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Stevens Story

December 18, 2014
By Megan Cates, san diego, California
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Megan Cates, San Diego, California
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6:00 AM. My alarm went off as i slid out of bed as slowly as i could. As i throw on an old sailing t-shirt, swim trunks and sperry topsider shoes I peer up at my walls seeing all the posters of olympic and past famous sailors, dreaming to be one of them. Since its winter break and finally no school my schedule consists of waking up everyday at 6:00 AM and training to be one of those famous sailors with past achievements. I make my way down to the yacht club call up my crew and start training. Sailing has been in my family for a very long time. With my father being a professional boat designer and my mother an olympic medalist I have no choice but to continue their past accomplishments and carry them on.
“Hey Noah,” i said as i answered the phone.
“What’s up bro, we still on today? The weathers pretty nice, looks like a great day for some sailing.”
“Yeah i’ll meet you down there in ten.” I hung up the phone, and made my way to the kitchen where my mom had already made me bacon and eggs, my favorite. I ate quickly, grabbed my skateboard and flew out the door yelling “thanks, bye mom.”
The door shuts as i hear a faint “love you Steven, be safe.”
I ride down my street and to the yacht club. Feeling the sun beat against my body and the wind blowing through my long blonde hair, I knew today was going to be a great day.
As I pull up to the guard shack of the yacht club showing him my ‘Junior member card’ I make my way in.
“No skateboards are to be ridden within the property of the San Diego Yacht Club,” I hear him yell.
“Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, I responded. You tell me that everyday.”
     “Always gotta check,” he insured me.
As i walk my skateboard in and turn the corner, where he can’t see me, I get back on it and head over to Noah and the boat.
“Hey Steven, nice to see you man!” Noah said as I approached him.
Noah was about 6 foot with an attitude. He would always be wearing swim shorts no matter what the occasion. He had dark brown curly hair and brown eyes. Noah always wore his salty, worn out sperry topsider shoes to the yacht club before sailing.
I look at the 12-15 foot boat with worn out control lines and see it needs to be rigged. I thought to myself, what has he been doing all this time.
“You too. You need a hand rigging the boat?” I asked a little annoyed.
“Yeah that'd be great,” he said sarcastically.
I attach the main halyard, hoist the sails and made sure nothing was broken.
“Everything looks pretty good,” I insured him.
Alright lets put this puppy in the water and start training!” Noah said with a touch of excitement in his tone.
As we launched the boat into the water. I started looking for some flags or trees to identify how fast and in what direction the wind is coming from.
“We have great conditions for today.” I said as we jumped in the boat and made our way out of the basin and deeper into the bay.
I never told you what we are specifically training for reader, we are training for a regatta, a race, called the transpac. A race from San Diego to Hawaii. Its been our dream, Noah and I to win the Transpac and defeat competitors around the world.
We past docks, and docks of boats, while we continued to talk about our excitement for the Transpac.
“We have to practice and practice if we really want to win this,” Noah told me.
“And that’s why were out here right now, I said.
Let’s practice our boat speed and boat handling.”
As we made our way up the harbor tacking, accelerating and practicing different drills we improve on our tactics and achieve new techniques through everything different we do.
Working the boat through our body weight increases our speed and we can definitely tell.
As we wrap up for today, we sail the boat in and haul it up the launching ramp.
“I can feel us getting faster every time we practice,” i said with confidence.
Me too, I think that us communicating and discussing tactics towards one another is making a huge difference.”
We de-rigged the boat, took off all of our salty gear and headed home for the day. I walked my skateboard to the guard shack then rode off. As I rode home i think about my mother and father and how badly i want to show them how good of a sailor I am. I want to show them that i can be as good as them on day too. I think this is my opportunity to do that. I pull up to my house and run up the stairs lean my skateboard on the side of the house and head inside dropping my stuff directly in front of the door. I rinse out all my salty gear, boots, lifejacket, glasses and jump in the shower feeling disgusting as usual after a day of sailing. I head to my room and take out some homework my teacher gave us for the break. I drift away to sleep with no homework getting done.
“Steven, you home?” I hear my mom yell in the back of my mind as i continue to sleep.
I heard the door open, then shut as i drifted into a deep sleep.

