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The Life and times of a Heroic Fugitive Book 1 The Legend of the Lost Oracle

January 9, 2011
By pat-rice, Billerica, Massachusetts
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pat-rice, Billerica, Massachusetts
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Author's note: I'd like to thank my friend Klaudia who is always encouraging me to write more!

I have a favor. A small favor that will probably end up getting you killed or make you the most famous person on Earth. I need you to prove that all of this really did happen to the entire human race. I'm not going to tell you how to succeed, not just because I have absolutely no idea how you can, but because if you're mortal and you understand the obnoxious world of politics I don't think you'll have any trouble proving to the entire world at once that demons exist and the human race is next on the menu. Your reward is your life. It isn't much...but still.

I will tell you one thing. This task is not going to be easy. You may find your self running away from a three headed dog the size of a tank or hiding from a purple snake woman. Just be prepared. Your life is about to get really confusing.

My name is Alex Cardnall. I'm thirteen years old and my life depends on how fast I can think.

I'm not joking! Ever since I can remember my brother, sister, and I have had to depend on our wits to get us out of issues that don't even make enough sense to be possible. We're always getting into trouble with people in our neighborhood and the people in school. Getting into fights that aren't necessary, and most of all... drum roll please... we're always getting attacked by demons.

There for my mother was always a huge worry freak. She got us cell phones at the age of seven so we could call her when ever something weird happened. Trust me, that happened a lot. To tell you the truth, looking back on all of these strange events It makes me remember one in particular. The day

“I’ll go get it,” Jamie said getting up and tightening her black before my life changed for ever. This is what I need you to prove. And it'll start with the real reason why Boston Road exploded.

It was summer. A couple of weeks before we got out of school actually. So you can imagine that the setting was hot but not blazing and the sky was a never ending blanket of blue with speckled white clouds. The perfect day for a demon attack.

I was playing monopoly with Nick, Faye, and Jamie. Of course I was winning when the door bell rang. I looked up questionably from the ancient board and met Nick's eyes. I started to get up but Jamie's beady black eyes starred me down and I hesitantly sat back down on the floor.

“I'll get it,” She sneered. She had been in a ad mood all day. Maybe it was her time of the month or something. I don't know. But fro some reason when ever she looked at me the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. It was a warning. I knew it. But a warning to what? She was our babysitter. She wasn't going to hurt me.

Jamie shakily got to her feet. Maybe she just wasn't feeling well? But somewhere in the back of my mind a little red flag was going up. Something was really wrong.

I had gotten this same feeling when I first met her. A strange warning that had cautioned me to just keep my distance and not to come in contact with her unless it was completely necessary. The thought had stayed burned into my mind for months. I had always listened to those little warnings because they were always right. But for once it seemed as if it were wrong. There was nothing strange about Jamie.

Over time she almost seemed to realize that I was staying distant from her and she decided to be nicer to me. I guess you could say I started to trust her. That was my first big mistake.

Now the feeling was returning. But why now? Was today some special day of the week? A time of month? What ever it was it definitely was not a good thing.
Jamie was in her late thirties. We'd had so many babysitters that I couldn't tell if she was better than most. But she did take us to cool places like museums and the aquarium all the time. So that had to give her some points. Her hair was jet black and her skin was pale white. All in all she was a pretty creepy thing to look at if you didn’t actually know her as a person. That’s what I used to think. Now I know better. Now I know that she’s a crazy, evil, red eyed, blood, drinking, youth sucking, psychopath with fart breath. Did I mention she could breath fire? Yeah, she definitely isn’t the best person to be around when you’re running down Boston Road, but what choice did we have? It was run or get the life sucked outta you.
Jamie slowly and almost hesitantly walked down the stairs to the door. I heard it creak as it opened. Then all hell broke loose. In one loud, blood boiling scream, that made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up, her victim’s life left him.
I exchanged terrified glances with my siblings before in unison we jumped to our feet and charged down the stairs. Dominic, the next door neighbors pruned body was sprawled across the floor at our feet.
Faye screamed, I turned away in horror. Nick was the only one with the smarts to actually look around and dive on the Faye and I just in time for Jamie’s body to come hurtling at us. “Look out!” he yelled as my shoulder smashed into the ground.
I screamed.
Jamie peeled herself off of the steps and crouched down in front of us as Nick slowly helped me to my feet.
I rubbed the feeling back into my arm. What the hell? I mean can you imagine what was going through my head? Our babysitter had just killed our neighbor and now we were next. What the heck was I supposed to do besides panic?
I grabbed Nick’s wrist with my good arm and pulled him after me. I hadn't had the smarts to grab Faye but thankfully did and he pulled her after me.
“Come on Faye!” he yelled grabbing her T- Shirt and yanking her back to reality.
Her eyes shuttered and blinked rapidly for a moment but she returned to normal and followed me and Nick into the puny bathroom; the only room in the house with a lock on the door.
Yes I know, sad, but my mom’s to scared that if we lock our door it’s gonna be because we’ll have like a boy friend or girl friend over and be making out with them. Again, my mom is a major freak.
I’m actually surprised she hadn’t predicted that our babysitter would change into some sort of vampire thing and murder our neighbor and then try to kill the three of us. It seems like the kinda thing that she'd think would happen. But hey that’s what they call irony.

I squeezed into the tiny bathroom and Nick fell down. Normal I would have pointed my finger and laughed at his stupidity, but I was a little busy panicking. Faye locked the door behind us.
“What the hell was that all about!” Nick demanded picking his rump off the cold tile floor.
“Now how exactly would we know? We’re just as confused as you are?” I asked crossing my arms.
Nick rolled his eyes. His usual come back when he figures out the question he asked was a really stupid one.
Bang! Bang! Bang!, went the door. It was smashed so hard that the entire thing flew off it’s hinges right into poor Faye. It hit her right in the face knocking her right out of consciousness and into la la land. Now I don’t know about you but I had never seen anyone actually get hit so hard that it knocked them senseless, and being my sister it made the whole thing even more scary.
Jamie, now in what I call her “demonic form” tried to climb over the door that was now crushing my unconscious sister.
We had no escape and seeing her made me wanna pee my pants. Well I mean the toilet was right there but relieving myself right now wasn’t exactly the best time.
Her skin was totally transparent. You could see all of her organs and her heart beating inside her body. One word :Nasty. Her eyes had gone completely bloodshot and the hair had fallen out of her head. Her yellow fangs that were now dripping with Dominic's blood were razor sharp and were about to tear the three of us to shreds. The perfect person to give a hug no?
Nick grabbed Faye under the arms and yanked her out from under the door. She had a nasty welt the size of New York City on the right corner of her forehead and her arm was bent in a nasty position. Ouch.
“We gotta get outta here!” Nick yelled. No we were gonna stay right here and wait until our cannibal babysitter climbed over the splintered door to eat our faces! Of course we had to get outta here!
Nick through a punch right at Jamie’s nose. If that was even a nose.

After dodging Nick’s first punch she didn’t believe that he’d come at her again and if she did, definitely not that fast because this time he nailed her right in the eye. Oh yeah! Ten points Nicholas Cardnall! Jamie fell back words right on her transparent rump.
This was our chance. I whirled around and through the bathroom window up. I stepped up onto the toilet seat.
“You have get to be joking Al,” Nick said unbelieving.
“We don’t have the choice Nick!” I yelled. “Now gim’me Faye!” I shouted.
Nick grabbed Faye again under the arms and lifted her with ease.
He handed her to me and I chucked her out the window like a rag doll. I was never a big fan of my sister anyway.
We were on the bottom floor but it was still a five foot drop. But under the circumstances I was able to climb out pretty fast and hang from my hands. I was like five five foot one so My feet rested firmly on the ground when I hung from my arms. I let go and stepped right onto Faye’s hand.
“Ow!” She screamed. At least she was conscious. “Alex!”
I ignored her. “Nick?” I called already getting nervous. But there was no need. Only a second later Nicks feet swung out of the window and he dropped down next to me.
“Well, that definitely woke me up,” he said looking at the bright side of things. Some how he had the ability to do that. It was the only thing that he could do that I really couldn't
Jamie dove out of the widow and rolled to her feet about a foot from us. She stood there, panting.
I was frozen. I felt as if I were glued to this spot out of pure fear. She lunged at me her hands aimed right at my throat. Again, why me?
Her hands tightened into a fist around my neck as she knocked me to the ground. I thrashed wildly trying desperately to throw her off of my but it was no use. My vision started to spot as Nick and Faye starred in horror.
Honestly? Dude! I mean I understand you’re surprised in all but could you save it for later? When I wasn’t getting strangled to death by some vampire babysitter? Yeah that would be nice!
I some how managed to get my legs under her and kicked her off of me. I choked on the air as I desperately tried to drink some of it. But Nick had no mercy to give me. He grabbed the back of my T-shirt and pulled me to my feet. He pulled me after him and Faye. Ok now you give me the help I need when I don't want it! Thanks so much Nick you're such a great help!
Of course it wasn't a moment too soon. Jamie now with new found energy rolled to her feet and barred her fangs at me. Good God they were nasty looking. But I didn't have time to complain. Nick was too busy yanking the socket out of my arm.

