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Demon Cave

February 27, 2011
By jaylinkue BRONZE, Eau Claire, Wisconsin
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jaylinkue BRONZE, Eau Claire, Wisconsin
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When the worlds ends, I'll see him.

In the dark woods of Caprolla, lives a demon. A demon like no other. A red eyed demon with magic. Magic that could kill you. This is… DEM!

Dem was a little boy at the time. He was cheerful and he wasn’t a demon, yet of course. He was really smart and always did what he was told. One day Dem was told to go out to the woods and go get some rocks from the Cave.

As Dem quickly ran out of the house he saw red eyes staring at him. He then smiled and said, “Hello,” The “man” who gave Dem a stare said, “Hello, young Dem,” “How do you know my name?” “How do I know? Well, I’ve been watching you for some quite time now. About 10 years. Since you were born…” Dem’s smile turned into a frown. “You’re so scary…” Dem said. The “man” said, “I know,” Dem quickly said, “I got to go…” And Dem started to walk towards the woods. “Oh Dem, don’t go into the other cave. The cave in Caprolla, it’s said that the cave is supposed to be haunted.” Dem nodded and walked off into the distance.

As Dem walked into the woods he saw a sign. He read, left goes towards Caprolla and right goes towards the fire rock cave. Dem then said, “Was I supposed to go to Caprolla or The other way?” Dem then looked at the tree with a big face or it looked like that. He then said, “Which way?” Something in the tree said, “Left…”

Dem walked to the left and then it got darker. He looked around and saw that evil lurking things were around him. He slowly stopped as he approached the cave. He then said, “Was it the white rocks or red rocks?” Dem then thought; Red Rocks?!? Those cannot be real!!!

Dem then quickly realized that he was tricked by the red-eyed man! Dem cursed loudly, even though he wasn’t supposed to. Dem then quickly spun around and landed on the ground. He groaned.

As Dem got up and looked up at the red-eyed man. “Wh-what are you doing?” Dem asked. The red-eyed man said, “First of all, I should tell you my name. I’m Rem, the God of Demons. I can lie, swear, all that jazzy stuff. Or “crappy” stuff.” Res laughed at Dem and then said, “I already set the trap.” Dem looked at him and said, “For what?” Rem laughed. “For someone like you to come here and be tricked, turn into a vicious monster!”

“Yes quite. Dem you don’t understand the first thing about that. Once you evolve your feelings, personality, etc. goes away.”


“But why would you…”

“Because, I’m getting sick and tired of watching this damn cave.”

“Oh really?”

“Yes, you saw the blood? That was the last one that I lured in. But I merely just slashed his head off with my fingers…”

“Why would you do such a thing, Rem?”

“Why, well I AM A DEMON!!!”

Dem sat quietly then he got up and said, “You are not like the demons I saw last week.” Rem’s eyes opened and said, “What kind of demons?” “Well, they wore white. White like…” Dem said. Rem then said, “White as in feather white?

Dem nodded and said, “They said, ‘Something will happen to you if you don’t ignore the demon. The demon with red eyes and gives an icy stare. And don’t get eaten up by the words of the talking tree.’” Rem smiled and whispered, “So they did come here. No wonder why I could kill him.”

“What, Rem?”

“Nothing my sweet evil boy.”

Dem then felt a blow of rush. He then swung his fists and hit Rem. Rem flew ten feet away and then glared at Dem. Dem didn’t smile and then said, “I don’t know what came across of me.” Rem nodded in disagreement and said, “You did.” Dem then growled and a white light formed.

Rem smiled and then said, “You’re merely losing boy. Losing to a Million year old God.”

Eighteen years has gone by. It was around fall. School was just starting and everyone was chatting. As the leaves blew by the cars went. As the students walked by the air went cold.

It was about 6:50 AM. A boy ran across the street and met a girl. He smiled and then said, “Hey, what’s up?” The boy smiled. The girl sighed and said, “Another person died in Carolla today. It was someone very close to you. You’re…” The boy smile faded and said, “Who Tes?” Tes looked at him and sighed and said, “Valentine… Rose Valentine died.” “WHAT”?!?

“Yes I know.”

“But how”?

“She apparently went into the forest searching for the boy, Dem. Who died eighteen years ago or got kidnapped or something. Rose was all like, ‘Oh yeah. I’m going to find him and bring him back. Even though he’s like 28 now I’m still going to get him to me so he can be my boyfriend.’ And I was like, ‘But he’s old! He might not even know a lot of things like, School work.’ She growled at me and ran off.”

“Man, Rose is so STUPID!”

“Tell me something I don’t know.”

“Okay! Well I saw a boy go into the forest Eighteen years ago. He even looked like Dem.”

“What you freaking LIAR!”

“I did. When I was, in my past life, a demon.”

“A demon?”

“Yeah the boy who tricked… It’s too hard to remember.”

Tes slightly walked two feet and then looked at the boy. “Come on Ryan, we are going to be late if we don’t rush.” Ryan quickly complained and then walked to her then they walked to the school.

A Few Periods Later…

Tes walked to her locker and met Ryan’s eyes. “Please Ryan don’t do that.” Tes said opening her locker. “Why not? I mean we are dating.” Ryan replied. “I know but… No one knows yet. If they know I date you… I become popular.” Ryan sighed and then said, “why not? Popular is a great thing.”

“For snobby kids.”

“WE are not Snobby, Tessa Right!”


Everyone stared at them then started to do whatever they were doing again. “Tes, go to the school’s forest. So we can…” Ryan said. “Fine.” Tes said. Tes quickly gave Ryan a quick kiss on the cheek then left.

School Forest: Lion’s Den

They both sat their looking at each other. “Man I’m so bored.” Ryan said. Tes nodded and then waited for Ryan to do something. Ryan quickly sat closer to her and then smiled at Tes. Tes then kissed Ryan and they pulled away. “Do you think this is okay?” Tes said. “Yeah, it’s the end of the school day so…” Ryan said stopping in the middle of his sentence and then kissed Tes again. Tes then kissed back and then let go.

They then stared at each other and then Tes just said, “I’m coming to the apartment tomorrow. I’m moving in.” Ryan’s eyes opened and said, “REALLY!?!” Tes said, “I’m going to be marrying you so might as well.” Ryan screamed inside but just looked at Tes with a ‘YES!’ look. Tes smiled and then kissed him.

Few minutes later.

They both sat there in the wood chairs, making out. Ryan pulled away and smiled. “I’m so happy.” Tes smiled and said, “Me too.” They then started to kiss again and then they stopped hearing the sound of a growl.

“What the heck was that?” Ryan asked. “I don’t know your stomach.” Tes said laughing. Then Tes stopped and then heard it. “LET’S GO!” Ryan suggested. Tes nodded and they ran to the car and drove off.

As they reached the apartment, they found that everything was still in place. Ryan closed the door and began to kiss Tes.

10 Days Later…

The air was hissing at Ryan as he walked by the other students. The car’s shook whenever he was around them. He then hissed back and then saw Tes. He then smiled and then stopped. You then began to reach for her but she denied it. She told him ten days ago, “Don’t touch me, around others, or in side of school! Got that? If you want to touch me then wait till five PM.

Ryan then put his hand back and then he walked away from Tes. Tes gave a sad frown and then said good bye to her friends and then walked after Ryan. Ryan quickly turned and went across the street. He then made sure Tes was following. He then began to wait for Tes. He then said, “Tes, you’re not yourself.” Tes laughed and then said, “Why do you ask?” Ryan then said, “You are not Tes, someone took her soul and I think you did.” Tes laughed and then said, “You’re good. How did you know?”

“I know because… Well, I saw in the newspaper that Tes died yesterday. “

“Oh, so they already did that crap?”

“Yeah, and you are…”

“Don’t say those six letters.”

“B-A-N-I-S-H! Banish!”


Ryan smiled and then said, “I am just going to figure out what happened and why.” Ryan then walked out to the forest and then looked up.

Ryan looked at the blood trail and he heard something. He looked back with a confused look on his face. He quietly turned around and a spirit sat there. “You know that you are entering something very bad.” The spirit said. Ryan nodded. “I don’t have a choice. It’s the only way I’ll figure out the mystery.”

