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Escape from Hell

May 13, 2011
By SeaMoon, Doylestown, Pennsylvania
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SeaMoon, Doylestown, Pennsylvania
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"I was born for the storm and the calm doesn't suit me" - President Andrew Jackson

Darkness swirled around my body. Sharp knives rubbed against my bare legs creating more gashes than before. Pain swam through my veins and my body, but at the time, my body had been too numb for me to feel it. A high pitched scream left my mouth, but I could not even hear that. The sound of the whips crashing onto my back must have been much louder for me to not hear my own scream in pain. I bit my lip and bent over squeezing my eyes tight. Blood began to drip down my numb legs. I could barely hear the dripping sound of my blood to the water below me. Ironic, right? I couldn’t hear my own scream, yet I could hear my blood mixing with the clear water. A small laugh escaped my lips which encouraged whoever controlled the whips. They came down harder onto my back until the numbness in my body finally left me. I could now feel all the pain from the knives and the whips. A small tear trailed down my cheek, mixing with the droplets of dried up blood on my pale cheeks.

“You know,” a cocky voice spoke up, “if you joined me, you could be free of this pain. I could grant you freedom.”

I choose not to respond. The sound of the crackling whips burned my vulnerable ears. I screamed once again, this time hearing the pain and sorrow in my cracked voice. I slowly bowed my head down to see the world below me if one could call it a world. Everything consisted of darkness, yet I could see my own hand in this darkness. Not even an ounce of sunlight made its way into this Hell. It caused my deadly pale skin. Water that reached my ankles covered the bottom of this place. Many mirrors hung up, but not one reflected my image. The mirrors only showed the worst moments of my life. Every time the people controlling the whips and knives left, they would immediately start playing. My hate for those mirrors passed the boundaries of my hate for the whips.

A giggle soon followed the cocky voice, “Why do you want to suffer? Nothing bad will come out of joining me, only good will.”

I let out a hiss of pain as another whip crashed down on my back. The glass on the edge of the whip dug into my sensitive skin. It began to drag itself down most likely creating another gash in my skin. I turned my head to the demon sitting there, a smirk on its face. I glared at it, “I am not that helpless nor am I that idiotic.”

It laughed but no humor existed in it. “Then abandon yourself, mortal. Don’t think I need you or anything. The moment another human drops in this world I will finally have what I need.”

I smirked, trying to give off the aura of bravery rather than pain, “Aren’t I the first human here? Wouldn’t it take you a long time to get another one?”

Its lip curled up, and it let out a snarl, “Humans are idiots. Once you make up you’re true decision, you know where to find me.”

With that, it finally made its disappearance along with the whips and knives. I gasped as I fell to the cold, hard ground. I slowly picked myself up, staring at the ground below me. Blood floated above the water refusing to mix with it. I squeezed my eyes tight, tears forming at the corners of my eyes. I refused to let out a single tear once again. I couldn’t or it would prove my weakness in this world. I had no clue how I came here or why they sent me here, but I knew one thing. No matter how hard I tried, I could never die here. If I could, I would have died from blood loss the first time they came after me.

“Pathetic,” it whispered again, its lips so close to my ears I could feel the cold breath emerging from its mouth. I hissed at it, but refused to even glance at its red eyes. Never meet the devil’s eyes.

“You’re the one begging a mortal,” I panted. “What does that make you?”

It chuckled, “You are a rare one, aren’t you?”

I glared at the ground. I could see the reflection from the water. Its pitch black hair barely went past its shoulders, and its bangs reached its eyebrows. Its red eyes held a twinkle of amusement. It wore black leather pants with combat boots. I could barely see its red shirt that hid under its black zipped up jacket. The end of the jacket reached a little below the end of its ribcage. Its pale skin matched mine. I glared at the reflection of it. I refused to refer to this thing as a her because she had never been a human, only a demon. A snarl left my lips when it crouched down, placing its hands on my back. Soon its head had been using my back as a pillow.

“Such deep scars,” it whispered happily. I could not see its face through the reflection, so I had no clue what expression it had on. It giggled as it lifted its head, pressing its fingers into the scars. Pain washed over my back faster than a mere second. I gasped in pain and bent down, clenching my teeth.