I don't know if you know this but for some reason I'm really good at making things explode. You wanna know how I made it one the FBI's most wanted list? Yeah, that's why. Have you ever blown up a bus? What about a school? Or a foster home? What about an entire town? I've blown up so many things that I have considered it an art. An art that I'm extremely good at.

Nick had the smarts to charge us into a highly populated area of Billerica MA, sadly it was Boston Road. He must have thought that bringing us into some place where there was a lot of people would make her stop but she had other plans.

We were right at the very entrance of Good Street and cars were driving by like nothing was wrong. Hah! Yeah right!
Jamie surprise tackled me from behind and brought me right to the lovely cement cushion. I hit it hard on my already sore shoulder. (It really wasn't all that cushiony.) She rolled me over and separated her legs sitting on my stomach. She was like a boulder. She just wouldn’t budge! No matter how hard or how much I squirmed she just wouldn’t move!
Nick grabbed a rock and chucked it at her head. She flew off of me. I was already woozy. This just made it all worse. Nick with once again no mercy dragged me to my feet and pulled me after him.
Honestly, I was never going to get another babysitter as long as I lived. (And at the rate things were going I was gonna get one soon. I was gonna be dead.)
We ran across Boston Road not waiting for the traffic to stop. There was a chorus of car horns that rang all at the same time on different notes and keys. Nick gave us a break when we were safely across the street. Since when was he the boss? Last I checked I was the oldest! Who died and made him king?
I soaked up all the oxygen I possibly could out of pure fear that Jamie would find us and I’d never breathe again.
Nick once again grabbed my wrist but I wouldn’t have it. “Nick! Would yah slow down for just a second please!” I demanded.
“We need to keep moving!”
“Keep moving? Nick! I was just almost strangled to death! Would you mind letting me catch my breath for gods sakes?” I croaked.
“We don’t have a minute!” Faye said fear filling her eyes. She pointed across the street and I followed her trembling finger. Jamie's fiery red eyes burnt a whole in my shirt. Literally. Like it would have burnt right through me if Faye hadn't grabbed my wrist and pulled me back into reality.
“You’ve got to be joking! She can’t be that fast!” Nick yelled throwing his hands up in the air.
“No offence or anything but I don’t think any of this can be,” I said standing up straight trying to regroup myself.
This time Faye grabbed my hand and pulled me along.
I felt like a flipping rag doll! Jeese! I had two legs of my own! I wasn’t crippled. I could run by myself.
Those fiery eyes followed me where ever I went.
Faye herded Nick and I down the side of Boston road. But Jamie was smart she stole some random person’s car by first flagging some guy down and then tossing him right out of his own car. She drove after us.
I had a nasty hitch in my side and I was way out of breath. I couldn’t move any more I started to slow down but Nick wouldn’t have it. Good God he was persistent. I could tell he was just as tired as me of not more but he still half carried half dragged me down the side of the road.
Jamie wouldn’t give up. How the hell could these lunatics driving down Boston Road not see we were in trouble?
Jamie was right next to us. “Stop Faye!” I yelled. “Turn around!” If we turned around on this side of the road she’d have to stop, wait for an opening, and then make an illegal U turn. But Faye wouldn’t have it. I swear to god, she is the most stubborn person I have ever met. She always has to have things her way and if someone tries to correct her or even give her an idea all she does is ignore you and drag you along with her idea. In this case she was literally dragging Nick and I.
Jamie turned onto the side walk…unfortunately I’d been in the wrong place at the wrong time. She ran right into me.
My hand was ripped right out of Faye’s and I rolled up the wind shield over the roof and onto the ground. Dirt doesn’t taste good.
On the road people finally skidded to a stop to get out of their cars and see what the hell had just happened but what was there to see? Our babysitter was trying to kill us. It had been that way for the last ten minutes. If you wanted to help us people couldn’t it have happened five minutes ago where I wouldn’t have been the wind shield’s victim? Mortals are so flipping stupid!
Jamie got out of her car and ran. I know, she can turn into some transparent vampire thingy that tries to attack us on the busiest street in the flipping town and she runs when people get suspicious? That makes no sense!
“Hey you! Come back here!” I heard multiple people yelling. A couple people even went after her. If only they’d known.
Faye and Nick bulldozed over the crowding people and knelt down beside me. “Alex!” Nick yelled.
I rolled over. “Nick? Dirt doesn’t taste good,” I said. He smiled and hugged me. The people who had crowed clapped their hands and Faye hugged me too. I was alright. I was just going to be one big black and blue welt in the morning. And I was wicked sore. All over. My body was shuddering. I was probably scared more than anything/ My mortal mind just couldn't process what had just happened. I mean if it happened to you would you have been able to believe it?
“Will you guys do me a favor and…” I was cut off when the gun shots and screams rang through out the town of Billerica MA.
Nick and I exchanged nervous glances and then looked down the street. Just as we’d feared Jamie was turning down the street with some sort of machine gun in her hands. Don’t ask me where she got it because in Massachusetts you need a license just to own a riffle; never mind a machine gun. Then again I don't know how she can be transparent or how she could turn my neighbor into a prune so I guess that's just another thing that can go on my complaint list.
She aimed it right at my siblings and I. Why was it always me? And my siblings of course. But why us? “...look out!” I yelled. I dove on Faye and Nick just as Jamie got close enough to take aim and fire at will. I rolled behind the car with Nick and Faye still in my arms.
Screams echoed the bullets roaring call and then all was silent. All that was able to be heard was cars skidding to a stop and the doors slamming on them.
“Hello?” Someone called. Nick, Faye, and I, didn’t dare move.
More screams rang after gun fire.
Faye broke down into tears. “What…the hell… i-is going on?” She cried. Nick wrapped his arm around her shoulders still lying on our stomachs.
Jamie’s feet were right in front of the car. We could see that much. Nothing else. My heart started pumping. I couldn't breathe. Literally. I was so bruised up inside that when I lay on my stomach I was completely blocked off from oxygen. I found myself praying to a god that I wasn't even sure was real That me and my siblings would some how miraculously survive this attack. I knew it was helpless but it was worth the try.