“The mystery of the cave?”

“That cave… Yes, the cave that Rose died in. And that poor boy eighteen years ago.”

“His name was Dem. He was just ten at the time. And he died ten. He went out to do an errand for his mother. They needed rocks. These rocks were in the forest. And these forest rocks were different than any other rock. They had a mark on them. The mark of a letter, T, they call it now these days. It used to look like a bear holding a long fish. You get the picture right?”

“Yeah I do. And that would already be ‘T’ right?”

“Yes, it would be. The forest people, like Dem, didn’t know the alphabet. They didn’t learn the new ways of human life. They stuck with regular old ways. Living with no electricity, reading books that were brought from town, from their dad, going green, and more. They made their furniture out of the wood that they were surrounded by. It was astounding to know that forest people existed still.”

“I can’t believe there is such thing as forest people. So why didn’t the forest people adapted to tech life?”

“Well they didn’t really necessary like tech life. They thought it would brain wash the mind and they might get to obsessed with it. So they moved into the forest. They lived their lives like that and their kids when they had a family, the dad would go into the town and learn how to use technology. And they would buy books and supplies.

“The very interesting thing about the forest people is that one person from the family, like Dem, always dies from a man with icy blue eyes trick. A trick that is different every time. Ever since Dem died the forest people don’t exist. They live “underground”. Or that’s what the rumors say. I’m just a spirit, or angel. I know all this because…”

“You know all of this information because you’ve been watching a specific person lately?”

“Yes I have been watching people. Many people and still I haven’t found the right one to latch on to. Ever since, Tes died, I found you. You were pure hearted and you had the guts to banish that demon. You have a great soul, a soul of a warrior. That’s why I latched onto you. So I could teach you the ways of immortality. But there’s one catch…”

“What’s the catch, spirit?”

“First of, I’m not called, Spirit, I’m called, Leo. My angel name is Soul. I go by either one. But a lot of people say that I should keep my old past name. So I held onto that ever since…. 5000 years have passed.

“Anyways the catch is… That you have to go through training from a human body, like the state you are in now. So if you want to continue you have to practice. And I know one way to wake your powers.”

“How will you wake my powers up? You don’t even know if I do have powers.”

“I know all about you. I know how old you are, your real name, birthday, what you like, dislike, how many girls you dated, how many girlfriends you had, and more. And you don’t think I know about your powers!”

“Okay, okay, Leo. I think I get it.”

“Anyways, your power is unbelievable. It’s not awakened yet but it’s already making your soul pressure leak out.”

“Soul pressure?”

“Soul pressure is the energy of a being has, determines rank of power and determines what kind of weapon you’ll get.”

“Whoa. That sounds cool.”

“I know… but anyways, I need your body to feel unnatural being training so that it can awaken.”

Ryan nodded and then said, “Let’s get started!” Leo smiled and then said, “Okay…”

Ryan huffed as he ran across the water. He was trying to focus soul energy on the water. He then felt a pop and then ran faster. Leo laughed as he said, “You’re going to fast!” Ryan went slower then said, “I heard a pop.” Leo then looked at the ground and said, “Maybe your spirit energy blew a wave. Just look back.” Ryan looked back and then his jaw dropped. Water had flooded the area and Leo said, “You are just one hell of a kid. You’re too good.”

Ryan smiled as he ran past the rocks he then sat on the water and then water circled around him. “I can’t believe that I learned the way of the angels in one week. I’m learning Soul Recovery now?” Leo smiled and said, “Yes you are. You’ve surpassed me. I’m jealous but I should tell you, our leader is very strong. It’s like you’re his son.” Ryan nodded and then said, “Am I his son? Do I look like I am his son?” Leo was quiet and was drawing on the sketch book without looking he then showed me the drawing and my mouth dropped again. I then said, “I am his son.” Leo smiled and then said, “You are going to be king one day… I feel happy… Sorry… I’m… So, emotional”! Leo sobbed hard and then water floated around the drops and then grabbed it. Ryan was amazed at hearing this. He just had more hope now. He always said, “Don’t back down, there’s already too much at stake.”

As Leo finished his crying about something that involved Ryan, Ryan got up and then said, “Why did it get colder? I finished school already but… It’s cold.” Leo stopped his crying and quietly wiped his tears and said, “Huh?” A rush of energy was felt by Leo and Leo screamed, “Run!”

Ryan quickly ran across the water and then he saw it. The black hole that Leo had once told about demons coming out of and releasing energy for angels to know their presence was there. Ryan quickly then said, “Leo is that what I think it is?” Leo nodded and then a weapon appeared before Leo, a sword. But not any sword, a sword that has white markings on it that made it glow because of the sun. Ryan tilted his head and read it. Ryan said, “Hiru-Hero,” Leo looked at Ryan and said, “No it’s a Hero’s Soul,” Leo smiled and said, “Nice try though.” Ryan smiled then ran, “Good luck.”

The demons came out of the portal and then growled at Leo and Ryan. Ryan quickly moved the water with soul energy and then blew the water upward making ice. Leo ran across the water and then up the icy wall and then jumped down to the demons. He then said, “Hero CHANGE!” The sword grew bright as it changed. And now it was black red. Leo quickly swung the sword, cutting one in half.

Ryan saw a demon running towards him. Ryan quickly summoned water to his side. He then shot the water drowning the demon. The demon pushed the water away and then couldn’t block anymore. He felt numb. Ryan saw that this was good. He then drowned the demon that blocked.

Ryan then saw something. Something that covered the sun, that was that huge!?! Ryan quickly whistled and Leo nodded and then slashed a demon and they ran. “I hope you can sink,” Leo said. Ryan replied, “And you don’t think that I can walk on water,” Leo snickered. “I didn’t until you used that one move.” “What move?”

“The move of ice is what it called.”

“What was that?”

“It’s the move of ice. You made a water sculpture of yourself and then you shot it at the demon. Very skilled people can do that move. And you made that wall… You must be a natural at this.”

“I must be, if you do know my father… I didn’t ever see him. My mom says that he was living in the clouds.”

“Your father, he had to mention about his royalty… He didn’t really make a rule that no one can be down here, on earth… He’s too laid back about everything that has happened.”

Ryan nodded and then they made it to the earth’s ground. “Sink…” Leo said sinking into the earth. Ryan concentrated and then he couldn’t feel his feet, legs… Then waist, stomach, arms… Head…

Earth, down here was so awkward. It was really hot, and really colorful. You didn’t know what you could fine down here. But Ryan found something weird…. A city of bones, that’s what Leo, told him before the accident. Bone men walked up and down the drive. Ryan was so amazed his jaw dropped, again. Leo smiled and then said, “I’m going to meet someone named, Travis. He’s going to help me and you. He’s going to try to wake up your power.”

Ryan nodded and then followed the floating angel down the path. Every time he passes a bone man/woman he would get stares at him. Ryan didn’t like these stares. They were super scary. He didn’t like the way how Leo would stop and do some bone talking. It sounded scary.

As Ryan and Leo met a huge house with a sign that said, Travis, Ryan knew that they had made it. Ryan thought that Travis might live farther away than all the others, but Travis didn’t. It came to amaze Ryan that there was enough space for this “bone town”.

As Leo reached the door, the door opened. A man walked out and smiled. “So Leo, as I see it would mean that you’ve found the pure boy?” The man said with a straight say. Leo looked at him and said, “Yeah I did, Travis. You’ve haven’t died yet?” The man and Leo laughed and then Travis looked at Ryan. Ryan quickly smiled and then looked up.

Leo knew that it must be weird for Ryan. Leo said, “Travis here’s going to take you down to his basement. I’ll be coming also. Travis this is Ryan. Ryan, Travis.” Travis tapped Leo and then Leo moved and then Travis came closer. “So you’re the boy who is supposed to be king. Well you look… How do you say it today? “Unpredictable.”” Ryan then said, “You look like you’re supposed to be an outsider.” Travis looked at Leo and said, “This boy’s good.” Leo smiled and said, “He has his father’s dashing looks, and his father’s attitude.”

