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The day I started my music career

May 31, 2016
By anonymous1997, Fort Mohave, Arizona
anonymous1997, Fort Mohave, Arizona
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It started out as a normal day Luke was getting ready for work like always he is wearing scrubs. I was in my room getting ready starts with me self lharming. I know people say that self harming isn't good. Hell my brother would tell me that. Hi my name is Hannah Hemmings. "Hannah are you ready to go?" Luke asked. " Almost Luke."  I say as I throw on a Twenty One Pilots shirt and a My Chemical Romance jacket with a pair of converse. "  Come on  Hannah your appointments in fifteen mins," Luke told me. " Coming Lukey" I told him while humming Blurry Face. " Go grab something to eat." Luke told me. "No thanks I'm not hungry."  I told him. Luke looked at me for a little bit and then told me to go get in the car before he got in he called the boys to tell them that we are on our way. What I didn't know was that he put the child lock on the car so I couldn't escape.

-skip car ride-

When we got there Luke carried me into the clinic and I tried to escape but the boys stopped me they  grabbed my wrist and I  whimpered. Ashton asked me to take off my jacket since I couldn't say no to Ashton I took off my jacket and they saw the scars I noticed that I needed to change the bandages unfortunately so did the boys as well as Luke when he walked in the room he asked all the boys but Ashton to leave because he knew I trusted him. I thought they were going to question the hell out of me. No one said anything the room was quiet and Luke got up to help secure my  wrist witch contains: needle, thread, antiseptic, and local anesthesia. Luke asked me " Why did you do it?" I told them "It was due to all the hate  I was getting. I also am anorectic."  I started to cry as a few tears slipped down  my cheeks. Ashton held me and comforted me while Luke stepped out to talk to the boys about me. when they walked back into the room they started running test. " Ok Hannah lets get started." Michael said. Luke started to reach for my wrist and I was thinking of running out of the room and going home. I lied to them by saying I needed to use the restroom as soon as that door opened I bolted out of the room and haven't stopped until I got home and decided to check out my YouTube account because I thought I was getting more hate then I realized that it was no other than Twenty One Pilots commenting on my video saying they wanted to meet me. I thought I heard a car door shut and someone walking in to the house probably Ashton  so I slit my wrist a few more times closed my laptop and bandaged my wounds and went to go see him. "Hannah are you in here?" Ashton wondered. "Yeah hold on let me go grab a jacket." I told him. "Ok I will be out in the car. " Ashton told me. " Ok" I  said. When I got in the car Ashton told me " Luke called a few other people in to help you. " I don't need help." I snapped back at him. And now we just sit in silence. When we got back to the clinic Ashton opened my door and walked me back in the boy as well as two other people I haven't met are here I grabbed Luke's arm and asked " Who the fuck are they ?" I snapped. Luke responded " First off watch you language and secondly they are going to help you.  "Fine can they stay out of the room while you are doing my physical?" I asked pleadingly "I'll see what I can do." Luke told me. "Thanks Lukey."  I told him "Hey Niall Harry can you guys step out of the room Hannah feels a bit uncomfortable?" "Yeah mate no problem." Niall and Harry agreed. So after Niall and Harry left the boys got to work with taking my height and weight witch worried Luke that I was under weight that he made a note to tell Niall about that later.  "Almost done Lukey I need to go meet with someone?" I asked him "We just got started and then you need to talk to Harry and Niall." Luke told me. "But Lukey I need to go meet with Twenty One Pilots they wanted to meet me." I told him. "Sorry Hannah but your health is more important than meeting your favorite band." Luke told me. " You know what Luke just F OFF!!!!!" I screamed at him and ran out of the room and to the Starbucks we were going to meet at.


The day I started my music career

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