“S-stop it,” I begged. I had meant to sound stronger, but in the end, I only sounded weak before the demon that refused to stop.

It laughed, “Are you kidding? I’ve never seen such beautiful marks before in my life. I want to explore them.”

I remained silent as it smirked at me, “I just gave you a compliment. Speak, slave.”

I gasped as its fingers pressed themselves even deeper into my already deep scars. A scream emerged from my lips before I could even stop it. It laughed in amusement; finally, it ripped its fingers out of my back in a violent way. I hissed but refused to let out another sound of pain.

It smirked, “What’s your name, mortal?”

I refused to answer. It had no right to call me by my name, nor did it have the right to call me mortal. It’s like it hadn’t realized that it wasn’t exactly immortal. If I wanted to, I could kill it. A sharp pain entered my stomach the moment she kicked me with her black boot. I gasped and leaned over, clutching my stomach. The water around my swirled on my face, wiping away my sweat and droplets of blood. My knees curled up towards my stomach, blocking my hands.

“Stupid,” it whispered with a smirk. “I refuse to believe I actually have to rely on you. I guess I do though. Listen, kid, you need to join me.”

It walked around me, so it faced me. It grabbed my chin and forced me to look directly at it. Its red eyes burned into mine causing a shiver to go down my spine. Those eyes reminded me of fire… of blood. They burned into my soul, searching through all my secrets. Privacy meant nothing in front of this demon.

It laughed, “You really are something, you know. Barely anyone looks at my eyes without fainting. I’m proud of you, little human.”

I growled at it, “Shut up. You aren’t even human! You’re an it.”

It seemed shocked that and a little hurt. I scoffed. Things couldn’t be hurt. Demons contained no feelings what so ever. That’s why they tortured me daily. Someone like this thing shouldn’t appear hurt. Guilt welt up inside of my stomach. The guilt of making something without feelings feel sorrow. I sighed in defeat. I couldn’t withstand those eyes that held hurt.

“That was uncalled for,” I whispered. “Sorry for hurting you.”

A hand met my face before I could even see it. My head whipped to the side in a quick motion which followed the hand. Tears welded up in my blue eyes as I slowly turned to meet its face again. Its eyes now held anger.

“Don’t think something as simple as a comment about me being an ‘it’ would upset me. Stupid human,” it hissed at me. I slowly nodded, holding my cheek with my left hand. It let out a small noise of frustration, and stood up. It slowly walked away, its footsteps creating splashes in the calm water. I slowly stood up, staring at it with wide eyes. It held the only entertainment for me in this world. I wouldn’t admit that we had become acquaintances while here in Hell. I slowly picked myself up and began to walk. I crossed my arms shivering a bit. Coldness swept through my nude body as I continued to walk.

How could I take comfort in something so… so disgusting? I don’t even know anything about it. I don’t know why it wants to come up into the human world, or why it needs me. You should have asked her then; a small voice crept to the back of my head. I shook my head and continued walking with my bruised legs. Maybe if I walked far enough I could escape the pain. I knew for a fact that I couldn’t. They always found my no matter where I ran.

“Damn it,” I hissed. Nothing could work. Why had they sent me down here in the first place? I had committed no crime, and I had done no harm to the people around me. I had never been a burden, nor have I been someone with a tainted soul. Why would they even think of sending an innocent fifteen year old into a place like this? I never committed any sin.

“I NEVER DID!” I screamed with tears pouring down my cheeks. All of my frustration from everything escaped from me in that single moment. Sadness overwhelmed me as I bent down, sobbing into my two dirt filled hands. I missed my family, I missed my friends, and I even missed the faces of my bullies at school. Why was I put through this?

“God,” I choked on a sob, “what did I ever do to deserve this?”

“Nothing,” a voice whispered. I whipped my head around only to see an old man in a ruined brown cloak standing behind me. The clock’s hood had been too long, so I couldn’t see the man’s face. He slowly began to drift towards me without needing to take a single step. He just… began to float towards me without his cloak leaving the wet ground. He crouched down and reached out his wrinkled, shaking hand and placed it on my back.

