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The Door

March 8, 2011
By AuntieEm BRONZE, Vincennes, Indiana
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AuntieEm BRONZE, Vincennes, Indiana
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Author's note: I've always wanted to write something like this on paper. I finally made it come to life, and come out of my head.

I was just finishing up my project at the library. I had been working on it for many hours. It wasn't due until next Thursday, but I was eager to get it done. The project was for science. We had to write about our favorite mythical creature. I chose the phoenix. The phoenix is very amazing. When it's time for it to go, it will burst into flames. Then, it will be reborn from its ashes. It amazes me. I had finished my project at exactly 8:50 p.m. The library is going to close in exactly ten minutes. My brother had come to the library with me. I need to grab him, and go home.
I grabbed my stuff, and started looking for my brother. After going down three aisles of books, I found this strange door. Strange noises seemed to be coming from behind it. After a few moments of hesitation, I slowly opened the door. Right when I opened the door, I was hit in the face suddenly, by something strange. When I opened my eyes, I was staring at three fairy-like creatures. I stood there in shock. They too, stood in shock. After several minutes, a purple fairy came up to me. She was the smallest fairy
"Violet, is my name," Is what came out of her tiny little mouth. After a few moments, I replied with a "Hi, Violet." She then introduced her two sisters. First, she introduced Scarlet. Scarlet is the red fairy, and she was the quietest. Next, Violet introduced Raven. Raven is the orange fairy, and the oldest. After I met all of the fairies, I got a chance to look around. They lived in a tree house. A pretty big tree house too. All of their furniture was very tiny. They decided to show me around. First, they showed me their living room. It was a medium sized room. There were two small yellow couches. They were the size of my pinkie. Also, there were three, rainbow colored lamps. I've never seen a lamp that lit up in rainbow colors. There also were these beautiful paintings on the wall. They all had a title underneath them. One was a painting of the mother fairy. She had a very royal appearance, and she was blue. Her name is Annabel. My own mother loved that name. I'm not quite sure why she named me Sarah, instead of Annabel. The next picture was of a child fairy. Her name was Angel, and she was a bright pink color. It says in the writing "R.I.P Angel." I asked Raven about that. "She sadly flew through a rain storm a few weeks ago." She paused for a few moments, her expression turning sad. "Her wings were not yet strong enough." After a few moments of remorse, we moved on to the kitchen.
The room was smaller than the other. The furniture was still very tiny. The walls were painted a bright green. I really liked that color. They had already been baking what they call "pixie dust cookies." When I tasted one, it tasted exactly like sugar cookies. These cookies though, were much better. On their kitchen walls, they had many certificates up. They were all rewards from the Annual Fairy Bake. Raven stated that the Annual Fairy Bake was coming up again. They were going to enter their pixie dust cookies. I can already guarantee they're going to win. We then moved on to another room. They took me to their bedroom next. Right when we stepped through the door, we saw my brother. He was sitting on and squishing their poor little bed. He was also trying to watch their tiny television.

Apparently, the fairies had no clue my brother was here. They all started to panic, and fly right into walls. I finally got a hold of Ravens' wing to stop her. "It's okay! That's my brother. I've been looking for him." That didn't seem to calm them down. "How did he get in here?" Violet asked. I wasn't really sure how he did get in here, so I asked him. He was still consumed in trying to watch the little television. Finally, he gave up for a while. Then he answered my question. "I saw the door open, and I smelled cookies." The fairies started to calm down, but then they asked, "What door?" I then explained how we got there. They had no clue that their house could be entered by humans. Then, Raven remembered something. "When Angel died," the sound of her name brought tears to the fairies eyes. "Mother told me it was my fault, and that I was to blame. She told me that I would be cursed, and revealed. Nothing ever happened though, so I forgot about it." Scarlet then talked for the first time since I've been here. "So you think mother created that door? Why a library, though?" Nobody had an answer to that question. "Wait! I know why." Raven shouted. "Mother loved to read."
During the time we were talking, my brother had gotten aggravated with the television again. He had crushed it. The fairies didn't seem to mind though. They said that their favorite channel "Pixie Idol", would never work properly anyway. I didn't want to leave yet, so I decided to take my brother around with me. I just had to finish this tour. After everyone returned to their normal selves, we continued on to the outside. They said they had no more rooms inside. I asked them, "What about a bathroom?" They just laughed and said, "We never needed one."