Travis smiled and said, “Come in, I have been waiting to meet Yin’s kid. So tell me about yourself…” Ryan went inside and then closed the door. Leo sat down and smiled. Ryan sat down and then said, “Well, I graduated, and I met Leo one year today.” Travis’s eyes lit up and said, “One year anniversary?” Leo smiled and nodded.

Travis then said, “Well, let’s go down stairs shall we?” Ryan nodded and then followed them down stairs. It got darker going down. Then all of a sudden light poured into the stair room and then Ryan stared at the blank field. “So which element shall we choose?” Travis asked. Leo said, “The boy got good at water in a day. Make him do Lightning.” Travis nodded and the field changed. Lightning bolts were flying up and down.

Travis said, “Get on the field and try to obtain a bolt.” Ryan nodded and ran across the room and a lightning bolt flew at him. Ryan then flipped backwards knocking down. “Just like his dad…” Travis said. Leo nodded and watched.

Ryan was worn out and then a lightning bolt hit him. Ryan quickly screamed then grabbed the bolt. The bolt then fused with Ryan and Ryan started shooting lightning bolts at the other lightning bolts. “Mastered it in Two hours… How nice, his father did it in a week. He must have surpassed his father.” Travis said. “Ryan lets spar!” Ryan looked at Travis and said, “Sure.” Travis walked into the blank field. And water rose. “I heard your good with water. It's a shame that I am that good too. Well let's see what you got, Ryan. Come on!" Travis said. Ryan quickly floated on top of the water and then said, “Travis, don’t go easy on me.” Travis smiled and turned his head up.

Travis appeared behind Ryan and then pushed Ryan with a blast of water. Ryan quickly made the water fall and then said, “Shh…” And then the water started to circle Travis. Travis had never mastered this move. He always blast off every single time he did it. He was surprised and stung by the move. Ryan then said, “Shh, Move!” And then the shushed water blasted at Travis and Travis got hit flying and then all of a sudden a bright white light circled Ryan and then Ryan was in a different outfit.

He had a mask on. The mask’s color was blue and his outfit went with the color too. Ryan also felt a weapon on him. Leo then dropped his jaw. He was amazed. Ryan then saw a coin in front of him. Leo laughed and then stopped. Ryan then grabbed the coin and then the coin turned into a bow. Ryan shot at Leo and Travis. Leo’s spirit clothes got stuck and then Leo cursed under his breath. Travis, still flying got hit on the shoulder and fell down. Travis healed himself and said, “It’s… Destiny… Destiny Wild”!

“Destiny Wild, what kind of name is that?” Ryan asked. “It’s one of the lamest names but… The strongest weapon ever made. The weapon makers made mistakes on this weapon. But they did make it strong.” Leo said. “I don’t feel… That strong,” Ryan said.

“You haven’t shot with all you got!” Leo screamed. Ryan nodded and started to aim slightly at Travis’s shirt. Leo then gasped and Travis was gone. Ryan looked around and Travis appeared behind the boy. “Hey, Ryan, Guess what?” Travis said. Ryan turned around and lightning bolted him. Ryan held his weapon and shot a white arrow and hit Travis. “You…Y-you…. WIN!” Travis said.

Travis then quickly fell down into the water and a glow of light hit Travis. “TRAVIS!” Ryan called out. “Don’t worry, it’s a healing spell. Only Travis and probably only he can do it.” Leo said. Ryan felt a drip of blood rolling down his face. Was he hit? He didn’t see Travis hit him. He started to fall and then a bright white light came into view. Travis is that you? Ryan thought.

The bright light began to get bigger and bigger until it went black. Ryan felt the air meet his face and then Ryan couldn’t remember anything after that. Ryan just noticed one last thing. A demon was here.

Travis quickly said, “Leo! How’d they get here?” Leo shrugged and said, “Don’t know, I didn’t let them in.” Ryan groaned and got up. “Why do I feel like something bit me?” Ryan asked. “You were bit, By a vicious demon dog.” Travis said. “And how would you know that?”

“I was behind you after you saw the light.”

“Oh really, Travis?”

“No time for talk! Fight!” Leo ordered. Ryan felt the spirit energy flow around him and then he said, “Black Spirit Four: Tiger!” A black spirit sword formed and Leo and Travis said, “A multi wielder? But only he could do that... Well he is his son.”

Ryan then blasted away and sliced the vicious demon dogs. He then threw his black sword and then his clothes changed. He then said, “Here!” And his sword flew back to him. He quickly released a black wave of energy killing four dogs. Ryan snickered and then turned around.

Ryan’s clothes changed to white and his weapon changed into a bow. He shot fast and Leo and Travis stood there struck with amazement. “GUYS!!!” Ryan screamed. “WHAT?!?” They screamed back. “Help here? I can’t do this alone. Plus that black spirit was the feeling of soul energy!”

Travis and Leo nodded and they started to help and then all of a sudden the demon dogs went to the center. One said, “They’re too strong.” Another said, “Combine!” The third one said, “Okay, let’s do this!” They all jumped on top of each other and started to turn into a weird material. They then started to make a face, feet, and a tail. The details then came and they roared loudly.

The water shook as they roared. “Oh boy,” Leo said. “Huh, oh that?” Travis said. “Yikes!” Ryan said. They then got ready. Ryan then changed back to his sword form and said, “Worth a try.”

“What Ryan you crazy!?!” Travis said. Ryan ignored Travis and started to go after the dog. The huge dog laughed and said, “The boy’s stupid.” Ryan snickered and said, “Already made the first move.” The dogs’ eyes opened as they heard a SHING sound. They screamed as they split in half then disappeared.

“How could you do that??” Leo asked. “I don’t know. Remember that black wave? Well, I accidently made a few changes to it. I put some light energy and it went crazy!” Ryan replied. “Oh really, Ryan, that’s so you.” Leo replied.

“Uh, what’s wrong with Travis?” Ryan asked. “He’s still in shock that you killed that beast called, Nine.” Leo said. “Ha ha, hasn’t he seen my “father” kill him?”

“He did, but he never thought he see you kill it.”

“Really, I can't believe that!”

“Yeah that’s the whole reason why his mouth’s opened.”


“Yep, so what did you feel???”

“I felt that the spirit was calling to me.”

“Oh, so you must be a Half-Spirit.”


“It’s what we call humans who are blood related to a spirit god. All that dumb stuff.”

“Okay, then. Travis I’ll burn your butt if you don’t snap out of it!”

Travis quickly shook his head and said, “What did I miss?” Leo snickered and said, “A lot,” Ryan nodded and said, “Too much, if I told you, you probably faint…”

“No I won’t.”

“Okay then, tell Travis, Ryan.”

“Well I killed that huge monster that you said I couldn’t kill.”

“WHAT? You did!?! Oh god, I’m going to die!!!"

Travis falls towards the water and then Ryan and Leo watch him and then hear a boom. “Told you so,” Leo said. Ryan and Leo then left the training ground and left Travis to swim.

Ryan and Leo waited for Travis in the living room, by the door. Travis came out in fresh new dry clothes. “You didn’t take a shower did you?” Ryan asked. Travis nodded and said, “Yes I did.” Ryan sighed and then said, “We got to---“Leo bumped in and said, “Leave here. It’s been too long and I feel like Ryan is ready to go to Soul City.”

“Really, Leo, You can’t be kidding about that”

“Yeah, Travis, I’m totally serious about all this.”

“Leo you guys should stay a little longer.”

“Travis I already told you, NO! We have to go present him to the Gods.”

“Gods, I haven’t heard of this.”

“You were banished by the king of gods.”

“Oh that little… He’s one of them? How weird is that?”

“Travis we have to go.”

“Stay a little longer. Okay, I want to know what is happening with all of this.”

“Fine whatever you say. We will stay only for thirty minutes, unless Ryan wants to you know, go.”

“Thank you, Leo.”

Ryan slightly frowned and said, “I really was looking forward to leave this… Weird place, but might as well stay. I’ll just look out the kitchen window.” Ryan ran off and looked at the window. He stared at the place. “That’s strange no one’s walking and the shadow has… Eyes… Eyes I say….”

Ryan quickly spotted a black shadow. “Hey, Leo, What is a black shadow that walks in the day?” Leo stopped and said, “Depends on the color of its eyes.”