I start my day off at the yacht club as usual. Went out for a quick sail then came home with Noah to prepare for the Transpac.
“Did you bring the checklist everything we need?” Noas asked.
“Yep i got it right here.”
foul weather gear
“Great lets make sure we have everything we need, then hit the road,” I said.
We piled into the small RV with our stuff piled high to the car roof as we made our way to Newport Harbor Yacht Club where the race will begin.
“Are we there yet? Are we there yet?” Noah repeated as we made our way closer to the Yacht Club.
“No, I said. Sit down we’ll be there soon.”
After a long 2 hours in a cramped car with Noah changing the music station every 30 seconds I was
happy to get out of the car and prepare for our race. We stepped out of the car and smelt the luscious smell of the cold air.
“Wow this is really cool,” Noah said.
There was coaches, olympic sailors and many other amazing competitors.
“The competition is insane here, we just gotta stick to what we know, go the right ways and we’ll be set,” i said.
As i shove a bean burrito down my throat, we rig up the boat, fill it with food, snacks and water and start launching.
We push the boat from the dolly and watch it plop into the glassy water. After that, we sailed off to the starting line.
“Do we have everything we need? Enough food, water, dry clothes? We’re gonna be out we for a while,” I said.
As noah goes down the checklist again I start thinking about my family and hoping to complete the race to make them proud. All ive ever wanted is them to be proud of me.
We continue sailing to the starting line. There were about 50 boats competing in this regatta. So we knew it was going to to be a challenge.
As the race committee sounded the horns of the 3 minute starting sequence Noah and i communicate and start to look where we are going to go and what side of the race course seems to have more wind.
“The boat end seems very favored right now,” I said.
“Yea but look at the left side of the course,” Noah replied.
As we agreed on what our plan was we began to luff on the line at 30 seconds.
“ 10..9..8..7..”
We started to accelerate.
We heard a huge horn as we trimmed our sails and sailed as fast as we could. Boats went right and left, some already capsized but many were up near us.
“Great start,” I heard steven say, but i was too concentrated to reply.
Hours went by of taking back and forth up the course. We soon started to be alone.
“I think we’re winning,” Noah said.
“Me too i think were on a good track if we just stay like this we’ll be solid,” I replied.
As Noah  checked the maps to make sure we were on course and that there was no weather warnings or storms coming I kept my eyes on the sails and the water to make sure we were going top speed at all time and to see if there were any sights of any nearby boats.
Noah came out from inside the boat. “No signs of storms to be worried about but the wind will die down in a little in a while.
“Alright,” I said still in full concentration.
Time flew by and it was already night time.
The water was completely glassy and we were barely moving.
“Lets call it a night,” I said.
We let the boat drift as we both fell asleep calmly.

We awoke to the sound of waves crashing against sand. I tried to ignore the sound because i thought it was just a dream. But then i heard the waves get louder and bigger.
I awoke and peered my head out of the boat to see a huge island. It had a sandy beach and then lead up to neverending trees and in the far distance i could some kind of mountain.
I look behind me to see noah is still asleep.
“Wake up, wake up,” I said as i shook noah to make him wake up.
“What, what’s the matter,” Noah frustratingly replied.
“We have washed up on a beach, an island, a i don't know, get up!” I yelled.
“Go back to bed Steven you probably just still stuck in your dream.”
“I’m not. Go see for yourself then!” I Yelled
Noah got out of bed to look outside. He was astonished at what he saw. Noah peered out of the boat.
“Where are we,” he said very surprised.
Noah had seen that we had been washed ashore at island. It was huge. It seemed to be a beach collided with a forest and far far away there was a huge mountain. There was no one to be seen here and no other land in sight from the island/
“I dont know, but look, there's a hole in our boat. I dont know what happened last night but it wasn't good,” I replied.
“Well lets just fix the boat and continue on sailing. Go get the boat repair box out of the boat.” I said.
Noah rummaged through the boat looking for the boat repair box, but then he had remembered he left it in the car while unloading.
“I think we might have left it in the car,” Noah said.
“Are you kidding me. This is great were stuck on an abandon island with a hole in our boat and theres no other competitors anywhere,” I said sarcastically.
“Well lets just try to fix it then,” Noah said trying to make everything better.
“Hm alright lets fix our boat with twigs and leaves we find on this island that'll last the whole race,” I said sarcastically.
We sat in the boat trying to think something to do to fix this problem and get back on the water.
“We should prepare for the worst. Get all the food and water that we have together and lets organize everything. Who knows how long we’ll be here for,” I suggested. 
The day went on, Noah and i were frustrated the whole day. Trying to figure out ways to fix the boat and organize the food to make sure no rodents or anything gets into it. We were both very worried because we didn't know if we were ever actually going to get off this island. But we tried to be positive and calm and work things out.
“Night should be coming soon. We should start building a fire to at least last tonight. Grab the blankets out of the boat and hopefully help will be here for us in the morning,” I said
Noah and I prepared a fire and got ready for the night. We laid around the warm fire and listen to it crackel.
“I know you told me not to worry and that everything will be fine but what if its not going to be fine. What if we don't get rescued? What then?” Noah explained.
“Dont think about it that much Noah everything is fine and we’ll probably wake up tomorrow with Coast Guards all around us, rescuing us. So calm down and go to bed. Forget about it,” I said.
After telling Noah that everything was going to be fine it got me thinking. I started to question myself. Will everything be fine? Different questions run through my head as I start to think about my parents and how badly i wanted to impress them. By now, being saved by tomorrow or not, still won't give us a chance to win. But i at least want to finish the race. The night took over as we fell asleep to the crackling sound of the fire and the waves crashing against the sand.

I woke up to the sound of the island and to Noah munching on a crunchy granola bar. I heard the rumble of my stomach.
“Noah is there anymore of those granola bars? Im so hungry,” I said with the sound of hunger in my tone.
“Yea theres one more in the boat,” Noah said.
I ran to the boat and tore open the wrapper and nearly inhaled the granola bar.
“Noah we gotta find more food. I know we’ve only been here for one day but were already out of granola bars and who knows how long we are gonna be on this island for.”
“You’re right i’ll go get some things off the boat and try to make a spear or weapon of some sort,” Noah said.
“While you do that, i’ll go build shelter,” I said confidently.
While Noah was making spears and weapons I walked up the sandy beach and into the moist rainy forest. As i went deeper and deeper into the forest it became darker. I look up and see monkeys, birds perched on branches sloths and snakes. It was amazing to see nature in action but quite nerve racking as well.
As i walked farther into the island i felt as if i was being watched but then i erased that from my mind and then started guessing its probably because theres so many animals everywhere. Soon i came across bamboo and lots of it! I take as much as it as i could and ran back to the beachy part of the island where noah was. Right on the perimeter of where the beach and the forest collided, i started building. I used small vines to tie and attach the bamboo together. I went to go check on Noah to see if he needed help making the spear.
"Hows the spear coming along?"
"It's looking pretty good, I took some metal parts off the boat to make the head of it," Noah said.
"Sweet it's looking good," i replied.
I continued my work as i attached bamboo to bamboo. I heard a loud shriek coming from within the dark forest, I look at Noah and he looks back at me.
"What was that?" Noah said nervously.
"I don't know it sounded like some kind of creature," i replied.

