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February 13, 2021
By RandomDude086, Cebu, Other
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Author's note:

is connected with my friends and what happened to us in our friendship

A part of my body keeps throbbing. While I still kept my consciousness, the people around me were worried. Even though I know what will happen next. I was silent.

"Are you feeling well miss?"

With a soft voice of a woman. Murmurs I hear from men. It seems that I lost touch with reality for a second.

I heard whispers, I thought that it was in my head so I didn't blurt what I wanted to say.

"It's coming"

The voice in my head was giving me a warning.

"Get Down!"

I shouted. The energy flowing within my body felt so nostalgic, It was like adrenaline. My eyes changed, it was like gas was poured into my eyes and lighting a fire.

An earthquake occurred, they were in shock. People are screaming for help, holding their loved ones, or taking cover. But that wasn't the only thing that I noticed.

Black smoke came from a certain area. The smoke was a thing only I can see. I detected a figure within meters away. I was lost in thought.

" The people...I need to keep them safe." , "But I need to take care of the creature", " I must not risk the peoples lives "

The creature was wearing a black robe. Long hair, slanted eyes, wearing a hairpin that looked like a special ornament. Muscular body. It had the largest black colored eyes that looked like the galaxy. I can say that it was human from a long time ago.

The creature was the one controlling the earthquake. While the men and women started to faint. The creature laughed so hard while watching all people in the area collapse.

It looked on its left. Wondering what the noise was. A flute was playing a melody only for the creature. He started to wobble. Then it suddenly looked on its right. Then an arrow came out of nowhere and hit the creature.


It screams from pain.

"Who dare hit the mightiest creature on earth-"

It didn't finish its sentence. It was in shock. While it looked at the person who damaged its eye. The creature was trembling.

"Those eyes... The marks on your face. No..... It can't be"

Its voice was trembling in fear. What it was looking at was a person with white eyes, a black gem in the middle of the eyebrows, golden lines on their forehead, and below their eyes. Their hair was like white silk shining under the sun. Their skin was so clear. It can be said it's another being.


The creature hurriedly ran away from them. I caught up on the creature and stabbed it from behind. He glanced at my face and said,

"You have the same...features"

Then collapses.

.....Yes. I am one of those non-human like people. But we are only six. Our race was annihilated from the creatures that are similar to the one I killed. But the one who killed our race was different.

It was the first creature whose soul turned evil. You can say the original one. Those evil creatures were originally human but when the soul of a person deteriorates or turns evil, it cannot go back to being human. Our race was the ones who protect the people from those unsightly creatures, you can say the "demolishers", "chancers", "destroyer", "slayer", whatever the people call us.

This event was unknown until one of my people warned me. I'll explain some more later.
But we still don't know what the future gives us.....

That's what we call ourselves. We've lived here on Earth for centuries until that man came - that "monster". From what our ancestors told us, we were a failed experiment from a scientist who was in a cult in the 15th century.

The cult - so-called "Minsth", was a black cult that wanted to rule the world to what they were able to make. Black Magic, destructive power, only they can use - and the only power that can destroy the "Vilse", the creatures with deteriorated souls.

While the Vilse was out of control back in the days, they were able to take us out of their black magic. "The Reksir" a high tier killing machine to eliminate the Vilse.

Vilse's were here long before humans were created, they came here to balance the good and evil - they are the sin - the temptation. Being a Vilse was an unwanted choice for them to make.

In the 15th century's "Torten War" the Minsth took us out as a weapon to kill the Vilse on those days. We were a tool - a fool to follow one's orders, so we wanted freedom. They were neglected, nameless, and even their eyes looked dead on the inside. 

My great-grandfather's friend took his anger out on the Minsths and killed them until no member of the cult was left behind.

They were free... at last. They went out took the path where they always wanted. They gave themselves names, proper meals, and shelter from the sun and rain. Nobody knew where they are located. They protected the people from harm, beneath the shadows of the sun so they won't be recognized and sold to an auction like before.

Each and every family of the Reksirs will have a child that will possess a skill to be born from the strong blood that their parents gave them. As the child grows older, their powers can strengthen, but only one skill can be mastered and build up higher than the rest of the skills.

Sorcery, supernatural strength, Vision or future prediction, weapon mastery, replicator, and telepathy. The children with these skills will grow faster and live longer.

When the skills activate, their hair will turn as white as snow, a small gem will come out between their eyebrows, their eyes will turn white, and golden marks will appear on their face. But when the skill deactivates their original appearance will take place.

