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May 15, 2012
By hannahhunt BRONZE, Dublin, Ohio
hannahhunt BRONZE, Dublin, Ohio
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The residents of Cidy know nothing of how the world used to be. A vast utopia on a distant coastline, poverty and corruption run rampant in the streets.

When acclaimed pickpocket Caddy comes across a sterling watch just before a catastrophic sand storm, she doesn't expect to get ambushed by Twist, dragged into an underground society, and constantly run into the strange boy for the next week. All the while watching as riots flood the streets, her brother's taken prisoner, and her mother's illness worsens.

As tensions between the citizens and the Service grow to suffocating heights, Caddy finds herself leading a revolution against Syd, struggling to save her mother's life, and fighting to keep herself from getting too close to Twist. If there's anything she's learned on the streets - it's to avoid attachment.

Hannah H.


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