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Empires at war

May 11, 2011
By Horrid_G, San Lorenzo, California
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Horrid_G, San Lorenzo, California
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Author's note: My first novel.

The author's comments:
The whole book

“Zeus, but this is… is forbidden.”
“Do not worry about it Isis, no one will have to know.”

Isis and Zeus were deep in the Ahaggar Mountains at a little temple built to worship Horus, the Egyptian God of Pharaohs and the Sky. Isis was bathing in a pond inside of the temple, while Zeus was wandering around Egypt. When he returned, he watched as Isis slowly rose out of the pond and grabbed one of the golden towels hung by the altar.
“Zeus, both of us are married, you to Hera, and me to Osiris. This….. cannot happen!”
“I know my love… but it already has, and we have given birth to a new generation of gods, half-Greek and half-Egyptian.” Zeus sighed. “Hera will be angered by this news. We must keep this confidential. I cannot have her angrier than she already is, especially after Hercules.”
As they walked to the house next to the altar, they heard the first of the twins’ cries, but as the second round began, the house exploded into toothpicks, and that is when Isis and Zeus had the same thought.
“They are much too powerful together, we must split them.”

As Zeus and Isis raced toward the broken house, Zeus said, “Take the girl, I will take the boy. You raise her as Egyptian, and I will raise him as Greek. We must not let them meet and know about their other parent and heritage.”
“Ok, I’ll take her far away from this place. I must let you know, that if we meet again, it will not be a time of peace, it will be one of war.” Isis paused before grabbing the girl and stared hard at the Thunder God of the Sky.
“Goodbye…” She whispered, barely loud enough to be heard.
Many millennia later....


“Oh… hello, I’m Dumanis. You don’t know what that means? It’s Greek for power. Ya, I’m the Greek god of power, canines, lakes, avian species, and felines. Every once and a while, I hear this voice in my head, it sounds like a female. Anyway, I sometimes talk to her, and we exchange stories. I learned that she is the same age as me, 16 thousand years old. I also learned that she is the Egyptian goddess of swiftness, dolphins, sharks, plants, and avian species. Imagine it, me, a Greek god, talking to an Egyptian goddess! Imagine it. Anyway, I’m off to Olympus. Oh ya, I can fly.”
I then jump off the building, spread my humungous wings and fly away. As I fly, I notice something in the corner of my eye, a seven foot tall Minotaur lumbering down the roads of Athens, with a giant golden axe in his hand. Obviously, I make a detour down towards the Minotaur. “What is it doing here?” As I fly towards the Minotaur, it sets its sight on me. All of a sudden, I freeze up. “Kopro.” I then realize that I don’t need confidence to beat this thing; I just need my godly powers. As I say this, I draw my legendary great-long broad sword. With the ability to change the form and length of the weapon, I charge the half-bull, half-human abomination.
“Die you stupid bull!” I yell halfway across the road. And I charge him. At first, I think I had the upper hand, but that quickly changes when it turns around and charges me. I leap up and over the bull, and stab downwards. It catches the bull in the one chink of its armor, and it instantly implodes and becomes an empty shell. I then take flight to continue my journey to Olympus.

At Olympus, the Gods and Goddesses are having an annual meeting where they get to talk to there to their Godly parent, and if they have one, their mortal parent. When I arrive at the meeting, I go straight to Zeus, my Father.
“Hello, Dumanis.”

I look around. “Hi, Father.” I sigh.
“What is wrong, my son?”
“I just want to know who my mother was.”
“I have told you before; she was a young maiden from Athens.”

Just then I get an idea. “What is her name,” I ask eagerly.

Zeus stares at me with a concern in his eyes. “Why do you…”
“What is my mother’s name?” I press on.
"Um….. Umm…" Zeus stammers.
"WHAT IS MY MOTHER`S NAME?" I yell at the top of my lungs.

Everyone in the building stops their conversations and stares at me. I get embarrassed, but before my cheeks turn red, they go back to what they were doing before.

