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Wal-Mart Runaway- The High Cost of a Low Price

August 9, 2011
By Texas_Horsegirl BRONZE, Windom, Texas
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Texas_Horsegirl BRONZE, Windom, Texas
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Author's note: I went to Eal-Mart. The end.

Today I was in a bad mood as I followed my mom by the grocery cart at Wal-mart. I was embarrassed to be here, and my mom had only bribed me here by a promised candy bar. It’s always interesting to see what kind of random people show up here. You got the people with their fat bellies tucked in their pants, the old people that always walk at 1 meter per hour, or the people that come here in their PJs. But I often wonder what lives these people lead. My mom had me when she was sixteen and my daddy is in prison. She works two jobs to keep our shack of a house and if I’m luck, she will actually make a burnt dinner. Usually I just go to the diner a few blocks down the street, but sometimes we just can’t afford to spend that much. In our cart was only a loft of breath, yogurt and chesses sticks. While my mom was looking at some milk in the freezers, I walked casually away and looked at the people shopping and looking around. I passed a screaming two year old and an old man with biker clothes before I made it to the man that will change my life forever.

He was tall, with dark brown hair and cruel black eyes. His hair fell into his pale face, hiding his emotionless expression. I could feel his darkness, his cruelty, and I started to shuffle away from him. He glanced at me, and when he did my heart skipped a beat. I hurried to my mom, who was not that far from the man.
“Mom, you see that man? Something is wrong with him. Pleased, let’s go.” I begged feeling the tension in the air.
“What do you mean? I can’t leave; I have other things to buy. Why don’t you go get you candy bar and then find me so we can leave.” I blow air out in frustration.
“No, let’s leave.” I whisper tugging on her arm. She yanked her arm away and stroll passed the man that was looking at us curiously as we had ranted.

I watched her leave feeling worried and angry at her, but then I turned my back and walked away. I made my way to the lines and looked at the selection of candy bars on the rack. I guess I’ll get a Milky Way bar, I thought as I slid two in my purse and one in my hand. I looked around to see if anyone saw before I turned to walk back.
Screams and gun shots made everyone stop and look around wide-eyed. My heart was pounding hoping beyond hope my mom was alright. The gun shots went on non-stop. Everyone got to the floor and though the window I saw people running away in all directions. Without thinking, I dashed though the revolving doors into the dark parking lot. Sirens could be heard from a distance, and I jumped about a foot before running like crazy into the trees. The sirens got louder, and the shot gun and screams made fear swell tears up in my eyes. I just ran in the night’s woods. I could barely see where I was going, and braches kept yanking at my long brown hair. Suddenly I heard someone running behind me, and I turned around with a start as the big man raised his fist and punched me in the jaw. Blood poured out of my mouth as I fell to the hard ground. A rock was jabbing me in the back, I thought vacantly as the man bent down to look at me.

Suddenly I heard more footsteps, and I could almost die in my dread. The man jumped to his feet, and then I heard various sounds of punching and grunting. A young person, who seemed to be a tall teenager, was on top of him throwing punches like crazy into the poor guys gut. I thought he was the bad guy still I heard the man yell, “I will get you, and the girl too.”
That was just not going to fly. I jumped to my feet as the man turned over the teenager and started to pound his face in. I used this chance to grab his hair from the back, and I yanked with all my might. The tall guy used this chance to roll him over and beat the crap out of him. I just stood aside, trying not to cry as I held my arms to my chest. Finally the man stopped moving, and after checking to see he was out, he stood up. He glanced at me before turned away and walking into the woods. I looked around to see only darkness and trees, and fear took me as I imagined sounds of footsteps.
“Wait!” I called hurrying after him. He didn’t even look at me as he ran into the woods. My breath quickened and my heart pounded in my chest as I understood that I was left alone. I sat up against a tree and pulled my knees to my chest. I cried hopeless tears, and I tried to keep my sobbing quiet. Is my mom okay? I thought. I shouldn’t have let her go. I can’t believe this is happening to me! My jaw hurts, I thought as I rubbed it with my hand. I’m sure to get a bruise. And with that thought, I broke down crying again. Suddenly I felt a touch on my shoulder, which sent me on full alert. I was off my feet in a second with my fist flying aimlessly.