“Red Leo, they shadow’s eyes are red!”

“That’s a… Red King, they swarm around the area at this time. They hate humans. Are you reading this in a book?

“No I am not.”

“Oh okay.”


“Yeah, why do you want to know this?”

“Just want to get in touch with my, other side, meaning my spiritual side.”

“Good, good.”

Ryan then saw it coming closer. Ryan then ran down stairs and went into the training room and his sword appeared. He then waited patiently for the annoying whatever thing to come. Ryan then turned around and he was thrown into the water.

Ryan quickly got up and then slashed water towards the shadow and it went through the shadow. What goes through shadows? Ryan thought. He then said, “Shining Flames!” Flames flew at him and then the shadow disappeared and laughed.

The shadow appeared behind Ryan and laughed and hit Ryan. Ryan cried loudly and then a bow formed from his sword. He shot the Shadow in the chest and the shadow cried loudly. “You wield the bow that only the chosen one wields!” Ryan shot and the shadow screamed in pain. The shadow then burst into flames. “NOOO!!! Grace is coming!”

Ryan then watched him burn in the water and Ryan went upstairs and then saw Leo and Travis looking at him. “We heard screaming. Was everything fine?” Leo asked. Ryan nodded and said tiredly, “Let’s go… Home….” Ryan fell into Leo’s arms and blacked out.

Ryan awoke in shade. He looked at the leaves and knew that they were on earth again. Well, this time real ground and not red boulders and lava flying everywhere earth. Ryan was glad he was back; he smiled and thought to himself.

Ryan slowly got up and looked around. “Hello, anyone here?” Ryan asked. Ryan tried getting up, but he felt pain coming from spots he didn’t know where it came from. Ryan then saw someone smiling and he said, “Hello, anyone there?” A girl giggled and said, “Oh silly, I’m here.” Ryan was confused and looked everywhere where he could see.

“Who’s this?”

“This is your nurse.”

“Nurse I thought I was outside.”

“You are silly. I’m the Angel nurse. The right name is Angelic Healer.”

“Oh, so you are a Healer?”

“Yes, yes I am.”

“Can… I get your name, miss?”

“My name’s Silver Woods. I am a friend of Leo’s.”

“Where is Leo?”

“He’s talking to the court about you. He needs you to be healed and ready by the time he gets back.”

“Be ready for what?”

“Leo needs you to be ready for the Angelic Transformation.”

“Why now? I mean, I am kind of injured and I don’t think that I can do it today.”

“You can do it, Ryan. Believe me; my healing skills are off the charts. I graduated in Healing arts and got my Angelic Angel Degree. That’s the best one you could get. And I was trained to fight. If anyone comes near you, I’ll give them a hit.”

“That’s nice to hear that you are the best of the best.”

“Oh please stop it, Ryan! That’s so kind of you, but the best of the best is the God of Healing, Tiffany. She is beautiful and good at Healing. She runs the Angelic Hospital.”

“Why do you guys put Angelic in the front?”

“Because our town is called, Angelic because it’s the holiest place and plus it’s where the gods’ and goddess’ moved to in the early times.”

“Oh, I got you, Silver.”

“I am a doctor you know, but you are a friend, so I’ll accept that, Ryan.”

“Oh, I am dearly sorry.”

“Ryan, Ryan, Ryan… It’s fine.”

Silver came closer and she had blonde hair and she was white as a feather. Well, not that white. A little bit of color in her skin color. She had on a white outfit that almost matched her skin color. She had on the upper left, a tag that had her name on it. He then saw on the other side said Angelic Doctor. Ryan smiled and said, “What are you going to do now?” Silver giggled and said, “I’m going to heal you. You see why you’re all pain-e. Well, you weren’t fully heal and plus I was on my lunch.”

Ryan nodded and he closed his eyes and she said, “Finished.” Ryan opened his eyes and then slowly got up. He didn’t feel pain flying towards his neck. “You are the best.” Ryan then got up and then said, “You look pretty young.” Silver smiled and said, “I’m only eighteen.” Ryan’s eyes lit up.

“I am eighteen too. I just graduated from High School.”

“Aw, that’s nice.”

“Yeah, so where’s Leo now?”

“He’s going to come out of that waterfall.”

Ryan looked over and a shape came out of the water fall. The shape of a human was all water. Ryan waited and water fell down and Leo showed. “Leo, guess who’s awake!” Silver screamed. Leo looked up and saw Ryan standing there. Leo ran over and hugged Ryan. “Oh god you’re okay. I thought you were going to not make it. Tell me what you last saw.”

Ryan smiled and said, “I saw the Red whatever dude. He wanted me because…” “You are human.” Leo said.

“Yeah it was hectic.”

“Well, I’m glad you’re alive, Ryan. It’s been crazy ever since you passed out. You’ve been out for a week. That’s why I got the idea or whatever that you were dead.”

Ryan stared at him and said, “Th-that’s why?” Leo nodded and looked at Silver. “Silver you did very well. I know that you aren’t getting paid, but you got to take this money.” Silver nodded in disagreement and said, “No, Leo, I told you many times before that I would do it for free because I am your friend. Plus Miss Tiffany didn’t want me to take bribes outside of the company.”

“You take house payments though.”

“That’s because its company work, stupid. Leo you got to grow up. Even though you’re really, really older than me that doesn’t mean you can take advantage of me.”

“Well, I wanted to be nice!”

“Well, I don’t want it!”

“Fine then, I’ll give it to Tiffany herself, she’s wanted me to pay her for all those times.”

“That’s because you never ever paid for them, dimwit!”

Leo went quiet and Ryan smiled. He then walked to the water and stepped on the water and then stood on the water. “Oh Great Water God, Kenji, take my offering and let me see the future…” Ryan threw a coin in and he saw a clip of the three of them stuck in a jail room and Ryan getting out of the jail going somewhere.

“What the heck, Leo? This must be broken.” Ryan said. Leo walked over and said, “That’s right. And why are we in jail?”

“Don’t know, that’s why I’m saying it’s broken. B-R-O-K-E-N.”

“Okay, Ryan. Anyways we have to practice for the transformation. I hope Miss Grumpy over there told you about this.” Leo said. Ryan nodded and Silver appeared by Leo and said loudly into his ears, “I AM NOT GRUMPY!” Leo flew and hit Ryan and Ryan fell down and hit the ground and Leo was on top of Ryan with dizzy eyes.

Ryan pushed Leo off and said, “GET OFF!!!” Leo flew two inches and hit the ground and groaned. Silver helped Ryan up and said, “Leo is not the best type.” “What do you mean, ‘not the best type’?”

“Oh, you don’t know? He’s not the best teaching type. He just complains.”

“NO, I DON’T!” Leo said. Leo got up and spit on the ground. “Are we practicing?” He asked. “Yeah, we are.” Ryan replied.


An hour later they were all standing far away from each other. “Don’t go easy, silver.” Leo said. “I won’t.” Silver launched off and swung a fist at Ryan. Ryan dodged to the right and swung a punch. Silver dodged and jumped up and said, “Tornado kick!” She collected wind in her kick and it went straight to Leo.

Leo quickly dodged and then flipped and said, “Zap!” Leo pointed at Ryan and lightning flew out. Ryan swung his hands at it and lightning went into his hand. He pointed his finger like a gun. And shot out a blue laser at Silver. Silver flipped and got on top of Leo and kicked his stomach and Leo flipped her off. Silver blew and got up.

“You didn’t touch the ground.” Ryan said. Silver smiled and blew and wind flew at Ryan. Ryan quickly moved his hands back and forth doing the shape of a half circle on each side making a full circle. The wind went into the circle. Ryan pointed at Leo and wind flew out.

Leo quickly tried to dodge, but was hit and fell on the ground. “And Leo is OUT!” Silver said. Silver then spit and disappeared. Ryan had a shaky feeling that Silver was going to be behind him. Ryan kicked and was flipped onto the ground. Ryan quickly used his hands to flip him over. Instead Silver flew and hit the ground. “Ha-ha, I finally won!” Ryan said.