“What do you mean nothing?” I whispered with tears streaming down my cheeks. I must have committed some crime to deserve this punishment. Why else would I be sent here?

The old man sighed, “God is a very kind being, my boy. After all, He is our lord. His angels, on the other hand, are different. The moment they see a human like you, they send you here.”

“A human like me?” I whispered the tears finally stopping. I stared at the old man with confusion. He chuckled and placed his hand on my cheek moving my head, so I looked at him directly in the eye.

“A special one,” he whispered. “That girl didn’t tell you?”

I blinked, “What girl?”

He smiled, “The one that had been following you around ever since you came here, son.”

I nodded, understanding who he meant now. “It never told me anything. All it said was for me to join it, but I refused every time it asked.”

The old man chuckled, “It, huh? I guess that’s a proper name to describe the Daímonas.”

“Daímonas?” I questioned, gazing at him with curious eyes. He chuckled once again, probably from me being too naïve.

“Demons,” he translated. “That’s what they are called here.”

I nodded and spoke up once again, “Um… where is here exactly?”

He smiled, “Kólasi. It’s a strange place, isn’t it?”

He gazed up at the nonexistent sky with wonder in his gray eyes. I followed his example and stared up at the lifeless sky that must have stretched out very far. It seemed almost never ending. Too bad I couldn’t actually find the end. I would be able to escape.

I turned to the old man, “I like you, old man.”

He laughed, “It’s not old man, kid. It’s Richard.”

I nodded, “Alright, Richard.”

“Say… boy…” he whispered, his head bending low, so the hood of his cloak once again covered more than half of his face. “Will you join me in helping me get out of here?”

I blinked, “That’s what it said too.”

He nodded, “But I won’t steal your soul. I don’t know how to commit a crime like that. Besides you want to escape too?”

I slowly nodded, but at the same time I felt a strange emotion crawl up in my stomach. A mix between guilt and nervousness. Why would I feel guilt? Is it because that thing asked me the same question, but I refused? I liked this man better than it though, so it should all be fine. I stared at the old man with curious eyes. I sighed and brought a hand to my head and ran my fingers down my brown locks. This couldn’t be a simple decision, could it?

“What do you say?” he asked.

“I…” I spoke up. I began to slowly think about it. Wouldn’t I be hypocrite by agreeing to this man’s offers? If he had been that other thing, I would have easily said no. Besides what makes this old man different? That he had been nice to me for a couple minutes? No, I thought, I can’t join him.

“Well?” he spoke in a hopeful tone.

I shook my head, “I don’t want to join you. I’m sorry.”

He growled at me, “Why not?”

“Because,” I sighed, “I’m just not ready to make any deals. My main goal is to get out of here without risking my soul to be eaten.”

“How dare you accuse me of eating souls?” he screamed standing up. He sounded no more like the pitiful man that I just met. I rose up holding out my arms to defend myself.

“I-I know you don’t,” I stammered.

“And you hesitate when you make that claim?” he growled lowly. I bit my lip while trying to think of ways to comfort the old man. What could I say to make him better? I couldn’t think of anything. Then again, he is just a harmless old man. I could easily beat him, so why be worried if I make him angry?

“Fine, I think you’re going to eat my soul, you bastard,” I playfully glared at him.

He narrowed his eyes, “You have no clue who you’re messing with, do you?”

“A cranky old man,” I smirked. The old man reached his limit of insults. The hood of his cloak suddenly fell down reveling his old, wrinkled face. What struck me the most had to be one of his eyes. One eye had been missing while the other was on the verge of falling right out. I let out a high pitch scream, and I tried to dash out of there, but it grabbed my wrist and pulled me towards it.

“Naughty boy,” it screamed. Its mouth stretched down almost like a snakes. My eyes widened. W-what was that thing?

“What the hell is that?” I screamed loudly. Blood poured down his cheeks like tears as he reached out a wrinkled hand with long, yellow finger nails. How come I never noticed that his skin had been a pale gray? I let out another scream as he began to pull on me towards him. Suddenly, something escaped from his lips. A huge snake with one eye missing came out. Its long tongue stuck out and hissed at me. I whirled around and tried to run, but my legs wouldn’t move. I stood there frozen with an expression of what I guessed was pure terror.

