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The Bike With a Story

May 27, 2019
By Tdrillis3, Georgetown, Massachusetts
Tdrillis3, Georgetown, Massachusetts
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Mick was really never one to show emotions as is and was very self conscious about crying in general but all that went out the window when he realized that his bike was no longer on the bike rack. Before anything else goes on Sedrick buts in and asks Mick how he got himself into a situation like that in the first place. Mick is quick to explain with teary eyes and a knot in his throat that he was sick and tired of the way Hector treated us and he went to go have a talk with Hector after the incident that caused Sedrick to go flying over his handlebars. Hector only being 5’9 still can do some damage considering that Mick was never really the fighting type and was more of a pacifist to say the least. Mick never would’ve thought that it would’ve went that far and when James went in to check out what was going on everything got a lot worse. “What’s the plan then guys” Sedrick says after an awkward silence over the sounds of Mick sobbing. They all agree to go back to James house and to work on his treehouse and maybe camp out in it for a couple hours and reflect upon what to do about Mick’s bike situation. James and Sedrick both walk their bikes and roll them all the way back to James house which is 2 miles away in the scorching heat. Everyone feels so defeated and lost because they never would’ve thought that Hector would’ve took it to that measure. Mick was really resistant to tell the whole story about what had happened. But Mick was comfortable enough to finally talk about what had happened and how he ended up getting beat up in the bathroom. Mick said that he went to go talk to Hector because he knows that Hector stays after school nearly every day playing basketball in the gym with his friends. When Mick went into the gym to find Hector he was soon face to face with Hector and Jackson. Mick was never the confrontational person to begin with but Mick will die for his friends and for his respect. Mick is quick to call out Hector for his actions but Hector just sat there hysterically laughing and not taking anything Mick said seriously. That was until Mick got into Hector’s face and tried to get the point across that Mick should be taken seriously. As soon as Jackson saw Mick get in Hector’s face he immediately stepped in and got pushy and aggressive with Mick. Mick knew that things were starting to go downhill and that was right before Hector went in and sucker punched Mick. Mick hit the floor but quickly got up and tried to run but Jackson was far quicker than him and held him to the floor in the gymnasium and then proceeded to tell Mick to follow orders or things are going to be worse than they’re going to be. Hector and Jackson knowing that school is a ghost town walked Mick into the bathroom and then proceeded to splash him with hot water and beat him senseless for no reason at all. Mick was beyond defenseless because something was telling him that it wouldn’t be worth fighting back. Mick sat there for a solid 9 minutes getting relentlessly beat on and degraded.

What is the next move? The boys get back to James house and no one is home except for the family dog Benito who was a small jack-russell terrier that did it’s own thing. It just hasn’t set in with anyone that Mick’s bike was stolen and it was his most prized possession because his uncle had bought it for him before he had passed. This item held a lot of value to Mick and for it to just be ripped away from him at an instant. This gave him a deep seated hate for Hector and he wanted to do anything in his power to get back at Hector and get his bike back. This is obviously no easy task so there is going to have to be a lot brainstorming and care to go in to this plan. The boys gotta come up with a full proof plan that is going to be strong and efficient enough to get the point across to Hector to stop what he’s doing. Ever since elementary school everyone has known that Hector is a brutal bully and for some reason gets some type of happiness out of it. No one is too sure of why Hector acts this way but it has to come to an end soon. Hector has been brutally putting kids down and been nothing but mean and cruel towards them for absolutely no reason at all. Mick, James and Sedrick all sit in the unfinished treehouse, dripping sweat and feeling defeated. They do not even know where to begin with a plan. What could possibly get back at this monster of a human to the point where he would never re-repeat again?
For starters the boys know that they’re gonna need to get that bike back from Hector and they’re gonna do everything they can to do so. But what could really get back at him? Water balloons with paint in them? The ol’ feather and glue trick? There were many many possibilities on what they could do but they had to make it perfect and they definitely couldn’t mess it up. They’re going to have to get a whiteboard and some chalk to draw out an elaborate scheme to get back at Hector.  Knowing that Hector lives on the more active, city sided part of their small town, it is going to be more of a challenge to get back at him if Mick is bikeless and they have to go across. James has to have some type of idea about what he has to do to Hector because James has been a victim to his bullying since 3rd grade when he had first moved here to Iowa. They could simply just go and tell Hector’s dad that he has been doing this for some time but then again it’s ruining the fun of “Getting back” at him. Sedrick claimed he was at the counselor’s office last week asking about his classes for Freshman year and said he heard Hector overtalking with the school counselor about his personal life. Sedrick claimed that he overheard about how Hector’s father gets very very mad and impatient with him when Hector acts up and doesn’t make the right decisions.  This was a huge shock for all of us. We always figured that Hector’s home life was the reason that he acted out and made everyone feel less than human. It’s a real mystery trying to figure out what is going on in the mind of Hector. It’s a very hard to figure out situation. As much as we all want to get back at him we don’t wanna do anything that would make us stoop to his level. We could try and do something innocent and somewhat funny but we need to get the message through that we don’t want want him messing with us anymore. Also if we play out it out as a joke then our chances of getting Mick’s bike back will slowly diminish. We need to figure out a way that will be memorable as well.