Time passed and its the 17th century the ability to blend in with the people was easy compared to before. At that time my great-grandfather's nephew's son wanted to make a history book based on what happened to our kind ages ago.

He worked real hard to finish his goal, "It wasn't an easy task" he said, "but that doesn't mean I will give up". Those words were kept in mind for 2 centuries and finished the whole series of detailed history books, it even has 2 volumes.

While celebrating the completion of the books for two days, the third day of the celebration, was unexpected. The foretellers told them nothing will happen during that day, but something did.

That was when the Reksir Massacre started and also ended. Finishing mostly all of the Reksirs by the most deadly Vilse, "The Original".

My grandfather gathered some of the family's children in the secret basement. Parents rushing to leave at least their children in the basement. There was a pregnant lady who went inside with the children to keep them safe. While hearing the screams and agony of the Reksirs, either fighting or dying. The pregnant lady gave birth to a healthy and beautiful girl, she named her Xyl.

Great-grandfather's nephew's son quickly writes about what happened during the time.

"Grature! Stop writing and help us outta here!"

His friend told him. But he kept on writing. While his friends and family die, The Original came after him and stabbed him right below his abdomen. Grature wasn't able to keep his defense because of writing. While the book dropped, The Original picked it up, skimmed through it a little,

"What's this stupid lie"

He chuckled and threw it far away and the book slipped below the door towards the basement. The lady noticed the book while having the first volume, she was wondering why the book came out of nowhere.

A silence occurred outside the basement. The lady who gave birth had the history books, she quietly put the books on the basket where her child was. While getting ready to go out, only six children survived the massacre including her child, leaving the lady in shock.

"Hold your hands together now children"

With a soft voice, but sorrow look on her face, the lady told the children. Peeking from the door, checking if the coast is clear, they went out of the basement and ran as fast as they could, away from the place where they once called home. She passes by an old shack. They went inside and took a breather.

"It's gonna be alright, it's gonna be alright"

Her saying that keeps on ringing in my ear. We slept on old hay, making a bonfire from keeping us warm from the cold winter.


A sound came from the door. A man came inside, wandering around the shack. The shock from what he saw made him drop his ax. He touched the lady and the children making sure they are alive, sadly the lady passed away due to stress, fatigue, and loss of blood, she was really pale.

He took the kids into on his cart, as he was carrying one of the children a pendant fell, with a name written on it. "Xyl" he murmured, checking if the other kids have pendants. He then learned their names.

"Shen", "Dalyn", "Sae", "Han", and "Liv"

"I'll take great care of all of you now, don't worry" he whispered softly.

That's how we survived the Reksir Massacre and continued our duties in the future.

Uwah Uwah
A cry from a baby pierced my ear.
Wonder why the baby cried. I went look as to what has happened.
'Aw, maybe she needs mommy' was what I thought.

The baby is not on the crib?! Where could she have gone?
Rushed to look for my husband, panicking and asking where the baby's whereabouts.
He too doesn't know. I'm already scratching my nails.... fidgeting.
We both went out of our room and continued to search for our baby.
Still no clue as to where she is

My knees went weak; I looked at my husba-
'Where is he?!'
Where could he have gone?
I'm now alone. But the cry of the baby is still there. I was running around the cabin. Searching for them.
'Where... are you' my voice shaking.
It's like I'm drowned by my thoughts...


'huh?' a sound I heard near my ear.
I went to the bathroom. Looked everywhere as to where the sound came from.

The light disappeared? I cannot see.
It was pitch black. I can only rely on my ears.

I reached out my hand to get myself near the walls to walk easily.
Tiptoeing whilst finding the door. It was in the middle of winter. My sweat turned cold as ice - I was nervous.
"Anyone... can anyone hear me?!" "Stop playing games Chadure! I know you have the baby!"
Oh no, I'm alone

"Hey, you!"
I turned around and the surrounding became bright, the only light I see.... a person?
A person... sitting on a throne?
"Who are you? Do you know where my child and husband are?"
He grinned. He stood up; and slowly approaching me with a distinct vibe.
Me wondering if anything is funny, I wouldn't be here by my own will.

"Don't come near me!" my voice cracked with fear from the aura that he emitted.

He went up straight to my face, with his black silk robe shining in the spotlight, and said...
"Or what?"
Looking me dead in the eyes with his slight green iris, pitch-black hair as smooth as his silk.
I'm quivering. I didn't know what to do. I couldn't utter a single word due to his presence. His....... Overwhelming presence.
He looked down and smirked.
"I thought you called me?"
My shaking stopped. He reached out his hand and played with my hair as if it was a toy.
I cannot take it anymore, I blurted out what I wanted to say.