“Stop! I won’t hurt you!” He yelled pining down my fist.
Suddenly I lost all my energy and sort of sagged where I took. With a sigh he bent down to throw me over his shoulder, which by the way was not an improvement. I guess he thought he was being helpful. But I was too tried to care. I passed out.
I slowly woke up to see a wooden cabin around me. What the crap? I thought. I was in a bed, and on the ground was the boy stretched out on the hard wood. Outside it was beating rain on the window, and the fireplace in the center of the large room was flickering in the dim light. I quietly slipped out of the bed and draped the blanket over his shoulders before going into the only other room, the bath room. I turned on the light switch and then shrieked with horror. The whole left side of my face was blue! I laid a gentle hand on my face as tears fell down my cheeks. I wanted to go home more than anything in my life and for things to be normal. But things aren’t normal, I thought. And moping about what can’t be changed won’t help. I need to be wary of my future. I carefully washed my face, and that felt so good I decided to jump in the shower. Though I was nervous to be alone in the cabin with a stranger, and to shower without talking about why I was there, my hair was a big mess and mud and dirt smeared my body.
First I washed my clothes in the sink and hung them up the dry on the towel rack before I slipped in. I started to relax as the water warmed me, and soon my worries came back. What did this guy want? What is happening? What do I have to do with this? The questions came nonstop like bees buzzing around in my head. I then just tried to not think at all, but then trying to not think gives you something to think about. Huh. Suddenly the bathroom door swung open.
“Are you alright?” He yelled. I opened my eyes-wide and was grateful for the shower curtain.
“Yes! Get out!” I shouted.
“I’m going to make some breakfast.” He announced.
“Okay, fine.” I said in a hurry.
I started to calm down when I heard the bath room door shut. What was wrong with him? Doesn’t he know not to come in without knocking? Somehow that sounded silly in my head and I couldn’t help but laughing.
I got out quickly and dried off, but my clothes were still a bit damp. On the floor was a huge shirt with Super heroes all over it. Weird, I thought, but it would do. I wondered if it was his shirt, and then I wished I hadn’t washed my clothes. I came out of the bath with a puff of steam. He was over but the stove cooking some eggs so it seemed, and outside it had stopped raining. He turned around and I finally got a real look at him. He had blond hair to his shoulders with true deep blue eyes and was beyond tall with a broad chest and long legs. His features were just perfect, with a straight nose and perfect full lips. He looked like something out of a romance novel, and slowly I let out a low whistle. He seemed to be measuring me as well, and I looked away uncomfortable.
I was tall for my age, which was seventeen, with long dark brown wavy hair to my back with hazel eyes. My features are okay to me, with high cheek bones and wide-spaced eyes. What people don’t get about me is that I’m actually Indian, and people always assume I have white in me because of my blue-green eyes and pale skin, but it’s only because I had a genetic defect when I was born. It doesn’t bother me that much, but sometimes it gets on my nerves when people I don’t know act like they just know everything about me. I than was brought out of my head by the look of smoke rising from the pan. I sprinted forward and took the burnt eggs and through them in the trash.
“I can’t cook.” He said stepping back from me.
“I can.” I said cracking two more eggs into the pan.
“I’m Tim.” He said with a timid smile. Suddenly, It was just too much. I bent over laughing so hard my sides’ shook, and poor Tim just stood there confused. When I would start to calm down, I would look at him and then blow up again. After a while Tim started to look mad, with a bent between his eyes brows. Finally, I was all laughed out, and I whipped the tears from my eyes to look at his handsome face.
“What is so funny?” He demanded.
“I expected a name like Edward, Romeo or Daphnis, but Tim?!” I broke out in laughter again.
He just looked at me thoughtful as I turned the eggs, and then he sat at the small table against the wall. Suddenly I was very calm, and wondered why I had blew up. I had no clue.
“What’s your name?” He asked kicking his feet in a chair.
“Diana” I replied as I turned off the stove and served the eggs on the plates.
I brought the plates to the table and then got two forks. He tied his hair back at the tap of his neck as I came back over and sat in the wooden chair. But I couldn’t eat, and just toyed with my food. I looked up to see he was already finished and had eaten the whole thing. I raised my eye bows at him, and he just shrugged.