“I’ll eat you instead…” it hissed as coldness swept through my body. My numb eyelids began to close as I struggled to force them to keep open. The old man laughed at my struggle until I closed my eyes. Darkness surrounded me, but this time I couldn’t see a thing. I’m going to die… I slowly realized. This may be the last time I will ever be able to even think. I might end up in the real Hell for being here. A sharp scream left my lips as I forced my eyes open. The old man blinked with his wide eyes. I growled as warmth and power spread through me to the edge of my toes from the top of my head. This power needed to be released. I glared at the old man as fire shot out of my hand chasing towards the old man. Before he could even blink, it hit him right in the face. The snake let out a hiss of pain before slowly fading away. The old man flew backwards landing in the water beneath him. I slowly stood up and walked towards him as he struggled to stand up. Before I could even make it to him, my foot connected with an unpleasant substance that felt strange against my skin. I forced myself not to glance down in curiosity. After all, I had a job to finish. Another blaze of fire erupted into my hand as I stared down at the man with almost no pity in my heart.

“Die,” I whispered with no emotion in my voice. I threw down the fire at his already cracked up face. He screamed as it hit him in the chest causing all of his body parts to go flying out of him. Some blood hit me, but I didn’t mind at first. The pleasure of my first kill was something I wanted to savor. I had my own power now… I could even beat a demon. I smirked.

“Goodbye, fool,” I whispered. I turned around and blinked at my foot. The old man’s eyeball had stuck to my foot. Normally, I would have screamed, but something changed within me. It was almost as if my own soul exited my body for a certain period of time. I began to howl with cold laughter as I twirled around. My arms spread out as if I was about to welcome someone in a giant hug. How much better could this day become? If I could beat someone like that, I could beat the people beating me. A whole world of opportunities entered my mind as I twirled around with my arms open wide. Pride burst through my veins, so much so that I could hardly take it. A noise interrupted my happy thoughts though; a clapping sound. I turned around and gasped to see it floating in midair with its legs crossed. It slowly clapped for me with narrowed red eyes and a smirk.

“A Torappā,” it smirked. “Nice job, slave.”

“S-slave,” I stammered glaring at her. “I am no slave.”

It burst into emotionless laughter, “Idiot, do you honestly think that fire came out of nowhere? I gave that to you. I gave you the power. It’s what you will do. If you become my slave, I transfer all power I receive into you almost like vessel. I can then use your power to escape from here.”

I gaped at it. I would become a vessel for it? I would never become a slave just so it could escape while leaving me behind. How do I know it’s even telling the truth? It could be lying to my face right now. I growled at it. I finally spoke up after minutes of silence, “How do I know you speak the truth?”

It smirked, “Was what just happened a few moments ago with that Torappā a lie?”

I shook my head, “No, I felt that… I know that was real.”

“Good,” it stretched out its hand towards me. “We have a deal then?”

I took a step back, “I never said I agreed.”

“But you liked the feeling of power,” it smirked.

I lowered my head for a moment. What she claimed was true. I did like that power in my grasp. It is being truthful about the power though, so why should I doubt it anymore? I wanted to escape this place as badly as she did.

“Fine,” I agreed, “I’ll make a deal with you, Daímonas.”

It giggled, “Not Daímonas. My name is Yara.”

Yara… the name rung in my head like little bells. A name… what had that meant? By being given a name, hadn’t that made her a girl, a human? I don’t know, but I guess if she respects me, I should respect her. That means to not call her an it anymore. It’s are inanimate objects while she is very much alive.

“Yara…” I repeated softly. “I am Andrew.”

She smiled brightly, “Then I guess we have a deal, Andrew.”

I nodded, and we both shook hands. I smiled when I realized that her hands actually felt warm against my skin this time.

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Of course it is happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real? ~ Albus Dumbledore

4 stars! Good idea. Might want to edit a little more. Other then that I'm extremely curious as to how Andrew got there and why Yara needs his help. I normally don't like sad painfull books like this, but youve done a good job. Check out my novel Shaya's Story, please. And don't forget to rate. (: