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Niza (Full book)

March 15, 2016
By JazzyPaige, Arlington, Texas
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JazzyPaige, Arlington, Texas
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Favorite Quote:
"To a great mind, nothing is little" ~ Sherlock Holmes

Author's note:

JazzyPaige is a yoiung advanced writer that won't stop until she reach her goal of becoming a famous writer.

Niza: *wakes up, in a nice room on a bed on earth* uhh where am I?!??
Niza's Dad: *yells from downstairs* Niza your home stop trying to pulls pranks!
Niza: *haves a fake flash back of this new life* oh ok dad sorry *laughs*
Niza's Dad: it's ok, now come on down stairs and eat the bus is almost here to take you to school!
Niza: ok! *gets dressed and goes down stairs* hey mom
Niza's Mom: hurry and eat or you'll be late again
Niza: *grabs toast and back pack off the chair* ok i'm eating bye mom dad
Mom&Dad: bye
Niza: *gets on school bus and sees her 2 best friends* hey Calde , Zack how are you?
Calde: we're good, you?
Niza: I'm good
Zack: that's great, come sit in front of us
Niza: *sits in front of them* so what you guys been up too?
Calde: nothing much, I've been looking up these stories about hidden caves in the forgotten woods
Zack: yeah he thinks we should go and try to find stuff, but we're not!
Niza: why not? it won't hurt
Calde: that's what I've been saying
Zack: no no no you two is always getting us in trouble
Niza: what? its called the forgotten woods which means no one will be there to get us in trouble
Calde: Zackkkkk live a little
Zack: you know I live much more then you two do
Niza: ok great so we'll go tomorrow *as she turns her head around to face the front*
Zack: ok ok ok I'll go
Calde: that's great *as he smile*
(at the school)
Niza: *sees her friend William* hey will *as she smile*
William: hey Niza *as he looks cool*
Niza: hey uh do you wanna go to the forgotten woods
William: yeah, why?
Niza: me, Clade and Zack is gonna go tomorrow because we want to see if its really a hidden cave there
William: oh well yeah I don't have any thing else to do
Niza: that's great! be ready at 6 o'clock
William: ok
*the next day at 6 o'clock pm, they are at the forgotten woods*
Clade: it sure is dark here
Zack: your the one who wanted to come
William: *laughs* scared?
Niza: Clade its nothing to be scared about come lets at least step a foot in the woods
Calde: uh no no no I change my mind
Zack: too late for that
William: *Sighs*
Niza: ok ima go in first and you'll see nothings wrong
Calde: ok ladies first anyway and i'm not scared!
Niza: yeah sure *goes in and screams*
*all of them rush in after her*
Niza: you should see the look on your faces priceless *laughs* see? Clade nothing to be scared of, now let's find this cave already
Calde: ok ok ok and you shouldn't have done that!
Zack: yeah!
William: it was a good joke I have to give it to yeah Niza
Niza: thanks and sorry *as they walk deeper into the woods*
*they stumble upon a broken bridge*
Clade: crap a bridge and its broken
Zack: how are we going to cross
Niza: *gets a rope and ties it to a tree while they aren't looking and jumps down*
William,Clade&Zack: NIZA!?!
Niza: *screams out her words so they can hear her* what!? oh cool!
Clade: what's cool?
William: yeah and are you ok?
Zack: I was about to ask the same thing
Niza: I'm fine! this is so cool, you guys come down here!
*once they get halfway down they see a small entrance to a cave and goes in*
Clade, William&Zack: wow!
Niza: I know right. we just found the cave *as they see a lot of gold*
Clade: cool *as he fills his pockets*
William: I can buy billions of motor bikes with just half of this *as he gets as much as he can*
Zack: *fills his backpack, hat, shoes everything he can*
Niza: *looks around and finds a shiver necklace and just takes that*
William: fill your pockets Niza
Clade: yeah
Niza: I already got something *as she is struggling to put it on*
Zack: *isn't paying no attention to them, he is still trying to get gold*
William: here let me help you with that Niza *as he puts it on her*
Niza: thanks William *the necklace begins to glow*
William: *steps back a little* cool the necklace is glowing!
Clade: yeah it wasn't doing that at first
Zack: *filled everything* ok whats happening?
Niza: cool *she then presses the green spot that's glowing and gets thrown back and passes out*
William: Niza! *as they run to her*
Clade: Niza wake up!*as he shakes her*
Zack: stop joking oh god please be joking
Niza:*wakes up a little*
William: Niza?...Niza?!
Clade: look her eyes are green just like the necklace *as he closes her eyelid*
Zack: this is weird
Niza:**wakes up**uhhh you guys? what happened?
