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The Great Cornelian Quest

May 1, 2011
By iAmBaileyLaShay SILVER, Knoxville, Tennessee
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iAmBaileyLaShay SILVER, Knoxville, Tennessee
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The rush of the frigid, cool Cornelies air eliminated the entire sense of feeling remaining in the wrinkled face of the
leprechaun as he scampered through the impregnable ice forests of the land with the constant danger of the tightest security
team of ogres on his tail. Now you see, the planet Cornelies is populated with the most amazingly friendly and sociable people
you could imagine. The planet itself also used to be capable of being described the same, though through the years of the great war on Cornelies, the Battle of Cornelies's Braves, if you will, some very tragic and irreversible things were done that caused the planet and its people an eternity of life on ice, and nothing but it. Constant awful weather in which never gave in nor cut the good people of this land any slack- no, not one bit.

Cornelies used to be a planet beyond compare. There was no better place to which you would rather live. Everywhere you looked, beautiful exotic flowers lit your eyes. With out a doubt, there was no site more beautiful, no landscape more awe inspiring, no life in general more marvelous than that on this glorious planet. The Battle of Cornelies's Braves was a great war of good versus evil. On Cornelies there was a generation of leprechauns that believed in no good. They trusted absolutely no one. These leprechauns feared the way in which the fate of Cornelies would end up; and more importantly who's hands it would end up in.

Grandpa leprechaun, better known as Shermie, was always a psychopathic young man. He was just absolutely insane, no sense of mind whatsoever. Well, he went on a journey one afternoon. It started out as a typically normal walk, when suddenly he stumbled upon a very unexpected note left from his father before he died. The note read:
Son, the directions below must be followed the moment in which you have read them and you mustn't go to anyone else about this here expedition in which you are soon to begin. It is specifically designed for your, and only your, needs. As you look out, directly ahead, you will see a large mass of clear land. Somewhere ahead in that area, there is a secret amulet buried beneath a single layer of ice. Do not fret lad, once you come near, the amulet will begin to glow for it shall recognize thee. Please accept this as it is. I send you with the best of luck. The fate of Cornelies is now in your hands. You must go now, go destroy the amulet of Zepladiah for the fairy which is frozen within may or may not be of evil kind. It is up to you to determine the truth.

As commanded, he set out, but nothing was discovered. Eventually he gave up on that mission and attempted to move on. That mission and all of the thoughts that came along with it about good and evil, and all of the questions, no, those never escaped his mind. He did somewhat move on, though. He began taking different specimens from the land and taking them back to his labratory in which he did study the ways of this peculiar planet. He got so deeply into his work that after time he made the realization that he could now predict specific dates in which the fate of Cornelies would someday change. That there would be light and that the sun shall at some point in time return.

He got very old and feeble, and the studies were soon no more in existence. The ogres always thought that Shermie secretly held the amulet of Zepladiah to himself, though he honestly didn't. He carried on, knowing the dangers and soon the ogres realized that it was just too dangerous and they turned back in fear of their own lives. Eventually Shermie went in too deep for his own good and just died, no one there to say goodbye, no one to care. He suffered a long, cold and lonely death that very evening. But luckily, he had expected his death to be approaching and had left the same letter to pass on to his son as his own father had done for him. Years later, his son went on a walk and stumbled upon an unexpected letter that read:
Son, the directions below must be followed the moment in which you have read them and you mustn't go to anyone else about this here expedition in which you are soon to begin. It is specifically designed for your, and only your, needs. As you look out, directly ahead, you will see a large mass of clear land. Somewhere ahead in that area, there is a secret amulet buried beneath a single layer of ice. Do not fret lad, once you come near, the amulet will begin to glow for it shall recognize thee. Please accept this as it is. I send you with the best of luck. The fate of Cornelies is now in your hands. You must go now, go destroy the amulet of Zepladiah for the fairy which is frozen within may or may not be of evil kind. It is up to you to determine the truth.

His son, better known as Kreat, actually found the amulet of Zepladiah and found it just amazing. How could you not be just amazed at an ancient and forbidden amulet that you never knew existed, and found it only to discover a small fairy to be frozen within the crystals? He was so very curious about the subject of a fairy in which he may have total control over, so he searched and searched on the magnificent creature only to discover that she is called Zepladiah which is a pretty given fact, considering the amulet is actually called The Amulet of Zepladiah.