They all sit in a small triangle and begin to brainstorm ideas for their big comeback. They gave Sedrick the pen and pad because he is the most thorough in his works. The boys sit and sit and ponder about ideas that could wouldn’t take it too far but nothing seems to click. Suddenly Sedrick shouts out “I have an idea!”. His face brightens up as he gets in to the idea of “setting” up Hector. They talked about going inside James house and sending a direct email to Hector pretending to be his crush from elementary school. The boys sit around James computer and get to working on their intrusive email. The email starts off pretending to be Hector's elementary school crush and quickly gets into the idea of going out to lunch one day over the summer as a date. The boys thought this idea was revolutionary because they never would have thought that technology would’ve been the main source of the outcome of their prank. But what’s going to be done if Hector actually shows up for this date? That’s what had to be determined. In the email it detailed that Hector has been on Cynthia’s mind a lot and that they should go out to lunch at a local Cafe called Deleneos.  We weren’t too sure of the integrity of the email and how believable it is but we need to get that bike back for Mick. We weren’t sure when Hector would reply to the heinous email but we were very set on him replying at some point because Hector is always looking for plans or something to do. The email has been sent for around 2 hours and still nothing to come.

The boys figured that it wouldn’t be a huge deal if Hector didn’t reply for a couple days because they still had to work on their master plan to get their bike back. Where to start was the big question. The  boys talked about throwing eggs and then toilet papering him after then while he can’t see take the bike from the bike rack at Deleneos. This plan wasn’t completely full proof but it did have some integrity behind it so it’s not like the plan could completely fail.

It’s been roughly under a week and the reply has finally came in. Hector replied to the email and seemed beyond ecstatic. In the email Hector agreed to go to Deleneos on June 23rd around noon time. This was our chance. We needed to get that bike back. Mick and Sedrick go home and continue on with their days but are riled up with excitement knowing that Hector’s wreckoning day is coming.  The night ends and all the boys excitement matches up because they finally feel like they’ve done it even though this is just the start.

Back in the treehouse the three boys gather around in a small triangle formation and begin to discuss even more things to add on to their plan. Sedrick doesn’t want to be involved in anything that is vandalism based so the egg idea might not exactly work out as planned. They sit and think and think about what possibly could be the greatest solution to their issue but nothing is popping up whatsoever. Maybe there is no need for real damage to be done. The real purpose of all this is to get Mick's bike back. If we get the bike back that’s all that matters at the end of the day. Maybe that’s what we should do.  No reason to intensify the things that could happen to us next year for any reason at all. The big day is almost coming upon us and the only thing that matters is getting that bike and getting away safe. Hector isn’t going to have the slightest clue that we are doing this which is making the thrill of it happening all that more intense to us.

Sedrick was never usually never the type to want to get revenge or act back out with actions and it was a different change to see him act so sinister. It showed his true feelings for Mick as a friend and that no one could ever get in between their friendship.  Hector never bothered Sedrick too too much but when he did Hector always found a way to make Sedrick feel less of a human. This would make it hard for Sedrick because he had a harder time fitting in as is. Not to mention that Sedrick’s social anxiety would go through the roof if he was in the presence of Hector. That’s how rude and despicable Hector really was.

The big day is rapidly approaching and we need to get our act together. We didn’t care if we got hurt in the process alls that mattered was getting that bike back. Mick looked determined and full of focus. Something we’ve never seen before. Mick was most likely out of focused or just disinterested in whatever was going on.  This was something we’ve never would’ve expected. Sedrick and James looked nervous as all hell. They were never the type to act back out in revenge so this was all completely new to them. At the end of the day the bike is the main priority. None of our parents had no clue that we were up to no good. James told his mom who was in the living room watching the news that the three of them were going to go to a hardware store in the downtown area to pick up more plywood and hardware for the treehouse. This obviously wasn’t the case though. We had a big “date” at Deleneos and nothing could get in the way of it.  Not that our parents would disapprove of us sticking up for ourselves but we were so new to all of this so we were all stuck up with being front with them. What was the real game plan though?

To start things off we were gonna have Sedrick walk into Deleneos and scout out the area and make sure that Hector was there and to check most of all for the bike. James was going to bring a pair of trimmers to assist Mick with getting the bike off the bike rack. We weren’t sure if Hector was going to bring the bike at all. Knowing him he will though because he is only on his drivers permit. Mick looked more prepared and ready than ever. We all leave my house dressed in our lightest clothing due to the blazing heat. We cut to my backyard and take a long trail that takes us around the suburbs of the area. Once we get there it’s only a couple of blocks away to get to Deleneos. We’re all dripping sweat immensely and we haven’t even gotten through the trail yet. Sedrick looks like he is on the verge of passing out and things are slowly falling downhill. Sedrick is making a big scene about his asthma and how he had forgotten his inhaler in the treehouse. We had no intentions of turning back because it’d look very suspicious if we randomly came back unannounced. Sedrick was gonna have to suck it up. We were just finally getting to the end of the trail and there was still about 5-7 more minutes to walk in the scorching heat. It didn’t help Mick because he wore a pair of flip flops and the bottom of them was hotter than an oven. Overall just a miserable walk. The energy levels are at an all time low.  Sedrick is nearly on the verge of passing out and Mick’s feet are almost tomato red. James however is still determined and headset on this plan working out in their favor. But will it is the question.

Trevor D.

The Bike With a Story

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