, California
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Author's note:

I hope you enjoy this book and feel the sadness, joy, love, and compassion each cha rector shows in different ways. 


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I'm sorry for any spelling or grammar mistakes, and this is not one but three chapters. I will continue on these chapters withen weeks. ;) there was a strange problem with the submitting process so I didn't get a chance to check the spelling and grammar. But enjoy! 

The Mangel
                                Chapter one
   My name is Cooper LongTon Leonard, and this is my story
I flew on and on my giant white wings beating wildly behind me. The other day I had jumped into a canyon and had slept in a small crevice in the rocky wall of the canyon. Now I was flying as fast I could to the war that had already began, to save my family and friends who were in great danger this very second. My hart pounded lightly in my chest and I flew faster still. All around me were plants and dried up cactuses, some bugs crawled along the ground and buzzed flew the air. I was tired. I had been flying none stop for three hole days and my eyes lids were drooping. But no matter how long I flew, it was always endless desert. I hadn't had any water in days and my body drooped as I flew. I was a Angel. Something very few people still believed in. I had many, many responsibilities. Many people think that a Angel is a servant to god. But in truth they are not. They are the guardians of all humans and us Angels usually have one power that's all are own. Because no Angel can have the same power as any other Angel, and sometimes that made it hard for us Angels. Because since no one has the same power as any body else that means it's harder to no what expect. Sometimes the powers a Angel has are so powerful that human humanity is threatened... And then the Mystics have to get involved...and no one would want that. The Mystics are so powerful and dangerous that all the Angels respect them and when they are asked to visit the Mystics they had better say yes or there as dead as a mortal human is. Mystics are the highest ranking Angels in the world, they are so powerful that they don't even have there own humans. All Angels have a human no matter who she or he is, but the Mystics refuse to take a mortal of there own. They say that they are the rulers and they make the laws so they say that all Mystics don't need a human of there own. There were ten Mystics, all with extremely powerful gifts. There leader was a really buff looking Angel, he had blond hair and dark eyes and always wore a dark black cloak that went all the way down to the floor. Some people called them ' The dark Angels. ' I was a starter, a beginner. I barley was a Angel and I was about to be trained for the big war.
I looked up from the ground I was flying over and saw to my relief a small stream only a few miles up ahead. Seeing the stream gave me a little burst of energy and I flew faster then I had a few minutes ago. When I was right above the little stream I slowed to a half fluttering jest above the stream. My feet touched the ground and I let my wings mold into my back. I knelt down to the water and cupped my hands and sipped the cool water. Immediately I felt all my tired energy fall away and real, powerful energy flowed threw me. As a Angel we has spacial things that naturally came to us. Like talking, it jest happened and this was one of them. We could take one sip of fresh water or food and be full of energy. We didn't need to have a huge meal or a gigantic glass of water. As soon as wee drink or eat anything were full and ready to go. I pulled my self up and looked over the horizon, there were no trees in sight and no more streams that I could see. No ware to camp, nothing but desert.was I going in circles? I couldn't be sure. My hart thumped as the thought ran threw my mind. I closed my eyes and let my wings appear and then I jumped of the ground and sailed threw the sky. The wind whistled past me, making a whooshing sound. I looked around me once I was sailing above empty ground that seemed to go on for miles and miles with no sine of ending.