When we got outdoors, I was speechless. It was like a never ending garden. There were beautiful flowers and trees everywhere. To our right there was a pond. Above the pond there were four other fairies. They were just hanging out, talking about their day. To our left there was a huge fountain. It was in the shape of the picture I saw earlier. It was of their mother, Annabel. I was starting to wonder if she was some sort of queen. Coming out of the fountain, was sparkling water. The fountain had an enchanting glow around it. Surrounding the fountain, there were small, floating benches. The benches would actually be the right size for me to sit in. Too bad I can't reach them in the air. All three fairies, Scarlet, Violet, and Raven, went to sit in the benches. They bowed their heads for a second, and then joined me and my brother again. "What was that about?" I asked. "We must always bow down to our mother every time we see her." Violet answered. We walked for a few minutes through the beautiful flowers. Then I noticed my brother wasn't following. I looked around for a second, and then I spotted a small candy store. Outside of the store was decorated with all kinds of candies. It was right next to the tree house. How did I not see it before? The fairies didn't know it existed, either.
We made our way to the store. My brother was always a sucker for candy. When we entered the store, there was nothing in there. It had black walls and a white floor. The only thing in there was a green apple sucker. Green apple suckers are my brothers’ favorite sucker. It is the only kind of sucker he will eat. I picked up the sucker. When I did, we weren't in the candy store anymore. We were in a black forest. Up ahead, we could see red-eyed trees walking. I looked at the fairies to ask where we are, but they were in shock. Scarlet had fainted, and I had to carry her in my shirt pocket. "This is not good." Raven said. I finally got her to tell me where we are, and what happened. "My mother is trying to lure us to her. I'm not exactly sure why. This black forest is where mother lives. It's never a good thing to be brought here." I still had many questions for Raven, but we suddenly had to hide. Two red-eyed trees came walking down the path we were on. In between the trees was my brother. They had him handcuffed. After the trees were a good distance away, we cautiously followed them.

We have to hide every once and a while now. I keep stepping on sticks because I can't fly like a fairy can. The sticks seem to be alive, and every time I step on one it screams and bites my foot. After stepping on several sticks, and getting several bite wounds, Raven gave me pixie dust. Now I too, can fly. We've been following the trees for what has seemed like hours. Occasionally, I can see that my brother tries to get some rest time. When he does, the trees pick him up by his hair, and then drop him. After a few times, he quit trying to rest.
After what seemed like forever, the trees stopped. They went to the side of the road, and tied my brother to another tree. Then you could see the trees eyes shut. I think the trees went to sleep for the night. We waited for several minutes, just to be sure. Then Raven went slowly over to the trees. Before she could do anything, both trees woke up and snatched her. Scarlet and Violet couldn't stand it, and they raced over to try and save her. Just like you would expect, they too got snatched. The trees put all three fairies into their mouths, and went back to sleep. I didn't dare try and rescue anyone yet. So I just stayed there. After about ten minutes, a huge blob of ooze came down the road. It stopped in front of the trees, and made a huge, strange sound. It almost sounded like a lion. Then, the ooze left. Both trees woke up, and yawned. When they yawned, Scarlet escaped out of one of their mouths. She raced over to me as soon as she saw me. She dove into my shirt pocket with fright. I took her in my hand, and asked what's going on. "There are hundreds of fairies in there!" She cried. "I lost Violet and Raven in the crowd." After she said that, the two trees looked over at us. Before we could do anything, they snatched us both. Scarlet was right. There are hundreds of fairies in here. For some reason, nobody could fly in here. I was the only one that could. I flew around everywhere, hoping Violet and Raven would see me. Turns out, I saw them before they saw me. I flew down and grabbed them. While looking for Violet and Raven, I had lost Scarlet. It didn't take long to find her. She was the only fairy that could fly. Raven could explain that for us. "The pixie dust I gave you is stronger than us. Scarlet can fly because when she hid in your pocket, she got pixie dust on herself." Knowing that, I put each of the fairies in my shirt pocket. Now we all could fly again.

It was useless trying to escape. There were no openings. We didn't expect the trees to yawn again anytime soon. So we just waited. After what we think might have been a day, the trees finally opened their mouths. All of the fairies could fly again. It was pretty crowded. When we were all finally out, I realized something. I was the same size as all the fairies. Nobody could explain why.
When we were all out, the trees left the room. Then, we heard a strong, feminine voice. We all looked up. The sound came from a big, blue fairy. She was the biggest fairy I've seen yet. Raven, Violet, and Scarlet all bowed. They saw the confusion on my face and said, "We must always bow down to our mother every time we see her." I guess that's how the blue fairy recognized her daughters. They were the only ones bowing. I remembered her name then. It was Annabel. Annabel flew down to us and stopped. After a minute she called for the trees. "Barkers," She called out. The two trees that snatched us came in the room. They were joined by thousands of other trees. "I asked for my three daughters, not hundreds of strangers." Annabel snapped. One of the barkers replied, "But Ann, you never told us what they looked like." Annabel went over to that barker and tore off a piece of bark. Then she said, "Don't call me Ann." She came back over to us. She looked over at Raven. "Ah yes, Raven." They stared at each other for a moment. Then Annabel went over to a large blue throne. I then took the time to notice where we were. We were flying above huge, raised stairs. The stairs were in the middle of a castle, made of blue tinted glass. Everything had an enchanted glow. Just like the fountain near the tree house. Annabel’s throne was also enchanted. When Annabel sat down, she snapped her fingers. From behind us, we heard the flapping of wings. I looked behind me, and saw a very bright, elegant bird. It was a phoenix. I had been studying about them in the library. They are even more amazing in person. I then noticed that the phoenix was holding my brother. The phoenix landed on a perch, and dropped my brother in the ashes below. He wasn't moving. Knowing my brother, he could be asleep. Annabel got up and moved towards my brother. She didn't touch him, she just inspected him. "Is he sleeping?" She asked. Then everyone heard the sound of somebody snoring. Annabel just rolled her eyes and walked towards us again. With a wave of her hand, all of the other fairies disappeared. We were the only ones there. Even Annabel disappeared. It wasn't long before Annabel reappeared. She came back with four cups of coffee. She gave Scarlet, Violet, and Raven a cup. The last cup was for her. I didn't dare ask for some.