“So… what is it?” I ask him quietly for the last time.

“Her name was… was… it was Enneth Röyal Darthy,” my dad says softly, just loud enough for me to hear it. "She died just after you were born."

Just then, I run out of the building, fly down to Earth and go to the Underworld.

“Hades,” I yell, “where are you?”

"Who dares disturb my slumber? Darn it, I was having an awesome sleep!" Hades yells out, somewhat sleepily.

"It is me, Dumanis! I have some questions, so get your sleepy behind out of your cave, and come and face me like a god should!" I scream angrily, and somewhat taunting-like.

"HOW DARE YOU! I SHOULD BLAST YOU TO PIECES JUST FOR INTRUDING IN HERE, NEPHEW!!!!!!" Hades screams as he hurtles down the platform leading into his cave.

"Now, now, honey, this little god looks cute, plus, we cannot kill a god, let alone our own nephew." His wife Persephone prompts as she beautifully strides out of the cave, flowers blooming with every step.

"Mmm… what do you want, son of Zeus?" Hades says as he slowly calms down.

"Sorry for speaking to you that way Lord Hades, but I just needed some way to ensure that you would come down," I say apologetically. "But you are not exactly reasonable..." I add under my breath.

"Anyway, get on with it, I am wasting precious time, people are waiting for Tartarus or Isles of the Blest," Hades replies as, with a flash of fire, a watch appears on his arm.

"Ok. I am here to ask if my mother, Enneth Röyal Darthy, is here. Zeus told me that she was dead."

"No, she is not here, because she is not your mother, your mother is a god. I know because of your lineage, power, and the fact that you bleed golden ichor, the blood of gods." He replies simply, not even bothering to look at me. "But feel free to check if you don’t believe me, or ask Luthar, my son, he deals with those not going to Tartarus and the Isle of the Blest." He waves his hand, and disappears with a burst of fire, hot enough that it singes my eyebrows. Persephone blows a kiss at me and disappears, herself, in a flutter of flower petals. I stare stupefied and wonder, "Can I do that?" I then wave my hand and imagine myself in Olympus, and sure enough, I appear in the dining hall through a burst of pure energy. Cool. I think to myself.

"ZEUS! I REQUEST A MEETING WITH ZEUS!" I yell in my hand, which is cupped like a microphone, and before I even finish my message, Zeus comes out of the shadows with a furrowed look on his face.

"What now son?"

"Who is my real mother?" I ask quite loudly.

"I told you, Enneth Röyal Darthy is your real mother!" Zeus says in a puzzled manner.

"I went to Hades, and he told me otherwise!!" I yell. "TELL ME MY REAL MOTHER'S NAME!"

"The… Egyptian g-goddess I-Isis is your r-r-real m-m-mother," He stutters.

As soon as he finishes, I leap off the roof of Olympus without another word, and spread my enormous dark raven-like wings, and fly off into the distance, searching for Isis.



"Hello there, I am Irisi, the daughter of Isis. My mother named me Irisi because it means fashioned by Isis, and, of course, Isis is my mother. I am the goddess of sharks, plants, dolphins, avian species, and swiftness. I occasionally hear a voice in my head. We exchange thoughts and ideas. The voice sounds like a male, yet I am not certain. He has told me that he is the same age as I, 16 thousand year old. He has also mentioned that he is the Greek god of canines, felines, lake, avian species, and power. Would you believe that I, an Egyptian goddess, would be talking to a Greek god? Would you believe it? Well, I have to go see my mother; she wants to speak with me."

"Hello, Irisi."

"Hello, Mother, why did your request my presence?"

"There is something amiss, very amiss… you… you must go away."

"What is wrong mother? Why must I go away?"

"Your brother is looking for me."

I'm too shocked to speak to my mother. Did she just say I have a brother?

"You must go to the Sahara Desert… deep in the Sahara."

"Why must I leave? I cannot see my brother?" I say with tears coming to my eyes, "Why must I leave you and my home?"