William: you passed out that's what happened *as he helps her up*
Clade: and your eyes turned green
Zack: yeah. we shouldn't have came here
Niza:*almost falls then holds her head*
William: ni you ok? *as he holds her arm to keep her steady*
Niza: we have to get out of her they're coming
Clade: who's coming?
Zack: what are you talking about Niza?
William: yeah. You sure your ok?
Niza: we need to get out of this cave *as she tries to stand on her own*
Clade: why? who's coming?
Zack: stop joking around Niza
William:...... Who's coming?
Niza: its too hard to explain right now we need to go
Clade: ok *they are at the caves exit*
Zack: what happened to the rope?
William: it isn't here anymore
Niza: it's ok we can jump down without any rope
Clade: *looks at her* WHAT JUMP ARE YOU NUTS?!?
William: yeah! I do a lot of dangerous things but nothing like that
Zack: yeah and what would we do when we get down and our bones is broken
Niza: we will be fine just jump *as she pushes all of them down with her*
*falling down*
Niza: *she uses her nature powers and make a pale of vines to catch them, they land on the vines*
Clade: how did,? did you? what is?
William: ni did you just?
Zack: uhhhh *they move away from her*
Niza: *takes a deep breath* my name is Niza you all know that but I am from planet sickaba I am the princess there I'm what my people call greenheal I can heal with only a touch and control nature.. I am the strongest there is.... I never told you because I just remembered when I put on this holds all my memories my best friend from my planet tried to erase my real memories and replace them with everything about you guys and she gave all of you fake memories of me to make it be like I was always here
Clade: so so so your an alien?!?
Zack: uhhhh
William: what are you?
Niza: aliens aren't real! so no I am not an alien I am a human just ok you know how you have cats and dogs well say I'm a cat and you all our dogs, cats can always land on their feet so like people from my planet we have powers but dogs can't land on their feet so like you guys you don't have powers like we do we are humans just a different kind
Clade: so so so ok your human just have powers like Spider-man?
Zack: uhhhhh
Niza: right Clade its just that I am not a man made action person
Zack: uhhhhhh
William: stop saying "uhh" what's wrong with you Zack?!
Zack: uhhhhhh uhhh uhhh *points behind them*
Clade: what is it? no one look! *as he looks scared*
Niza: *turns around and see 3 giants getting closer to them* guys don't look or turn around
William: *turns around and freezes*
Clade:*turns around and starts backing away slowly*
Niza: no one move, ok? stop walking back Clade *as she walks up to the giants*
Giant: why have you come here? and then you have the audacity to come up to me? His voice is deep and firm*
Niza: my name is princess Niza, I am from planet sickaba I came for my necklace may we pass?
Giant: you dare lie to me?!
Niza: I'm not lying do you want proof?
Giant: yes show me and if you can't all of you will die here
Niza:*uses her powers to shine light in the darkness* please I need to return home
Giant: *kneels on one knee* my princess, my dearest apologizes... you may pass but these clowns can't go with you
Niza: yes they may, let them pass with me please?
Giant: as you wish *the giants step aside*
Niza: Thank you bows and tells the guys to come with her
Zack:*gets up and runs to follow her*
Clade:*goes to her*
William: how did-
Niza: just come we need to hurry before my best friend {Kat} finds out I remember everything
Zack: this is crazy
Clade: I agree
William: where do you want us to go?
Niza: somewhere safe so I can try to *gulps* kill Kat... My best friend
Zack: how?! you said your the strongest and if she made you forget everything what if she kills you?!
Clade: Yeah! and Zack she can't die duh she said she can heal people and stuff.
Niza: actually I can die, I can only heal others I can't heal myself and I'll be fine you guys don't worry about me I have to get you somewhere safe
William: your our best friend and we are going with you!
Zack: yeah so where you go we go!
Clade: yeah!
Niza: NO!! I am not putting your lives at risk I'll take you back home and stay there
William: we are going rather if you like it or not
Zack: so get used to it
Clade: yeah
Niza: Thanks, but still no your not! Her people have powers! they will kill you its to big of a risk if your not going home stay here *she calls the giants over to them*
Giant: yes princess?
Niza: can you make sure these 3 stay here just until I come back
Giant: yes my princess *picks up zack,Clade and William*
Niza: sorry guys *as she walks off*
Zack: so your just going to let her die you giant thing?!
Giant: what are you taking about youngin?
Clade: he's talking about how your princess is about to get herself killed!
William: she is going face to face with someone that can kill her!
Giant: who? how do you know this?
Zack: she told us!!