This went on for days, no water was found the whole time and my head ached. Every night I had to Air Sleep, and believe me that's not fun. Air Sleeping takes a lot of the Angels energy and if you don't have enough energy, you will fall from the sky in your sleep and that hurts. When you Air Sleep you, fold your wings in tightly and then gather all your energy and shoot your self upwards into the sky. When a Angel shoots upward they can go for days and days with no stop. Miles and miles up, it's very useful but it takes a lot of energy to muster and it hurts very badly if you fall to the ground while asleep. Some Angels I've herd have broke a wing, but other then a wing a Angel can't get fiscally hurt in any way. When I looked up I new right away that to night would not be a good idea to Air Sleep. It was beginning to rain and there were huge thunder clouds above me. Thunder was shaking the ground and Lightning lit up the sky. As the Lightning lit up the sky, it also lit up the ground, ware I had been looking at that very second. My eyes widened and my hart started to beat faster,right under me were three huge wolves. I was flying pretty high and they were very far below me, but I was getting tired quickly and my wings were starting to get heavy from the rain filling them up with water. I looked up, it was pouring now and Thunder continued to shake the ground and Lightning striking down word. My hart raced as I tried to figure out a way to get past the wolves. But jest then a howl broke threw the pouring rain and I almost fell mid-flight. I recognized the howl right away, it was Gale the leader of the wolves for the Angels. Almost every leader Angel had his or her own wolf pack and this particular wolf was my leaders wolf. I let my wings fold, but not mold. I felt the wind slice past me and my hair blew upward, considering I didn't have long hair. I was a blond with brown eyes, but what hair I did have whipped upward. Right when I was jest about to hit the ground, my wings shot out from my back and I immediately stopped free falling, and floated gently to the ground. Gale the Alpha of the group walked over to me, his going dangling slightly. My stomach churned as a bit of slobber dripped of Gales tongue and onto the moistly desert ground. It was then that it hit me. It never rained in this desert, it was always dry and hot. Never wet, always sun, sun, sun. Gale must have seen my expression because he snorted and a thought wave came flowing into my mind. Wolfs talked to Angels by thought, and not  by speaking. " jest figured out it was raining, did you? " he looked like he was smirking. '' I new it was raining! " Gale smirks again and said, " Then why are you looking up at the sky with a look of shock, it looks ridicules by the way. " I rolled my eyes and said, " Well thanks for the info, I was looking up at the sky because I jest figured out it was raining and I realized that it hardly rains at all here. " now it was Gales turn to roll his eyes. " Well I assume you've been traveling a long time by the way you look? " it was clearly a question, so I said. " Yes, about a week now. What are you doing out in the middle of no ware? " " I could ask the same to You. " " I was heading for California, I'm meeting a few teachers in Sacramento and they'll be teaching me some fighting techniques. " my eyes narrowed and I looked at Gale, then my switched over to his two companions. I didn't recognize either one of them, but then again I haven't been to the Wolf House in...what three years? "Well, the reason i am hear is to lead you to Sacramento, orders from the Angel leader himself. " Gales eyebrows lifted as a he thought these words. Gale was a dark shaggy wolf, but he was very large and towered over the rest of e wolfs in his pack. Gale became leader by strength and having the power to lead. "Oh well I'm doing jest fine right now thank you though..." My voice broke of as the two companions along with there leader, Gale, started to laugh. Well technically laughing, when wolfs laugh it almost sounds like there growling and it's caught up in there shaggy throat so it comes out like a half gasping half moaning bear, maybe.  " Your going the wrong way, Cooper! You are heading in the compleat opposite direction. You'll end up at the North Pole rather then Sacramento! " I felt my face heat up and I opened my mouth to say something in my own defense but there was nothing to say. I had known all along that I must either be going in circles or going the wrong way. I stared at Gale my mouth open in a small oh, and my eyes opened wider then normal.       " You don't have to look hat shocked, Cooper. You were going deeper and deeper into the desert. How could you not realize you were going the wrong direction? " Well I guess I thought I was almost there. " I muttered out load. Then I remembered that Gale couldn't here me when it wasn't in thought waves, so I said the same thing but in thoughts. He nodded and we talked a little more about the up coming battle and how the Wolf House was doing at a time like this. " How's mom and dad? And how's the Willa? " my thoughts came racing out so fast that Gale took a small step away from me. " Whoa, child. There all good, moms doing fine Actually and your father... Well he found a new assignment, he's a Heftier now. "
No way. I thought, my mind was racing and my hart beating out of control. A Heftier is a Guide and a Guide I'd someone who helped the Wolves, went on journeys and missions for them. I used to be a Heftier but then I got sent to Santa Cruz to help out there. But while I was there I met an old man who tolled me about the upcoming War and what I could possibly do to help. That changed my mind about everything and I didn't want to be a Heftier anymore, even though that's all the kids at home think about. Growing up and becoming a Heftier or of course a Wolf. But becoming a Wolf was something kind of rare, you have to have a great, great, great Angel-Pa or Angle-Ma who used to be a Wolf, and you have to want to be a Wolf and you have to give up most of your life to become a Wolf member. And once you are a Wolf member, there's no way to back out of it, unless...unless you hive up ever becoming one again. Which is what I had to do to become a warrior a member of the real war. I wanted to become the best warrior I could, to help save mortals and to fight the Dark side. We had too  bow down to the Dark Angels, but what could anyone do if we didn't believe that they were the most powerful Angels of the world. The old man had tolled me that we could beat the Dark Angels and team up with the Greater Ones. I wasn't sure who the Greater Ones were, but I new that who ever they were they could easily help get rid of the Dark Angels. I wasn't even sure what the Greater Ones did or who they could do to hp, but I was determined to find out. "Well that's a surprise, I can't wait to congratulate him. " " Yes well it's time to start for Sacramento right now, we have to little lime to see family members.