“So, why are we here? What’s happening?” I was scared to know.
“I was wondering when you would ask.” He said, but then he was silent. I spread my hands out for him to continue. “You’re here because we are running away from the guy’s who started the shootings at wal-mart.” He said while taking my plate starting to eat it. I frowned.
“What did they even do it?” I asked. He ate my eggs in less than a minute and then glanced up at me.
“They have been selling illegally to wal-mart for the past year, only because it’s cheaper. But then wal-mart stopped buying from them because people were getting suspicions, so the guys wanted pay back.”
“Why are they after us?” I asked. He sighed and turned the plate round and round. Finally I put my hand on the plate and looked at him in a glare.
“My life is in danger, tell me right now; Why are they after us?” I looked deep in his eyes, and he stared back unflinching.
“I helped them with the deal for some time, just because my parents needed the money. But after a while, I didn’t like it and knew it was wrong. Plus, I didn’t want to get busted, and I told them I was quitting when wal-mart refused to take anymore of the items. They thought I turned on them, and they said I had to get out of town. But I knew they were going to have a shooting, so I came back and was going to warn them, but I was too late. I guess Dave, the guy who attacked you, thinks you’re my girlfriend and he wants to get to me by killing you.” I swallowed hard before finding my voice.
“Thank you for saving me out there. I would probably be dead without you.” I managed a smile. He smiled too and went to rinse the plates.
Boom! Boom! Thunder cracked shaking the ground under us, and soon rain started to beat against the window. The light’s when out, and only the fire light lit my way around the cabin. Tim was packing stuff, getting ready for the unknowns as I went to change into my clothes. We then sat on the couch and stared at the walls. I guess we were waiting for something horrible to happen.
We got are wish.

Someone was banging on the door shouting for us to open up. Did they think we were that stupid? Tim and I stood in the middle of the room, stiff with fright. We didn’t say a word, but only listened to the racket outside. A rock then flew through the window sending glass flying through the air and onto the wooden floor. Both of us jumped out in fright as a dark man started to break away the glass with his hand causing blood to crawl down his arm. His hair was plaster against his head and his eyes were crazed. Cold wind blew our clothes and hair as we ran away from the man. Tim grabbed his backpack and led me to the other window at the back. We pushed it open urgently as the men shouted, “Go to the back! Their crawling through the window!”
The man then lost hope in trying to break through and brought out a gun. I screamed as I jumped out of the window and met wind and rain that blinded my vision. Tim than filled the window, and I watched as he jolted forward and fell on top of me. I was then sobbing; trying to drag his huge body into the cover of the trees. The shouting got louder, and so did the pounding in my heart. I was blinded, I could not see. I just dragged him away with all my might as the trees got closer. Four men in black jackets and big boots ran toward us with guns pointed at my head.
I looked down at Tim to see I had blood smothering my arm and Tim had a gunshot wound in his shoulder. I made it to the trees, and then was met by a jutting stream that was running fast. I thought about jumping it for only a second before the men surrounded me. But then, I guess it was my guardian angel, a flash of lighting struck an oak tree next to me, throwing sparks in the air. The tree snapped and then slowly came tumbling down. The men backed away, and joy filled me. It easily disappeared as I registered that the tree was going to fall on Tim’s legs. I felt adrenalin pulse though my veins, and without it, I don’t think I would have been able to move him fast enough. Tim moaned as the tree fell to the ground, and I put my hand on his shoulder to try to keep pressure. I then heard gun shots aimed at me, and in a panic, I jumped into the stream with my hand holding on to Tim’s arm.
Underwater, I could see the storm above me, hear the restless gun shots, and felt the fear that encased me. But in the seconds I was underwater, time froze. Time had no meaning. My dark hair turned black and moved above my head, and my clothes moved aimlessly around in the water. I didn’t want to go back up; I didn’t want to face the unknowns. But then Tim came into view, and believe it or not, he was smiling. His eyes were lit up in excitement, and his grin was wide in pleasure. He grabbed me and started to swim up to surface, and all the while I yelled “Tiiiimmm!”As bubbles escaped my mouth. I breathed big gulps of air at the surface, and then the current took us. The men were running after us, but the current was too fast. They were soon out of sight, as were their voices. We swam as thunder and lightning shook and lit up the sky. This reminded me of those movies, where they always had a storm at the big scene. I laughed even though I was breathing hard and was tired, and thought, this could even make a good book!