Clade: she said her best friend Kat I believe made her forget who she was
William: we have to help her
Giant: do they speak the truth father? *he is talking to looks like an very old giant*
Old giant: *looks at them* yes they speak the truth but if we're going to help we need to find out where she is
Zack: Maybe she's going back to that cave
Clade: it would make sense
Giant: what cave younglin?
William: stop calling us younglins! and it's some cave she found a necklace that held all her memories
Old Giant: ahh The cave gold, see everything there has a something that's meant for someone only
Zack: so is there something there for each of us?
Clade: yeah like something that'll tell us we're kings!?
William: I doubt it
Old giant: Yes, it could be but if you go back there it would be something that stands out of everything in your eyes something your'll least expect
Zack: like Niza and that necklace
Clade: yeah something you least expect but looks grand
William: Can you take us up to the cave
Giant: should I father?
Old giant: Yes make sure they get there safely, I know they need to
Giant: Yes father he takes them there safely, he puts his hand in the cave and they get off
Zack: Thanks
Clade: Yeah I thought if I'd ever talk to a Giant it would be my last words but your pretty nice... I guess
William: same
Giant: Your welcome ** he leaves**
Zack: something that stands out the most *as he looks around*
Clade: hmmm *as he starts looking*
William:*takes a deep breath and starts looking too*
Zack:*finds a cool looking sword that's not even gold or silver and picks it up*
Clade:*finds a book that looks very old and worthless and picks it up *
William:*finds a cool looking bow and arrow and picks it up*
*All of them freeze when they pick it up at the same time and gets memories back*
Zack:*remembers being Niza's swordsman guard*
Clade:*remembers being the smartest guy there is on Niza's planet*
William:*remembers being Niza's bow man and boyfriend*
*one thing they all have in common they all are really friends*
*now to Niza she is running but then passes out*
Niza:*remembers them being her friends at the same time they are and then wakes up* What just happened?!
Kat{best friend} :You just fail into my trap! *as her guards comes from behind her under her control*
Niza: Kat why are you doing this?
Kat: Shut up! I am princess Kat call me by my name!
Niza: I'm princess, What are you talking about?
Kat: I'm talking about how you killed my dad my mom my whole stupid planet!
Niza: What are you talking about your planet is sickaba, are you ok Kat?
Kat: NO! my planet was innets your dad destroyed it and killed my people my father my mother!
Niza: Your a-
Kat: that's right an inner now shut up! *as she hits her and throws her back*
*now back to the boys*
Clade: You guys it's a trap Niza's going into a trap!
Zack: What do you mean? how what trap?
William: Yea
Clade: That necklace was glowing green right and it turned Niza's eyes green their normal color?
Zack: Yeahh..
Clade: Which is bad because if it did that it most likely it sent a signal back to sickaba letting who ever set it up know that Niza remembers everything!
Zack: Do you know where she is? we have to save her!
William: I might know
Clade: where?
Zack: where? news flash we're on earth
William: I know, follow me *as he jumps out the cave and walks off*
*as they run there he explains how him and Niza used to teleport on earth every week and go to the spot he's taking them to pretend like they were from earth and to get away form the guards and everyone on sickaba*
*now to Niza and Kat*
Niza: ah! *gets up* Please don't make me fight you my dear friend
Kat: Why? it would be so fun to kill you and watch you suffer
Niza: I'm warning you!..your not the Kat I know you would never do anything like this let me help you
Kat's guards:*tries to fight Niza but Kat calls them off*
Kat: Help me? you'll be helping me be letting me kill you
Niza: Fair enough kill me at least your welcome to try
Kat:*laughs Then tries to hit Niza but she dodge every hit*
Niza: Just stop now before I have to fight you Kat
Kat: No way *She tries to inner{control her fully} Niza but it doesn't work * Guards get her!
Guards:*Tries to get her but the boys busts in and interrupts them*
Zack: That's not a fair way to play!
William: Yeah man that's not even right
Clade: I'll just watch you guys take them
Niza: You guys! *looks back at them and smiles*
Zack: I know I saved you
Clade: actually to make this accurate William got us here on time told us where to go so to be fair William saved you
Niza: well - *gets hit by a guard*
William: Not cool! *as he runs over there and gets the guard*
Zack:*gets one guard too* Clade help us! at least by telling us their next move
Clade: Right! sorry *uses his smart intelligence to tell the guards moves* the one on your left is about to do a counter top spin William it'll be best for you to get him with your bow
William: Right *as he fights that one*
Clade: Zack he's attempting a front wall back off get him with you duck dodge attack
Zack: Got it *as he fights him*
Kat:*walks toward Niza* You weak stubborn mole! you really need these clowns to help you? your weaker then I thought!
