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Fergo's Tale

January 30, 2011
By rexfurry, Vancouver, Washington
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rexfurry, Vancouver, Washington
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Author's note: Fergo's Tale actually started out as just a writing assignment for school! But when the assignment was over, the story was only about half finished, and I remembered having a lot of fun writing it that I decided it was time to finish it! So, within about a week, Fergo's Tale was finally done (at least the first chapter of it) I'm not sure if it will ever be completely finished but for now I think it's a pretty good story. Another little fact about this story is that, I'm actually in the process of creating a Fergo's Tale video game! Using this story as the base of the game. If you want to get a sneak peek at the game you can go here:

Welcome to a story, well tale rather. Welcome to a tale, a tale about a heroic, yellow, bird like creature named Fergo. And his best friend of all the forest, Lara which is a flying, um, erm, well I’m not really sure what she is, I believe she’s a fairy of some sort. Anyway, I do know that she and Fergo are the best of friends! Both of them have been together for many years. They could always rely on one another. And since their friendship they’ve had many small adventures, but today I’m going to tell you the tale, of there biggest adventure they’ve ever had! I hope you enjoy listening to the tale of there fun and exciting adventure as much as I did. Now, let’s not waste anymore time, here we go…

One fine crisp morning in beautiful Forest of Maple (you’ll learn later how the name came to be later) A tired bird like creature named Fergo, lay in his bed. Sunlight gleaming through his window on his feathers, he slowly began to open his eyes. Just then he heard a loud knock at the door, by now his eyes were fully up. Fergo, being the fast footed bird like creature he is, quickly ran to the door and opened it. To his delight, his friend Lara was there waiting for him. “Hello Lara.” Fergo said, “Ready to head over to the Leaf convention in Forest Hills?” Lara said. “Ugh, I forgot.” said Fergo, “Fergo, how could you forget an event as exciting as this!?!” said Lara “I’m sorry Lara” Fergo replied “it’s ok Fergo, there’s still a whole bunch of time to get to the convention, let’s get going.” said Lara happily “OH, great, hehe I’m so excited, darn…” Fergo said quietly. So, the two set off to Forest Hills, the place where the exciting event was being held, but it wasn’t long till they ran into trouble. “Hey lara, do ya think we could slow down a bit? “Yelled Fergo “Sure Fergo, are you ok? Replied Lara “ya, just a little tired from running.” Fergo yelled back “well I told you to walk, but of course you never listen (Giggles)” yelled Lara “hehe, ya I guess I should have listened to you.” yelled Fergo “hehe, it’s alright Fergo, oof!” “Are you ok Lara?” “Ack, Fergo, HELP!” “Wow, that’s a lot of vines!” said Fergo “Get me outa these things!” yelled Lara “Hang on Lara, there’s gotta be something I can do to cut those vines.” Fergo said to himself. Just then, Fergo noticed a small opening in the side of a tree that led to the vines where Lara was trapped. Fergo quickly scampered to the opening in the tree and squeezed inside. Once he was inside, he looked around for a way up the tree. After a few seconds of looking around, he found some big roots that formed a platform he could jump on. Those roots crawled all the way up the tree, sort of like a spiral staircase you would find in a mansion. Fergo ran as fast as he could up the huge vines till he finally reached the top. Now at the top, Fergo ran into a small problem, there was a small boulder about 3 feet tall (which was about Fergo’s height) blocking the entrance out of the tree. Fergo pushed with all his might at the bolder until finally it busted right out of the entrance! “Fergo, you made it!” yelled Lara. “Lara, don’t worry I’m coming!” Fergo yelled back. He rushed to the vines where Lara was trapped. “Ok Lara, I need you to hang on to the vine nearest to you!” yelled Fergo “Ok, but why?” replied Lara “Just trust me!” yelled Fergo “Ok, I got one” yelled Lara. Fergo bent down and bit hard on a pair of vines, within seconds the vines snapped and started to fall. “AHHHHHHH!” screamed Lara! Just as the vines where about to hit the ground they stopped. Lara looked up to see Fergo holding the pair of cut vines in his mouth. Lara smiled and freed herself from the now loose, vines. When Fergo reached the bottom of the tree, he ran straight up to Lara. ”Lara are you ok!?!” “Hehe, yes Fergo, thank you” replied Lara “Whew, you had me worried.” said Fergo. And with that, our two friends were back on the trail to Forest Hills. “So, what do you think the Leaf convention will be like Fergo?” said Lara “I’m not sure, but