"I'm gonna go check it out," Noah said bravely.
"No I'll go," I said.
"We'll both go," Noah said.
Noah handed me one of the two spears he made, just for protection. And we creeped deeper and deeper into the forest.

"There's the shriek again," I said nervously.
"Where is it coming from? It seems like it is echoing throughout the island. Who know how far this creature is. It could be on the opposite side of the island," Noah said.
Although Noah was right I still believed that the creature was close and that we were in danger. We kept are eyes peeled for any sort of movement around us.
"Holy crap what was that," i said.
The creature flew past us creating a huge gust of wind. It was so quick we just couldn't quite lay our eyes on it.
"There it is again!" I yelled.
"What do we do?" Noah yelled back.
"Run!" I yelled.
We ran back to the beach as fast as we could. We collapsed on the beach scared to death.
"What was that thing?" Noah said.
"I have no idea but whatever it is we need to stay away from it," I replied.
"Definitely," Noah said.
I turn to the right and see our campfire has erupted and is starting to spread quick.
“Noah look to your right,” I said scardely 
“Jesus Christ,” Noah shouted
“Its on me, it on my clothes, i'm on fire!”
Noah sprinted for the water as the fire continued to spread towards the jungle portion of the island.
We heard a loud screech.
“Its the creature!” we shouted.
The fire suddenly burnt out and the island went quiet.
“Is it trying to kill us? Or was this our fault?” I said with sadness in my tone.
“That was crazy!” Noah said in an excited, yet terrified tone.
The night came quicker than we expected. We lit the fire again, grabbed our rifles and layed down on the warm sad peering up at the stars trying to calm down and forget about what had just happened.
I wish i could be at home in my room, warm, cozy and just cuddle up with my golden retriever, Skipper.
With my mom coming in with dinner as I watch tv and let nothing bother me.
I began to doze off thinking i was really in my room, and i fell asleep.
I woke up the next morning to the sound of crackling fire. I sit up and rub my eyes to the left i see noah roasting fresh fish above the fire. I wasn't to fond of fish but i could definitely use some food right now.
“Fish?” I questioned Noah.
“Yep crispy fish, i just caught it about 10 minutes ago. I was pretty loud. You were out like a rock,” Noah said.
“Yeah i was really tired and stressed out about yesterday,” I replied.
“Yeah i understand, we’ll get off this place soon enough,” Noah said.
Noah handing me a cooked fish on a paper plate found inside the boat. I ate the whole fish completely.
"That was delicious, i'm going to keep working on our shelter," i said.
"Okay I'll find something else to do," Noah replied.
I made my way over to where I had last started building, and started putting the walls, made out of bamboo, up in the tree to turn it into a treehouse. I took some extra blocks off from off the boat and created a pulley system to attach and lug the walls up to place them correctly on the tree. I climbed up the tree and secured all four walls. It became dark because I was closed it. I took my Swiss Army knife out and started to cut out windows and a whole that needed to be there in order to climb into the tree house. I grabbed two long ropes out from off the boat and a bunch of thick branches I found in the forest and made a rope ladder. I tied it to the inside of the hole so we could climb up and into the clubhouse. Incase it rains i lined the top of the treehouse with big Palm leaves. I then grabbed our blankets and lined the floor of the club house with them to make it warmer and more like home. I climb down from out of the clubhouse and stand back to look at it. It looks good for now. But I will add onto it later.
"Wow it looks great," noah said as he begins to climb into the treehouse.
"It took lots of hard work. I'm happy about how it turned out, but i'm going to add onto it more later," i replied.
"Yeah but this is great for now. Now we can actually feel somewhat safe and warmer at night," noah said
"Agreed!" I said.
After being stranded on this island for more than 3 weeks Noah and i have been getting along better than i thought we would which is a good sign.
Noah and i were standing on the sand as we heard a big shriek come from inside the forest.
“We have to go check it out,” I said.
“I’ll go grab the weapons just incase,” Noah replied.
We made our way into the mucky forest, hearing the screeches get louder and louder as we got closer and closer to its destination. 
We hid behind a tree and peered out and at the creature. It was tall, black and had red eyes. It had horse feet, webbed hands, and a scaly back.
“What is that thing,” Noah whispered.
“It looks like some land-water creature,” I whispered back.
The creatures back was turned and it looked like he was working on or hiding something. I stepped backward in fear resulting in me stepping on a branch. The sound of the branch cracking echoed across the whole island. The creature turned his head completely around while keeping his body facing forwards. 
While being scared to death i notice behind him there was 2 men, it was almost as if he was wrapping them in some kind of mucus layer.
The creature comes charging at us, we sprint through the forest with the creature right on our tale. I spot the tree house. Noah and I act like tarzan for a second and grab a vine and swing up and onto the rope ladder and climb up into the treehouse. We look out the windows to try and spot the creature. We see him on the sand looking left and right, trying to find us and he turns around and makes his way back into the forest.
“That was crazy!” Noah yelled.
We heard a shriek in the distance.
“Keep it down! Or were both going to end up dead,” I said.
“Did you see what i saw back there. It was like the creature was wrapping up its victims in a mucus layer and they looked like they were in the regatta. They must have hit land like us and had the same thing happen, they just got caught with the creature,” I said.
“We have to go save them!” Noah replied.
“We’ll go check it out tomorrow, we've had enough for today lets get to be,” I said.
Noah scurried down the rope ladder, lit the fire and ran back to the forest. We tried to just forget about the creature and go to bed to the sound of the crackling fire again.