That night, Kreat made a terrible, terrible mistake. Had he potentially caused the fate of Cornelies to take a turn for the worst? Or was it a great mistake in which had been made? Well that mistake was the fact that that night Kreat went for an unexpected stroll back to the same exact spot in which he had found The Amulet of Zepladiah. When he woke up the following morning, he panicked as he realized that The Amulet of Zepladiah was not on his night stand where he had placed it the previous night before hitting the sheets.

What was left to do? What had happened? Had he caused his planet a fate of doom? What would his father think of him? All of these questions and so many more thoughts raced through Kreat's troubled mind. He looked all around the area in which held the night stand accepting the scenario that maybe he had knocked the amulet off of the surface during an active night's rest. He searched and searched, but however had absolutely no luck. Some short time later, he decided that the only thing left for him to do was to go back to the discovery seen. After arriving, he was shocked to find out that it was not there either. What happened?

Well, he actually did take it back to where he originally found it, but just his luck, a young mortal, just a girl of thirteen years of age had stumbled upon the amulet and was secretly keeping it in her small bedroom in hiding. She didn't know one thing about the amulet except the fact that it amazed her. She had never seen anything of its sort. A young girl discovering what seems to be a normal necklace but soon discovering a small fairy trapped within it, well that is something to be shocked about, especially when you don't even know that these creatures exist in nature.

Everyday, this young mortal, called Bella, chipped away at this wonder of merely a piece of jewelry and kept it all to herself. She became terror-stricken as she imagined the many consequences of the people of Cornelies finding out that she, just a young girl with no idea what she had gotten herself into, held in her very hands the fate of an entire planet. As she continually chipped and chipped away at the center of this ancient amulet, she came to a very odd realization. She realized that the more she pecked at the amulet that this creature trapped within actually started to move inside the crystals.

She had not a clue what to think of this as she was contemplating whether or not to set her free. If she set her free, would she end up doing evil? If she kept her trapped, would she end up being a good fairy? Well there was only one single way to find out. She hesitantly continued chipping away at the crystals which secured the fairy. She chipped and chipped for seven days straight. She was very curious as a million thoughts raced through her mind. She had in her hands the fate of her planet.

After the echoes of billions of pecks faded from her head, she had released the small creature. She didn't know what to think when the small creature didn't fly out of the heart of the amulet. She gently picked the fairy, Zepladiah, out of the amulet and she laid in Bella's hand. Bella was amazed at how cold Zepladiah's small body was. Zepladiah gradually began to move about. Bella had so many questions, so many. She decided to ask the obvious. Bella asked the creature who, and more importantly, what she was. The fairy explained her story and how she got frozen in the amulet to Bella. Bella was absolutely amazed. She wanted to know more about her new fairy friend. Once Bella found out that Zepladiah wanted to SAVE Cornelies, she wanted to know what she could do to help.

Zepladiah took Bella's hand, (well what her tiny hand could hold of it), and led her outside. After quiet a long journey, Zepladiah stopped and Bella realized where Zepladiah had taken her. She had never seen nor imagined the sight that she was currently gazing at. She stood, mouth ajar, in awe as she saw the most magnificent thing ever. But what did this have to do with Zepladiah? Well Bella was determined to find out. Before Bella even had time enough to ask Zepladiah, Zepladiah explained that the land in front of them was the key to a better life on Cornelies. If everything turned out correctly, all of the tragic spells and curses that were cast upon the planet during The Battle of Cornelies's Braves could be reversed. Yes, the irreversible tragedies were now reversible. Zepladiah did not understand why the young mortal looked upon her with a puzzled look on her face.

Zepladiah soon realized that Bella didn't even know about the history of her planet and didn't know a single thing about the war. So she just gave Bella a short summary of everything that had happened. The whole concept still kind of made Bella confused, but she decided that she understood enough to go on with the whole ,fate of Cornelies ordeal. The thing that really got Bella was the fact that she was only looking at an area of ground. This ground was special though. It wasn't ice, it was dirt; with green grass and beautiful flowers. Bella had never dreamed of such a sight. As magical as it was, she still didn't understand how this simple piece of land could change a whole, entire planet.

