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Grievances of a Lost Soul

May 31, 2021
By Acah, Boise, Idaho
Acah, Boise, Idaho
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As the right-hand man to his father, King Adreon, Prince Emman was once the most respected man in the land of Deami. Now, however, he is far from his previous glory- chained in a distant dungeon with the populace deeming him a traitor, all seems- and is- lost for him. Desperate to determine where he went wrong, he reflects on his past with a sadness-tinted lens, remembering past tragedies, new realizations, and how they all came together to end his reign as prince. From this he comes to accept his fate with open arms, realizing that his lost status is irreversible and the only path forward from there is to leave his grievances behind and move on.

Aidan C.

Grievances of a Lost Soul

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