Suddenly, I could make out trees. The trees had fallen into the stream, and sharp points were pointed straight at us. When will it ever end?! Tim grabbed my arm and then dived forward like a dolphin. He grabbed a branch that was sticking out over us, and soon I did too. We both pulled with all our power, pulling to the heavenly ground. And we reached it. We laid there trying to catch our breath, and then soon I started shivering. Tim and I cuddled close to keep warm as the rain poured over us. I looked at his shoulder, his pale cold skin, and the blood oozing from his chest, and knew it was not over. He looked hopeless, innocent, and I had to help him. After all, he had saved my life.
I sat up and took off the jacket I was wearing and brought it to his shoulder. He looked at me with surprising seriousness with his forehead knotted with pain.
“Go north of here. You will find a sign that will say “The Judith Church”. It takes in homeless people. Not many…people know about it. Go, they will make me better.” He slowly closed his eyes and his face relaxed as he went out. As I dragged him slowly for I don’t know how long in the cold wind and rain, I decided I don’t like Wal-mart. And if I ever get out of this I will change grocery stores. I always thought that yellow smiley face was evil.
I almost died in relief as I saw the old wooden Judith Church sign, and then all I had to do was drag him down the path. I bent back over and grabbed his shoulders and continued to move. The path was longer than I thought, and I cursed under my breath a lot, actually, I would have liked to have said that but it was more like shouting it as the top of my lunges. The church building looked creepy with the storm blowing around it. It had once been red brick, but now it was black from the weather. Dead plants and weeds filled the front, and in the back were nice grave tomb stones that complimented the house. A gravel path lead to the double doors, and the many windows were filled with growing light. A statue of Mary was standing overlooking the trees that engulfed the road. She had wide eyes with a smile on her face. A single hand was raised forward as if beckoning someone forward.
I laid Tim on the ground and stood there looking up at the eerily building, when I thought I saw movement. I looked up in time to see someone close their curtains, making me scared to be there. I put my arms around my chest and shivered. I decided I had to go in if I wanted Tim to live. I pulled him to the steps and in the cover of the pouch. I walked up and rang the door bell, but then took a few steps away.
The double doors swung open reveling an old lady. I had to blink a few times, appalled at the sight I was seeing. The old lady was wearing a red gown way to short for her fat legs. I’m just sayin, and her white hair was in a tight braid to her butt. She looked concerned when she saw the boy at my feet almost dead and hopeless. She barked commands and soon these nuns in black came rushing outside and lifted Tim into the church. Inside it looked nothing like a church at all, but rather a beat up motel. Inside was a big area when you walk in, and in the center were couches pulled together by a TV. The nuns laid Tim on the red couch and started to rip off his shirt. Whoa. Just wow, I thought as I took in the six pack. A lady that looked like a doctor came forward and bent over him looking very concerned. I was concerned too, looking at his handsome innocent face. The old lady with the gown came forward with her hand out.
“Hello, I’m Tina. I own this church. What happened to this handsome young man?” Was I imagining the admiring look she gave him? Should I tell her about what’s be happening to us? Better not.
“He is very curious. He was playing with a shot gun and accidently shot himself. You should have seen him last week when he jumped off the roof to see if he could fly.” I smiled widely like I’m sure made me look crazy to cover up the lie, but it seemed the old-Tina brought it.
“So you’re his sister?” She asked as nuns buzzed busily around Tim to clean the blood off him.
“Um, yes.”
“Well you look freezing! Let me get you a room for you and your brother. He is in good hands, and when he is strong enough we will move him in there. I can get you some fresh clothes too. Are you hungry?” She asked leading me down the hallway.
“You’re too kind. I already have something to eat thought.” I could still unbelievably feel the candy bars in my pocket.
“Alrightie, here’s your room.” She opened the door the room and the first thing I noticed was that it was tiny.
