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Where the Stars Kiss the Ocean

October 28, 2022
By sienna_magnolia SILVER, Nederland, Colorado
sienna_magnolia SILVER, Nederland, Colorado
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"There is so much stubborn hope in the human heart."
-Albert Camus


Inside a dystopian city surrounded by a great wall, the last of humanity resides. For years it was a heaven until a group of terrorists, the Black Thorn, assumed power and ever since then they have ruled with an iron fist. When chaos reaches Kaylynns’ small corner of life, tearing down her home and killing her family, she is faced with two options; run or die. She crosses the wall where alone in the wilderness she faces many challenges before meeting another runaway, Elias. Their relationship grows as they navigate the extreme life of the wild before discovering a hidden civilization, far beyond the wall. There, Kaylyn uncovers many secrets about her family's’ past and is forced to make a choice between family and what she believes to be right. Fate brings together a unique group of individuals who band together for the greatest adventure of their time. As they set off on their journey for revenge and justice, Kaylynn tackles her sexuality, relationship problems, loss, and strange creatures emerging from the darkest parts of the world.

Sienna H.

Where the Stars Kiss the Ocean

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