"You must not meet your brother. This was never supposed to happen in the first place. You must go NOW my daughter!" my mother says tersely. She waves her hand and I am outside the palace in a flash of light. So now I begin my journey as the tears return to my eyes.

I jump up in the air, my wings begin to form from my back, and when they were fully out, I head towards the Ahaggar Mountains, which was in the middle of the Sahara Desert as fast as the wind would take me.



I figure that since the Sahara Desert is in Egypt, I headed there. Since I am the god of avian species, I decide to turn on my hawk vision. The first thing that catches my eye is a ruin in the Ahaggar Mountains. So, obviously, I head there. But guess what? Something attacks me. A girl of course. She flies straight at me. "Kopro," I murmur in Greek. Immediately, I dive bomb her, and then spin, barely dodging her slashing claws, and fully transforming into a giant eagle as I spin and soar upward at full speed. Then I revert back to normal with momentum on my side, and draw my sword. But then, I see her face. Immediately, I spread my wings and hover in front of her. "You look like me," I say as she stops as well.

"Hey, you look like me!" she says. "This is definitely peculiar. I saw you looking at the ruins of the temple of Horus. I am going there myself; would you like to come with me?"

"Um… okay, you try to kill me, and then you have nerve to ask me to come with you to some unknown ruins. And who the heck is Horus?" I ask. I stare at her hard for a couple moments, and then it is her turn to speak.

"HOW DARE YOU!" She yells as she slaps me across the face.

"SORRY! Good Zeus girl. Fine I'll come with you." I say as I nurse my wound.

"My mother, Isis sent me. She said I can't be near my brother." She says. "Oh, and by the way, my name is Irisi, what's yours?"

"Dumanis, and did you just say that your mother is ISIS? My mother is Isis!" I say getting excited. "Is an Egyptian goddess my sister?"

"Could be, maybe that is why my mother told me that I couldn't see my brother, cause he's a Greek god, it would make sense." Irisi contemplates. "Mhhm."

"Well, my dad is Zeus, so maybe he's your dad too," I say with enthusiasm, but just then, we feel rumbling. Even though we were floating in the air, we could feel the vibrations emanating from the ground. And then, a wave of Egyptian magicians came casting spells at us.

"Let's do this!" Irisi says summoning several birds and plants to come aid. I decide to summon some spell-proof lions and saber-tooth tigers of my own to aid me. And then we charge. "Hrahhhhhh!" I yell as I summon my legendary sword. She summons her staff of magic, and we charge. The first wave of spells hit us hard. I dodge and weave, but they just keep coming. I blocked a couple of the spells, but I just can't keep this up, so I just go all out. I activated my ultimate battle armor and jumped into the fray. My lions and tigers were ripping them apart, and Irisi's plants and birds were tearing them up. We were winning. As soon they were pushed far enough back, I decide to use a special move, and blow them all up.

"This is crazy, we need to get back to Greece; we need to talk to my father, Zeus." I say pumped full of adrenaline.



We fly for hours, and it's dark as we arrive at a place called Olympus. As I set foot on Olympus I could tell everyone is staring at me. As I walk towards the temple, I can hear people talking about me saying:

“Who is the girl?”

“What is she doing here?”

“Why is she dressed like an Egyptian?”