A small bed for one person was against the wall with raggedy blankets and a flat pillow. Selves were hung on the wall holding only dust and a dirt old rug graced the wood floors. I walked forward on the creaking wood, and was just glad I made it.
“Thank you…” But she was already gone. Spooky, I though as I jumped on to the bed. It suddenly groaned and the bottom legs of the bed snapped off. Panicking, I got to my feet and tried to get the legs of the bed to go back on, but soon found out they had been held together by duck tape. Wow. I forgot about trying and just lay down on the bed while exhaustion took me.
In the morning, I woke up to the face of horror.

I mean really? Who do these people think they are to wake me up by getting in my face. I lazily opened my eyes to see a wrinkled old face pasted with cheap make-up.
“Tim is up. He’s been wanting to see you.” I rolled over and shuffled over to the main room dead on my feet. I rubbed my eyes and was met by surprised shocked faces. Then the whole room erupted in laughter. Tim was surrounded with girls, and I glared at his laughing face, though secretly I was happy to see he was better.
“Diana! Did you poop your dress?” I looked down to see brown gunk smearing the white gown. But it was not poop! I must have rolled over on the second Milky Way bar in my sleep! My face turned red in embarrassment. I will never forgive him, I thought as I marched away.
I spent most of my day in my room not wanting to come out. But then hunger got the better of me, and I walked out in my normal clothes. Smiles and grins came my way as I walked into the main room. I didn’t even glance at Tim, and went straight to Tina.
“Is there something to eat Tina?” I could feel Tim’s gaze on me.
“Oh, I can show you.” My back stiffened when I heard Tim’s voice. “I was going to go because I need to stretch my legs. I can show you the way.”
“That’s okay. Tina can show me.”
“But I want to do it.” He whined.
“No, I said she can show me.”
“Why? I can take you.”
“I know you can show me. But I want to go with Tina.”
“Come on Tina.” I said turning my back in what I hope was a final message.
“Are you sure?” I heard him yell.
When will he get it in his head? Down the dark hallway we came into a little old fashioned kitchen hardly big enough for four people. Tina opened the cabinets and pulled out a box of Lucky Charms and poured me a bowl. What she said next truly shocked me.
“So, your brother…what’s he like? Do you think he would like a girl like me?” A girl? What the crap?
“Why? Are you…into him?” I don’t think I will be able to eat anymore.
“Well, I have my eye out. What’s he like?” She said with a blush on her cheek. Jealously shot though me, and at that point I truly hated this lady.
“Oh, he’s horrible. He has a bad temper and always keeps things for himself. He’s quite selfish if you ask me.” I said with a smirk. The old lady laughed.
“Oh, want a man, what a man.” She murmured walking out of the room.
I stood there confused for a second, and then shook my head as I ate my cereal. I walked to my room feeling bored and a little hurt. What if he really likes her? I opened my door to find Tim sitting there looking miserable on my bed.
“Diana, what did I do?” He asked standing up and taking my hands. I ripped my hands from his grip.
“You know what you did.” I said crossing my arms. He looked confused, and then he turned his cute blond head to the side.
“I do?” He asked playfully with a grin.
“Yes, you are just being such a big jerk!” I said glaring at him. He looked at me surprised but then blushed with anger.
“I’m sorry! I didn’t know I was so disappointing to you being shot and all. Or saving your life! I guess I was being a jerk! Next time I’ll just let them have you!”
“Same here! If you get shot again, then oh well!” I said running out the room and slamming the door in his face. I grabbed the key and locked it before he started banging on the door.
“Diana! Open this door this minute! I mean it! Now!” He shouted.
I knew how crappy I was acting, but as a girl it was in my nature. I just couldn’t tell him how hard it was to see him with other girls…and old ladies. Starting a fight was the only way out for me to not have to tell him. I walked over to the group of girls that had been watching the scene.
“Here, unlock him when he’s calm.” I said giving the key to a skinny girl.
“Why don’t you just kiss him already?” She asked. Surprised, I shook my head.
“He’s my brother.” I answered.
“Sure, and I’m your mother.” They all began to laugh as I strutted away.
I then ran into Tina who smiled when she saw me. She had changed clothes into a black gown to her feet with large earrings pulling down her earlobes.
