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Pain As A Person

January 27, 2022
By Anonymous


Bucky is gone Steve let him fall. It's his fault. That's what Steve tells himself each time he wakes up. Or at least that's what Steve thinks. But when he finds out that his best friend and mate is alive he spirals. Realizing that something is wrong Natasha and the other avengers do an investigation on Steve's past and what they find is shocking. Meanwhile, Bucky is trying to piece together who he is protected by the cliffs of La Push Forks. After alma wakes up not knowing who she is or where for that matter a family of vampires take her in and alma finds herself thinking: Why does the world keep making things harder for her. Alma was perfectly happy with her life until the world sent her another curveball. Hundreds of miles away Pietro Roger-Barnes (Pietro Maximoff) struggles with PTSD from his surgery and time in Hydra. 


Pain As A Person

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