Everyone on the road quickly drove by. Trying their best to ignore the transparent demon tormenting us. I couldn't believe it. People were just ignoring the demon because they were afraid. Hello! Three innocent teenagers were ligit six inches from death itself and all these people could do were drive by as fats as they could! Where the hell were the police?
Faye sneezed and Jamie’s feet turned toward us. She gasped but Nick put his hand over her mouth.
I poked Nick and put my finger to my mouth. He mouthed the words, “what are you doing?” To me. I slowly got up but made sure my body was still completely hidden behind our only protection; the car.
Nick shook his head franticly.
“I’ll be fine,” I mouthed back. “Wait for the signal.” I slowly rose.
She wasn’t facing me but it’s not like it would have surprised me if I figured out she had eyes in the back of her head. At this point, nothing could have surprised me about her. I took a deep breath. And that’s when I tackled her. I launched myself right at her using my legs as a spring and brought her right to the ground. The gun went flying out of her hands and into the middle of the street. “Run!” I yelled. That was the signal.
Faye and Nick dove out from the cover of the car and ran up the street. Great, now they listen to me!
Jamie was like a bull. I’ve never been one of those crazy people who ride them for eight seconds but if it was anything like this I think I would have been pretty good at it. I wrapped my arms around her neck as she thrashed and squirmed wildly. All I wanted was for my siblings to get far enough away from her. Even if the two of them survived it would have been better than none of us.
She knocked me off of her so hard that I flew into the street. People swerved out of my way (thank god) and honked their horns. (no offense to them but what the hell would they gain from honking their horns besides pissing me off even more then I already was?)
An eighteen wheeler was driving to fast top turn out of my way and they decided to just aim right for me so I positioned myself so I was right in between the wheels. It drive right over me. I don't think you can that's ever happened to you. It isn't a suggestion I would make to anyone I liked.
After that the traffic stopped, they just all stopped and watched as my baby sitter had some sort of fire ball form in her hand. “Your kind will learn not to interfere with my business Alex Cardnall. And it’ll start with your death,” She growled.
“Who whoa whoa woman! Don’t you think we could talk this over a bit?” I asked slowly and painfully getting to my feet trying desperately to stall her so I could think of some way not to get fried. I searched everywhere for some sort of escape but the only exit was death. And I was not going to give up that easily.
I planted my feet in the ground gallantly and stood to face her. I must have been crazy or something. I mean sure I’ve stood up to millions of demons. (and that’s no exaggeration. Literally, millions.) that’s how I’d become so famous. (and that isn’t necessarily a good thing.) It’s how I’d survived for years. But I’d always had help. I’d always had some sort of weapon. Even if my weapon was my element (which right then I didn’t even know existed.) But still, do you get my point?
She chucked the fiery ball of doom at me. Now don’t ask how I saw it coming because I’m still not sure I fully understand why. According to Sameron the reason why double souls are different from normal human beings isn’t just because they have the ability to control one of the elements but our bodies some how switch onto this thing he call “Battle Survival Mode” when we “sense” we’re in danger.
I know, I’m a total whack job but I’ve learned to appreciate the fact that I have a fast mind. I mean lets face it if I didn’t I’d be dead. Do you believe me now? Again, my life depends on how fast I can think.
But any way, I was able to dive out of the way and my instincts told me to curl up in a ball and cover my head with my arms. Good thing too because a hunk of flaming rock fell from the sky and sunk into my upper arm. One word: Ouch!
If I hadn’t known to cover my head with my arms then this fiery icicle would have stabbed me through the head killing me instantly.
The rock scorched my skin and my sweatshirt caught on fire.
I rolled and rolled but I wouldn’t roll over my rock shish-ca-bobbed arm. The rock would just sink deeper and I really didn’t want that. For once in my life I am safe to say that doing the stop drop and roll would have been a very bad and painful idea.
I took my only limb that wasn’t being burnt (my right hand) and tour the piece of flaming rock from my flesh. I screamed in agony.
No word can describe how painful that was so I’m not even going to bother. Just thinking about it makes my arm feel hot.
I gritted my teeth and rolled into the center of the road. If my calculations had been correct I might have actually rolled the right way. But because my brain was switched to high gear and the only thing that was on my brain at the time was roll like a mad man, I rolled right into Jamie. I know, I’m stupid but under the circumstances I can’t say it’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever done. Some times my common sense just goes on vacation.
I stood up. My wobbly legs buckled underneath me and I fell down. I’d never been so dizzy in my entire life.
How had the road exploded? I looked around. The only places in the road where road was still left was in flames. Apparently that fire ball had been highly explosive.
I looked up into the sky only to have to dive out of the way as a hunk of gigantic road crashed down onto the already busted road where I’d been standing only seconds before. Great! More raining road!
I rolled to a painful stop and some how managed to get to my feet. I groggily looked for Jamie but she was gone. Where was she now? This was anything but good. “Jamie?” I called trying to sound brave. I'm pretty sure I sounded like a tortured cow.
A silver Toyota pulled up next to me. An old lady with solver hair and a kind smile rolled down the window. “Get in. I'll take you to the hospital.” I was so tired that I didn't think to actually stop and ask any questions I just walked to the door and before I could even open it it swung open and Jamie pulled me in.I screamed and I heard people getting out of their cars and running toward me but what were they going to do?
Jamie through me down on the seat and wrapped her hands around me neck. She squeezed so tightly that I could feel the blood vessels in my eyes bursting. I screamed and clawed at her to get off of me but my vision started spotting. The spots grew rapidly until finally I couldn't see anything. I was somehow still conscious.
Not knowing that I was even still alive released her grip on my neck. I almost choked but I caught myself knowing that if I did she'd just squeeze my neck again. I slowly took deep breaths. I kept my eyes shut and began to calm down.
“Madam? Is this one of them?” I heard Jamie ask in almost a whisper. “The weakest element but still one of the four great ones. My son will be pleased.” A new voice hissed.
“Which one?” Jamie asked.
“What do you mean which one you idiot? Shane is dead!” the new voice screeched.

“I heard rumors that he was in the US Ma'am.”

“That is your issue Nosvaratue! They are rumors!”

“Echidna, I saw him on the news. He was rescued from a deserted island off the coast of Asia.”

“That could be anyone!” New Voice hissed.

“He had the streak My lord.”

“I will see if Tyler can sense him,” New Voice said exhaling in defeat.

“Do you think it wise to have your son do that ma'am? I mean if Shane is still alive this changes everything. The prophecy...” Jamie trailed off not wanting to finish the sentence.
“I know of it! If Shane is alive then his death will be our top priority. The war of the dimensions will have to wait.”
“What the hell are you two talking about?” I asked. Uh oh. I think I forgot I was supposed to be dead.
“She's alive you fool! Now she knows!” New Voice screamed.
“Maybe my lady, but she wont live to tell the tale.” Jamie bared her fangs. She slammed me back down onto the leather seat. At least that was soft. She held me down by my shoulders and my survival mode turned off replaced by humor mode. Hey if I was gonna die I At least wanted it to be sort of funny so everyone would have something to laugh about when they were at my funeral.
Jamie opened her mouth. Her throat started glowing. Then it hit me. Literally.
“Woah! Dude! Yah ever heard of a tic-tac? They're little mints that make your breath smell minty and not like sour sewage. To this day I know I haven't smelt anything more fowl and eye watering than my babysitter's fart breath.
“Alexandra, you dare...” that was is. The one thing that out me on edge. My full name. You see, before I was even born my father left my mum when he figured out she was pregnant. People with his job were not supposed to fall in love and most definitely not have kids. What ever job that was, I have no idea. I still have no idea who he is and right about now I'm not sure I'll ever figure it out. If I've been at Cogamca for two years and he still hasn't stepped forth then I don't think he ever will. And to tell you the truth it's good he hasn't because I swear, if I ever figure out who this man is he'll be luck to leave me with his life. I hate that man. Yes I know that hate is a strong word but it's true. That's why I hate my full name. I was named after him.
I saw red. I grabbed Jamie's head and snapped it to the right. I heard an nasty sounding crack and her body went limp. Booyah!!!!
But New voice. Stopped the car on the middle of a highway and climbed over the seat to me. She was even scarier looking than Jamie was for god sakes! She was covered in bright purple scales and as the sun hit them they reflected a blinding purple glow right into my eyes. I was forced to shield them and she managed to lunge at me. Her talon scraped right across my chest and blood started poring from the wound. I howled in excruciating agony.
Now to you who probably has no idea how it is to get scraped across the chest by the mother of all demons herself the best way I can describe it to you is that it's unbearably painful.
The worst wound you've probably ever gotten was probably a really bad skinned knee when you fell off your bike. That isn't counting broken bones. I'm talking about scrapes and stabs and things like that. Forgive me if I'm mistaken but if that's true, you know absolutely nothing about injuries.
I screeched and hugged myself, curling up into a ball as the purple snake woman's yellow eyes searched me over. She unsheathed some sort of dagger and rolled me over. She lifted up my chin and got ready to slice. She wound up and...
“Wait! Freeze!” I shouted. My gut seemed to catch fire and I screamed as the interior of the car flared white. I shielded my eyes once more until the light subsided. I uncovered my eyes and rolled out of the ball I had curled into. I opened my eyes, not believing what I saw was even possible. The snake woman was ice. The fire in my gut had melted away and now it felt as if it were tired.
You know how if you do like a hundred crunches and you get that burning feeling in your gut? That's what it felt like.

The woman was frozen in mid slice. By the look of it, if I had waited only a second more, I wouldn't have a head right now. Had I done that? When I shouted freeze had that actually happened? My mind was racing with so many questions that I completely forgot where the hell I was.
I sat in the car for three and a half hours before some one knocked on the window. That brought me back to reality and I quickly rolled down the window an inch just to see who it was. When I had shouted freeze the snake woman wasn't the only thing that did. The entire inside of the car was coated in a thin layer of ice. That's why I had to roll down the window to see who it was. I couldn't actually see them. What I could see, was my breath as I hugged myself to keep warm and rocked back and forth racking my brain for answers that just weren't there.
The window that was only open an inch allowed warm air to flow into the car and blow my suspense away.
“Open the door,” a voice echoed from out side.
I sat there for a moment, contemplating on whether or not I should open the door.
“Are you in there?” Came the soothing voice again.
I opened the door an inch. And before I knew it the door swung off of it's hinges. Standing there leaning on the side of the car was an albino German-shepherd.
“Alex Cardnall?” It asked wagging it's tail back and forth.
Ok, first cannibalistic babysitters, then purple snake lady popsicles, now a talking dog. Hey, could thing get any weirder? “Did you just say my name?” I asked bewildered.
“So you are she?”
“Yes? But how are you talking?” I asked.
“We shall get tot hat later. Right now we need to get you and your siblings to safety.” He jumped in the car.
“My siblings? Do you know if they're alright?” The mention of my siblings getting moved to safety meant they were in danger. That thought put me right on edge. Had I risked my life for nothing?
“Good God! What happened to them?” he shouted completely astonished.
“You did this?” He asked his voice deep with confusion.
“I-I think so. I broke that one's neck,” I said pointing to Jamie, “and this one here, she called herself Echidna...what ever that means, she almost sliced my head off but I sort of shouted... 'freeze' and she froze. Am I going insane?”
“No, if I'm seeing what I'm seeing then I believe I am.”
“Wha-what do you mean?” I stuttered.
“You're sure you shouted freeze and this demon turned to ice? That's EXACTLY what happened?”
“Well I shouted 'wait freeze' but other than that yes. My babysitter Jamie transformed into some sort of cannibal and sucked our neighbor dry before she attacked us. Nick and Faye were able to escape but I stayed behind and fought her so they could get away...”
“That was very brave of you,” he credited.
“Not really, when your siblings are all you have then you learn pretty fast that you will do just about anything for them. Including give your own life.”
“Well said Alex Cardnall, well said,” he said nodding, looking extremely satisfied. The dog jumped out of the car.
“Hey!” I called. Had this talking dog stuck around to hear me give him the story and then leave with out answering any of my questions?
A man with a black beard and middle aged tanned face sat down on the ice covered black leather seat after tossing Jamie out of the car as if she were a disgusting disease. The grossed-out look on his face told me he new exactly what these things were and he didn't like them.
“Whoa! Dude! Stay away!” I warned. For all I knew he could be one of them.
I squished myself up against the car door fiddling desperately to find the handle. I found it and my heart filled with joy. I pulled on it and slammed my back up against it...or at least that was the plan. I had thought that these demons would have smarts to lock the doors when they had a captive inside even though “she was dead”. Apparently I was wrong. So me, underestimating their stupidity. slammed into the car door that was no longer there and flipped over the seat landing right on the hard highway cement. Right_ on_ my_ rump. Well, I'd managed to escape.
“Calm your self Alex now would you please hand me Echidna's dagger?” He had the same voice as the dog.
I poked my head back inside. His long black hair tumbled down to his shoulders. His face was kind and was creased with smile lines. He smiled at my terrorized face encouragingly.
“You... you're a man now?” I asked.
He chuckled deeply to himself. “Alex there is much you still need to learn and...”
“You got that right buddy and you're going to start teaching right now,” I said cutting him off. I didn't care of I was being rude. This guy obviously had the answers to my questions and I hadn't sat in the car for three and a half hours just to have to wait even longer for them.
“Alright Alex. I will start explaining when you start cooperating. You can do that by not interrupting me and by handing me that dagger,” said motioning to the dagger still clutched in the iceicleized snake woman's hand.
I grabbed onto the seat and pulled myself back in the car. I reached for the dagger. As soon as my hand made contact with the ice it melted and the snake woman kicked back into action. She dove on me and I screeched backing out of the way by pulling on the mans hands from behind me.
“You're gonna die girl!” She shouted angrily.
“Not if I have anything to say about it Echidna!” The dog dude defended. He pulled me out of the frozen car. The demon called Echidna tried to grab my leg but I kicked her right in her scaly defrosted snout.
She howled in rage and tried to grab me again but I was now sprawled on the pavement once again rolling away from cars who were honking their obnoxious horns. Under different circumstances I may have yelled in victory after kicking that fiend in the nose. But lets face it, we were not under different circumstances. I had just been thrown from the car that I had turned into it's own maximum sized popsicle and now I was rolling like a mad woman out of the way of ignorant people who once again wouldn't even stop to see why I was rolling in the middle of a highway. I didn't really have time to celebrate.
“Sameron she's mine!” I heard the snake woman hiss.
“I don't see your name on her,” the dog that was obviously known as Sameron said defiantly. How was this guy not afraid of her? “Be gone!”
I rolled to a stop and kneeled behind the dig dude names Sameron. Lord I was dizzy.
“You think because you're an immortal you frighten me. Trust me puppy dog, it'll be along time before I'm afraid of anything.”
“It seems like a long time is sooner than you think,” I said stranding up and rubbing my arm.
“What could you know girl?”
“I just know that you seemed pretty scared when my babysitter mentioned your other son...what was his name? Shane? He seems to scare the living crap out of you. Something about a prophecy?”
“You vile...”
The guy named Sameron leaped from the car and landed on top of me just in time for the car to explode. He stayed on top of me for about a minute until he new that the crazed snake lady was gone and wasn't going to beat the tar out of me.
“Alex Cardnall, what did you hear her say?” The guy asked sternly after rolling off of me. He got up and brushed himself off. He hesitated and looked at his hands and then at me. “Ar...are you wounded?”
I had almost completely forgotten about the scrape that the purple icicle had given me.
“Uh...yeah. That woman you called Echidna scraped me across the chest with her claw.”
Which hand was it?” He asked. I could tell that this was either going to be a relieving or terrifying answer.
“I- I don't remember. I wasn't paying attention to...”
“Try Alex, try to remember,” he chided kindly.
“The left. The same on her blade was in.”
he exhaled in relief.
“Why may I ask?”
“Because her right talon is coated in demonic poison. It will kill any double soul if you don't get the proper medical attention in twenty four hours.”
“Whoa! Hold up a minute! Demon? Double soul? Poison? What the hell are you talking about!”
“Watch your language young lady!” Her ordered.
“Why should I listen to you? You could be one of them!” I objected sitting up and supporting my self with my hands behind me on the ground.
“Very true miss Cardnall, but as I'm sure you've already noticed, the demon race considers you a threat and there for wants to eliminate you. If I was one of them and wanted you dead, why would I have just saved your life?” He asked. The question made sense but I still didn't think I could trust him.
“I don't know, to gain my trust? What I do know though is that I'm not listening to some where wolf dude who claims to be on my side unless you prove it to me!” I knew I was just being my sister. Being stubborn and unwilling to listen to anybody else until I got what I wanted but hey, I think I had the excuse. This dog dude named Sameron new all about this “demon” stuff. I had just been attacked by two demons and he new why. I had no idea what was going on. From what I knew I had broken my babysitter's neck and made a purple snake woman flavored popsicle. I wanted answers.
“How would you like me to do that?” he ask crossing his arms. Was this guy actually agreeing to cooperate with me? Wow that was first.
“First off, tell me how you know my name?”
“Alright, you and your siblings aren't unknown in our world...”
“Wait! Our?”
“Yes! And if you'd let me finish one god for saken sentence you might get more than one answer!”
I could tell that my questions were getting on his nerves but he needed to suck it up. He hadn't almost gotten run over about sixty times, strangled to death, and get attacked by two what he called “demons”. He could deal with it.
“Alright, you and your siblings have three of the four great elements. I don't understand why you haven't gotten to Cogamca yet, you usually do as soon as you turn thirteen... you are thirteen correct?”
“Yeah thirteen and a half.”
“Well because you are old enough your element has been activated. And before you ask me what that means let me explain. Ever since ancient times the second dimension has been a safe haven and school for double souls to learn how to protect the human race from the demons that inhabit this world. Human beings are their favorite snacks you know?”
“Ok let me get this straight, you're telling me that me and my siblings are three of four people who are saviors of the human race?”
“No. You're three of five with the great elements. You're three of thousands all across the world that all go to the second dimension to learn how to defend the human race from it's inialation.”
“Are you serious?”
“Yes, Alex, I am. And if you don't mind your mother and siblings are about to feint out of fear that you were one of the thirty seven people who were killed in this attack.”
“Thirty seven! How many survived?”
“Out of all the victims? Three. You, Nick, and Faye.”
I was so shocked I found it hard to breathe. How was that possible? Out of all of the people that had been attacked, why us? Why were we the only ones that survived?
“Because you're double souls. Your were born with highly advanced brains that allow you to think quickly to get yourselves out of messes such as these. You may find this hard to believe Alex but that's the only reason why you survived. Did you ever feel your instincts taking over so you no longer had a say in your actions? You simply did what you did without even comprehending why?”
“Yes, and can you read my mind?”
“I can do many things that you have yet to find out. And so can you. Freezing people for instance. That is one of the abilities that come along with your element,” he said in an “a matter of fact” kind of tone.
“What's an element exactly? This term keeps popping up and I don't have a clue what you're talking about,” I said finally getting to my feet and brushing myself off.
“It's an ability, well a set of abilities with a title. Mere mortals all believe that being able to control things with their minds is barbaric fiction. But you have witnessed first hand the power of your element. Which is one of the most powerful in the world.”
“What is my element?” I asked. I should have known that something like this would end up happening to me some day. Curse logic!
“What does that mean?”
“I don't know. I've never had another student with your element. That's the catch you see. Being one of the greatest elements in all of the world Alex, is a huge responsibility...” (Great, now I was confused and responsible.)
“...Especially because there is absolutely no one you can ask for for help because there just isn't anyone out there.”
“No offence but this all seems a little cheesy to me. I mean, I'm attacked, I survive, and now I figure out I'm the almighty and powerful, doesn't that seem to dramatic? This is real life! Not a soap Opera!”
“But dear you have the weakest great element. It is still a great element but it is the weakest so no I don't find this cheesy at all. This is real life and you better treat it as such; with respect.”
“Yes sir,” I grumbled in defeat.
“Never mind the...uh sir. Sam will do. And now if you don't mind I really do believe we should be getting to your siblings. They really are worried about you and they will want to know all of this as well...”
“But you haven't answered all of my questions,” I interjected quickly afraid that he'd cut me off.
“Nor will you. Alex, like I said almost no one can help you. This is going to be interesting watching you.”
“So I'm your entertainment?” I asked almost offended. In fact, I was offended. I had just gone through all this to learn I was gonna be this guys comedy act? Ah uh! No way Jose.
I was about to object when the dog dude grabbed my hand and I melted out of existence.