I woke up, well I thought i did. i was trying to open my eyes but i couldnt. I tried moving my body but i could only wiggle. It felt like i was in a straight jacket. I finally get my eyes open and peer out of this mucus shell wrap. I attempt to turn my head to the right and i see Noah with his eyes shut. I turn my head to the left, unable to move and see the two other sailors we saw yesterday, in two other mucus balls. I peer into the distance ahead of me and see the creature coming closer to me everytime i blink. Words cant describe how in shock i was, but i tried to keep calm.
“Help,Help!” I yelled trying to get Noah to wake up.
Noah was attempting to move his body just like i did recently. I hear a murmur coming from noah.
“Steven, what is this?” Noah said.
“We are stuck in some kind of mucus ball and it is preventing any movement,” I responded.
Noah seemed to have found a weak point in the mucus ball and started moving and trying to tear it open. He fell out of wrap with tons of mucus all over him. Noah wiped off his face.
“Im out, Im out!” Noah yelled.
We heard a loud shriek coming from within the jungle.Then we hear hard galloping. It was the creature.
“Run Noah!” I tried yelling.
“No im not going to leave you here,” Noah replied.
“Alright then start trying to get me out of this thing!” I yelled.
While Noah was trying to get me out, the creature came out of no where and grabbed noah and threw him on the ground as hard as he could. I heard the cries of Noah as he lay hidden behind a bush.
The creature picked me up with me in the mucus wrap and held me above his mouth as a layer of mucus came shooting out of his mouth. I spun me around to get every inch of my body. He then put me in a bamboo cage hanging from a tree.
Noah looked down at his leg and it was seriously injured. Noahs leg was broken. He grabbed a long piece of bamboo and a vine and pushed his bone back into place trying to keep his volume down he yelled a little. He then tied the bamboo to his leg tightly to keep his leg from bending.
Noah limped back to the beach to get his weapons he had made. But as he approached the sand he felt a sharp pain in his back and fell to the ground unconscious.
I lay in the cage, covered in mucus, unable to move and noah is no where to be seen. I start to worry. I watch the creatures every move as he works on his next victims. The creature was very smart. He had a huge fire pit with a stick lying horizontal on two vertical bamboo sticks, laying above the pit of fire.
I watched as he grabbed one of the sailors. He tied them to the stick and started roasting them. Turn the stick to get every part of them cooked. I watched as the sailor wiggled in pain trying to break free from this horrific seen. I looked down and saw the other sailor wiggling trying to break free and save his friend. I started to cry thinking this is what is going to happen to me and Noah.
Then something came into my mind. I remember when i was building our shelter i used a pocket knife to cut the vines. I slipped my hand down to my pocket and grabbed the pocket knife. I slit the mucus layer and was freed from it. I ran to the sailor that was trapped in the other mucus bubble and released him from it. I picked up the weapons Noah and I were carrying before we dropped them and handed one to the sailor.
We hid behind a bush until the proper time to flee ourselves towards the creature.
“Thank you so much,” he whispered to me.
“No problem, now lets go save your friend,” I said.
I explained the plan to him.
“Okay you go right i'll go left,” I said.
We popped out of the bush he went right and i went left as our spears released from our hands and hit the creature in the throat. The creature fell to the ground. We ran to the other sailor, untied him from above the fire and released him from the mucus layering. He looked badly injured. We picked him up and ran him to the water to wash him off and care for him. As we approached the water i saw Noah.
“Noah! Are you okay??” I said worriedly.
“I dont know, my leg is broken and hurts a lot,” he said in pain.
I carried Noah to the Tree house and laid him down on the blanket while the other sailor was caring for his friend.
I examined his left leg and told him to rest. I went down to the boat and grabbed a water bottle and told him to drink it. I climbed down the rope ladder and approached the two other sailors.
“What happened to you guys?” I asked.
“The weather conditions got too rough for us so we just stopped at the nearest land until it would settle down but then we came across that creature thing and he took us and kept us in those mucus balls for like 4 days,” the sailor said.
“Wow thats terrible, what are your guys’ names?” I asked.
“My name is Mark.”
“And my name is reece, nice to meet you.”
“Whats your name?” Reece asked.
“My name is Steven and my friends name is Noah. He may have broken his leg so he is up in the tree house,” I said.
“Oh my, I’m sorry,” Mark said.

The night approached and we all slept in the tree house. As i was looking up at the bamboo roof i started to remember waking up to my mom saying good morning to me and the smell of bacon as i walked to the kitchen.
I could remember the cold tiles on my feet and me shuffling to get on my slippers. The jazz music playing softly in the background as i slipped on my slippers and shuffled to the Kitchen table.
I snapped back to reality and started to cry. Thinking of all my memories got to me. I fell asleep another night, upset. I drifted asleep.