I try to hide my embarrassment, but I am not able to hide the blush coming to my face.
“HEY ALL OF YOU GODS AND GODDESSES JUST SHUT UP!” Dumanis suddenly yells. SHE IS MY SISTER! SHUT THE KOPRO UP!” Everyone immediately stops talking and stares at him for using the forbidden curse word. It was only spoken in the worst of times.
We walk into the temple and I see 12 huge gods and goddesses looking at me. As I look at each of the gods and goddesses, I whisper to Dumanis, “Which one is our father?”
“Zeus, the one in the biggest throne,” he answers softly.
“Who is this?” yells Zeus.
“This is Irisi, father. She is ….”
I but in cutting Dumanis short, “I am your daughter,” I say with excitement in my voice, yet he does not look excited.
All of the Olympians started to talk and debate whether I was Zeus’s real daughter. Then the goddess sitting next to Zeus spoke.
“Who is your mother girl?” Her voice was demanding, but I did not let her scare me.
“My name is Irisi,” I say back to her, putting as much sass into the words as I can.
“Who is your mother, Irisi?”
“Her name is Isis, the Egyptian goddess of magic, and queen of the Egyptian gods,” I say plainly.
She turns to Zeus, “Is this true, did you have an affair with an Egyptian goddess?”
“Yes… yes, I did.” The goddess gets up and leaves the temple. Zeus looking sad and redirects his attention to Dumanis.
“Why are you here, my son?”
“We came after an army of magicians attacked us.” Zeus looked shocked.
“No one, no matter who they are, will attack my son and get away with it; this means war!”
“Now let us be reasonable brother; we cannot just declare war,” a god with a beard and a trident argued.

“My decision is final, call the gods and tell them to prepare.” Then Zeus picks up a huge lightning bolt from a bucket next to his throne, and hurls it straight towards me!



“ARAHHHHHH!” I yell as I jump in the way and with a look of fury in my eyes, snatch the lightning bolt out of the air, and hurl it straight back at Zeus. It hits him square in the chest and paralyzes him for a moment. Ares immediately bursts into flames, and with a look of triumph in my eyes, I yell, “RUUUUUNNNNN!!!!!” Irisi and I jump out of the building and plunge to the world below, and as we land, guess who’s waiting for us? Aphrodite! “Hello!” She says in her charming voice. “Why don’t you children come back to Olympus with me, and we a nice cup of tea, baby!” She blows a kiss at me, and overwhelmed with her beauty and love, I start to walk towards her!

“Oh no you didn’t!” Irisi says as she rolls her neck. “How dare you persuade us to back with you? You aren’t even pretty, and what is with that lipstick, girl you look like a bottle of ketchup.”