I felt as if I were on a roller coaster. The butterflies in my stomach were flying freely making my very hyper and jumpy.
Before I new it I was standing right next to Faye. She was unconscious in a hospital bed.
“So this is your sister?” Sam asked curiously.
I jumped. He was standing right behind me with his hand on my shoulder protectively. His eye brow was raised.
“Yes. This is Fayezeillia Rae Cardnall.”
“Wow, she has such a complicated first name and such a simple middle one. It sort of makes my head hurt.”
I could see him rubbing his temples from behind me without even looking at him.
“You can deal with demon attacks on an irregular basis and you can't handle my sister's name? I'm sorry Sam but that's sort of sad.”
“Alex simple things confuse me. You'll get used to that feeling when you've been dealing with extremely complicated things like I have for as long as I have,” he sighed ashamed of what he was saying.
Was I really going to get to a point in my life when simple things would make my head hurt? From he said, yes. But that was only if I lived that long.
“How long is that?” I asked giving him an encouraging smile to try and make him feel better.
“33,684 years.”
“You're immortal?”
“Yes dear I'm an immortal.”
“Sorry, doesn't help me. What's the difference?”
“It still amazes me how much you don't know child,” he chuckled heavily.
“Well I would know if you'd start telling me!” I shouted excitedly.
Sam chuckled again. His smile seemed to fill me with joy for some odd reason.
“Al?” Nick stalkily sneaked through the door. I turned around and as soon as his sky blue eyes met mine he charged me and tackle hugged me. “We thought you were dead you great bafoon! Where the hell have you been?” he shouted. Squeezing what ever oxygen I had left in my lungs out.
“How about trying not to get killed?” I asked hugging him back. It was so good to see him. I was immediately put in a better mood just by looking at his sly face. He had the features of a weasel. His ears were even slightly pointed and his sky blue eyes could have so many moods at one time that they were almost enchanting. He looked me up and down and then turned to Sam. “Sam?”
“Whoa! Nick you know him?”
“Alex did I not tell you I've been watching your family since the moment you were born?”
“ You seem to have left out that tiny little detail!” I shouted.
“Calm down Al,” Nick chided.
“Nick, no offense or anything but do you have any idea what Jamie did?”
“Yeah Al, I was there. Duh!”
“I mean after that.”
“Yeah she blew up Boston Road. Then she disappeared and some old lady drove up in a car beside me and told me she'd take me to the nearest hospital. I felt like I was going to die so I went to get into her car and...”
“Al! How many conversations have we had with Mom? Don't get into strangers' cars? That ring any bells? You could've been killed!”
“Well I'm sorry that I was more afraid of our cannibalistic babysitter than stranger danger,” I said throwing my hands up in the air for defense.
“Nick, she didn't die so there is no need to scold,” Sam said calmly.
“Again. How the hell do you know each other?”
“Second grade teacher,” they both said in unison.
“You taught my brother's second grade class?”
“And your sister's fourth,” he said.
“Did I ever have the honor to have you as a teacher?” I asked crossing my arms in protest.
“No. Like I said, you don't worry as much Alex.”
“Why? She's the most reckless one out of the three of us?” Nick shouted.
“Exactly, she doesn't plan things out so she is able to tap into her instincts easier,” Sam informed.
“Hello? I'm still in the room here! Can you please not talk as if I weren't?”
“Forgive me Alex. I wasn't trying to kick you out of the conversation,” Sam's voice was full of sorrow. Wow. I didn't mean to hurt the poor guy's feelings. It's just that they were talking about me and I would have liked to been part of the conversation. Was that a bad thing?
“Well, I think it's about time your sister woke up correct?” Sam stated changing the subject. I didn't really want the subject changed because I was getting more answers about what had happened and why I had survived it. But bringing the conversation to something like Faye's unconsciousness, I was swayed a little easier.
“Yeah but...” I was cut off when he walked over beside me sister and placed his palm on her forehead. His hand started to glow yellow and then abruptly died. Faye's eyes flickered open. “Sam?”
Was this guy's mortal name Houdini?
“Told yeh,” Sam said turning around to face me. “Oh, and don't underestimate me. That could be very lethal. Rule number one, always expect the worst and be prepared for it.”
“Thanks, I'll take that into consideration the next time my babysitter decides to turn into some cannibalistic psychopath,” I said crossing my arms and rolling my eyes. He couldn't have come to us earlier and warned us about these demons could he? No he had to wait until we were almost run over sixty times, had caught on fire and had to do the stop drop and roll in the middle of a highly populated road! Well that was just me. But still!
“Alex, stop being so sarcastic. You'll learn to trust me.”

