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Wanted Dead, Not alive

February 8, 2012
By luvinpuffin, Stalkerville, Other
luvinpuffin, Stalkerville, Other
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Life for Haylee Withworth was more than perfect— her best friend, Brian, lived beside her, had all her friends on the same street as her, and she was even the best student in class.

After Haylee’s 8th birthday, her dad, a military dentist and army agent, gave her a teeth whitening appointment. Ever since she has seen less and less of him until after her 15th birthday, when she rarely sees him at all.

But one day a man is on the local news, swearing he will find a Haylee Withworth, and kill her for something hidden in her tooth. She and Brian must hide all over the world and trust no body. Will they be able to stay hidden, or finally catch the thief? Will Haylee ever get to see her dad again?

I have another account on another website where I have posted this story, where as it is all my own work.
— luvinpuffin <(^)


Wanted Dead, Not alive

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