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Kingdom Underground

April 2, 2011
By AmyFanRetaken GOLD, Temple City, California
AmyFanRetaken GOLD, Temple City, California
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Juniper is not meant to be a hero. A forest girl who loves nothing more but to run through the trees in her simple life, her world is shaken once she realizes that she has to leave. But leave she does not, and by a sudden twist of fate, she finds herself staying in the forest -- or what seems like a replica of it. Stranded in an industrialized world, where time never passes, Juniper is an outsider whose unique circumstances mark her from the others. And, when a ruthless earth-shaping king is after your skin, it's better to be able to defy the rules of the world you live in. But Juniper is not free, and she can never be free as long as the King is in rule. With a hand in deforming nature and matter around him, the King can prevent Juniper from leaving, but he can't steal her life away. After the only person able to stand up for the King, disappears mysteriously, it is up to Juniper to figure out how to escape the King - and how she can find her way back home and reverse the mistakes she's made.

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Kingdom Underground

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