“Yeah, in your wildest dreams,” I scowled under my breath.
Sam sighed.
What was wrong with me. Of course now I know that Sam is like the father I never had. How could I have been so mean to him? Maybe I was just in a really bad mood because of all that had happened that day and I still had little to no answers. But that wasn't an excuse.
I started to feel bad. “I'm sorry's just, there's a lot going on and I'm not used to not understanding things.”
“I understand Alex. Believe it or not there are a ton of kids out there who know exactly what you're going through. They may be able to help you get through this.”
“Personally I think what I want is information,” I said quietly trying not to be any more disrespectful. Whether I liked it or not this guy had just saved my life. Giving him respect was the least I could do.
“Well, you'll get it Alex, but if I told you everything now we wouldn't be able to get you three to Cogamca until tomorrow.”
“Isn't that a school?” Faye asked.
Sam pivoted on his heels until he faced her. “How do you know that Miss Cardnall?”
“I had a weird dream. Um, there's different classes for different people according to your element. You're the principal?”
Hah! Who needed a wolf immortal man?? I was related to a dictionary!
“When did you have this dream girl?” he asked. I could see the gears working in his head as he contemplated how this was even possible.
“Just now, did I have a concussion or something?” Faye asked rubbing the back of her head.
“Yeah, you were in a comma Zeil. How are you awake?” Nick asked. (Zeil is Faye's nickname of a nickname.)
“Alex you're Ok!” She shouted completely ignoring him.
“Yeah, I'm a little shaken up, and a bit grouchy, but other than that I'm fine.
“Why are you bleeding like that!” She shouted.
“I sort of got my chest ripped open.”
“By Jamie? Is she dead?”
“No she isn't,” Sam said nervously.
“Sam I watched the light leave her eyes.”
“She didn't turn into a flame, she isn't dead.”
“I broke her neck!” I protested. What was this guy trying to tell me? That after all I'd been through after All I'd done, it still wasn't good enough? I was crushed!
“She isn't dead and neither is Echidna.”
“Echidna? The mother of monsters?”
“ Your mythology Mr. Cardnall,” Sam said nodding extremely satisfied looking. “Yes indeed. Some how your sister had managed to turn Echidna herself to ice. It's the only reason why she's still living.” Magnificent! I was related to TWO dictionaries!
“Alex?” Nick and Faye asked in unison waiting for me agree or disagree.
“It's more complicated that that. I had no idea what I was doing and I didn't mean to.”
“You seem as if you're apologizing Alex. There's no need. You are very lucky you happened to shout freeze and not stop or don't. Other wise you wouldn't have a head.” Sam had this weird haze to his voice. It seemed to sugar coat every syllable and make it seem as if what ever he was saying was always a good thing. And I know now that almost everything he says is bad. This was one of those times. How some one could make the sentence “if you hadn't you wouldn't have a head,” sound anything but scary?
“It doesn't mean I don't feel bad though. I've never killed anything or even mildly hurt anything before. Am I breaking the law?”
“The mortal law? Well that depends on who you're talking to because I assure you that there is no law that says that you can't kill a demon. But if they are a demon in a US citizen disguise then yes you are breaking the law by killing them. Then again if he or she was trying to kill you and you killed it in your own defense then you can claim it was self defense and that is not breaking the law. So there are many peak holes Alex. Technically were you breaking the mortal law when you broke Jamie's neck? No, I know for a fact she was not a certified citizen. But there are some demons that are certified citizens and if you had killed them then technically you would have been breaking the law. But it's not like anyone would go looking for them Alex. They don't get close to anyone. Accept Echidna of course she breaks the rules all the time.”
“What rule?” Nick and I asked in unison.
“The rule of immortals not getting involved in mortal relationships.”
“Oh, why?”
“The consequences can be devastating. You heard Echidna in the car. She was talking about her sons? Tyler and Shane?”
“Yes. What about them?” I asked. Ever since I had heard Jamie and Echidna talking about her sons I wanted to know more. Almost like when you're reading a good book and then it leaves you in a cliffhanger.
“Their father was mortal. Now because of that they are the most dangerous demons on the planet. They are only half demon.”
“Then why are the so powerful if they're only half demon?” Asked not afraid to show that I was completely and totally lost.
“Because they're mortal. But they have a mixture of every element. They can very easily deceive you. You'd never know that they were a demon unless they showed you their streak...”
“Streak? Like this?” I asked pointing to the Caribbean blue streak of hair that my mom said I'd had since I was born.
That's just another weird thing about me and my siblings. My siblings and I. We were born with these colored streaks of hair that are impossible to cut with regular scissors and are just plain weird to look at. I mean they look like dyed hair but knowing that you were born with it just makes the thing creepy to look at it.
“Yes. That determines your element. Sea blue is sea, sky blue is sky...that would be you Nick. Black is death. That's you Faye. Orange is thievery, dark green is nature, so on so for. The reason why Shane and Tyler Dracoola are so dangerous is that they have some how figured out a way to take the element out of them and that makes their hair look normal. You'd never be able to tell.”
“So they're dangerous because they're deceiving and wicked powerful? Got it. Note to self, stay away.”
“Alex you wouldn't even be able to sense it. I'm sure that the three of you had some weird feelings about Jamie when you first met her. Some little red flag that went up in your head that warned you to stay away?” I couldn't have said it better myself. “That was your instincts warning you that there was a demon near by. Because they have the ability to make that warning subside, your life could be in grave danger and you'd never even know about it until it was too late.”
“Ok, never mind,” I said changing my mind out loud.
“Not never mind. One of them is on our side.”
“No way!” I shouted.
“Keep your voice down Alex!” Sam hissed obviously annoyed with my ability to be extremely loud. Hey believe it or not, it may be annoying but being loud has saved my life in the past. Then again half the time I'm ever in trouble is because of my big mouth but then it always gets me out of it so either way you look at it it can be a good thing too.
“Yes, one of them is our side. I was able to tap into Echidna's mind when she was frozen. She's scared. Very scared of her son.”
“I'm sorry but that just isn't right,” Nick pointed out.
“Well that's my point Mr. Cardnall. That;s what I mean by the consequences being devastating. Shane Dracoola is the most powerful being on this Earth. He is more powerful than me and Echidna combined.”
“Why did he switch sides if his brother and mother on on the opposite?” I asked. The question was left unanswered as my mum charged through the door.
“Alex!” She cried. She through her arms around me and squeezed all of the oxygen that had managed to fill my lungs out of them. Honestly, I was getting really tired of almost getting hugged and strangled to death. It had happened to me enough for one day.
“Mom...can't...breathe,” I croaked.
Sam lightly pulled me away form her.
“Be careful Laure, she's still extremely weak,” he chided.
My mom looked up at him. “Sam?”
“Yes? May I help you?”
“Uh...why are you here?” She asked. I could feel her protectiveness level for us rise.
“He saved...” Sam cut me off when he put his hand to my mouth.
“She asked me Alex, not you. I saved some time to stop by and see how they were doing. I got her as soon as Alex walked in. Genius timing I might say so myself.”
My mom smiled as relief washed over her. Like I said, he had this weird way to chocolate cover everything he said. Even my obnoxiously over protective mother was fooled by it.
“That was very sweet of you.”
“My pleasure. I was actually planning to ask you a question?”
“Yes?” Mom asked raising her eye brows.
“I've started a school for gifted children. You know, extremely smart. It's a boarding school. It'll last six months and of course they'd be allowed to come home over holidays such as Christmas and Easter. They'll get breaks as well just like any other school. I was wondering if you'd be interested in letting me give them a tour.”
“That's wonderful. Would I be allowed to come as well.”
“I'm afraid not. This is strictly a student school and the only adults allowed are the teachers,” My mom bit her lip. I know she trusted Sam and the way he was putting it even though they were complete truth and simple words he tone was almost hypnotizing. “It will be an amazing opportunity to start off fresh and make new friends. I know that's all you've ever wanted for them.”
“What will they learn?”
“How to survive.” Now if he wasn't candy coating every syllable my mother would have stopped him right there grabbed our hands and yanked us out of the room. She may have even possibly gotten a restraining order from him. (Like I said, she's a major worry freak.) But Sam was able to put it in a tone of voice like it was the most normal thing in the world.
“You see they'll have major school subjects such as physics but I believe that some students don't really need a minor education. Like English and history. We believe that some students would be better off learning how to get by in life. Survive,”
“I see. But Sam you know that I get absolutely no child support from their father. I have absolutely no idea where he even is. I would need aid to pay for it...”
“I KNOW Laure, it's free. The students talents as thinkers are the only fee.” He said the word “know” like he actually knew something more. Was it possible that this guy new my dad?
“Thank you, Sam. I would love it if they went!” She stated excitedly.
That was actually a lot easier than I thought. But Why wasn't Sam telling, my mom the truth. She'd figure it out soon enough. And man he was an amazing liar. It made me think if he was lying to me about anything.
“What about you three?” Mom asked.
“I've already talked to it with them. They already said they'd like to. I wouldn't have bothered asking you laure if they didn't want to go in the first place. That would be absurd!”
My mom laughed.
Great so we didn't even get a say in whether we wanted to go or not. Sam had already made up his mind that we were going to tis school and we had no say. I wasn't happy. I didn't trust this guy as far as I could throw him and now I had “agreed” to go to the school he ran. I mean in a way I wanted to go just to check it out but mostly I wanted NO part in this whole demon business. It was just way to scary for me.
I rolled my eyes and looked at Nick and Faye. I could tell that I was thinking the same thing as them. “What was this school? What would I learn there? Would I learn to defend myself against demons? Would I learn to defend the human race? Would I learn to defend the human race and by doing that learn how defend myself?” My mind was racing at a thousand miles an hour with questions that I still hadn't gotten yet.
“When will you leave?” My mom asked almost as if she was afraid of the answer.
That's when even more hell broke loose. The door blew off it's hinges. It flew right into Sam and it knocked him to the ground.

I Set Faye's Hospital Room on Fire
I looked in the door way. Jamie was standing there with her head bent to the side. Probably because her neck was still broken. How was she moving if her neck was broken? It should have paralyzed her! Echidna waddled up beside her. She had a HUGE two handed sword in her hands.
“This is them Nosvaratue? You made them seem as if the two that escaped were giants! They're kids with no idea how to defend themselves! Kill them!”
“What the heck!” my mom shouted.
“Mortal!” Echidna hissed excitedly. Her bright green forked tongue slithered in between her razor sharp snake fangs dripping with venom. Echidna lunged at her. My mom screamed. Her screech rang in my ears. Time seemed to slow around me as Echidna smashed into my mother and bit her neck. My mom tumbled to the ground and Echidna ripped a huge hunk of neck right out of my mom and gulped it down.
“Oh my god!” I shouted. I was so disturbed that there wasn't any room for fear. Imagine of you watched your mother's neck get ripped out and then eaten by a purple snake woman? Trust me I'm not the only none who could say that they were just down right disturbed.
Jamie seemed to focus those fiery red eyes on me. A familiar force swept over my mind as I switched into survival mode. “You! You did this to me!” she screamed enraged.
“If your worried about being deformed. Sorry, but you didn't need my help.” Booyah! Even though I was about to die I still had that sarcasm in me! Awesome!
About a dozen doctors and nurses charged through the doors to see what was going on. Echidna stopped devouring my mother and lunged at them, fangs bared. They yelled and tried to flee but Jamie snapped her fingers and the door slammed shut and locked. They piled up at the door and pulled desperately at the door nob, but Echidna slammed into them flattening them up against the front wall.
I ran to my mother's aid. I rolled her over and put pressure on her blood gushing neck wound. My hands were being soaked in red liquid. I was so scarred for her though that being grossed out was completely squashed. “Mom!” I pleaded. “Mom!”
Nick dove on me as Jamie flew over us. I was panting and so was he. Nick went to Mom's aid while I stood up to Jamie. It was obvious she wanted me to be the first dead person so if I was standing up to her then Nick might actually have a chance to see if Mom was Ok.
“You'll pay for what you did to me Alex cardnall. You'll pay with your life!” She hissed.
“Funny, last time I checked you were the one who was unconscious in the back seat of a car after I'd killed you.”
“I may have been dead then but you didn't kill me permanently girl. That's what I'm going to do to you.” Poison dripped from every word.
“You can try!” I sounded a whole lot more confident then I felt. Truthfully I was so scarred I could climb under my bed and you wouldn't be able to get me out of there even if you were the president of the United States.
Jamie lunged at me but I easily side stepped and she crashed into the floor behind me. Luckily Nick had dragged my mom onto Faye's bed that Faye had wisely deserted. She was standing next to it helping Nick supply pressure to the wound that just wouldn't stop bleeding.
Sam rose behind Echidna and threw her off of one of the now mangled doctors. “Alex!” he shouted.
I turned to face him and quickly brushed the hair out of my face. Blood now streaked my forehead.
He went into his pocket and tossed me it's contents. I caught it and jumped backwards to avoid Jamie's grabbing hands.
I dove to the side as a column of white hot flame spewed from her mouth aimed right at me. If I had caughten on fire it was subsided when I rolled up next to Faye.
She helped me up and I looked at the object now lying in my hand. It was a silver slap bracelet. You know one of those things that you unroll and then you slap it to your arm and it folds around your wrist? Yeah, one of those things.
Jamie had gotten up once more. Her mouth opened up unnaturally wide and her throat started to glow white.
“Sam! What do you expect me to do with a bracelet?” I asked putting my arms up protectively.
“Un...unfold it Alex!” Echidna was wrestling him for dominance on the ground.
Jamie spewed flames at us. I grabbed Nick and Faye's wrists and dove to the door. I rolled to my feet and unfolded the bracelet. When it clicked it grew into a light one handed sword. “Whoa.”
“Sam! What do you expect me to do with this!” I shouted.
“Use your imagination and get outta here!” he yelled.
“What! I'm not leaving You!” I objected. Jamie faced us. rage filled her already fiery eyes. “Yeah, see you outside,” I said quickly changing my mind. I ran. I know, not very heroic of me. You'd expect the main character of some fiction novel to stab the demon and save the day. Yeah well I was damn scared and I didn't really feel like being heroic. Yup. So I ran.