Silver got up and Leo came over and they smiled. “Good Job. You actually defeated the Great Silver!” Leo said. “Hey, I got confused when he touched the ground with his hands flipping me! I never thought he do that!” Leo chuckled and smiled. Silver punched Leo in the shoulder and Leo said, “Ow!”

“I wouldn’t be talking if you were the first one out, Mister Hot Shot.” Ryan said. Leo glared at Ryan and Ryan said, “Whoa, whoa, whoa! I was just adding onto that.” Ryan made a get away from me hand movement. Leo stayed where he was and said, “Other than that… GOOD JOB!”

Ryan smiled and said, “That’s the transformation technique?” Leo stared at him with a regular bored face and said, “You have to go through water to do it. You have to think about the place you want to go, oh and don’t use Salt water or purify water OR, especially Waste water.” Leo smiled and then sat down. They all sat and they looked at each other.

“So I can’t use any water?” Ryan asked. “No you use beach water that’s fresh, and waterfall water.” Ryan nodded and said, “What are the words?” Leo then looked at Silver. “It’s Transport.” Silver said.

“Okay then let’s go.” Ryan said. “You’re ready!?!” Leo said shocked.

“Yes, I have been ready ever since the ending of the heat world.”

“Okay then, let’s go!”

They all got up and went to the water fall. “Go in and then say it.” Ryan then went in and got wet and said, “Transport!” Ryan then saw a bright light and they were on a cloud!

They appeared in the huge Angel city. There was people walking buying food, and people talking. Some people were fishing. And some were in their homes.

Ryan’s jaw dropped and Silver said, “Leo his jaw.” Leo then said, “Close it.” Silver took his chin and pushed it and Ryan then moved Silver’s hand and said, “Thanks.” Ryan was excited and looked around.

As they came closer to the palace Ryan saw someone come out. “Who’s that?” He asked. “That’s your father.” Ryan’s eyes widened and then he jumped off and said, “Father?” The god looked at the kid and he said, “Who are you?” Leo and Silver followed and said, “This is your son, Ryan.” The god’s eye widened and ran to Ryan and hugged him. “You are him?!?”

Ryan nodded and said, “You look almost like me!” The god smiled and said, “You did take most of my features, Ryan.” Ryan then said, “Am I staying here now?” The god looked at him and said, “You have to turn into a Soul Angel first, Ryan.”

Ryan looked at Leo and Leo shrugged. “I guess I forgot to tell you that.” Ryan then started to run towards Leo, but his father grabbed him and said, “Save your anger for the enemy.” Ryan then said, “Who?”

“The enemies name is Darkus, God of The Underworld and Brother to the King of Gods, Light. That’s me.”

“Okay. Does Darkus have skeletons walking around?”

“Yes he does, Ryan. How do you know?”

“We went to the heat world, or earth below.”

“Leo you took him to that place. Geez, I should be more descriptive.”

“I know sir, light, but I wanted to see Travis.” Leo said. “Travis, He’s a monster!”

“No he’s not, he’s a friend.”

“Well still, taking Ryan into that place, could of… Well, he could have died, Leo!”

“I know, Sir Light! It’s just that I wanted to see the world for what it really…”

“Leo what were you going to say after really?”

“I just wanted him to see my friend who helped him unlock his weapon. It seems that Ryan has two weapons. He has a light and dark weapon. Only one who is capable of having so much energy would of have two weapons like Ryan. The story must be true then.”

“What story, Leo? I don’t know what you guys are talking about, but I must speak!” Ryan said. The three of them looked at Ryan and the god said, “Spit it out, Ryan.”

“First of all, what’s your name, father? Second of all, what story are you guys talking about!?!”

Leo and the god looked at each other and the god said, “Didn’t you hear my name? It’s Light, I’m Light of the gods. I have to keep everything balanced. If the balance is Unbalanced then the world could burn. Burn into ashes. The story Leo was talking about was about you. We don’t know if it is you, but we seem to think that this story must be all about you. A demigod who is capable of having two weapons to wield without getting hurt of the strong power that might kill you.”

“Yes that’s what the story is, Ryan. It’s about a balancer who balances the earth and the god’s world. And they say it was supposed to be a god, but for some reason that part is wrong.” Leo said. Ryan nodded and then looked around. “Okay, anyways, father I need to ask you something.” Light looked at him and said, “What my boy? Come on spit it out, I can take anything.”

“I am hungry. I need to eat, like, now.”

“Oh, my boy, you should have asked earlier!” Light chuckled. He smiled and then said, “Follow me, Ryan. You and your friends should come also. Silver after dinner, Miss Tiffany wants to talk to you about… Something like a degree?”

Silver’s eyes widened and said, “Y-yes, Sir Light. I will… Talk to the Mistress after I get dinner.” Ryan and the gang walked inside of the traditional house and the smell of food met them.

The place was beautiful and kind of had a Japanese theme. A paper dragon on the wall, floating. The wall color was red and had a history to it. One wall had little people walking down to the river and getting water and going back up. The floor was wood and made loud noises if you walked in a weak spot.

Clunks were heard from the floor. The tapping was heard from the tables and the yelling was from the kitchen. Ryan looked at his father and said, “I’m guessing we eat over there?” Light looked where Ryan pointed and said, “Yeah, you guys eat over there. “

The god came to the front and then said, “ORDER!!! ORDER IN THE FOOD COURT!!!” All the gods and goddess’ looked at him and started to let silence fill the air. “We have a guest here today! Leo has brought the balancer.” Everyone started to talk and Light waited.

“The balancer’s name is Ryan my son and a demigod.” Everyone then waited to see this balancer. Light looked at Ryan and Leo said, “Go! We will be sitting on the right side, you’ll see us!” Leo and Silver walked off and people greeted them. They sat down and Ryan started to walk.

Ryan felt nervous because of all the people staring at him. He didn’t know what to do. He went on the stage and stood by his father. “This is the balancer. He wields two weapons.” Everyone clapped and Light said to Ryan, “Go ahead and sit, my boy.”

Ryan walked off and sat down and then said, “Whew that was hard.” Leo smiled and Silver looked at Ryan. “Ryan, you must be thirsty. “ Silver said. Ryan nodded, “I am thirsty.” Silver then waved her hand and said, “Water.”

Water popped out in front of Ryan on the table. Ryan’s eyes widened and said, “Pepsi.” The water fizzled and turned brown like Pepsi. Ryan then started to drink it. Silver smiled and said, “You’re getting the hang of it.”

They turned and saw Light coming towards them. Light patted Ryan and Silver and sat down. “Okay, time to eat!” Everyone started to talk and Ryan and the others were quite. “Ryan, say what you want to eat.” Leo said. “Um, let’s see. Fish fillet, plain, with ketchup on the side and fries.” A plate flew down and then the fish fillet hit the plate, followed by the ketchup flying down and splaying on the side of the plate. The fries then fell and covered thirty five percent of the plate. Salt came down and pepper came afterwards.

Ryan was surprised and started to eat. Everyone else followed by saying what they wanted. They all ate while talking about this world.

Ryan was finished and whistled. The others looked at him. Light then said, “You must be tired.” Ryan nodded. “We will be finished soon and I’ll take you to your room.” Ryan nodded and then he got up and walked over to the door. Everyone else followed and Ryan then said, “Goodbye, Silver.” Silver smiled and bowed and left. “Okay then, off to your room. Leo will be your guardian, so he’ll be bunking with you.” Light said. Leo and Ryan smiled and said, “Cool.”

Silver walked and smiled. She looked around and walked again. I can’t believe that he actually said goodbye to me… That was SO sweet! ♥ I cannot wait to see him again… I actually think he’ll blend in with this place… Oh my god! I can’t get him out of my mind… I must be… No I can’t be… Maybe I am? Hmm, who cares…? For now I’ll go to Miss Tiffany’s place and… Well, chat… About this “degree”

Silver was already there and she looked up. She walked inside and a girl greeted her. “Hey, Silver. How was your day?” Silver walked closer and said, “Oh nice, Bridgett. I cannot believe I got to go to earth for the first time!”

“Well, that’s nice, silver. Miss Tiffany’s on the third floor in her room. Better hurry.”

“Thanks, Bridge!”

“Sure, no problem at all, Silver, I actually was busy today anyways!”