Zepladiah soon explained to Bella that the reason she was trapped in the first place was that somehow the leprechauns found out that she could change the fate of Cornelies and they locked her away on account of the fact that they were unsure if she was a good or evil fairy. Zepladiah promised Bella that she was good and that if she did as she said, that Cornelies would truly be the planet it was ages ago, if not even better. The power that Zepladiah could have just from acting upon a mear piece of land with a mortal was unbelievable. Zepladiah explained the steps carefully to Bella.

Just as Bella was trying to complete the first step, Kreat showed up! He came out of nowhere! What did he want? How did he know where to go? Well Bella had no clue what was going on, so she left it up to Zepladiah to do the talking. She ranted and raged at the sight of the offspring of the one who trapped her in the first place. Bella soon caught on and joined in with Zepladiah. Bella was nothing but a mortal, though. What could she do? She had no defense against a leprechaun. Zepladiah reassured Bella that leprechauns had no magic, no need to fear. Just as Bella was in the midst of calming down, Kreat pulled out all the power he needed.

What was that thing? Was he going to kill Bella and Zepladiah? What did he want? Well what Kreat held in his hand took away all of Zepladiah's power. He was holding a Talemajiti X. They were the most powerful weapons on all of the planets. Only seven existed in total. When shot, the Talemajiti X could capture any magical creature. Once captured, you had total control over the creature. There was no escaping at all. Not unless the one who actually captured the creature released it. Bella trembled in terror as she had almost lost all hope, but then, she remembered the steps that Zepladiah had told her.

Was it too risky? Could he capture Bella, too? Was it worth it? What had she gotten herself into? Could she really save Cornelies? She followed the first step after deciding that she really had no other choice. She got down on her knees and patted the ground seven times repeating: Cornelies Shall Stay, Cornelies Shall Stay. The ground began to shake and Kreat disappeared into thin air. She had completed the first step! She was saving Cornelies!

She was feeling confident as she began the second step as directed by Zepladiah. She gathered dust in her hands and blew it high into the sky. A few seconds later, a giant volcano rose out of the ground. Bella had no idea what she was looking at. She knew of ice, and only of ice. Bella soon figured out that this must have been what Zepladiah was talking about. Maybe this gigantic mass of rock could bring warmth to Cornelies. If all of that is true, then how would Bella get this thing to work? What is it going to do? Will it actually make Cornelies a warm and beautiful planet with no more ice?

Bella thought for a moment, and remembered a peculiar dream that she had the night that she discovered The Amulet of Zepladiah. All that she could remember was the words Oh Cornelies The Great Planet Of Ice, Be No More, Flower With Warmth And Happiness. Oh Cornelies The Great Planet Of Happiness And Warmth, Be Of Existence Now. She recited these words and that did the trick for sure. A boiling red substance poured out of the giant rock and the ice melted instantly. Bella had saved the planet! She was a hero!

But what about Zepladiah? What had the evil Kreat done with her? Where had they gone? Was she still alive? How could poor, mortal Bella find her in time? Bella just broke down crying. She didn't know what to do. As she looked around, there was no one to be seen. Where had they all gone? Well as she gave up, she heard Zepladiah's comforting voice. It was as she was hovering right above her. Bella looked around only to come to the disappointing realization that her fairy friend that stuck with her to the end was no longer there.

She was imagining it the whole time. Many questions, no answers. Many thoughts, no peace of mind. Many worries, no relief. Many tragedies, no happiness. What did she do wrong? There she was, feeling so broken and tore down, all alone, with no one to comfort her sobs. She thought she had completed the steps that Zeplediah had stated correctly and saved the fate of her planet. Everyone was gone. Where did she go wrong?

She had no hope as she just began walking the face of the planet, with nothing to do but think. Think about how she had probably killed the citizens of this sweet planet. Think about how she had ruined the whole planet. She kept walking, and walking, not realizing where she had ended up. She was no longer walking. No, she was floating. She wasn't flying like Zepladiah, she didn't have wings. She was the same mortal, but she was out in space. No land, nor ice beneath her feet. Where was she?

Who knows where she is now, but you can thank her. Thank her now. If it weren't for the young mortal, called Bella, you would not have the dwarf planet, today called Pluto. That planet has been called Planet X and Pluto. Those Earthling scientists have wasted their lives collecting useless data, risking everything. They want to know if Cornelies, well Pluto, can support life as Earth can, but I'm telling you now, it can. It can most definately support life as well, if not better than Earth.

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