I’m sure it’ll be worth tiring my feet out.” Said Fergo “Fergo, you’re so silly.” Said Lara “don’t worry Fergo, were already half way there, just a bit owe…CRASH!” “What is that?” said Fergo “AHH! Why would you do such a thing?!?” “What?” said Fergo and Lara. Just then a big door flung opened and a big, mean, red and green toad emerged. “You two are in a lot of trouble!” said the toad “I’m sorry, I wasn’t looking and I flew into your vase.” Said Lara “So, it was you then huh?” said the toad “Well then, I’m just gonna have to eat you then!” said the toad “WHAT!?!” exclaimed Lara! Just then the big toad shot out his huge, and slimy, tongue, and grabbed Lara and sucked her in his mouth! “Fergo!” yelled Lara from the stomach of the toad. “Lara, hang on!” but the toad had gone back in the huge old tree he called home, and locked the door. “If I can just find a way in, maybe I can find the toad and save Lara” Fergo said to himself. He looked around but couldn’t find a single way in. “There’s gotta be a way in” Fergo said to himself. He tried opening the door, looking for a crack in the tree, and even trying to break down the door, but nothing worked. He sat down for a brief moment knowing that every second counts. “Huh, I can’t do it; I just can’t find a way in!” Fergo got up and scanned the area around him. Just then he noticed something shiny in some of the bushes near the side of the toad’s house. He quickly ran over and pushed away the leaves to see what the mysterious object was. To his surprise it was a switch! “What could this be for?” Fergo wondered. He didn’t’ care, he pulled the switch anyways with all his might. For a second nothing happened. “Hmm, nothing is happening what is used for?” Fergo said, but just then he heard a noise. He looked up and to his surprise a big wooded platform cam down with a crash. Fergo looked at it and found that the big platform was suspended by a rope that went all the way up to the top of the toad’s home. “This must be an elevator! And the switch controls it!” exclaimed Fergo. He wasted no time and hopped on the wooden elevator and pulled the switch. He was carried up and up and up until finally he reached the top of the tree. In front of him was a big, open, window”Alright, time to save Lara!” said Fergo. He hoped in the window and within seconds was inside the big, mean toad’s house. “Hmm, where would she be?” “FERGO!!!” screamed Lara! “Lara! I’m coming Lara!” Fergo yelled! And with that he quickly ran in the direction of Lara’s voice. He spotted some stairs that lead higher and lower into the tree, Fergo took the lower stairs where Lara had been heard. He quickly raced down the long flight of stairs until he stopped dead in his tracks. “Oh no…”said Fergo “there’s a big door in the way (jiggle) and it’s locked.” exclaimed Fergo. He frantically looked around for a key but there didn’t seem to be one anywhere! Just then he noticed a piece of paper nailed to the door. “Hmmm, what could this be?” Fergo asked himself. “NOTE: the key is in the tower” Fergo read “The tower? Wait, the upper stairs!” exclaimed Fergo! He ran as fast as his small feet could carry him until finally he reached the tip, top of the tree a.k.a The Tower. “Ok, no to find that key!” said Fergo. He searched around until finally…”THE KEY!” yelled Fergo! “Don’t worry Lara, I’m on my way!” Fergo said to himself. He scampered down the stairs that led back to the door; he put in the key and turned the knob “creek” the door had opened. On the other side of the door there was a small room, and beyond that was just a blank wall. Fergo was confused. “What!?! How can this be?” He walked into the room and looked around. “Hmm, this is odd…. (clank)..what was that, AHHHH!” Fergo yelled! “Oof that hurt.” Fergo said to himself. Where am I, he looked up to see an opened secret door. “Huh, that must be how that toad gets to the top of the tree without anyone noticing, that might be useful. So Fergo kept going lower into the tree. “FERGO!” yelled Lara! “Lara, I’m coming!” yelled back Fergo. Fergo knew he had to hurry; he didn’t want to think about what that toad would do to Lara. He ran swiftly through the vast rooms in the tree until finally, he had reached the bottom room of the tree. He slowly crept around looking for the toad or Lara. “Pssst, Lara, are you in hear?” Fergo whispered. “Pssst, Fergo over hear.” Lara whispered back. “LARA!” Fergo said with delight. “I’m so happy you’re alive!” Fergo told her.” What are you doing in that cage?” Fergo asked. “That mean toad locked me up in hear, he said he’ll come back when he’s ready for (GULP) dinner.” Lara said shaking. “Don’t worry Lara; I’ll get you out just hold on.” Fergo told her “I don’t think so!” said a voice from behind Fergo. “Uh Oh “exclaimed Fergo. He turned around to see a big, green, red toad looking at him. “You should have stayed in your nest little guy!” Said the toad “I-I-I’m n-n-not