Silver waved goodbye and walked to the stairs. She then turned and looked at the elevator. She then ran up the stairs. She knew that she should of took the elevator because third floor was like the top and a long way up.

Silver then stopped and sighed. She wasn’t tired because she had Ryan stuck in her head. Silver then ran the rest way up and made it to the entrance to the third floor hall. Silver opened it and then walked in. The door slammed with a loud boom. Silver stood there.

Silver then saw the light flicker and it went out. “Ah!” Silver screamed in surprise. She started to walk and saw something. She then came closer and it grabbed her and she blacked out.


Ryan followed his father to a blue room. Light looked at Ryan and said, “You must set a code number. It will then ask you to save. Click the word yes and then you’ll have to enter your code and the door will open.” Ryan nodded and went forward and started to press 3-0-0-0, but the lights went off.

“This is seriously the bad time. We must get somewhere. Oh, make sure you don’t get clawed with a hand. Ghosts have been acting strange.” Light said. Ryan and Leo nodded. The god walked off and then Leo said, “Hear that?”

“Hear what?” Ryan asked.

“A scream coming from outside.”

“Oh yeah, I do.”

“Let’s go outside and check it out.”

“Let’s go then!”

They ran out and heard the screaming coming closer. They then saw a ghost. “Do ghost always scream?” Ryan asked. “No, they only scream when they get the reaction of the person they caught.”


They then saw Silver being dragged and Ryan said, “That’s Silver!” They ran and a coin came out. Ryan grabbed it and said, “Destiny Wild!” Ryan’s coin grew into a bow and Ryan shot randomly. Ryan injured the ghost and the ghost fell down, screaming. Leo then said, “Hiru-Hero!” The sword appeared and Leo said, “Shoot!” The sword grew and shot itself at the ghost killing the ghost. Leo then ran with Ryan following.

They met Silver and Leo said, “The electricity’s back on. Go ahead and go to your room. I’ll take Silver back.” Ryan nodded and went back to his room.

The stars on earth were glowing. A girl walked alone. She looked around. “Where in the world is my necklace?” She asked herself. She quietly walked and looked around. She walked into the park and she looked around. She then found a silver shiny thing on the ground. She picked it up and slightly looked at it.

Her face glowed and she said, “This is it!” She then skipped happily into the street. She was circling around nothing and she then saw a light. She screamed loudly and she was on the sidewalk. She then stopped and saw the car go by. She then thought to herself, why do I always have these visions of myself dying…? It’s so weird. I think I should head back home.

The girl walked back wearing her necklace. This girl’s name was Rose Valentine. She thought that she could go into the woods looking for this “Dem”. She saw one day on the newspaper saying that she died. Of course, Rose didn’t die. She simply got scared and passed out on the trail.

Rose woke up one year later in a house. The people there told her that she went into a coma. They couldn’t explain how she went into one, but they were trying to solve that. Rose then lived with the nice family in the woods.

Rose took the trail that was blocked off. She walked through and she quietly walked. The moon was shining and was acting like a person showing her the way to the nice people’s home.

The people Rose lived with was in their forty’s and had a son, but died eighteen years ago. Rose thought that he might be Dem, but ignored that feeling that they might be Dem’s parents.

Due to the split, she saw lights in the outdoor house. Rose then walked and found the house. She knocked on the door and waited for a response. The door opened and an old woman stood their smiling. “Hello Rose. You’ve come back! You didn’t want to be in the city?”

Rose smiled and said, “I read in the newspaper that I died and I heard that my friend Tes and apparently Ryan died. I don’t really get this…” The lady smiled and said, “Come in, Rose. We can talk about this.” Rose smiled and walked in.

The door slammed shut and Rose heard a lock. The lady went to grab water and said, “Rose do you want some water?” Rose nodded in agreement and sat on the chair in the dining room. The dining room was connected to the kitchen and the wall was a light peach color. The appliances were black. The counter was black too.

The lady walked over and put a bottle on the table for her. She sat down and said, “Tell me what happened today,” Rose gulped some of the water down and put the bottle on the table and said, “I was just walking ‘round the park all day and was about to come back when I lost my necklace. I walked back to the park and found it. I got all jittery and had a vision of me getting hit by a car. I stood on the sidewalk and the same car came by. I think my visions are getting worse.”

“Oh I see, Rose. Rose the visions are helping you not die for some reason. It might even help you with battles or even rough times that might come.”

“I know, Mrs. Lee.”

“Rose here we are your family. You can call us whatever you like. Please just tell us where you’re going.”

“Okay, Mrs. Lee. Oh by the way, where’s Mr. Lee?”

“Oh Mr. Lee, he, uh, had to work late tonight.”

“Oh I see, Mrs. Lee.”

“Rose you look tired, why don’t you get some rest?”

“Oh I’d be glad too.”

Rose got up and then said, “Goodnight!” Rose walked to her bedroom where the son of theirs used to sleep. Rose heard, “Goodnight.” And Rose closed the door and then lay on the bed. She then dozed off.


Ryan woke up and found Leo sleeping besides him. Ryan smiled and went to the bathroom. The bathroom was beautiful and was all his. Ryan closed the door and turned the tub water on and closed the drainer. He then waited. Later it was three-fourths full. He shut the water off and took his clothes off. He got into the tub and laid there for a while.

Ryan then heard shades opening and someone walking around. Ryan then said, “Leo? You awake, Leo and are you doing something?" Ryan heard a knock on the door and Ryan said, “What is it?” A voice said, “Leo… Leo is fine. You aren’t going to be fine.”

“Who’s this?”

“Someone you shouldn’t know about, yet.”

“Then why don’t you wait till I’m finished bathing. “

“I can’t. I’m coming in.”

“No don’t! It’s locked!”

Ryan heard a key go in and the key turned and the door opened. The door opened wider and Ryan heard, “Boo!” Ryan jumped a little and said, “Leo you’re so mean!” Leo laughed and said, “Sorry, I was in the mood for some scaring.”

“Get out, Leo!”

“Fine, fine I’ll get out.”


Leo slammed the door and then Ryan finished his bathing and then got out and walked out with a towel around his lower body. He grabbed clothes and walked to the big two changing doors. He then changed behind there and walked out with fresh clothes on.

Ryan wore a blue shirt with a dragon on it and a blue pants. Ryan then had socks on and then saw Leo wearing a white outfit. “What are we doing today, Leo?” Leo looked at him and said, “Going to school to improve your work.”

“More school already! That’s too much…”

“Don’t worry all you have to do is practice bow shooting, spiritual energy transformation, elements, and healing.”

“That’s a lot!”

“It’s not a lot, it’s just… It just doesn’t sound fun that’s all. As soon as you hit the first class you’ll like it for sure.”

“I’ll take your word, Guardian.”

“Ha-ha, don’t call me that.”

“Fine, then! Let’s go then.”

They walked out and went right. They passed a lot of classes and finally walked into the class that they were supposed to be in, the weapon training area. A lot of people were in here, or just the trainees’. There was a bow area, a sword area, element area and transforming area.

A man smiled at them and said, “Hello you guys must be Leo and Ryan. I am your director. I am Director Shii or Shii-sensei. Ryan you must be the balancer! You will be practicing over by the bow area. Go on, and Leo to your regular spot.”

Ryan walked off and went to the bow area. He then said, “Destiny wild.” His bow appeared and people were staring. Ryan then started shooting without loading. He just pulled back and an arrow came. He kept shooting and then he walked out to the transforming area.

“Okay, so you guys are going to transform into beasts go!” The teacher said. He looked at Ryan and said, “Ryan, all you have to do is say, Transform: Beast!” The teacher turned into a snake. Ryan then tried it. “Transform: Beast!” He turned into a tiger and growled loudly.

Everyone stared at him and then Ryan went back. He then found Leo and said, “I know how to do all of these. Can we please leave?” Leo then said, “Yeah, I was just waiting for you to say.” They walked out and Leo said, “So what to do next?”


Silver knocked on Miss Tiffany’s door and a voice said, “Come in!” Silver opened the door and closed it. She then sat on the chair waiting. A girl came out and said, “Oh, Silver, sweetie! How was yesterday?” Silver was about to say something when the girl chimed in. “Oh, that’s great! Anyways about the Degree, you are getting a degree for free healing. You are going to be a Missionary now. You are going to be under the watch of no one. You and I am not Teacher to student, its person to person. We see eye to eye now.”