“Ah! I was just looking for you! Come, I have a surprise for you.” She said taking my hand and leading me down the hall. I looked back to see the girls were tensing Tim through the door, and somehow I felt left out. Tina looked over and nodded in understanding.
“It’s okay. It will all be over soon.” She said as we went deeper in the building.
I nodded. “Yeah.” I agreed.
As we walked farther, it got stuffer. It smelled musty, and…like something died in there. Ekk!
“What’s that horrible smell?” I asked plugging my nose.
“Rats crawl up and die.” She replied.
“Oh.” Nasty.
We came to an ordinary door, and then for the first time I wondered why I was there. Tina opened the door and yelled “Get her!” Then everything went dark…
I slowly woke up to find I was off the floor. No really, I was tied with ropes hanging off the floor. I looked around to see all the nuns in black gowns with mysterious objects lying around. Tina, who I hate, shoved a plant that was smoking in my face. I pulled back and started to cough thinking; What the crap? Everything then got all…wee woo wee woo. The room was dancing around in funny colors…and I think I’m going to be sick.
“For centuries people say Wiccans are evil, but I say we are not! We are a peaceful people, who only want to plead our god and goddesses. Now, may the gods enjoy this sacrifice!” Tina, for who I really hate, punched me in the face.
“Tim! Tim!” I screamed.
Oh why oh why did I lock him in my room? The air was sucked out of me by this smoke she put under my nose.
“Oh, Gods, please take this sacrifice.” She yelled. Everything started to get fuzzy, and I barely made out Tim, who broke down the unlocked door. And at that moment, I was in love with him.

I moaned and opened my eyes slowly. Tim was looking down at me, and above his head I saw trees swaying in the wind. Tim had cuts all over his handsome face and arms, and I sat up concerned.
“What happened to you?” I than noticed I had cuts on my arms too.
“When you locked me in our room, the girls told me what was going to happen to you. So I kicked the door down…I hope they are alright. I than heard you scream…and I swear my life flashed before my eyes—” I interrupted him by bursting out laughing.
“You weren’t the one who was close to death.” I said smiling up at him. He smiled back and looked soberly into my eyes.
“But I would have died. Over the past 24 hours, I have never felt so alive. And without you, I would be dead. I’m in love with you, Diana.” He said with seriousness.
“Prove it.” I said smiling. He looked annoyed.
“Well, haven’t I done enough? I saved your life about three times and- ” I put my finger over his mouth and stretched up to kiss him. And when we kissed, the birds singed louder, the sun shined brighter, and the wind was stronger. I expected to see birds flying around my head from how dizzy he made me. He then helped me stand up and hugged me.
“After I found you, I grabbed a knife they had and cut the ropes. I jumped out the window and high tailed out of there.” He said laughing. I laughed with him, just happy that we were together.
Suddenly, I heard the sound of a twig snap. We both went on alert, and I wondered if crazed witches or wal-mart bandits were going to jump out. We got ready for the attack that was sure to come. The four men came walking out of the trees and put us at gun shot.
“I will guard you with my life.” Tim whispered to me.
“Now!” The man I had saw at Wal-mart yelled. “Now that I got you right where I want you…” I flinched ready for death to take me. “Tim, we need to talk.” There was silence as I took in what he said. I stood up straight surprised, and then after a nod to me, Tim and the Wal-mart guy walked away to talk in private.
I was then left alone with the other three guys, and they just stared at me with grim expressions.
“Soo, have you ever shopped at Wal-mart?” I asked when things got awkward.
“No.” A fat guy replied.
“Ok-ay” I said looking at Tim and their mystery guy talk.
They walked back toward us with smiles on their faces. I looked at Tim confused, but he just shook his head.
“This has all just been a misunderstanding.” The dark guy said. “We will leave you in peace.”
“Wait, a misunderstanding?! You shot at us and- ” Tim put his hand over my mouth.
“Thank you, Bob.” Tim said.
Haha, Bob, I thought, though I was still upset about them trying to make little about shooting at us. They owed us big time. They all then said a friendly good-bye and disappeared into the trees.
“It’s over, just like that?”
“Yep.” He said putting his hands in his pockets.
I looked around for a few minutes, trying to take this all in.