" Sam, Caster. Get the food from the cave and meat me at, MeterMight tunnel. " the two wolves spun around and darted threw the rain and out of sight. I looked down at Gale, only ten inches below my noes. He was still getting larger and he was already a Full Wolf, a Alpha Wolf in fact. " MeterMight tunnel? Wares that? And I don't see any cave around here either! " " Chill, Cooper. You still have lots to learn about the Inner Findings. You can't jest assume something's not there when there is nothing to see. Because there is always something to see, something's always hidden right below Your noes and if You don't no the right way to find it, then you won't find it. " I stared at him Mystified. I had no clue as what to what he had jest said and yet I was a t loss of words at his last sentience. Right below Your noes? And not being able to see it? That's got to be Myth not reality. "You lost me for a second Gale, but I think I get it now. If it's right below Your noes then what do I have to do to see it there? " " You must learn that from your future teachers, not me. Your military Angel teachers will teach You many things, Cooper.You have to no how to use them correctly. Not in a cruel way, You can't go around bullying other Angels or anything of the such, with those spacial powers and techniques that they will teach you, you could unleash a monster or a good but powerful Angel. " Gales Wolf face stared me down, his yellow eyes were gleaming. I could choose to be Good or Bad, Kind or Evil and it was all my choice. I nodded and looked into Gales gleaming yellow eyes, so that he new I was taking this seriously. " I understand, I will try as hard as I possibly can. I will learn to fight the best out of all the Angels there, and I will do everything my very best. " Gale looked satisfied, he turned his head to ware the two other Wolves had gone and throwing back his large head, he howled. A deep throaty sound that broke threw are surroundings in one long howl. Then he paused,my ears ringing, then some ware out in the foggy night two howls answered. But the two howls were far off, Gale turned back to me and a thought wave came rolling into my mind. " Come, it's time to meet them at MeterMight tunnel. Hurry, there waiting. " I nodded and we started threw the rain. It was so foggy I could barely see in front of me, I new that only hours ago I wouldn't have cared if I ever saw this Desert again. Since it was raining and extremely foggy I had to walk, and to Angels who fly every ware that sucks. We walked slowly and the rain poured down on are heads and Lightning crackled and Thunder boomed. We trudged on, for about twenty more minutes then out of no ware a hole appeared. The hole was dug into the ground about three feet away from me, it was dark in the tunnel by the way it looked. Cobwebs covered the surroundings around the tunnels entrance, water dripped from the roof of the tunnel and a pool of rain drops grew higher and higher. Gale in the lead, we made are way carefully into the dark tunnel. When we got inside I heard a whisper of thoughts and I peered threw the darkness that surrounded me. I could make out two large shaggy shapes, and I realized that the two wolves had been waiting for sometime and were talking quietly. Gale let out one sharp bark and then it was silent in the small tunnel. " Gale, we were jest talking. " " Yes, only talking. " i recognized both the voices as the to big Wolves that followed Gale around as leader. " Oh, were you? Well I think that it would be more useful to be on watch, don't You? " Gales thoughts had gotten very ruff, but very calm. My eyes were adjusting to the darkness, and I saw the two big Wolves clearly now. I hadn't seen them up this close before and when I did I took a small step back. Both of them were huge compared to Gale, one was dark reddish brown and had green eyes that seemed to glow in the darkness. The other was slightly bigger then the first, and had black fur and glowing red eyes. But I spite of there size they both were cowering at the other side of the rocky tunnel wall. I looked from Gale to the two Wolves and back again, not knowing witch of the three would win in a fight." Yes...yes Gale we could have been more useful. Were sorry. " stuttered the reddish brown one. Gale yellow eyes shot back over to the black one who hadn't said anything in his own defense. " Are you? You didn't seem to be very useful. " the black Wolfs eyes narrowed and he took a step forward, so that he was only three feet away from Gale. " I still don't get why you are the leader, but I choose not to be bossed around by you and if you do boss me around I will have to..." His threat didn't get finished, because Gale leaped forward in one swift motion and a force of  power slammed into the huge black Wolf. The black Wolf was flung backwards into the rocky wall, the wall shook violently as his body slammed into it. The black Wolf slid down the wall and onto the ground with a thud. The red Wolfs bright green eyes widened and he stood straighter then before, looking straight ahead of him at Gale who was standing there, his eyes on the big black Wolf. I hadn't realized I was walking backwards in tell Gale said in a gruff voice, " It's ok, Cooper. Sam jest needed to be taught a lesson, didn't he Caster? " Casters big head bobbed up and down and his eyes turned into big circles. I stopped walking back and stood frozen in place by the entrance to the tunnel. The huge black Wolf groaned and slowly managed to get up of the stone floor. Then he looked at Gale with a look of fear and terror but most of all, trust. Gale continued to stare the black Wolf down, his yellow eyes were hard but calm at the same time. The black Wolfs head bowed low and he let out a small howl that I recognized as a howl of trust, the Wolfs did this as a sine that they trusted one and other. Gale nodded slightly then he turned to me and his eyes seemed to glow even brighter. " Sam,Caster, get the food I