I woke up with no body around me.
“Maybe they went to get food,” I whispered to myself.
But i was so unsure of that. With all of these weird things happening with the creature and everything, i had a bad feeling about this one.
Before i left to search for the others i made sure i was prepared.
I broke off pieces of fiberglass from the boat and grinded it onto a rock to create a sharp edge. I found a long stick and vine and tied the fiberglass to the stick. I found a small spare blanket in the boat and filled it with rocks, tied it up and swung it onto my back like a backpack. I made sure i had my swiss army knife and this is when i started my journey.
The sun was just rising up. The air was misty and moist. Although I was scared, I knew that I had to find my friends. I started yelling their names.
“Noah, Mark, Reece!” I yelled.
“Where are you!”
No response, all i could hear was the birds talking to one another.
I started to cry. This was so stressful. I remember when i would wake up in the morning and look around the house and i wouldn't be able to find my parents even though they were obviously on a walk or went out to breakfast. I thought that was the end of the world. But now, this is terrible. I feel like i have disgraced my family.
I didn't complete the race. I snapped back and started thinking about noah and the others. Maybe they are trying to fix Reece and Marks boat. Maybe thats the way to get off this island. I ran faster through the forest trying to find them. I heard the sound of the creatures voice echo through the mucky forest.
I ran towards the sound of the creature. As i came closer, i found the creatures tracks, or footprints.
I put my foot on top of it and it was double the size.
I came closer and closer to the noise i arrived. I hid behind a bush and peered over to see what was going on. As i looked over there was thousands of creatures duplicating one after another. I looked up and there was Noah, Reece and Mark.
They were in cages hanging up high. I looked around trying to figure out a plan to get them down. Although there was many of them i knew that they were weak. I lined myself up to get a good shot of the vines holding up the cages that the boys were in. I stretched my arm back and threw the spear as hard as i could. I watched the spear zip through the air and cut the vines one after another down, as the cages fell to the ground and broke the boys free. The creatures went crazy. The sound of thousands of creatures was killing my ears. The boys and i started running. I handed them each a spear and climbed up a huge tree.
Once we got to the top I looked down to see the creatures failing to climb up.
“Thank you so much. One second i was asleep and the next second i was stuck in a cage. I don't know how we don't wake up while they move us over. They must do something to us to make us not wake up,” they said.
“Why didn't they take me this morning?” I said.
“Maybe they don’t want you,” Noah said jokingly.
“ Ha ha ha very funny, but i have a plan,” I said
“Reece and Mark, is your boat still functional?” I asked.
“Yeah it got a little beat up during the crash landing on the island, but i think its alright,” they responded.
“Okay so why don’t we just go to your guys’ boat and sail away and off this island on that,” I suggested.
“I dont know why we didn’t think of that sooner, were a little dumb,” they said.
“Haha its alright but its going to be difficult and risky getting there since its on the other side of the island,” I said. “So we should probably hang up here for a little while until the creatures clear out.”
“Good idea,” Mark said.
Hours went by of the boys in the tree waiting for the creatures to clear out.
“Okay the coast is clear. Make sure we all stick together, and we arent stopping to sleep. I think that is there trick. They wait for us to sleep and then bam they snatch us up and try to eat us,” I said.
The boys agreed as the quietly climbed down the tree and tiptoed through the forest.
“What do they want from us?” Mark asked.
“It seems as if they want us to suffer. If we didnt get out of those mucus bubbles they would have cooked us and let us burn over the flame until our souls rose and then they would eat us,” i said.
“And thats what was about to happen to me,” Reece said.
The boys continued through the creature infested forest. As i looked up i could see the sun shining through the leaves of the trees and feel the warm sun beam on the top of my head. We traveled hours and hours as we past tons of wildlife and some reminding me about life at home.The sunshine turned into darkness, but we kept moving. I like wrapped a branch in vines and lit it on fire to create a torch. I knew if we stopped we would be taken by the creatures again and that would be an extreme set back. We urged closer and closer to the other side of the island, trying to be as silent as we can.
I heard thumping come out of no where and so suddenly, i look behind me and there is hundreds of creatures running towards us. I drop the torch with instinct. The flames rose high in the air creating a wall between us and the creatures. We continued to run as the creatures were stopped by the fire.
“Run!” I yelled.
“We need to find the nearest shelter,” Noah yelled, limping as he ran.
I picked noah up to help us go faster.
“This way!” I yelled.
We ran into a restricted cave,cramming us each in to take cover of the creatures. We ducked as the creatures came sprinting passed the cave. They stood in groups and talked in their own creature language. They were pointing different directions. Some were smelling the air in search for similar scene as us. We kept as quiet as we could. But every little movement would echo the whole cave.
I examined the cave. It was dark, wet, and mucky, the bottom of it was layered in soggy moss. But we only had a little bit longer left in there. I heared some kind of noise coming from above. It echo the cave tremendously.
“Its a helicopter! Its come to save us!” He whispered in excitement.
“Sit down Mark, and keep it down or we’re all going to be dead,” I said.
“Dead? They have come to save us. Lets go,” Mark insisted.
No one responded. Everyone knew that there was creatures lining the top of the cave and waiting for us to come out.
“Fine then i will just go,” Mark said.
“No, you told me we were going to stick together. I dont want you getting hurt,” Reece said.
“I want to get off this island, we've been here for almost a month and a half and i can't stand it anymore. I am leaving and whoever wants to come, follow me,” Mark said.
All the boys look at each other as Mark makes his way out of the cave. Within seconds of Mark stepping out of the cave, 5 creatures pounced on him and tore him apart limb by limb. Noah and Reece started to cry.
“I told him not to go,” I said. “Do we all know what's going to happen now if we don’t stick together? Because that it was i said at the beginning, before we left.”
“Yeah we all understand,” the boys agreed.
“How much longer until we reach your boat?,” I asked Reece.
“We’re pretty close, we just need to keep going straight until we hit sand,” Reece responded.
I threw a rock out of the cave to test and see if the creatures were still there. As the rock left my handand out of the cave a creature jumped out a grabbed the rock before it even hit the ground. He stopped and looked at me with his read eyes and in his right webbed hand he held Marks head. He showed it to us implying that, that will be us soon. He chucked the rock back into the cave, and we doged it.
"How are we going to get out of here?" Noah asked.
"The safest way is to just wait," i said.
"But what if they never leave?" Noah asked.
"They will," i responded.
We waited an hour for the creatures to clear out. We could feel the cave shake as they stomped from above, trying to scare us out.
"We aren't going anywhere!" I shouted as if they could understand what i saying.
"You know they can't hear you," Reece said.
"Don't piss him off Reece," noah said.
I breathed in and then exhaled to try and calm myself down from all the stress i was in. It wasn't Reece was making me mad it was just all that was happening. We are completely surrounded by creatures and are in an incredible life threatening situation. Of course im going to be a little pissed. But I knew that, that is what the creatures wanted from me. They wanted me to give up. So i did the exact opposite.
"I have an idea," i said.
"What is it," the boys said.
"Let's get them to be distracted to something else so while they are busy with that then it will leave our exit clearly open," i said.
“Okay,” they responded.
We waited a little while longer. We continued to hear footsteps above us as we lay in the cave. We were all very tired and hungry but we tried our best to stay awake so they wouldn't capture us again.
“Alright everyone, get up. Lets do this,” I said.
We prepared ourselves. I slung the bag of rocks on my back and picked up my spear. The others copied. I picked out a rock from inside the bag and held it.
I sighted where there  was a good place to throw it in order to get them to leave this location and go to the other one. I got a good grip on the rock. I looked at it and examined it. It felt as if it took forever for it to leave my hand. It was as if time slowed down and took my all the way back to my home. Where i saw my mother and family all huddling around the kitchen island chatting while my mom cooked dinner. Telling each other how our days were and what happened. Me explaining every little detail about sailing practice. She would go crazy if i left anything out. I snapped back to reality and the rock left my hand. It hit a tree pretty far away. Enough to get a good head start and run. We watched as hundreds of creatures ran by chasing after the rock. 
“Go!” I yelled.
We all made our way out of the cave and kept running deeper into the forest.
I looked behind me as i ran and i saw a creature right on my tail. I threw a rock behind my head and heard it as it crashed on the top of the creatures skull. We continued to ran and there was no more sign of the creatures.