Yeah sure it probably wasn't the nicest thing to do but you know what? He deserved it. Can you even imagine what I was going through at that point in time? Honestly! My babysitter turned into some fire breathing transparent psycho weirdo. Then I assisted her in blowing up Boston Road (after me and my siblings climbed out of a bathroom window, can't forget that.) Oh then I turned a purple snake woman into an icicle after my vampire cannibalistic babysitter strangled me to death...well that's what they thought. After that I watched my own mother's throat get ripped out and get guzzled up by the mother of all monsters. Then my brother, sister, and I all fell through this strange tree, (which Sam forgot to mention would happen when he told us to just “walk on through”) Faye went into some sort of trance and killed Jamie just by speaking in some sort of whisper ghost language. (Don't worry I'm getting to all of this.)

The point is is that this guy Phineaous had absolutely no right to be so rude when we asked him a couple of questions. We had the right to be a little confused.

Running away made me feel even worse then I already felt. (And until then I didn't even think that was possible.) I was leaving behind my dying mother and Sam. I didn't really think that he was going to die but it didn't mean I wasn't scared as hell for him. I charged through the hospital as Jamie chased after us letting lose a random column of flame at any random person. All in all the screams and the fire was enough to make me want to puke up my lunch. And that wasn't counting the guilt I had for Sam and my mom.

Nick and Faye fell in step behind me as we both tried to stop hyperventilating. Trust me it's harder than it may seem. My heart was racing my siblings' and by the look of their faces I'd say I was winning. They acted so calm. I mean Faye looked absolutely terrified but I could definitely tell I was a hell of a lot more scared than she was.

Sam materialized next to me easily keeping up with our pace. “where's my mom?” I shouted over the terrified screams and roaring flames.

“Cogamca!” He grabbed all of our collars. I was about to shout what the hell was he doing until everything faded to black. The last thing I saw was Jamie flying at us.

Light faded into existence almost a second later. And Sam dive on me to get me out of the way of Jamie's grasping claws. So this could either be a bad thing or a good thing. For me it was good because I was now out of the line of fire. But for Sam this wasn't a good thing because now he was in the line of fire.

Jamie wrapped her claws about his neck and squeezed. I could see his face turning purple as the blood vessels in his brain started bursting.

“Jump through the tree and find Phin...” San croaked.

“The tree? Are you nuts?” I shouted. Ok. I don't know about you but as far as I knew people could not jump into trees.

“Find Phineaous and get him to help and..” Sam managed.

I didn't have the choice. Nick grabbed the collar of my shirt and tossed me through the tree Sam had pointed to.

Have you ever fallen through a tree? I mean sure because you're mortal you're probably stupid enough to walk into one but I mean fall. Have you ever fallen through a tree? Well it isn't fun.

You know how if you jump off a swing in the park and you get that fluttery feeling you get in your gut when you fly through the air? Yeah imagine that times ten thousand. You'll pretty much have what my gut felt like. Now imagine it's pitch black, you can't see a thing and you can ligit taste your stomach. (trust me your gut doesn't taste good.)

Let's just say that the only thing that was going through my mind was “Agggghhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!” I was screaming at the top of my lungs. “I'm gonna Die! I'm gonna kill you Nick and then I'm gonna die!!! I shouted. I can't say I could see the look on my brother's face because I couldn't even see a foot in front of my own face but he was definitely screaming. But that could have been because he was falling too.

I saw light at the bottom. Great! Now I was gonna be a pancake! Oh all I wanted was to just stop. I just wanted time to freeze so I could say my good-byes to my siblings and family before I experienced an extremely flattening death. As if right on Que I stopped falling. Ok. Weird? Nick stopped falling to my right and Faye to my left. I glared at him. If looks could kill I would no longer have a brother. “Nick! I swear to God...” We dropped to the ground and I got a mouth full of dirt before I could finish my sentence. What was it with the dirt tasting today?

I moaned as the familiar taste of grass soaked my taste buds. Yuck! “Nick! I swear to god I'm gonna kill you!” Spat into the dirt.”

“Atop playing around Alex,” Nick grabbed my arm and pulled me to my feet.

I didn't want to move. I just wanted to lye there and wallow in my own self pitty.

“We have to find this Phineaous dude,” he persisted annoyingly pulling my arm out of it's socket once more. I swear my right arm was going to be a foot longer than the left by the end of the day at the rate I was going.

Faye was already ahead of us running throughout this peaceful looking place. The sky was cloudless and blue. But it was richer than it would've been back home...where ever that was. There air smelled of fresh apples and the grass was such a bright shade of green it could have been neon.

I brushed myself off. Great now I had the Neon grass stained to my favorite grey distressed skinny jeans. I slipped my foot back into the black skateboarder shoe I was wearing. I took my time not really wanting to move. But Nick was so annoyingly persistent he pulled me along just as I got it on.

“Nick! Let go!” I objected.

“Then hurry up!” He shouted irritation growing in his voice.

I rolled my eyes and pushed ahead of him.

So over the hill I went only to find Faye on her butt with some red haired freckle face holding a sword point to her. She looked like she way trying to explain something to the guy but he wouldn't have it. I did the natural thing...I charged him.

I'd never been a fast runner but I was quiet and by the time the guy actually noticed what was happening it was to late. He raised his sword but I swerved to the side and sent my fist right at his face. I had never known I could punch that hard and I'd never known that punching someone would actually hurt your fist.

Mr. Freckled Face rolled over and supported him self on one arm while his other one grasped his now bloody nose. I pointed the sword point at him just like I'd seen him do to Faye. But I had a feeling that his arm probably wasn't shaking like mad.

“Do you know where I can find Phineaous?” I asked panting and standing up straight. I thought that maybe if I looked confident he might actually be a little frightened of me. But truthfully he just looked annoyed.

The man rolled his eyes. “How may I help you?” He spat.

“Whoa, you're Phineaous?” I asked getting extremely confused. If Sam had told us to get this man then why did he have a sword to my sister's throat.

“No dip Sherlock!”

“Hey!” I objected. “If I were you I'd shut your fat trap and help me out. In the last five hours I have watched my neighbor get turned into a prune as my cannibal baby sitter sucked the life out of him, had to chuck my sister out a window and then get strangled to death by my psychopath of a sitter. Then I assisted her in blowing up Boston Rd after she shot about fifty people with a machine gun that she magically got. I turned the mother of monsters into an icicle and then some talking dog that turned out to be my siblings' teacher in second and fourth grade transported me to my sister's hospital room that was later set on fire when my babysitter blew fire out of her mouth and Echidna bit a hunk out of my mother's neck and gulped it down. The I ran after Sam magically turned a silver bracelet into a sword and now I was thrown through a tree after my babysitter that just won't die tackled Sam. He told us to find you and you show up and put a knife to my sisters throat! Now or are you going to help me or are you going to piss and moan!” I shouted all in one breath.

“Did you say you turned the mother of monsters into a popsicle?” The man who claimed to be Phineaous asked.

“You aren't serious! I need your help and you're worried about a snake woman icicle?” I was astounded.

“Well if you'd take your blade down I'd get up Girl!” He shouted.

I rolled my eyes and took the blade away. “How do you get rid of this?” I asked.

“You can chuck it or slap your wrist with the flat. Duh!” he yelled as if that should have been obvious. I mean now I know it should have been and maybe if my brain would switch back from survival mode and back onto common sense mode I might have guessed that but I didn't know how to do that.

The man brushed himself off as he starred me down. “What is your name girl?” he asked.

“Alex cardnall and call me Alexandra and you'll have broken nose next,” I warned.

The man's eyes widened in horror which then I thought was because he was scared of a broken nose. Now I know that wasn't the case at all.

The man rudely grabbed my wrist and pulled me after him. We trudged up the hill and Faye was having an extremely serious conversation with Nick. I could just by the way her hands were flying around as she spoke.