asked you to bring. Then Sam, I want You to guard the tunnel while we tell Cooper all he needs to no about what the people are like ware he is going. " Caster and Sam looked at each other and a look that couldn't be mistaken passed between them, guilt. The red Wolf took a small step forward and faced Gale with a look of determination on his bigWolf face. " Alpha, there...there was no food in the hide out. We looked every ware, but there was nothing to be found of any food. But there were scraps of food all along the floor heading for the secret exit at the back of the hide out. There are also Some kind of paw prints all along the ground, Marked by the dust. " I admired the young red Wolfs courage, especially after what Gale did to Sam he should be trembling in fear at seeing his companion flung back against the wall by his Alpha leader. Gales eyes snapped away from me and to Caster and Sam. His yellow eyes glistened with anger and hate and he said. " Those shaggy pups! How dare they take my kill! How dare they! Sam, Caster did you get a good look at the paw prints? Were they the outcast pack? " Gales eyes glittered and they kept darting back and fourth between Sam and Caster. This time Sam was the one who answered. " Yes, I got a good sniff of the paw prints and...yes it was the outcast pack. But there were only four this time, not the whole pack. " " Yes, so did I and by the look of it Gab was leading the small group that stole are kill. " Fury lit Gales gaze and he snarled angrily. Both Sam and Caster stepped back quickly there glowing eyes widening in fear. Gale turned my way again, his teeth flashed as a frustrated thought bubble flew into my mind. " Let's go. We need to teach those mangy pelts a lesson that hey will remember forever. Sam I want you to race back to are dens and get three more Wolves, but only e ones who look fit and strong enough to fight. We will meet you under the rocky ledge a few feet away from the hideout. Got it? " " Yes, Gale. I'll be back with three strong Wolfs able to fight in no time and I'll meet You under the ledge by the hideout. "    


                                        Chapter two


Sam repeated Gales orders quickly and then he raced out of the tunnel in a burst of speed. Gale looked at Caster and nodded once sending a one direction thought, so that I could not here. Caster let out a sharp wolf and ran out of the tunnel as well. I looked at Gale in confusion, but his yellow eyes weren't looking at me. They were looking out at the entrance with a look of fear and pride. But it wasn't the kind of fear that you would think, it was the fear that one of his Wolfs would get hurt or worse. And pride, to have such great Wolf warriors on his side. " Get on my back or fly your choice. " I shook my head and pointed to the entrance of the tunnel, to tired to send a thought bubble towered a him. We raced towered the ledge with great speed, Gales paws flew across the ground,barley leaving a mark on the moist,dusty ground. My wings sliced threw he air and I kept up with Gales fast pace easily. When we were almost to the rocky ledge, Gale made a signal with his tale and I immediately dropped to the ground. I raced along side Gale threw the rain hat was beating down on my face violently. I could see the small ledge up ahead, my eyes burned and my throat felt like it had acid pouring down it. My hart beat wildly in my chest and when I looked down I saw that my clothing had been ripped, and now my brown pants had a long hole in them running down the pant leg and stopping jest before the end of my pant leg. When we got to the ledge I made a tight turn and crouched low in the tight gap. We waited silently in the dark hole, rain dripped from the roof of the gap and the rustling of the wind beating against the walls of the little hole we were squeezed in. Gale shuffled around quietly and I could here his paws shuffling around on dry ground. I leaned out slightly and saw that it was beginning to clear up a little and I couldn't here any more Thunder or see any Lightning. It was still to fugu to see any more then ten feet in front of me, and the sky was still a mix between dark grey and midnight black. A few minutes later we herd the soft padding of running paws on the wet ground. A split second later Four huge figures appeared at the entrance to the small gap, I recognized one of them as Sam, and I assumed that e other here were the three strong Wolfs Sam was supposed to have gotten together for the fight we were about to start. One of the three new Wolves was golden and drenched in rain water, his eyes were a deep burgundy blue. The second was jest as big as Sam and he looked very similar, he had the same dark black coat of shaggy fur but instead of red eyes he had golden brown eyes. But the third was quit small actually, he had a white fur coat and the same bright green eyes as Caster. All of them were scary looking and there backs heaved up and down from running as fast as they could to the ledge to obey there Alphas orders. " Were here like You asked, great Alpha leader. " said the biggest, the golden Wolf with burgundy colored eyes. His big wolf head was raised upward and his long noes twitched. Then his eyes shot over to me and he took a quick step back, his burgundy blue eyes wild. " Alpha leader, there a..." " I know he's a Angel, got a problem with that, Grail? Ok, follow me everyone will attack by the..." Gales quick thoughts were lost in the flurry of thoughts as I stared at the big golden Wolf that had looked at me with such dread and fear in his burgundy blue gaze. The big golden Wolf who reminded me of a golden retriever, was still looking at me in shock and fear. He stepped back and then his eyes suddenly snapped back to his leader. He leaned in the small circle of Wolves to hear his leaders plans for a surprise attack. But my eyes never moved away from the golden Wolf, and his burgundy blue eyes darted back to me occasionally, but they were full of great sadness now. But even then the fear never left his deep burgundy depths of blue.