We sped through the forest jumping and climbing over obstacles that got in our way.
Every couple minutes you’d hear a “This way,” or “That way.”
As we were running we saw as if there was a light at the end of the “Tunnel.” We saw where the light met the beach and where our escape could be made. In this moment i knew we were going to get off this island. We ran to the beach and then collapsed as if we had never seen something such like this in our entire lives.
“We made it!” we yelled.
We ran towards the boat and inspected it. There seemed to be minimal damage. The bow was cracked and the stern seem to have banged into something as well. It was easily fixable.
“We should probably stay here for the night so when morning comes we can do some touch ups on the boat so we don’t have to worry about it breaking down on the sail home,” I said.
“Thats a great idea. But no one fall asleep,” Reece said.
“Yeah we don't want to get taken again and restart this thing all over again.That would be a shame,” Noah said.
“Reece go gather some wood so we can start a fire,” I said.
I fixed a blanket for Noah of the sand. I then rolled over large rock and elevated his leg.
“Thank you Steven,” Noah said.
“No problem,” I responded.
“No i don't mean just for this, well i mean thank you for making me comfortable but thank you for being such a great leader and leading us to the other end of the island. I think this is the only way we are going to get off,” Noah said.
“I think so too. Your a great friend and you’re really tough for dealing with your leg. I cant imagine how much pain you’re in,” I said.
“Ah It will be alright, and this will soon all be over,” Noah said.
Reece returned with wood for the fire and started setting it up.
“Rest here, i'm going to go help reece with the fire,” I said to Noah.
“Okay,” he responded.
I ran over to noah and started helping him set up the fire. I began to run to sticks together as they would spark and spark until they set fire. I dropped the two sticks underneath all the other ones and we created our warmth. I dug out a water bottle from inside the boat and gave it to noah.
“Drink this, it’ll help,” i said.
Noah gulped down the entire bottle of water.
I grabbed three granola bars a distributed them to all three of us. “Now everyone stay awake until sunrise,” I said.
    Hours and hours went by of us sitting next to fire and imagining getting off this island. i laid down and imagined taking skipper for walks. We would go down to the bay and i would throw a ball in the water and he would retrieve it. On other days we would go paddle boarding together or even sail together. He was the best water dog and im just excited to get home and share more memories like that together with him again.
The started to rise and i was the first one to get up from by the fire and start loading up the boat.

As i begun to load the boat of everyones personal belongings my mind flashed back to life at home. My parents would fight all the time. Every Night I would cry and beg them to stop.
My parents don't see me as my own individual and see that I need to grow up and that I'm not a kid anymore. I wish my parents would see the real me. The me that I feel when I am with my friends, free and away from any parent drama. My friends are so cool. We are all, always together doing something amazing and making memories. My parents will never see that side of me and be happy with it. They are very serious and want me to do good in everything I do. Sailing and school are the only things they're worried about. Sailing and school are very important to me aswell but my friends have a big impact on my life as well and without my friends i wouldn't be the person I am today.
After minutes of going off about how unhappy I was at home, the boat was finally loaded. I woke everyone up one by one. And told them to make there way into the boat. We all jumped into the boat and started to sail away. I turn around and look back at the island, and see one of the creepy creatures standing on the edge of the sand turning into forest waving slowly with an evil smile on its face.

I turn back towards the rest of the boys.
"We did it," i said.
"Horray!" We all shouted.
"Thank you so much for guiding us the way to be saved. You really made an impact on my life just by the things you said to me. You're not only my best friend. But you’re like a brother to me and it really means a lot. You took care of me and saved me and all of us. Thank you Steven," Noah said.
"That's so nice bro. Im always here for you," I replied.
"Yeah thanks a lot man. Loosing Mark was a very stressful thing that happened to me and I wish he was still with us. But now he's above, and protecting us on our journey back home. Thank you so much for protecting me and keeping me safe," Reece said.
"No problem Reece you're a great guy and im glad we made it back safely on the boat," i said.
We sell across the water as we chatted away about our crazy journey on the island. We discussed how losing Mark made a big impact in everybody's lives. Having that one person that you see leave you in the matter of seconds is an extremely weird and dramatic experience. We continue to cross and talked about how we saved each other and congratulate each other on saving one another throughout the time on the island. I Discussed how great noahs building skills were on building the treehouse in the forest to save all of our lives and to help heal his leg. Without the shelter it would've made it harder for us to thrive on the island.
We formed a circle on the small boat, held hands, and prayed for the loss of Mark.
I kept a sharp eye on the sails of the boat as we continue to talk about how this experience is going to affect us at home. We are going to tell everybody our story of how we woke up one morning and found ourselves upon an island where the weirdest creatures lie. We are going to tell them how much we fought for our lives and all the struggles we faced.
"We will come back here and figure out what these things are with more help of course. And we will most certainly make sure that marks legacy lives on." I shouted with dignity and certainty.