“Do you know who you’re talking to? I am the GODDESS OF LOVE, I AM WAAAY PRETTIER THAN YOU!” Aphrodite yells as she turns the same shade of red as her lipstick. Then, out of the blue, Irisi slaps her, and I mean SLAPS HER! Right across the face. So hard that Aphrodite is sent flying backwards. “I think my work here is done, humph!” Irisi says as she swipes her hands clean.
"I'm not done here, you stupid little brat!" Aphrodite yells as she pulls out a sword with a heart and pomegranate on the hilt. Then she pulls the pomegranate right off the hilt. And she flings it. "HAHA TAKE THAT YOU @#$%&!!" But guess what? Irisi backhands it right back at her, and it hits her full in the face. "Ahhhhhhhhhh!" Aphrodite yells as the pomegranate explodes in her face, and she flies straight back to Olympus. And what am I doing this entire time, so lazy that I'm narrating everything that’s happening? Well, I'm standing there just watching, because I'm not supposed to hit a girl. So ya I'm not getting in the fight. Just a spectator in this fight. Yup! We'll see ya! Back to the story, Fred.
"Wow, sis, you just pwned Aphrodite. Good job. Let's go." As soon I stop talking, both of us jump off the ground, spread our wings and fly away.
"Here he comes, Sol, are you ready?" Ares asks.
"Ya, they'll be in for huge surprise!" Sol says with a huge grin on his face.
As we fly over the Athens roads, we converse.
"This war is annoying, why can't we stop it?" Irisi asks.
"Maybe we can, I've heard of a legend about the Sacred Pearl. It's supposed to be deep in the Mediterranean Sea. It’s a peace object, maybe you should offer it as a sign of peace to Zeus." I say.
"That's great! But now that you mention it, I heard that the Egyptian Crown was often used as a sign of peace in Egypt. You should present it to Isis and Osiris. I heard it's somewhere deep in the Nile River," Irisi says. "But let's head to the Sacred Pearl since its closer."
"Cool! Let's go now!" I yell over the rushing wind. As we fly, I look at the map I materialized the day before. Using my hawk vision, I look ahead and see Ares and Sol clear as day staring at me.
"Incoming," I say. "Ares and Sol up ahead." I land and pull out my legendary sword to fight.
"Hello, I'm Ares, the god of war, and this is my son, Sol. He is god of weapons and small skirmishes. We are here to kill you, but since you're gods, we're just going to 'bang' you up a bit," Ares says. As soon as he finishes talking, he attacks. Surprisingly, Irisi attacks first, with some daggers that were apparently dipped in poison. She immediately jumps, spins twice, and throws the daggers.
"Ha, TOO SLOW!" Ares yells as he dodges the daggers, I engage in battle with Sol, and Irisi pops two new daggers into her hands. Sol pulls a sword out of a void he creates out of the air.
"You're dead!" Sol says as he lunges. I expertly dodge the lunge, and slice at him, he dodges and summons a fireball to attack.
"HRAHHHHHH!!!!" I yell as I cut into his body.
"I've my opponent, what about you Irisi?" I yell
"All…most!" She yells, grappling with a very wounded and beaten Ares. "JUST GIVE UP!"
"NEVER!" Ares yells as he swipes at her. But she dodges, and flings both of her daggers right into his neck. He sinks, defeated. Whew.
The next day….
We arrived at the Mediterranean Sea, and guess who is there? Poseidon!
"Even I know Poseidon!" Irisi says.
"Let's go!" I yell as I pull out two different swords, one black, and one golden. Irisi pulls out a long dagger, and turns the other hand into the talons of a bird. We both attack, me with my swords, and her with some water shark distractions.
"HAHAHAHA! Coming at me with those? How amateurish." Poseidon says as he snaps his fingers and blows up the sharks. Let's end this quickly, I thought. I speed through the mist and slice with both swords at Poseidon, slicing him up. Irisi then jumps up and blasts him with a magical fireball of huge magnitude. "Get the Pearl before he wakes up!" I say. We jump in the ocean, and see the pearl. I grab it, swim back to the surface and mesmerize myself in its beauty.
"AMAZING!" We say together. "We got to go!" I say as I see Poseidon waking up.



We are now flying away from the Mediterranean and towards our next destination, the Sahara Desert.

"Where are we going next?" My brother asks.

"Well now we need to go find the Golden Crown of Egypt. It is in the Great Sand Sea."

"Okay, where in the Sand Sea?"

"How am I supposed to know?" I ask with a look of bewilderment on my face.

"You’re the one who lives in Egypt!" he yells.

"Well I don’t know where everything is but I do know it is in a… watch out!" I yell as a huge cat comes out of nowhere. It tries to scratch us, but we both dodge and fly straight to the ground. The cat lands and turns into a tall, dark woman.

"Oh no, why did she come!" I say frustrated.

"Who is she?" Dumanis asks.

"Bastet, the Egyptian goddess of cats."

"Oh great, another god."

"Why are you here?" I yell at her.

"Direct orders from Isis," she says casually, "I am here to stop you guys from getting any further."

"Oh great! What else!" Dumanis moans.

"Shut-up and help me fight her so we can get on with this mission." I tell him.

Bastet points a finger at us and suddenly the ground starts shaking and from underneath the sand, thousands of little cat warriors emerge and head straight towards us. I start punching and slicing cats but there are just too many. I look at Dumanis and it seems he is thinking the same thing. But then he summons hundreds saber-tooth tigers that start biting and slicing through hundreds… no thousands of cats.

About ten minutes into the battle, the tigers finish defeating the cat warriors and so they start to head towards Bastet. She pulls out her daggers and kills the tigers with no effort at all. Then my brother summoned a giant wolf to attack her. Once the wolf gets close Bastet jumps on its back and starts cutting it with her daggers.

While she is distracted, I think, what do cats hate most? I got it, water. But it seems Dumanis was thinking the same thing. He summons a huge tsunami that proceeds to head straight for Bastet.