Before I new it we were outside the hideouts caved in walls and quietly listened for any sine of thoughts wandering aimlessly threw the air. But there was nothing but the soft sound of the breeze blowing threw the smallest bush beside the hideouts entrance. We waited there making absolutely no sound, but every few seconds the big golden Wolf glanced in my direction. But when I looked back at him he turned his big shaggy head away from me and looked back at his leader, Gale. After about fifteen minutes of utter boredom, we heard a growl that broke the silence. At the sound of the growl Gale froze, and then ever so slowly turned to his small pack and sent a thought bubble saying, " CONALL, EYOLF, NUNTIS, and SAM. Get into two groups and pick one to attack first and one two attack last. And do all of this without talking. Let's get this thing over with! " The four big Wolves split into two separate groups in a matter of seconds. In the first group there was, the dark black wolf with golden eyes I'm a summing he was CONALL, also in the first group came SAM. In the second group was the golden Wolf with burgundy blue eyes, I'm guessing he was NUNTIS, witch means Sun-Wolf. And there also was the the white Wolf with bright green eyes, like Caster. I'm guessing he was EYOLF. I new Wolf language well enough to know hat EYOLF means " Lucky Wolf " and CONALL means " Strong Wolf " and NUNTIS means " Sun-Wolf "

After all the Wolfs were ready and in there attaching groups, Gale turned to me and a thought wave rolled threw the air and over to me. But I could tell that no one else could here it but me. It was a one way thought bubble, and I wandered why. " Cooper, You will be going along with Casters group. They have made there way on the other end of the tunnel, they won't no that you are coming so don't make to much noise. It would be safer to fly, and when You do get there listen to everything Caster and his group tells You. And what ever you do don't ruin this attack! " I nodded slightly, and then started on my way around the hideout. But right before I vanished around the corner, I saw EYOLFs eyes widen as if he had heard the thought bubble that was only meant for me. His face was shocked and his white shaggy hair flapped around. And his bright green eyes glittered in the dim sunlight. I flew upwards into the sky the grey mist closing in all around me. I flew for no more then two minutes and then I looked down and seeing that the long tunnel that was the hideout had ended I turned and flew straight downward. My white wings flapped and my brown cloak that kept me warm was blown away in the wind. When my feet touched the ground I started running for the secret entrance. My feet flew across the ground making absolutely no sound on the moist ground under-neath me. Forgetting that I was meeting Caster I walked threw without a pause, Caster came out from behind the rock growling and snarling at me. Casters red fur gleamed like fire in the late afternoon light that flowed threw the secret entrance. I stepped back quickly, my hands in the air to show I was not here to fight but Caster kept snarling at me for a few more moments. " What are You? A Mongrel? Get out of here! Were on a secret mission for are Alpha and were not afraid to..." His thought never got finished, he stared at me with amazing green eyes. He had recognized me and was waiting to here my explanation as to why I was here. " Im sorry I didn't mean to alarm you. I'm here to help out, orders from Gale himself. Please...tell me what I have to do to help. "   Casters green eyes widened and he stared at me for a second, looking quite shocked. I wanted to ask why everyone was so surprised that I had been aloud to join in on the fight. Was it that hard to imagine? Yes, I was jest an Angel with blond hair and brown eyes named Cooper but I didn't think I was that weak looking. After a few more seconds Casters tail flicked slightly and Three more wolfs came trotting out into the clearing. All three were big and looked like they could take down a mountain lion in one leap. Two out of the three were black as night and the other was a tan brown color, but all three had unnatural purple eyes that glowed ever so slightly. Casters eyes never moved away from my face and his tale hung still. The three purple eyed wolfs took a step forward so that they stood only one step behind Caster. Caster finally sent a thought bubble to me, " Gale sent you? Well that is surprising... Well you can never question Gales orders. Ok, Cooper... You and Starla can take the right side of the tunnel while me and Damon take the left. Night you come in from behind, but wait for the signal. " Night nodded, Night was the smallest of the two black wolfs and he looked like he was swift and silent. The more quick and clever type, he didn't look strong or powerful like Gale was. I shuffled awkwardly, and looked down at my bare feet. Starla padded over to me and sat down not even a foot away from me and looked up into my face and a thought wave came pouring into my mind. " Are you Cooper LongTon Leonard? Well that's cool I guess, but listen... We don't show any weakness to are enemies and if they kill we kill there's jest no question to it. As soon as Gale and his first group attack from the entrance then we let are left group go first. Once we hear the sound of battle, you no snarling and biting noises... Then we set out are second group, the right side. As soon as they are out of sight we send are Watcher. Which today will be Night, the Watcher is pretty much a look out if anyone needs help from are side he will jump in and help, if anything goes wrong like not enough wolfs or to many attackers, he sends the message to the Runner Wolf and he will take the message to camp and the second in commanded or the Alpha will send more Wolfs to help out. In this case Night would have to run back