There were endless minutes of awkward silence between everyone. I finally got up the courage to say, "You have an amazing bird." She didn't even acknowledge I had said anything. Raven finally spoke up and asked, "Why?" Annabel didn't seem to acknowledge that question either. After a few minutes, she answered, "You were to blame." Then she got up, and flew away. Raven finally decided to tell me the whole story. She said, "Angel wanted to go get some candy one day, but I didn't want to go with her. So Angel decided to go alone to the candy store. I didn't know it was raining, so I let her." Tears then filled Ravens' eyes. "My mother's always blamed me. She always will." Then I said, "That explains the reason why she chose a candy store trap. That's how Angel died, and now it's how we're all going to die." Violet then butted in and said, "We're not going to die here! It wasn't Ravens' fault." Just then, a barker came in.

This barker had green eyes, not red eyes. He came over to us, and without saying a word, snatched us up. Only this time, he didn't put us in his mouth. He kept us in his branches. He walked us out of the throne room. Then he took down Raven and whispered something to her. She looked up, and gave us a little smile. That made us all feels a little better. He kept walking until we were out of the building. He let us down outside the door. He said "I can't go any farther, it's not my boundary." I then said, "Wait! What about my brother?" The barker snapped with his little branch twigs. Once again, the great phoenix flew to us. The phoenix dropped my brother beside me. I expected the bird to leave, but he stayed. We started down the dark road. The phoenix even followed. I hope to have this wonderful bird by our side the whole way.

The road is never ending. It seems like we are flying in circles. Everything is familiar. Then, at one point in the road, we saw the sticks that were broken in half. They seem to remember me, because their tiny eyes glared up at me. I just decided to ignore them, and continue on our endless flight. We came up to one stick, which actually started to talk to us. He told us about a rainbow, but we couldn't understand him well enough to know where it was at. After another twenty minutes, something above caught all of our attentions. It was a black and white rainbow. Maybe this was what the stick was talking about. We flew up to it. The flight over to it, took about thirty minutes. By the time we got there, I had grown to my normal size. I got curious, and backed up. I shrunk again. Then I came forward again. I grew to my normal size again.

At the end of the rainbow, we spotted a container. It looked kind of like a leprechauns jar. There was nothing in the jar. While we were looking in it, we heard a noise behind us. We couldn't see anything though. The phoenix went to go check the noise out. He ended up grabbing a short little person out of the dark bushes. It was a leprechaun. His clothing wasn't green though. He was all dressed in black. You could tell he was a leprechaun though, he had the orange beard. When the phoenix dropped the leprechaun down next to us, he tried to get away. Raven flew after him, and threw pixie dust at him. The pixie dust confused the leprechaun, and he finally stayed. "Who are you and what is this rainbow doing here?" Violet asked. He wouldn't talk. The phoenix decided to fly the leprechaun, way up high. He threatened to drop him if he didn't talk. Finally, the leprechaun agreed to tell all he knew about the rainbow. "Find the gold, and it will glow," Is the only thing the leprechaun would say. We agreed to let him go. The phoenix dropped him, and he flew off. "Where in the world, could the gold be," asked Scarlet. "I think I found it," Said Raven. She pointed to the top of the tree next to the rainbow. The tree was growing gold. Scarlet flew over to the tree, and grabbed a gold coin. Her whole hand turned gold. "Oh no, what happened to me?" She cried. "I'm sure once you get all the gold we need, it will go away." Raven said. So Scarlet gathered all the gold we needed. As you would expect, the rainbow got its color back. Not only did the rainbow gain its color, so did the whole entire forest. It looked almost like the outside of the tree house. Before I could look completely around, the phoenix pushed me and my brother through the rainbow. We stood up, and opened our eyes. We were at the library, and it was 8:50 p.m.

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