“Now what?” I asked.
“Now, we go home.” He said with a smile. We walked hand in hand toward civilization, where I would find my mom, and live happily ever after with Tim. Or so I thought.
“Look! I see K-mart!” Tim shouted as we ran full blast toward the building. A bomb suddenly went off as people got to the floor and ran in all directions. A man in a white suit and red tie with a gun looked over at us.
“Hey! Hey! You!” He shouted run toward us.
“The woods! Run to the woods!” Tim screeched.

“I think we lost him.” Tim panted as we stopped to rest.
“What was that all about?” I was still jumpy from what I had just seen.
“I don’t know.”
“Well, we need to find a place to eat. I could eat a cow.”
“Maybe we can find a place that sells hamburgers.”
Around us were tall trees, and since it was fall, dead leaves rustled against the ground with the gentle breeze. Today it was hot, and it didn’t make me feel any better. I looked at my arms to see the bruises on them were almost completely gone, but I knew the one on my face was a sickly purplish-yellow. My arms and legs were scraped up from the window, and all together, I knew I was a sight.
“Don’t worry about it. You look beautiful.” Tim said taking the hand I had to my face.
“I’m so glad it was you who saved me from that man.” I said with feeling.
We both hiked around the woods and came out from a break of the trees to a long empty road. We stood there till sunset when a car finally stopped for us. We both stood up from the rocky ground with a sigh of relief, and by then I didn’t care if I ate a cow, moose, or giraffe. I was starved.
A big red eighteen-wheeler pulled up to us, and as it stopped it rumpled loudly. The man in the truck pushed open the door for us, and we just stared. He had a big mane of red hair with a strong sharp nose, but that’s not what made us stare. He was huge! I mean he was tall and buff filling up the whole truck. He looked like a giant to me, and I was nervous to get in.
“Are you just going to stare all day or are you going to get in?” Tim came forward and got in, and I had to blind a few times before jumping in as well. I had to admit though, this was so cool. I had always wondered how it felt like to ride in one of these. Tim and I squished in the one seat in the front, while the giant rumbled non-stop.
“If ya’ll are hungry, I can take you to this club I go to when I’m on my lunch break. How ‘bout it?”
Both Tim and I looked at each other and then shrugged our shoulders.
“Sure, why not.” Tim said turning in his seat uncomfortable.
“Have you guys heard of the bombing and shootings at the grocery stores?” That made us come to attention.
“What do you know about it?” I asked as I watched the sun sink down the edge of the earth.
“Well, I heard twenty people died in both. But they keep getting away. After they had run into the woods after the Wal-Mart Shooting, they did K-Mart next. No one knows why.”
But we knew why, I thought. They were selling illegally to Wal-Mart, but I wonder if they sold things to K-Mart too. I don’t see why not.
“So here’s your stop. Thanks for riding Robert Express!” He said with a wild grin.
We chuckled nervously and stepped out of the truck as it grumbled away. We were left at a club with a green neon sign that said “Rockin’ Roll Club” Wooow, I thought, very ordinal. The building was brick with no landscaping what so ever. I could hear the load music jamming though the walls and could almost taste the heavenly scent of greasy hamburgers and fries. Yummy. Tim looked excited too, but all of a sudden anger flashed on his face.
“You are not going to believe this, but I just remembered that I left my pack in the church.” He smacked his head in irritation.
“What the crap? Really? Now how are we going to eat?” My voice cracked with the tears I was trying to hold back. I thought tears made me look weak, and I didn’t want any ones pity.
“Let’s just go inside.” I said though I didn’t want to get closer to that torturing wonderful smell of food.
Inside, it was amazing. Tables were scattered everywhere with people laughing and dancing.
“Let me show you to your table.” A short stocky waitress said giving Tim the googlie-eye. I glared back at her that clearly stated “He’s mine.” She stiffened and showed us to a round red table.
“My name is Tammy and I’ll be your waitress this evening. I’ll be back to take your order if you don’t need anything.” She said smiling and walked away with a stitching butt.
“I really hate her.” Tim looked surprised.
“You just met her. How would you hate her?” I decided to ignore the question.
“How are we going to pay for this? We have no money.”