Niza:*a tear comes out her eye as she shakes her head* I tried to warn you Kat but you wouldn't listen *she uses her nature powers and makes a whole bunch of vines wrap around kat*
Kat: What is this?!
Niza: They will get tighter the more you move so don't move
Kat:*laughs**Your funny **as she brakes free*
Niza: I told you not to move! your to far gone I can't save you I'm sorry *she makes Kat fall and catches her and keeps hold her onto the ground*
Kat: Stop it now!
Niza: You have no power here! taking over your own little girls life to try in rule a planet Kat if your in there I'm sorry!
Kat: You stop it no unhand me!!
Niza:*Poisons her and cries quietly*
Kat: Niza.. Niza.. Niza! It's me Kat! Listen I'm sorry I couldn't be stronger I could have fought him i-if~..
Niza:**Hugs her**It's ok
Kat:*Smirks* I know
Clade,Zack,William: Niza no!!
Niza:*don't have time to turn around before Kat quickly stabs her in the back {as she takes her last breathe} with the only thing that can kill Niza the sword of goto*
Niza:*stands up and stumbles back almost about fall but William catches her*
Guards:*snaps out of Kats control and runs to Niza*
William: Help her you guys! *as he begins to cry*
Zack: No No No!
Clade:*cries* they can't, her father or mother might be albe to her but how will we get her back to sickaba? she only have a few minutes
Niza: I-I'll be fine you guys just know I love each and everyone of you tell my mother and father I'm sorry I failed them...I-I love you Wilia~.. *as her words fades out because she passes out*
One Guard: The giants can help us get back to sickaba in only 3 minutes but we need to go, now!
William:*picks her up and Starts running with them following him*
*To The Giant's*
Old Giant: *Wakes up and walks outside* Bring her in here
William:*takes her where he pointed* Is she going to be ok?
Zack: Please be ok *as he mumbles under his breath*
Clade: IS SHE!!??
Old Giant: I don't know, bring me that blue crystal *one of the Guards brings it to him, Places it on her chest*
Niza's real father:*Comes in* Niza! **he runs to her with her mom right along with him**What happened? who did this?
Old Giant: The sword of goto
Niza's mom: No! Anything but that *as she rubs Niza's face*
Niza's dad: Who did this to her!?
William: Kat
Zack: she did this too her
Clade: No she didn't, her father was controlling her he did this
Niza's dad: Where is she or he?
Willam: Niza killed her, now! stop asking questions!.. help her sir
Niza's dad: No one can help her the sword of goto is very power no one lives after being struck with it
Niza's dad: I can't she wouldn't even be able to help anyone who was injured by the sword of goto and she's the most powerful healer there is
Clade: You can't do anything?
Willam: Yeah....he can Clade he just to big of a coward to know how to
Niza's dad: Lets just hope for the best, Niza is the strongest we know so maybe just maybe if she can still hear us she'll fight and come back
*A few minutes later
Niza:*wakes up a little bit* You guys? Mother Father Everyone Step back
*everyone looks confused but steps back*
Niza:*Begins to glow the brightest light {as she's being left up by an unknown force} , even brighter then the sun and falls to her knees* Ah!
*they help her up*
Zack: Niza are you ok?
Willam:*Holds on to her to make sure she doesn't fall again* How do you feel?
Niza's dad: Niza?
Niza's mom: Niza can you hear us?!
Clade: Niza stop joking can you hear me hello? HELLO!!
Niza: I-I'm fine *as she blinks repeatedly *
Zack: What was that Light?
Old Giant: That was the light of the Hekoolas most powerful in every planet no one can defeat them but the Erebus they glow the darkest light no one has seen any of hekoolas or Erebus in years but now I know that Niza you are the chosen one
Niza's dad: Is she going to be ok?
Niza's mom:*rubs her face* Yes... she is fully healed..EH?! that's impossible!
Clade: Not for the Hekoolas.
Niza: F-father can you have someone get Kats body and place it in the temple at her planet? Please... *Gasping faintly*
Niza's dad: Farewell, Guards can you follow this request?
Guards: On it, fell better Princess
Niza: Thank you and ok
*Guards leave and follow they order*
William: I'm so glad you ok *He gives her a quick kiss*
Clade: Me too
Zack: I'm so so glad
Niza: Thank you Smiles
*Niza is at her thrown with her Friends goofing off*
{The end.......Wait whats this!?}
*Zooms into a planet and goes into a temple*
Kat:*glows a very dark light and then Opens her eyes and mumbles* Erebus

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