Silver smiled and said, “Thanks, Tiffany. May I leave?” Tiffany looked at her and said, “If you want. I was going to ask if you wanted cookies.”

“Uh, um, no thank you.” Silver stormed out and was at the elevator now she then pressed it and the elevator was there. “Weird it’s usually on the first floor. Maybe someone used it today, besides me of course.” She walked in and pressed 1st floor and the doors closed and she went down.

She hummed to the elevator music playing. She then heard a ding for second floor and she saw someone get on. “Are you going down?” The guy asked. Silver nodded and he smiled.

Minutes later they reached first floor and Silver got off. The man didn’t. He pressed B and went down. “Sir you can’t!” She said, but it was too late. He was gone. She walked out and went to meet Ryan and them.

As Silver walked out she had a puzzled face. Why would he do that?!? I mean he could, but he would have to work here or even be a robber… I know how fat robbers’ press that button and it’s slowly and the door shuts fast and it goes down…

Silver was in her thoughts and bumped into Ryan. She then said, “Sorry.” She then stopped looked up and smiled, but then went into thinking again. Ryan turned his head slightly and said, “What’s wrong, Silver? Something bad come out of the shadows today?”

Silver looked up at her and said, “Oh nothing’s wrong.” Leo then came closer and said, “Silver I know that face anywhere and something bothering you. You should tell use, so that you can get it out of your system. I mean, I know because I do the same thing too.”

Silver lost in thoughts looked up and said, “Some guy went down to the basement.”Leo’s eyes widened and said slowly, “Some… Guy?” Silver nodded and smiled at Ryan. “What are we going to do today then?”

Ryan shrugged and said, “Maybe get some sleep… Or maybe we could get these missions Leo told me about. It’s great though because we have a healer, two fighters!” Silver smiled and said, “Well, I guess we could go on a mission.”

“That’s the spirit!” Leo said. They then all walked to the mission counter and…


Rose woke up and looked around. No lights were on. The legends about Wood People were wrong. They did use electricity. Only at night though and of course to cook food. It’s like these people are evolving slowly into regular people.

Rose got out of bed and opened the door. Rose heard snoring. Mr. Lee was home. Rose then walked down stairs and heard rocking. “Mrs. Lee?” Rose asked. No answer. Rose then walked closer to the rocking chair and Rose said again, “Mrs. Lee?”

Rose walked and saw it. Her eyes widened and she knew something. Mrs. Lee was dead! Rose then closed her eyes and was on bed. She ran out and saw someone walking closer to the rocking chair. Rose Jumped down the stairs and said, “HEY!!!” Mrs. Lee was alarmed and got out and screamed. Rose ran faster and slammed into the killer. Rose then kicked him and the knife flew and Rose caught the knife. “Get somewhere safe, Mrs. Lee.”

The killer grunted and said, “You are good… For a girl, though.” Rose grunted and then the killer got up and threw a punch. Rose got hit on the stomach and went down. The man kicked her and then Rose heard a shot. The man fell and Rose saw two people rushing over.

She knew that Mrs. Lee had woken up Mr. Lee because of the killer. Rose smiled and said, “Thank you.” Rose then woke up in her bed. She then looked around and light poured in. Someone walked into the room and Rose said, “H-hello?” A man’s voice said, “Rose, it’s, so good to hear your voice. Are you okay, Rose, any injuries?” Rose smiled.

“No not at all, Mr. Lee.”

“Good, good.”

“Mr. Lee, can I ask something?”

“Sure what is it?”

“Can you bring Mrs. Lee over here?”

“Sure, I will.”

Mr. Lee walked out and minutes later Mrs. Lee came in. She walked over to the bed. “Oh sweetie you all right, any injuries from that battle?” Rose smiled and said, “No, not at all. I feel fine.”

“Good, good.”

“You were right.”

“Right about what, Rose?”

“About me seeing the future before it has happened. I saw a vision of you dead on the rocking chair.”

“You used it for good. Remember this Rose, If you see the future you can change it, and another path opens.”

“I know now that if I use my gift for good I’ll be able to stop all these bad things.”

“I know you will.”

“Mrs. Lee. I had a dream that Ryan was alive. He was walking in the park with two people. It’s about this time of day.”

“You feel alright to go to the park?”

“Yeah I am.” Rose said getting up. Mrs. Lee moved and then said, “Go on.” Rose walked out and walked to the park. As she got closer she met Civilization. She walked into the park and she couldn’t believe it. Ryan was there!


Ryan walked with Leo and Silver. They were talking and then Ryan looked up and saw a strange girl smiling at him. He smiled back and the girl ran towards them. She jumped into Ryan’s arms and Ryan said, “What are you doing?!? Get off!” The girl got off of him and said, “You don’t remember me?”

“No! I don’t know you!”

“Well, I’m Rose…”

“Are you trying to play with me!?! Rose is dead! She died one year ago!”

“I’m Rose Valentine. I know you, Ryan. Where’s Tes?”

Ryan’s eyes widened and he said, “She died.” The girl nodded. “I know because I’m Rose. I went into coma one year ago. I have a gift that only you and Tes would know about.”

“You see the future?”

“Yes, I am Rose!”

Ryan smiled and hugged her. Tears came down and he stopped hugging her. “Where’ve you been after coma?” Rose smiled and said, “I’ve been in this Wood Couple’s house.”

“These couples live in the woods with anything valuable?”

“Yeah they live with electricity, only used during night and when they cook. “

“Hey, Leo, with all of this information, this must mean something.” Ryan said. Leo’s eyes widened and he said, “That’s it! That has to be Dem’s house!” Rose chimed in, “Dem? I thought he died.”

“He did.”

“Then why would you say that?”

“Because only one resident lives in the woods and they’re in their 40s now!”

“It has to be then. I thought the same thing too, but ignored the feeling!”

“Well, then it has to be them.” Ryan said. Silver smiled and said, “Shouldn’t we introduce ourselves to the young lady?” Leo smiled and said, “Yes, yes we should. I’m Leo.” “I’m Silver Woods, please call me Silver.” Silver said. Rose smiled. “I’m Rose. I have a gift no one else has. I see the future.”

“You must be a Future-sight.” Leo said. Rose smiled and said, “What?”

“Someone who sees’ the future. It’s the word my people use.”

“Oh now I get it.”

Well, what are we waiting for? Let’s go!”

“Okay let’s go.”

“Rose where are we going, we’ve been walking for hours.” Ryan said. Rose looked at Ryan and said, “I know where we are going.” Rose looked around and saw nothing. “We aren’t lost, right?” Leo said. “R-right, Leo, we aren’t lost, yet of course.” Rose said. Rose looked around. “I think we are lost.” Silver said. “What makes y-you say that?” Rose said.

“You’re sweating, Rose.”

“N-no I’m not…”

“Rose!” Ryan shouted. “We are lost! Okay, I remember seeing a bloody trail and there’s blood heading towards the cave. I think the house was back that way.” Ryan added. Rose turned back and saw something. “I-I don’t think we are alone.” Ryan turned around and he fell on the floor.

“Help me!” Ryan screamed. Silver blew wind knocking the demon out and hitting a tree. “Plan B anyone?” The demon said. More demons appeared and Ryan said, “Go time!” Rose stood there and someone said, “Rose… Touch you necklace, take it off, and say, Shine Bright! Lily!” Rose nodded and took her necklace off. “Shine bright! Lily!” A bright light shined and a spear was in her hands now. She then ran to the demon and said, “Shining combo!” She hit the demon and threw him up.

She twirled the spear and light was being collected in the middle. Rose then said, “Blast!” The light blasted and she smiled. The others were standing there and Rose said, “We don’t have all day guys!” The others snapped out and Ryan said, “Let’s go, Tiger!” A black sword popped up and Ryan started to kill some demons.

“Hiru-Hero I summon you!” Leo said. His sword appeared and he said, “Extend and burn!” His sword changed and it was two blades now. Leo then slashed and flames came out. Silver then said, “Wind be with me!” Wind flew around her and she ran and blew wind slicing some creatures.