himself to worn the camp..." Starla ducked her head, embarrassed. I looked at her eye brow raised slightly and my eyes narrowing, mockingly. " Why will Night have to run back himself, what about the Runner Wolfs? " Starla's face was glum and her startling purple eyes were sad and seemed to be struggling to focus. After a moment of silence she looked up and said softly, " The Runners... Well one of them was my brother and he...he went out one day and never returned along with he other two runners. Chester, was his name. He was a very noble wolf was he. He was the best of the pack back then, besides the Alpha of course. But he refused to be anything else in the pack except a Runner and since many of the pups in the pack looked up to him greatly, all of the she wolfs were very angry and annoyed with my brother Chester. But Chester tolled the pups that they should follow there hearts and not listen to what other wolfs tell you what you have to do and what you have to not do. They listened to him too, you no. By now none of the she wolfs favored him any more then a captured wolf was to them. But he didn't care he..." She glanced up and her eyes widened in embarrassment. " I'm sorry! I didn't mean to go on and on like that! I'm so sorry. Well he was mighty brave you get the point now I think. But...he disappeared done day along with his to companions who had once been pups looking up to him with admiration and longing. They were never found again, but there were rumors that the she wolfs killed him and all his followers. It's a very sad story for are pack, but we learned from it of course. Follow your heart and don't let other wolfs or anything else change your mind. " I looked at Starla with curiosity. I had heard very interesting story's in my time, but never have I heard one like this, especially since it was real! I looked into her glowing purple eyes and said. " That sounds like a very amazing and brave brother you had. Thank you for telling me your story...but, why? Why did you tell me? Especially right now? " My tone showed I was puzzled but very struck in aww by her story of her brother, her real story. Starla looked uncomfortable by my question and I wandered why. " I don't no exactly why I tolled you that jest now, but I no that that story I jest tolled you will help you in some way on your journey to the Army of Angels. You will need all the help you can get and more. I will be happy to no I helped you in some way. " she grinned, and her lips pulled back revealing sharp white teeth. I frowned, why had she acted like I was going to go out in the world and become king of the Angels? It made absolutely no sense. He was only going to the Army to learn fighting moves and everything else the Army had to offer him. He life's course was about to unfold and he was to learn what he would be doing for the rest of his long, long, long Angel life. He only had about ten thousand years in tell hopefully he would die a heroic death. He had only lived for three hundred years and had only learned little of what he would have learned when he was finished with his life's quest. When his life's candle would flicker out. When he would die. I stood my back facing the dirt path that led deeper and deeper into the forest that Casters group had had to go through to get here in the first place. I sat on the ground only to jump back up three seconds later, startled. Caster had appeared in the dim light and was glowering at me, his sharp green eyes boring into my skin and his flam colored hair lighting up like fire in he sun light. " Gale is jest about to attack, as soon as we hear the battle cry the first group which is me and Damon will strike. When you hear my battle cry you will send out the second group after a few minutes. When all of the groups has attacked, Night you will come slinking out and if anything goes wrong... Well you no what to do. " Night, who had been hidden in the shadows of the cave slid out nearly three feet away from me. I leaned away from Night, his black hair was glossy and well kept. But his purple eyes were glowing and he had this crazy look in his eyes. We all stayed ware we were, silent trying not to make a single sound. I could hear my own uneasy breathing and I could see Starla's furry coat rising and falling to her heart beat. My own hear t was pounding in my chest and I could feel a bead of sweat trickle down my cheek. This would be he first time I had fought for real and not jest a game with my Angle Sibs or play fighting with my father. Finally after what seemed like hours I heard a growl, a deep throaty sound that shook the caves walls. There was no doubt who made that sound, Gale. A snarling sound answered him and then the fight began. Tearing and ripping noises erupted from the inside of the cave. Caster glanced at me briefly with his intense green eyes, his long red fur coat swinging side to side slightly. Then he spun around racing into the tunnel with Damon flanking him. Seconds later I heard a ear splitting howl of pain and I hoped it was from the enemies pack. Me and Starla waited for a few moments waiting for the perfect chance to race in and claim are victims. Finally Starla gave the signal with her tail and she raced off in a blur of muddy brown. I couldn't use my wings in this cramped in cave, so I would have to use my defense of skills I had learned in fighting class when I had lived with my parents. I raced in after her, my short cropped blond hair was blown out of my face by the sudden wind that woodshed past me. My heart raised as I jumped over a rock that was in my path, Starla merely stepped over it not even bothering to look at it. We were getting close to turning the corner, the corner that would tell me everything I needed to no about the battle that we would be fighting in not even ten seconds. I gulped one last bit of air and threw my self into battle.  

