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The Crazy Ex Girlfriend

March 2, 2021
By lolajones, Auburn, Maine
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lolajones, Auburn, Maine
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Author's note:

My name is Lola Jones. I am fourteen years old, and an eighth-grader at St. Dominic Academy in Auburn, ME. The eighth grade at St. Dom’s participated in a novel-writing contest where we all wrote our novels to reach up to ten thousand words. My novel was called The Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.

They finally arrived in Hawaii. They got off the plane and went to pick up their luggage. Their luggage came through the machine pretty quickly. Eva sent a text saying that they are outside waiting for them. Clara, Everleigh, Connor, and Blake headed to Cody and Eva’s car. They packed their bags into it and were finally with them. They all were so happy to see each other. Cody drove them to their house and it was absolutely stunning. It was a huge beach house. Connor, Clara, Blake, and Everleigh all got to get their own bedrooms, the house was incredible. Today, they had planned out they were going to unpack and chill at the house. This was a great time to get to know more about Cody and Eva. All four of them had a good connection to Eva and Cody. Eva and Cody were already their best friends and had so many things in common. 

It was Tuesday, around 10:40am when everyone started to wake up. Today was the day to tour the University of Hawaii. They got ready in nice clothes and ate some breakfast. Eva got up earlier than them to make a good breakfast for everyone. She made some French toast and fruit. After they ate breakfast, they got into the car and headed to the University of Hawaii. They met their tour guide around1:00pm. Cody and Eva also tagged along as well to help them show around. The campus was a decent size, not too big, not too small. There were only a few buildings so when you go from class to class, the walk isn’t too long. There were a few different cafes and libraries in the campus that were really nice and quiet. The view from the campus was absolutely gorgeous mountains. All four of them were loving it so far. After the tour, they sat down with the president of the university. They talked about the conditions, prices, and dorms. Everleigh, Clara, Connor, and Blake explained that if they went to college there, that they wouldn’t be staying in the dorms, they would be staying with their friends Cody and Eva. They explained that there is more than enough room in their house, it is safe to stay there, and it would be easier to stay with people that already go to the college and know the campus. 

They got back to the house and packed up some dinner to bring tot the beach. Eva packed everyone a meatball sub and a bag of chips. They got to the beach and layed a blanket out for a picnic. They sat ther eating for almost two hours chatting about life. Cody said, “Do you guys think you will commit to this college?” 

Everleigh replied, “I like the campus a lot and my parents agreed to letting me go. Once I get back home I’ll talk to them more about it. I will probably end up staying with you guys if i do.” 

“I am planning to come back in August to start the school year.” Blake said. 

“Me too! I think I am coming late September to live here for a week before, just to get used to it here.” Clara replied. 

“Oh that’s great!” Cody said excitedly. 

Connor said, “My parents are cool with it, and I like the campus, so whatever everyone else does, I will. 

“Haha same.” Everleigh laughed. 

Cody said, “Look who I just got a text from.” 

“Who?” Everleigh replied. 

“Matt, he’s asking if you guys are here yet.” Cody said. 

 Connor said, “Oh! Matt! Just say that we arrived yesterday.” 

“He also asked what our plans are for the week, should I tell him? Cody asked. 

“Just say we toured the college yesterday, and will be hanging out at your house for the week, don’t give him details. I honestly don’t want him wth us, he creeps me out.” Clara said. 

Everleigh “Yeah, he gave me weird vibes.”

“What how? I loved that dude.” Connor questioned. 

Everleigh answered, “His girlfriend creeped me out.”

“But she’s not here.” Connor said. 

“No but she probably followed us here.” Blake said jokingly. 

“I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if she showed up the same week we did.” Connor replied. 

They got back to Cody and Eva’s house to unwind for the day. Everyone got to their rooms and went to bed. It was 12:00am, on the dot. They get a knock at their door. Blake hears it first, and then everyone else started to wake up. 

“Who is getting the door?” Blake asked.

Everleigh responded, “Defintiley not me.” 

Connor said, “Fine I will.” 

Connor opens the door.. “Uh why are you here? It’s 12:00am. 

Matt barges in saying, “What’s up buddy!!! I missed you!!! So happy you came back to see me!!!” 

Connor questioned, “Are you okay? Where is your car? Are you out here alone? 

“Nah man, I’ve got you. I’m not alone.” Matt said in a weird voice. 

“It’s late, we have been sleeping, do you need a ride home or anything? Connor questioned. 

“I am staying with you guys right?! Blake responded happily. 

“I didn’t think so, it’s time for you to go home.” Connor replied. 

“Oh ok? See you tomorrow.” Matt said. 

Connor told everyone, “Matt was acting so weird, almost like he was drunk. He was saying how he was so excited to see me and said he was staying the night here.” 

Eva replied, “How does he even know where we live?” 

“This dude is really starting to creep me out. I am going to block his number off of my phone, why don’t you all.” 

They all blocked his number of their phones so he doesn’t harass them and went back to bed. They woke up the next morning around 8:00am. They went out to breakfast at their favorite place, Food in Paradise. They ate and went on a hike like planned. The hike was about an hour to get up the mountain and go to the swimming hole. They jumped in a few times and had a blast. The water was crystal clear by a cave on the mountain. After a few hours, they hiked back down the mountain and headed back home. It was now 5:00pm. They stayed home for dinner and made some tacos. Everything was going well but they hadn’t seen Matt all day, which is good. They chatted and ate dinner. After they watched movies and had dessert till it was midnight and then went to bed. It was an amazing day today until..

They get a loud knock on the door at 2:00am. By this time, they’ve only had 

Not answering the question, the cop said, “I need you to step outside, and tell me who you are here with.” 

“I’m here with my friends.” Connor said. 

“Is there an Everleigh here by chance?” The cop questioned. 

“Yes. Do you want me to go get her?” Connor replied. 

“Please.” The cop said. 

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