“Nicholas! Fayezeillia! Front and center! He shouted. Some how he knew their names just when I'd told him mine. Creepy but hey I guess he had the right to know. (For reasons I had no idea of yet) he dragged me toward them. I really did not like this guy.

Nick and faye ran up to us and the guy through me at them. Behind us stood a single tree. Great.

“Walk through,” he demanded.

“Whoa whoa whoa! No way. Not again!
“ I objected turning around and standing up to the guy. His smoky eyes starred into my soul and made me want to crawl in a whole and die. He pushed me through.

This is was not expecting by any stretch of the imagination. Now instead of falling I shot up. My face felt as if it were peeling off my face and I got that awful butterfly feeling in my gut again. I would have screamed because this was even worse then falling but if I opened my mouth my jaw would have snapped.

I looked up some how and saw light. Just like last time I stopped suddenly. My stomach with all the momentum rose through my throat and I coughed it back down.

I was now standing on some invisible force as Phineaous, Nick, and Faye shot up next to me. Nick's face was green and Faye's was pale. Phineaous looked as if nothing had happened. Typical.

“Well what are you waiting for Cardnall? Step forward!” Phineaous yelled.

Right I knew that.

I stepped forward. Light flared as I stepped back into the woods and out of the tree we had originally fallen through.

Sam was still wrestling Jamie and Echidna was running up behind them. The man named Phineaous charged Echidna. With his sword raised. Echidna smiled evilly as he approached.

Nick and Faye just stood and watched but truthfully I wanted some of the action. Some weird adrenaline rush flowed throughout my body and I charged Jamie. Now I don't know how I did this because my mind was in control of my body and I had no say. But I had always listened to my instincts and I'd survived this long so I just let my brain take control of my body.

I flew at Jamie and smashed into her so hard we flew off of Sam who quickly regained balance. He looked to Phineaous who was fighting for his life against three one eyed blue ogre thingies. He ducked and stabbed one right in the leg. It fell to the ground and he stabbed it in the eye. The demon howled and turned to a flame. A second later the flame died and nothing was left there.

I refocused my gaze back on Jamie who was slowly rising.

“You're like a mosquito,” she hissed, “no matter how many times you slap it it just wont die!”

She circled me slyly. I never took my eyes off of hers.

“Use your element Alex!” I heard Sam yell as he got ready to charge Echidna.

Ok. If I could turn the mother of monsters into a purple ball of snow then I could do it to Jamie.

I had imagined it being really dramatic. I squeezed my eyes shut and through my arms at her. “Freeze!” I shouted. I let one eye open slightly.” Jamie was still circling me chuckling evilly to herself.

Well that didn't work.

I turned around to Sam. “How the hell do I do that! I did the exact same thing last time!” I yelled putting my sword down.

“Let the power fill you!” he yelled pointing behind me.

Then the thought hit me that I had completely taken my focus off of her. And by the time I turned around she was already hurtling through the air, her claws aimed right for my now dried blood covered chest.

I fell backwards. Now completely petrified I took another shot. “Freeze!” I hissed. Jamie's face went blank. The icy scales started at her nose and grew to her entire body. My gut flared and I screamed in agony wrapping my arms around it. I fell backwards and rolled out of the way as Jamie's frozen form crashed to the ground and shattered to a million pieces.

I cried out. The burning feeling hadn't lasted this long last time. It felt as if my stomach was bursting. Sam dove to my side and rolled me over. I cried out again.

“Calm down Alex,” he chided. Yeah easy for him to say. His stomach wasn't blowing up!

He put his hand over my for head and immediately pulled it away. I was hot to the touch. I was in so much pain I could have cried...if I knew how. I screamed a blood boiling screech that would have broken glass if there was any around. I felt like my insides were on fire.

Sam reached back into his pocket. He tore off the wrapper and shoved something in my mouth. “Chew, Alex,” he said ion a calming tone. I took one bite and the pain immediately reduced to only mildly excruciating. A minty liquid trickled down my throat. Gum? I continued chewing and with every bite the pain subsided. I got to the point when I was chewing the minty gum like it was gum and the pain was completely gone. Sam sat back and panted.

I was so confused I didn't know what to do. I sat up and supported myself on my arms. “Sam, what the hell just happened?” I asked still shaking.

“You used your element without being prepared for it,” he stated as if it was the simplest thing in the world. Trust me my gut being set on fire was not simple by any stretch of the imagination.

“That didn't last time!” I objected.

“Very true but last time you only coated Echidna in a think layer of ice. It's much harder to do anything to the mother of monsters. You used even more force this time because it was right at the moment and because it wasn't the mother of monsters you completely turned her to ice Alex. That took more energy and more power. That's why your insides felt as if they were on fire. Your body isn't used to having to do that yet. At Cogamca you will learn to pace yourself so that reaction doesn't happen anymore.”

“Cogamca?” I asked

“The place you were just in? That would be my school. Phineaous would be your assistant principal.”

My eyes widened. I had pelted my assistant principal right in the nose!

“Speaking of Phineaous I really should be helping him.” Sam got up as if nothing was wrong and jogged over to phineaous who was arguing fiercely with Echidna. As soon as she saw Sam running up to Phineaous's aid she swirled into a purple tornado and disappeared.

Sam tapped Phineaous on the shoulder encouragingly and walked him back over to the three of us.

Speaking of Nick and Faye, they were both at my side now bulldozing me with questions that I just didn't have answers for. I was just as confused as they were.

Sam and Phineaous walked up to us. Phineaous was totally beat. He was covered in dirt and blood stained his white cotton shirt. It was the first time I really noticed how strange this guy was dressed. The had the baggy white cotton shirt that looked like had been made in olden times. He was wearing tight black leather pants and broken in brown leather boots that rose all the way up to just below his knee. Maybe this guy was from olden times. He brushed his curly red hair out of his face and glared at me.

“You couldn't have told me it was them could you Sameron?” he asked.

“No, you wouldn't have let me go,” Sam chuckled to himself.

“And for good reason! I didn't want them to get involved with all of this!”

“Well Sorry son, they have the great elements. Well three of the four. You don't have the choice. They're just what the army needs.”

“Sam! I forbid this!” The man called Phineaous yelled.

“You don't have the choice. They know now.”

“Yeah no thanks to you!”

“Calm yourself. They had been attacked before I even came into the picture. Isn't that right Alex?” Sam asked turning his raised eyebrow gaze to me.

“U- yeah,” I stuttered.

“You knew you couldn't hide this Phineaous. It's just their destiny. You can't change that.”

“Well it doesn't mean I have to try to get them involved! This is exactly what I did not want!”

“Well as you know things don't always work out the way you want them to.”

“You encouraged it!” Phineaous roared in anger. I had no idea what the hell was going on so all Nick, Faye, and I did was switch glances between the two of them as they talked.

Phineaous scowled and stormed past the three of us without a second glance and walked right through the tree.

Sam sighed.

“Um Sam?” I asked.

“Yes dear?”

“May you please explain to me what the hell that was all about?” I asked. “And why it had something to do with the three of us?”

“When you stop saying 'hell',”

I rolled my eyes. “Fine, please tell me what the heck just went on right there.” I was a teenager. There wasn't a teen on earth that didn't swear. Maybe not in front of their parents but other than could pretty much expect cussing.

“Much better. Phineaous there is very emotional about getting new members for the army. He doesn't think it's right to protect double souls from their utter ruin.”

“Well by the sounds of it he seemed to know exactly who we were...” I persisted.

“Oh he did. Very well actually. Well, we need to get you back to Cogamca before any more demons show up. I think you've had enough for one day no?” he asked slipperily changing the subject. I was about to ask him more questions but he jumped into the tree.

I got to my feet with the help of Nick and Faye. They both crutched me over to the tree.

“I don't wanna do this again,” I moaned. I could already feel my stomach crawling up my throat.

“We don't have the choice. Just remain calm,” Faye chided. I rolled my eyes. I mean sure she was trying to make me feel better. But we never got along. In fact if it weren't for poor Nick who was always stuck in the middle, Faye and I probably would have already managed to kill one another. For some reason hearing Faye trying to make me feel better just didn't comprehend. The fact that I had been attacked by two demons today even made more sense to me.

“Just take a deep breath,” she comforted.

I pulled away from her and Nick. “What ever.” I jumped through the tree into a completely new world.

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"A guy walks up to me and asks 'What's Punk?'. So I kick over a garbage can and say 'That's punk!'. So he kicks over a garbage can and says 'That's Punk'?, and I say 'No that's trendy'!"- Billie Joe Armstrong, Green Day

I found it creative and original, and I have to admit it was the Superman logo for cover art that drew me in!

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Favorite Quote:
"A guy walks up to me and asks 'What's Punk?'. So I kick over a garbage can and say 'That's punk!'. So he kicks over a garbage can and says 'That's Punk'?, and I say 'No that's trendy'!"- Billie Joe Armstrong, Green Day

Whoa long title and summary.