Hours and hours went by of talking and chatting away about various experiences on the island when the boys were separate from each other. They discussed how without each other they would've not of been alive right now. On their sail home they grew a closer bond towards each other and knew that without each other they wouldn't be here.
I rummaged through the boat and pulled out a radio, and turned it on.
The song stolen dance started to play:
"I want you by my side
So that I never feel alone again
They've always been so kind
But now they've brought you away from me
I hope they didn't get your mind
Your heart is too strong, anyway
We need to fetch back the time
They have stolen from us
I want you
We can bring it on the floor
You've never danced like this before
We don't talk about it
Dancing on, do the boogie all night long
Stoned in paradise
Shouldn't talk about it
Shouldn't talk about it
Coldest winter for me
No sun is shining anymore
The only thing I feel is pain
Caused by absence of you
Suspense controlling my mind
I cannot find the way out of here
I want you by my side
So that I never feel alone again
I want you
We can bring it on the floor
You've never danced like this before
We don't talk about it
Dancing on, do the boogie all night long
Stoned in paradise
Shouldn't talk about it
Shouldn't talk about it
I want you
We can bring it on the floor
You've never danced like this before
We don't talk about it
Dancing on, do the boogie all night long
Stoned in paradise
Shouldn't talk about it
Shouldn't talk about it"
My mind flashed back to when I was hanging out with my one friend back in San Diego. We used to listen to that song all the time and for some reason we would never get sick of it. I remember when we would prop your feet up on the coffee table and close our eyes and soak in the music as if it was the last song ever played. Music let a whole lot to me and my friends. We would go to concerts and have the best nights of our life's and soak up every bit of rhythms and lyrics and go home and our bodies would just drain out notes of music as we would prance around having the never ending songs in our head.
"Hey, hello, Steven," noah said as he waved his hand repeatedly in front of my face.
"Haha hey sorry guys i just dosed out for a little," i said.
A loud thump came from underneath the boat.
“What was that,” Noah yelled.
It was probably just the water hitting against the bottom of the boat.
“I dont think so,” Reece said.
Water started spraying out of the bottom of the boat.
“We have a hole,” I yelled.
Reece ran into the cabin of the boat and got towels to try and clog the hole. But the water just continued to get soaked up through the towel and into the boat.
The song “Stolen Dance” continued to play in the background as we rummaged to try to find some repair equipment.
I couldn't focus. It was really hard, all I wanted to do was think about the good times I had and not be so stressed about what was happening right now. I knew that I should stop replaying the memories in my head and try to help but I just couldn't get myself to do it. It was really absurd.
"Steven! Steven!" Noah yelled, "why aren't you doing anything."
"Sorry, sorry, um oh yeah the repair equipment."
I had known where the tools were the whole time, it hasn't even come to mind until now.
"I'll be right back!" I ran into the cabin and opened up the drawer right next to the mini fridge. There was a repair kit in it.
The hole wasn't to big, probably about the size of a nickel. I grabbed the toolbox and ran up to the deck. It was a tight squeeze because all 3 of us were cramming into the small area where the hole was. I opened up the box.
There were many ropes, green ones, yellow ones, blue ones, red ones. There were also some rusty wrenches and screwdrivers and also some filling which was like calk but for boats in one of those plastic bottle type things with the long tips. There was wax and tubes too. I grabbed a piece of plastic tubing and filled it with the calk type substance.
I then proceeded to cover both ends in wax. I cut the tube so it fit perfectly in the hole and I used the last of the duct tape to keep it there. It was still a little leaky but it was the best I could do.
"Really?" Said Reece,"that's the best thing you could think of, there is still water coming out."
"Barely anything." Said Noah in a defensive tone as he rolled his eyes at Reece.
"Whatever, if we go down its on you guys."
I threw a towel on the hole and then set the toolbox on it so it wouldn't move.
"There, now don't touch it, I don't want water pouring in again if this falls through." I demanded.
We continued on our journey home for another hour. Reece and I sat there while Noah was in the cabin trying to find something to eat that we hadn't found yet. He came up onto the deck and slammed a box of granola bars down.
"I'm so tired of granola bars. I'm never eating them again after we get home."
"Well just because you don't want to eat another one ever again doesn't mean you can just throw the box in the water, I'm hungry too, there's others on this Boat Noah that need to eat." Reece said extremely bothered by Noah.
"Guys chill out. Haven't we already been through enough, Reece I know you're upset about Mark but we all are so please just try to not be so on edge. Noah please be more respectful of the very limited supply of food we have on this boat."
"Who put you in charge?" said Reece turning around and looking at me.
"Sorry I just want to go home," I apologized.
A loud noise came from the front of the boat.
"What was that?" Asked Noah.
"I hope it's not another hole," Said Reece.
We all 3 ran to the front. We hit something and it left an enormous hole in the front of the boat.
"What did we hit?" Asked Noah.
"I was looking in front of the boat, there was nothing there." Said Reece.
"This is really weird." I added.
At this point we couldn't even fix the hole and we were all yelling at eachother trying to figure out what to do.
"Maybe if Steven hadn't used all the duct tape."
"Shut up Reece, that wouldn't even fix this."
"Steven is right, there is no way of fixing this hole."
The boat jerked.
"I sure as hell hope there is not another hole."
The boat tipped. The water was starting to weigh it down so we all ran to the back. There was another hole there, it wasn't huge but it wasn't nearly as small as the first one.
"Were screwed." Noah said. You could tell he was extremely frustrated with the situation.
"I don't want to do this but we have to face the fact that this boat is going to sink."
"I'll go pack up food, Noah try to find some extra life jackets and maybe see if you could make something to float on, Steven you try to find something we can use to paddle, this is going to be rough." Said Reece.
We all started to go to work. We had to be quick because the boat was going down.

I looked towards Reece as i listened to the sound of stolen dance play in the back of my head.
“Why aren't you moving!” i yelled at reece.
“I cant do this,” reece said.
“were going to die.”
“If you keep it up like this, then yes we will die.” I said.
“Look at us. Were in the middle of no where. Our boat is sinking, we barely have enough food or water.”
“Shut up Reece!” I yelled.
“Go pack up the food reece!”
“No!” He yelled back at me.
“Reece go! or we are going to die!”
“No!” He yelled again.
Noah came up behind reece and wacked him on the head with a heavy paddle. Reece was knocked out overboard and started sinking. I jumped in the water after him to try and save him but after i had already gotten in the water it was too late, he was too far under for me to swim and save him. 
“Why'd you do that,” I yelled at Noah.
“Because he was just dragging us back, all he was doing was making it harder for us to survive. He wasn't moving, He was doing nothing good for us,” Noah explained.
“Yes but you had to kill him over it?” i said.
“Well i didnt mean to kill him, I thought i was just gonna knock him out, but then he went overboard so, then i was like well whatever you know,” Noah continued.
The boat was almost completely gone.
“Hop on,” Noah yelled as i look to the right and see a makeshift raft made out of lifejackets and paddles.
Noah had made 6 rows of lifejackets and tied them together and attached them to numerous paddles that lie on top of the life jackets.
I jumped off to the raft. We turned around and watched as the boat sank and the top of the mast reached the edge of the water. And then there was nothing. Nothing but empty space and glassy waters. Well, and granola bars.
We waited, and waited. We continued to drift as Stolen Dance continued to play in the back of my mind and memories took over my body as i drifted asleep.
The next morning i woke to the sound of a large horn. I popped up out of bed kicked Noah and shouted.
“A boat! Were saved, Were saved!”
Noah and i jumped with glee and yelled.
“Help! Help! Over here!”
The giant ship started to make its way towards us.
We were so happy. I began to cry as tears dripped down my face. The ship approached us. They dropped a rope ladder, similar to the one Noah had previously made on the island.
We started to climb up the ladder as men in orange vests helped us up the last couple slats of ladder.
“Are you guys okay?” The captain asked.
“Yes we are fine” I said.
They guided us into the cabin of the ship and gave us food and blankets.
Noah and I started to devour the muffin they gave to us as the captain sat patiently in a chair and peered sharply into our eyes and asked,
“So whats your story?”

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