"Called you?" I replied right in his face
"Before, when your child and husband were not gone... you said a wish right?" he replied
'What?' I doubted

"I wouldn't be struggling if you worked hard!"
"huh, is that... me?"
"I tried my best to wake up every morning and give you food every single day!" my husband replied.

The baby's cry echoed in the room while we were arguing.
'The baby, is there' 'We had a fight? I would never argue with my husband'

"Fine! if this child never lived, I would've never experienced this struggle!"
I grabbed the pillow that was right beside the crib and buried my child with the pillow.
The husband was crying besides me, trying to stop what I was doing.

"no-" I was horrified from what I saw "I would never do that to my child"
"But you did" the man whispered through my ear.

I pushed my husband with tremendous force. He stumbled and fell in the furnace with his head first.
"AAAAAAAGGHH!" he screamed with pain.
I stopped what I was doing with the child, looked at my husband worried.
"CHADURE!" I shouted.
"Get some water, Hurry!" he yelled.
I.... didn't know what to do. I grabbed the metallic rod for the furnace.
I whimpered. "I'm sorry Chadure"
Then I stabbed him... a hundred times.
My senses woke up. I dropped the rod with blood splattered on my clothes, I looked to see what has happened to my daughter.
She was not breathing. I felt the stream of tears flowing in my cheeks.
"It's okay... it's okay" I said to myself
Wobbling down the hallway while dragging my husband.
I brought my husband into our room. I touched his face and said, "You're fine right dear?"
Then I fell asleep.

"Marvelous act!" the man shouted and applaud.
"You did this to ME!" I replied with an emotion mixed with anger and sorrow.
"Oh no my love, you did this by yourself." "You wished an evil vow then I granted it"
He poked my forehead.
My body suddenly burning up, I was not sure what happened, then I lost consciousness.
"It's okay my love, you said so yourself" "Do what you must do" he held my face with ice-cold hands.

When I regained my senses, I was outside with a pile of snow towards me.
Then I looked at my hands, wondering why it's warm.
'Blood?' "BLOOD!"
Blood was covering my long and sharp hand. Bodies of strangers piling the snow. It was like a river covered in blood.
The word "no" flooded inside my head.

sound of a flute
I turned around and saw a figure holding a flute, wearing black garments.
'Why is he here? Did he see me?'

"RUN AWAY! DON'T COME NEAR ME!" warning him about what I've done.
I sprinted away from that person, worried I might attack him like the others.
'attack?' (Yes Dear, ATTACK) the man's voice ringed in my ear.
I stopped from running and filled myself with the word-
"attack... attack... attack attack attack attack ATTACK ATTACK!"
I turned around and the person is...
"Not there?"

A blizzard was coming, it whiffed me, but I didn't budge.
'Where is he?" getting pissed at the thought that he was gone.

fweet(sound of an arrow)
"AAAAAARRRGGGGHHHH!" something hit me.
"an arrow? Ugh..."
An arrow pierced through my ashy skin.
"WHERE ARE YOU, YOU DEMON" I shouted so he will come out.
The person is still not here, but I think he's the one who shot me.

crack I break the arrow, and searching for the man who shot me.
Looking around while feeling edgy he will come up from behind.

"You're the demon" the unknown person spoke with a soft low voice.

I turned around but he was already in front of me.
I was ready to strike, but... My attack was floppy and it didn't go to him, or maybe... he was too fast.
*stab* a long white weapon went through my chest and pierced my long-gone heart.
*shatter* a glass cracked.
(It's your life, my dear) the man spoke to me in my head.
"oh, it's my life huh?"

"It's not your fault lady," the unknown person said.
"what?" I replied while bleeding a great amount of blood.
The person mouthed something else.
My eyes started to water. Getting flashbacks of how I met my husband.
My husband... no, Chadure said that line and saved me from a group of bandits trying to sell me because of my white milky skin. He was my savior, my life, my everything; then we had our first child.
"I was happy mister *sob* but everything ended in a mere second"
While looking at the man who saved me from my sins, with his luscious white hair, golden marks on his face, and he seemed blind.
I said "Thank You"
I quickly vanished out of thin air, like ashes in cold breezy winter. Thankful that the person ended my agony.

"Let's get going Han," another person said.
"I'm not a man, I'm a woman," Han said.
Then the two people walked away from the site.

The man sitting on his throne spoke with revel, "hmmm, I won't let you go next time-" 


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