The battle was over when Ryan slashed the last one. They all sat on the floor. “That’s too hard.” They all got up and walked to the house. The house was small and was wooden. What they expect a mansion? No they didn’t they expected this.

Rose knocked on the door and Mrs. Lee opened it. “Oh so you found your friends?” Rose smiled and she went in. “May we come in ma’am?” Ryan asked. Mrs. Lee nodded and they all walked in. They sat on the dining room chairs and waited.

A few minutes later the gang and the lady were talking. “What do you want to know?” Mrs. Lee asked. “We want to know about Dem…” Ryan said slowly. Mrs. Lee shifted around a bit and she then sighed. She looked up at the gang and tears fell. “D-Dem… He, uh, was killed. Don’t you know? Well, there’s another story. Dem was sent out one day to get fire rocks. Dem was tricked… By the demon lord, who killed Dem.? Dem was tricked into going into that cave. The cave that… That holds the beast.”

Leo looked and said, “Thank you, Mrs. Lee. Everyone we have to go.” Mrs. Lee smiled and nodded. The gang walked out and then they stood there. “Leo, did you ever hear of the Spirit Stone?” Silver asked. Leo’s eyes widened and he smiled. “Yeah, but we need to kill the Demon Director, Shii. And I don’t think that it’s gonna work, Silver.” Leo said smiling slightly. Silver looked at him.

“It’s going to work… Believe me…”

“Why should I believe in something that doesn’t exist?”


Leo looked at her and he became quiet. Silence entered and stood in the air. No one moved, no one talked, and no one, especially Ryan moved from the loud growl. They heard the growl and the silence moved on.

“W-what was…? That?” Rose said. Ryan looked at her. “It’s… Dem…” Rose fell and she stared at Ryan’s feet. “What…?” Rose replied. Leo didn’t smiled, neither did Silver, Ryan closed his eyes. “The war… Is about to begin.”


Yu looked at his master. “Are you sure? I mean… You’re going to… Let me carry your warriors into battle?” The demon lord smiled. “Yes, why do you think you’re one of my directors?” Yu smiled and bowed and left. Yu closed the door and slammed his fist into a demon and the demon creature grunted. “Me? Lead you warriors? Geez I sound like a loser!” Yu walked off in rage.

Yu then stopped. “I must see my enemies.” Yu then disappeared.


Rose stopped in her tracks and said, “What the…” Ryan ran over. “What? What is it Rose you see something interesting?” Rose nodded. Leo and Silver came over slowly. “I saw the demon… The demon with a soul in his pocket…”

Leo and Ryan looked at each other. Silver went up to Rose. “Seriously… Whoa… That’s shocking…” Silver muttered. Ryan stared at Ryan waiting for him to say something. “He’s in the park. Destroying…” Rose added.

They ran to the park. Ryan ran in and the rest flew back. Ryan looked at them. “Come on!” Ryan said coming back. The wall hit Ryan and he flew and was by the demon. “Hello, Ryan. My name’s Yu. And I just wanted to check on you… Oh my god you look tasty.” Yu said. Ryan got up and said, “In your dreams, Yu. Demon whatever, you’re going to die soon. I need the soul right now!”

Ryan tried grabbing it, but was struck with paralyzes. “No, no, no. You cannot get it yet. You’re not ready for my warriors, my army, and my master’s army.” Yu replied to the rude statement. Ryan’s body was frozen. Come on, come on, and come on!! Ryan’s body glowed white, and flew outwards. Yu, in a shocking look, flew back and hit the tree.

The wall went down and the others came rushing in. They then saw something. Ryan appeared not hurt. He wore a halo on his head. “He turned into a… Balancer Angel! This day has come!” Leo and Silver said happily. Ryan cracked a smile. “The battle starts now!” Ryan yelled at Yu.

Yu laughed. “Yes, it did…” Yu said. Yu had black energy pour out of him and portals opened. “And our battlefield is here and now!” Demons poured out into the park and laughed. Yu said something in a weird language and a black circle formed around him. “Darkest: The black circle transformer!” A black ball went into the middle of his body and extended. A black aura blasted at the gang and they flew back.

“No time for talk! Time for play, and make sure you have fun!” Ryan said dashing off. He held both of his weapons. His bow on his back, and the two swords, a white one and black one, in his hands. Ryan slashed and black and white aura went out. “Balance Technique: Markus Blackus!”

Silver stood up and said, “Wind, be with us.” Silver glided off and threw wind at the demons. Leo got up and said, “Let’s do this! Hiru-Hero! Soul Final!” Leo’s sword was a Long chain with a sharp end to it. He swung it around and threw it. The chain wrapped around and burned the demon to ashes.

Everyone was fighting. Ashes were everywhere. And now Yu was coming… Ryan quickly looked at Yu. “It’s going to end now!” Ryan said running towards Yu. Yu took out his black sword and swung it. A black force flew at Ryan. Ryan took hold of his blade. He held the grip and turned it upside down.

The blade pointed towards the floor. Ryan then spun the sword, and the black force was forced to circle and blast back to Yu, but this time it was more powerful. Yu got hit and was injured.

Ryan then said, “Black Art: The last burning technique.” Ryan then shot a colorful arrow and it flew straight at Yu. Yu tried dodging, but he was frozen in his own fear… The arrow flew and collected the ashes.

The arrow was growing bigger and bigger and then pierced into Yu’s heart. “H-how did this… Happen…? I was… About to… Win!” He yelled. Yu started to turn bright and Leo said, “Everyone come now!” The gang ran to the corner and Leo said, “Epsi!” A big shield came and the blast, blasted the whole area, killed the demons, and then the light died down.

The park was in its normal form again. Everything looked like it was the same. Rose then went out and said, “Look.” Everyone looked where Yu died. Yu turned into a pretty flower.

“A flower, I don’t get it.” Leo said. “Leo, the balancer, balances the demon and turned him into a flower. The black art move… Last Burning, was a purifying move. And that’s what happened…” Silver said.

Ryan went to the flower. “Blossom my friend, and turn good. Give the world a chance. Live and grow into the beautiful form, and turn your colors bright, not dark.” Ryan said silently to the flower.

Ryan walked over to the others and said, “Our job here is done.” They all nodded and left the battlefield. The flower turned bright and felt warm. The flower was pure and bright and brought happiness around it.

Ryan laid down on his bed on earth and sighed. “At least it’s the ending…” He said to himself. Something told him at the same time that it wasn’t the end. Ryan then heard, “Ryan, it’s not the end. Only the beginning and I’m coming for you!”

Ryan shook the thought of that and then dozed off.


Leo smiled and said out loud, “Now I need to train. I know something’s up, and I’m not going to wait. I’m going. Going to get better and protect the ones I love.” Leo then swung his sword and then started to practice. He then heard, “Leo, it’s not the end. The beginning of the story just is about finished.” Leo was startled and said, “Beginning of what? Wait! No, it can’t be! It can’t be the beginning of the balance…R….”


Silver stared at the mirror. “I am just this… I should learn how to wield a weapon. By the time I’m finished I’ll be okay. By myself, of course, but the power of wind isn’t enough. I need a staff. If I get a staff then I’ll be using it to increase my power and it’ll make me stronger and I’ll be able to fight!” Silver smiled and jumped up and down until she heard, “Ha-ha, that’s not going to be so easy…” Her eyes opened and she said, “It’s not!”


Rose knocked on her own house. She waited and her mom opened it. “Y-yes?” Her mom asked staring at her. “R-rose, is that you!?! Oh my god, I don’t believe it! I thought you died!” Rose’s mom hugged her and Rose said, “I’ve been in a coma, and now that I was freed by someone. I can have the spirit to fight.”

“What Rose?”

“Nothing mom, I’m just… Hungry.”

“Then let’s get inside and I’ll cook your favorite!”

“That’d be great mom; can I have a minute alone out here?”

“Sure darling, I’ll be cooking.”

Rose then smiled, “I’ll be practicing to be better than Ryan, YEAH!” Then she heard, “Ha-ha, you better you puny girl, you’re so going down!” Rose looked and saw a shadow with the icy stare. It was… REM

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