It was dark in the cave and I could hardly see anything at all. The only light was a a faint glow coming from the entrance that was farther down the narrow tunnel that led to the entrance and a more widened space, a cave. I could make out Gale on top of a big red wolf, the red wolf was howling in pain and I realized that the red wolf had been the one who had let out the howl of pain and anger. Gale was using his claws to dig into the red wolfs shaggy coat and was clinging there like his life depended on it. My gaze snapped over to Sam, who was cornering two small white wolfs. Both of them were cowering back there eyes wide with fright and there tails were tucked between there legs. Typical Sam, I thought, always going for the smallest or weakest. My gaze swept around the room looking for someone who needed my help, but everyone was busy. Starla had found a she wolf jest about her same size and was snarling and swiping her. She was doing fine and CONALL and EYOLF were fighting side by side with one huge male wolf, he looked like the Alpha of the pack. They didn't look like they needed any help, CONALL was swiping at his nose and EYOLF was biting his rear and slashing his back. I was about to go help out a random Wolf when I felt a giant force nock me of my feet. I flew against the wall, right above Gale and his one on one combat. My head hit the wall and my vision got blurry but I forced my self to not black out. The giant force was a huge golden wolf, and when I say huge I mean huge. It was gigantic it was humongous! And it was pinning me to the wall with its giant paws. It's class were starting to dig into my bare skin and I stifled a scream of pain. Since i wasn't wolf I didn't have any strength in my hind legs or any claws so I had to use my other strategies. I focused on the golden wolfs stomach which was showing, a soft baby pink color. Hadn't this pack learned that you should never expose your stomach to the enemy? Us Angels had spacial defensive powers that we could use. One was a giant fist, that could punch out ware ever you focused your minds eye. After a second of concentration I felt the piercing claws and the heavy wait vanish. I took in a sharp breath and dove towered a the wolf that had attacked me. I had a dagger in my pouch that I had gotten as a first decade day gift, and pulled it out as quickly as I could. The big golden wolf snarled and got to his feet in one blur of motion. Now that I could see him clearly I realized that this was the Alpha I was going against. He was huge! More then half the size of a car and he towered over me, his gleaming white teeth bared in a low rumbling growl. I stopped in my tracks, not sure what to do next. Then I got the weirdest feeling...a force that seemed to tell me what to do. It drew my hand back in a fist and forced my hand down on he big golden wolfs right hind leg. He howled in agony and his eyes were wiled, it was then I saw that hey were glowing blood red eyes. The golden wolf lunged at me after it's moment of pain vanished. I waited for the wolf to get two feet away from me then I leapt out of the way. Then the overwhelming force took over, my foot was forced down on the big golden wolfs neck and I heard a crack    And I new that I had jest broke the wolfs neck. He howled in pain and his body quivered, but then the golden wolf jumped up grabbing my blue shirt in his teeth and dragging me to the floor. I gasped for air but I couldn't breath, then the force cut in and I landed an unexpected punch on he wolfs noes. The wolf flew backwards and slammed into a pile of boulders that were stacked in the far corner of the room. My heart pounded in my jest and my breathing was heavy. I tensed waiting for the wolf to get up again but nothing happened. The big golden wolf lying silent on the boulder pile, didn't move again. It was then that I noticed that everything had turned silent, I looked around in confusion. Had someone gotten hurt? Had the fight ended? Then the worst concern washed over me Did I do something wrong? The first wolf I spotted was Gale, his mouth was open and saliva dripped from his jaws. His eyes were shocked and he was as still as a stone. Then I spotted CONALL and EYOLF staring at the golden wolf in shock and fear. I froze the golden wolf had tricked him hadn't he? He was about to kill him. He was about to grab me and kill me with his long claws and rip me apart with his sharp teeth. But when i spun around again, and didn't see anything different. The giant golden wolf lay in moving on top of the sharpest boulder and blood poured from a wound on its back. Come to think of it,the wolf had wounds all over its body, on it's face, back, eye, and hind leg. I turned around with a confused expression on my face. Gale moved for the first time, exhaling deeply before a shocked and amazed thought bubble rolled into my mind. " Cooper...Cooper, how did you? How did you do that? did you manage alone? All by your self, how? "  i frowned and said in confusion. " What, are you talking about? How did I do what? Manage what? " this time it was CONALL who answered.