"Oh crap!" She desperately tries to run away, but the wave was too big. The tsunami crashes on top of her dowsing her and everything 500 foot radius. I then summon thick vines from the wet ground to bind her.

We hurry and fly away before Bastet could free herself.

"That was a tough one. Don't you agree Dumanis?" I say, wiping the sweat from my brow, and staring at him.
We fly and head into the Sand Sea. As we fly the sunlight seams to get brighter and brighter, so bright I was blinded and fell from the sky. When I can see again, I look up and see a tall, dark, and buff woman right in front of me. Sekhmet!
“This isn’t good!” I yell.
“Who is this?”
“Sekhmet, the goddess of the deadly sun.”
“Ohhh great, what’s next, the god of poisonous water!”
My brother gets up and charges at her. She then makes her body shine as bright as the sun and he misses her completely.
“Can’t hit what you can’t see!” she yells at us.
That gave me an idea. I remember a spell my mother taught me, a darkness spell. It will put any light, hopefully.
“Can you help a little!” my brother yells.
“I’m already on it!” I say the spell over and over again to increase its power. I then shoot it at Sekhmet and her brightness doesn’t go away completely, but just enough for my brother to see. He strikes her in the side with two slices and hits her with the butt of his swords. She falls down and we fly away immediately, not wanting to face her wrath again.
As we are flying around Dumanis spots a small temple.
“Down there!” he yells and drops to the ground. I follow him inside the temple. It was an open space with a short tower in the middle of it. On that tower was the Golden Crown, but an owl was holding it in its mouth. It flies right towards us and transforms into another tall, dark person. But this time it was a man.
“Who’s this?” Dumanis groans, obviously tired of fighting.
“This is Thoth, the Egyptian god of wisdom. He is not the fighting type”
“That you are Irisi. I only have a few questions for you two before I let you guys take this crown.” Thoth tells us.
“Lay it on us owl man.” Dumanis says.
“The first few questions are for Dumanis. Who is the goddess of cats?”
“Ummm… Bastet?”
“You are correct. Next question is, Who is the goddess of Magic?”
“Easy, that’s Isis. Any more bird brain!”
Thoth frowns and looks angry, “Just one more question∛π^5×5.13!”
“Ummm… are you serious!” Dumanis asks.
“No, only the people with the intelligence of 13 year olds could solve that, the real question is what does the name Irisi mean.”
“Let’s see… I know this one… does it mean made of Isis?”
“Yeah you got it, which is surprising. Next questions are for you Irisi. Who is the god of the sea?”
“Pshh, its Poseidon.” If they are all this easy it will be a breeze.
“Who is the god of the sky?
“Zeus, next!”
“What does the name Dumanis mean?”
“It is the Greek word for power. Can we have the crown now?”
He throws me the crown and leaves without another word.
“Okay, take the pearl to Isis and I’ll take the crown to Zeus.”
“Okay, let’s go.”
I leave flying to Olympus. When I get there I feel that everyone is staring at me again. I walk into the palace of the gods and look at Zeus.
“What do are YOU doing here!” he yells at me.
I bend down on one knee and hold up the crown, “A peace offering from Egypt.
Zeus face lightens up and smiles. He takes the crown and smiles, ”Tell Isis the war has been called off.”
I fly away with a big smile on my face. I then meet up with Dumanis.
“What did Isis say?”
“That the war is off!”
“Then peace has come again!”

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on Aug. 18 2011 at 6:53 pm
ZephyrVon-ZombieOverlord BRONZE, Cartersville, Virginia
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Favorite Quote:
The knack of flying is learning how to throw yourself at the ground and miss. -Douglas Adams

Hi, i'm the guy who wrote Pirates Vs. Vampires. One tip: your story goes too fast. In the first few paragraphs, he discovers his mothers name. And one more thing- I doubt Zeus would stutter in the face of his child. It would most likely be the other way around...

P.s. - I also wrote a greek story. Look for Omega...

Horrid_G said...
on May. 17 2011 at 8:18 pm
Horrid_G, San Lorenzo, California
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please post constructive critism