And then, like the world heard me, the lady on the stage who had been singing to Karaoke spoke into the microphone.
“Okay! Now, who wants to come up here next? Remember, who ever sings up here tonight the best gets a free meal tonight and one hundred dollars! Come on, I think we a can have one more try!” The lady with black curly hair said. Suddenly the air swished around me as Tim stood up from his chair.
“Give me that microphone.” He said confidently.
A wave of applause erupted as he walked forward and took the microphone. I sat there shocked with my mouth wide open, but then a slow smile lit my face. This is going to be good, I thought. The girls just admired him where they sat and teased him flirty. I just tried to keep the smile on my face.
Tim walked over to the DJ and whispered to him. The DJ looked surprised.
“I’m going to sing Thriller by Micheal Jackson.” He said shyly. Shouts and hoots filled the air, and I laughed at his choice of songs. It started to play, and everyone started to clap to the beat.
“It’s close to midnight…” He began in a surprisingly good voice.
After a while of singing, he got more confidants, and started to do Micheal Jackson moves. When he started to do the moon walk, people go up to the dance floor and stared to do the Thriller dance. The place was booming! And even though I didn’t know the steps well, I got up as will and danced along. Tim caught my eye in the crowd, and he winked his sparkling eye at me as he sang “Because it’s just a Thriller, Thriller night…” It was the best time I had had in a long time. I was smiling ear to ear when he was finished, and everyone waited to see who would win. One the stage waiting was a black guy with heavy eye shadow standing there looking anxious, and a fat bulky man with a Mohawk with piercings in his ear. But then there was Tim, looking gorgeous of course. With his blond hair to his shoulders, deep blue eyes, sharp straight nose and tall broad body…I think I would like to eat him up rather than the cow any day, I thought giggling.
“And the winner is…..Tim Hogerman!” Wow, I never learned his last name, I thought. But then joy filled me, and I jumped up and down exciting. He raised his arms to the air as everyone cheered loudly and said “I am the greatest man alive!” I laughed and went to go hug him on stage. He hugged me back hard, and when I looked back at the crowd I saw more than one disappointed face. Eat crap suckers, I thought.
We got a free meal and one hundred dollars, and everyone wanted to talk to Tim. And Tim was just being his cute clueless self. They all pitied him when they learned he didn’t have a ride, and got several offers. It was a relief when we walked out, and we were drove to the cheapest hotel around. It was small with a cheap dirty sign.
“See you around Tim, Diana.” The guy said getting in his car.
“Thanks for the ride.” I said back.
“No prob.” And then he sped away.
Tim and I were left alone looking at the hotel around us, and with hesitation, we walked to the girl behind the desk.
“May I help you?” She said in a bored voice as she flipped another page of a magazine.
“Um, we need a room.” I said. What else would we want? She sighed long and hard and looked up. Her eyes widened when she saw Tim, and then she went to get a key.
“Room 13” She said was a flirty smile. I wanted to smack her, but Tim didn’t seem to notice her at all.
“’Kay.” He said toying with the key with his fingers. We both walked up to the elevator, which by the way could only hold three people in it, and went up to our room. Inside it was cramped and cheap. The curtains matched the bed spread, the wall paper was boring, and the lamp was dusty and old.
“Ew! Look at this toilet!” I said as I looked at the moldy thing. Gross, I thought.
“At least we have one.” He said from behind.
“Are we going to go home?” I asked. My mom must be worried sick about me, and I was sick of traveling like this.
“Diana, what about the bad people killing people? We have to stop them. And I promise you; then we will go home.” He said putting his arms around me.
“I thought you had said it was all over.” I said in a pouty voice.
“I thought so. I’m stupid.” He said looking ashamed.
“No, you’re not.” I replied looking into his eyes. “You are brave, exciting, caring and creative, and least of all stupid.” I whispered putting a stray hair behind his ears.
Tim bent down and kissed me, but this wasn’t like his other kisses. This was more intense, and soon I was losing myself. Slowly he lifted his face with slit eyes.
“Let’s go to bed. Who knows what will happen in the morning.”
In the middle of the night, I woke a little when I heard Tim get out of bed. Soon after I shot out of bed when I heard him shout, “Noooo!” in panic.

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