afraid of you.” Said Fergo. So Fergo and the big, mean toad (whose name actually turns out to be Burney) fight it out, and eventually Fergo manages to knock the toad out, and both Fergo and Lara escape out of Burney’s house and keep heading on the path to Forest hills. “Ahh, it feels so much better to be out of Burney’s clutches, and his stomach. Thanks for saving me Fergo.” Lara said to Fergo “Hehe, I’m just glad we got out of there before dinner!” Joked Fergo “Oh Fergo you’re so funny!” laughed Lara. “And yet again the two were headed off to Forest Hills where the Leaf convention was being held, but our tale doesn’t end here my dear reader. Remember when this forests name mentioned earlier in the story? Well if not the forest is called, The Forest of Maple, well, we are going to learn how that name cam to be in just a bit, so here we go. “Hey Fergo, what kinds of leafs do you think will be at the convention?” asked Lara. “I’m not sure, but I’m getting kind of hungry.” Replied Fergo “Well it is about lunch time.” Said Lara “Good thing I brought some fresh pancakes, and they’re still warm too!” Lara exclaimed! “Wow, that is amazing!” replied Fergo. “But wait, we don’t have any syrup.” Said Fergo “Hehe, don’t worry Fergo, we’re lucky to be living in the Forest of Maple. There’s syrup all around us!” Lara replied “Oh ya, I forgot about that.” Said Fergo smiling “I’ll be back in a flash, with enough syrup for all of the pancakes!” said Fergo “Hehe, ok just be safe, and take this bucket with you to hold the syrup.” Lara told Fergo. And with that Fergo was off on his, what seemed to be boring, hunt for syrup. (Just a quick side note, even though there is a lot of syrup in the trees of the Forest of maple, there’s not syrup in every tree. There are only certain types of trees that produce it.) Anyway, back to Fergo and his quest…for syrup. “I can’t wait to eat those pancakes, especially with fresh syrup poured on em!” Fergo said “HEY YOU!” yelled a mysterious voice “Who said that?” Fergo yelled back. Fergo looked around but couldn’t see anyone. “hello? Hmm, I must be hearing things.” Fergo said to himself “well I better keep looking for that syrup…HEY, that’s a good tree!” Fergo said, he was just about to release some syrup from the tree when all of a sudden, “WHAT ARE YOU DOIN SOLDIER!?!” said the mysterious voice again, but this time it wasn’t so mysterious. “Fergo looked up at the tree and to his surprise he saw a dark, brown haired chipmunk about the size of Fergo wearing a loose army hat. “Well hello, my names Fergo who are you?” asked Fergo “WHO AM I!?! WHY I AM THE, SYRUP SAVER! Well actually my name is Horas but that’s besides the question!” replied the chipmunk. “MY DUTY IS TO CONSERVE THE FORESTS SYRUP, AND MAKE SURE THAT NO ONE USES MORE SAP THEN THEY HAVE TO!” Horas told Fergo. “Oh, don’t worry about me Horas; I just need some syrup for me and my friend’s pancakes!” Said Fergo happily. “Oh, I see, go on then soldier” replied Horas. So Fergo cracked a small opening in the tree with his beak and placed his bucket under the hole, syrup poured out into the bucket little by little. “Hey Horas, since when did we get a syrup saver for the forest? I thought the syrup was producing just fine, and animals were taking small amounts? Asked Fergo. “They were son, they were, but one animal unparticular was taking huge heaps of it and hauling it back to his home so no one could enjoy it. Then, he would sell the syrup back to the animals so he would get rich.” Replied Horas. “That’s terrible, who would do something like that???” asked Fergo. “Kraw the crow.” Replied Horas “He’s been stealing syrup from these woods for too long, so they hired me, Horas a.k.a Syrup Saver to stop him.” Said Horas. “Wow, that’s amazing! I wish I could help.” Said Fergo “I wouldn’t want to put someone like you in that position soldier, it’s to risky.” Horas told Fergo “Alright son well I think that’s enough syrup now, we have to conserve it ya know.” Said Horas. “But this isn’t enough for our pancakes!” Fergo told Horas. “I’m sorry son, but until the trees start producing syrup faster that’s all I can let ya take.” Replied Horas “Wait a minute, what if took back the syrup Kraw stole? Then could have all the syrup I need!” Fergo told Horas. “Now wait just a minute there soldier! I don’t want you risking your life for some syrup!” Horas told Fergo. “Aww common Horas, hey we can go together!” Fergo told Horas. “What!?!?! That’s…..not a bad idea! Yes, we will go take back the syrup from Kraw and no one will have to conserve anymore! Great idea son, let’s go!” replied Horas. So, the two daringly set off on the short path to Kraw’s nest to take back the syrup that rightfully belongs to the animals of the Forest of Maple. It will be a dangerous trip will they succeed or get trapped in a gooey mess of Kraw the crow’s nest!

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