" slammed the, the Alpha into the wall and killed it in less than five minutes! is that even possible? " I realized that they were all thinking I jest slammed that retard into the boulder pile and killed the wolf all on my own...with no spacial powers. Then I looked around and saw that here were no other wolves except are packs wolves. " What happened to the other wolfs? " I asked ignoring CONALL'Ss question, well more like questions. CONALL shook his huge head and stared at me in disbelief. " They all ran away when they saw there Alpha, dead. " said Gale softly  " Oh, well...isn't that good news? " I asked, confusion in my tone. CONALL and EYOLF shifted there feet and looked at Gale to answer my question. After a moment of hesitation Gale responded, " Yes it's good, they are out side some ware and we have no idea ware they are. " I bit my lip. I was breathing heavily and my chest rose up and down. After fighting one on one with the huge Alpha Wolf, and winning I was very tired. " Oh, umm... Sorry? " My apology came out more like a question then anything else. Gale shook his giant head and his eyes flashed in the dim light. " No that was unbelievable, Cooper. I don't no how you managed to kill that giant Alpha but, how ever you did did it well. " Then Gale looked around him, at the walls of the cave and towered the exit. Caster, who was in the far corner of the  cave sitting silently, got up and padded over to me. " You have fought unbelievably bravely today, but unfortunately you must start heading towered the Angel Army. We don't have much time and you have to learn a lot, soon you will be going to the war and if you learn enough in the Angel Army then you might be able to survive the war if not..." His thought wavered and his piercing green eyes looked up at me with uncertainty. I gulped in air and tried to look determined, then I turned to Gale and said as bravely as I could manage, " I'm ready, let's go to the Angel Army. "
                                       Chapter three

We had been traveling for over a week and we still had three days more to go, in tell we reached the Army. I sighed as I fell threw the air, I was Air Sleeping and falling very quickly. I am so used to the feeling of the air rushing against my skin and the hight of which I'm at. I must be at least a hundred twenty thousand miles away from earth and falling at one hundred miles per hour. Though I might look perfectly calm falling threw the air hundred miles per hour, I'm really not. I'm deadly afraid of what might be waiting for me at the Angel Military camp, a giant evil sole? And worst of all a... I tried not to think of all of the terrible things that could be waiting for me at the camp. It wasn't exactly a camp and it didn't really have to do with military things like they have in the mortal world. It was a place ware Angels from any ware can go and learn how to fight and be a Guardian Angel. Guardian Angels are the best good Angels that are believed to live in this strange world. The mortal world and the Angel world are connected so that both can come and go as they please. My mind was racing with thoughts and they seemed to be cutting through my mind like a knife. I realized that the sun had started to come out, making the clouds around me light up in a orange, red glow. I hear the whoosh of the wind, which seems to jest be breaking through my train of thoughts. All of the sudden I can hear much more then I could a second ago and my gaze sharpens quickly. All around me wisps of clouds float, colored in soothing blankets of color. Some red, orange and yellow. Some pink, purple and the lightest of a brown. I take in a quick gulp of air and fill my lungs with the fresh air and then I dipped my body down and spread my white wings apart. Air slashed at my face and every so often an insect smacked into my face. Less then a minute later, I turn my body upward and rest my feet lightly on the ground. I sigh with relief and then start to walk towered Gale and are companion Caster. I was starting to get to no Caster and I really liked him. He was a wolf and I was a Angel but I still could communicate with him and all the normal things except that we were different species. He couldn't change into a human like in fairy tales and he couldn't do any magic either, but he was a great friend and a great fighter. Someone you might jest want on your side.
    Three days later, we arrived at the gates of the Army Camp. My legs were shaking and I fought to breath properly. I was so nerves and my heart seemed like it might explode into a million pieces, it was beating so fast.

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