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The Living Statue

February 14, 2018
By MarinaCline, Spokane, Washington
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MarinaCline, Spokane, Washington
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Author's note:

My name is Marina. I am 15 years old. I love singing, writing stories and running. 

It was a very cold and gloomy day where a statue stood near a large library when a very black car came. A man got out wearing clothes that were all black. Even his underwear was black! He came up to the statue and said, “You will be a fine specimen.” He then left the statue in a very mysterious way.

The next day was a lot sunnier. A boy came up to the statue. He was staring at the statue like always. A crow landed onto the statue and was about to do its business on it. All of a sudden a very loud crack sounded from the statue. The boy was very startled. The statue kept cracking and cracking. Soon a clump of fur came out of the cracks on the statue. Then a lion cub appeared out of the statue as if it had been trapped inside the statue. The lion seemed very angry as if it wanted to scratch the boy. The lion cub was about to scratch the boy when a crow appeared above the cub and made a loud noise. The lion cub then swatted at the crow. The crow flew away after that.

The boy stared at the lion cub then a car came right behind the little boy and a man wearing all black got out of the car. He said to the boy, “Give me that cub NOW!” The little boy stared at the man in fear and said, “Sure” in a very startled way. The man was picking up the lion cub when the cub bit the man's hand really hard. The man immediately dropped the lion cub. The lion cub ran away from the man immediately.

The little boy chased after the lion cub and said in a very scared voice, “Come back!” The little boy was chasing the lion cub for what seemed like hours. After the little boy chased the lion cub for a long time, the lion cub went into a very tight log and the boy could not follow the lion cub anymore. Then the lion cub came out the other side of the log and came up to the little boy. It acted a lot like a cat. The little boy was very surprised. “Weren't you acting like a wild animal before?” the little boy said. The lion looked at the little boy and made a little “grrr” noise and looked very happy, staring at the little boy. Then the lion cub walked in a specific direction. The lion cub looked at the boy as he was walking and roared in a very lion cub way.

The little boy followed the lion cub to a very very big stream. The stream got so big that it wasn't a stream anymore. It was a very big lake. The lion cub immediately took a drink from the lake. Then the lion cub stared at the water in the lake. A few moments later, it saw a big fish and then ducked its face into the water, bringing the fish out of the water. The fish was fiercely slapping itself in the cub's face. That did not affect the lion cub in any way and it quickly ate the fish. The lion cub looked as if it were looking for something.

The little boy asked the lion cub, “What are you looking for?” The lion cub stared at the boy for a second and then said, “I am looking for a stone.” The little boy stared at the lion cub and said in a frightened voice, “Did you just speak??” “Yes, I did,” said the lion cub. “I can talk a little.” “STOP!” said the little boy. “Geez, what's the problem, little boy?” said the lion cub. “Will you help me find the magical stone?” the lion cub asked. “Why should I do that?” the little boy said. “Because if I don't find the stone soon, I will become a statue again. So will you help me find the stone or not?” “Alright, alright, I will help you find the stone,” the little boy said angrily. “Perfect!” said the lion and immediately started looking again. “Come on,” said the lion, “The sooner we find the stone, the sooner I won't turn into stone.”

The boy immediately began looking for the stone. “What does the stone look like?” he asked. “Oh what does the stone look like? It looks like a rainbow rock.” “Okay,” the boy said in a weirded out way. The little boy looked around in the grass for a little while and then found a rainbow looking rock. He showed the rock to the lion cub. The lion cub said, “No, no, that's not the stone. Sure, it's colored like a rainbow but it's not shaped like one.” “Are you serious?” the little boy said. “Well you never asked what the shape of the stone is. You only asked what it looked like,” said the lion cub. The little boy immediately became angry and yelled at the lion cub. “Yelling won't get you far,” the lion cub said. The lion cub kept looking and finally found the stone he was looking for. “Eureka!” the lion cub said, “I've finally found the stone!” “Oh great,” the little boy said sarcastically. “Yeah, this is great,” the lion cub said. “I will never become stone ever again!” All of a sudden a man in black appeared before the lion cub. The lion cub turned and saw the man. “Yikes, it's the man. He wants to capture me and do terrible experiments on me! We need to run right away!” The little boy looked at the lion cub and said, “Why do I need to run?” “Because he's after children too!” “What??” the little boy said. “Then why did you say 'What'?” “Because I was startled,” said the little boy. “Oh, I get it. Well, we need to run now.” The little boy and the lion cub then ran away from the man wearing all black.

After they ran for an extremely long time, they rested for a while. Then the lion cub realized, “Hey I haven't asked you what your name is. So what is your name?”
“My name?” the little boy asked, “My name is Lewis. So now that I told you my name, what is your name, little guy?”
“Oh, my name?” the little cub asked. “Well, I, um, I don't really have a name. No one gave me one.”
“You don't have one?” said Lewis.
“Yeah, I don't have one. Is that a problem?”
“Yeah, that is a problem. Now what am I going to call you?”
“You could give me a name,” said the little cub.
“Well, um, what about Adventurer?”
“I don't like that name,” the lion cub said.
“I know, what about Leo?”
“Leo? I love that name!” said Leo.
“So what do we do now?” said Lewis.
“Well, we find a good place to keep the stone, of course.”
“Why do we need to find a good spot for the stone?”
“So we can keep it protected. Duh!” said Leo. “So let's find a good place for the stone.”
“All right then,” said Lewis.

So Leo and Lewis looked for the perfect spot for the stone until they found a man but this man was different. He was wearing all white. Leo asked the man wearing all white, “Who are you?”
The man wearing all white said, “I'm trying to stop the man wearing black from taking you.”
“Really?” Leo said. “Certainly never heard of you. Are you sure this isn't some kind of trap?”
“Some kind of trap?” the man in white said. “I would never do some kind of trap on you!”
“Well all right then,” said Leo in a suspicious manner. “So do you want to help us out?”
“Sure, I would like to help. With what?” said the man in white.
“Help us out finding a perfect spot to keep this stone.”
“Okay, I can do that,” said the man in white.

So Leo and Lewis along with the man were looking for a perfect spot for the stone. The man immediately found a good spot. Leo put it on the spot and something weird happened. Then the man in white tore his shirt off and underneath were the clothes that were all black.
“You're the man in black! I knew it,” said Leo.
“How did you know?” said Lewis.
“Because the man in black always disguised himself.”
“But didn't you just come to life today?” said Lewis.
“Oh no, I've been alive many other times.”
“Since when?” said Lewis.
“A very very long time ago,” Leo said gloomily. “Well anyway, can I live with you?”
“What? How can a lion cub live with me?” said Lewis.
“I don't know. I don't have anywhere else to live!” said Leo.
“But don't you need to stick around the stone or something?” said Lewis.
“Oh no, now that it's in a safe spot, I won't need to be hanging around with it now. Or at least for another hundred years.”
“A hundred years? How long have you been around?”
“How long have I been around?” Leo said. “Let me see. Take away the 2, add a 4, multiply that by 12 and I've been around for ...2,088 years!”
“What?? How could you have been around for that long?”
“If I told you that, you'd be asleep by now. So let's go to your home now.”
“Oh alright, but I must keep you a secret from my mom and dad.”
“What are mom and dads?” said the Leo.
“Well they're the people who brought you to life. That's pretty much it. And also love you.”
“I don't know who created me,” said Leo. “It's all a blur when I first came out.”
“Came out of what?” said Lewis.
“Oh you don't want to know,” said Leo.
“Well, alright,” said Lewis. “I guess I will carry you home.”
“That sounds like a good plan,” said Leo. 

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