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Find Her and Help us

May 26, 2011
By KellyKay SILVER, Eau Claire, Wisconsin
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KellyKay SILVER, Eau Claire, Wisconsin
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You know when you're in love becasue reality it finally better than your dreams

I screamed when my abusive mother threw me across the room. Jasper tried to reach me but our adopted mother threw him as well.

“You ungrateful little…” She was drunk again. We had tried to leave the house but she’d gotten to us. I screamed again when she hit me. My body was bruised, so was Jasper’s. I had experienced this for fifteen years. Jasper for seventeen.

“Jasper!” I shouted but I ended up spitting out blood when I received a kick to the stomach.

“Rose!” He shouted back. I vaguely recall him pushing our mother out of the way and rushing me out of the house. I didn’t know what happened next because everything went black.

Welcome to my life.

“Mom!” The cry echoed in my head, full of fear. I jolted upright and jumped out of bed then rushed to my children’s rooms.

“Shanna!” Roman, my husband, stopped me. He grasped me by the arms and stopping my advance to our kids.

“I heard them call for me!”

“Shanna I just checked on them. They’re both fast asleep…they’re fine darling.”


“Yeah.” I shook my head.

“I must be hearing things.”

“Let’s go out tonight.” Roman insisted. “Just some alone time.”

“Where would we go?”

“I have an idea. Hold on.” Roman smiled and I wrapped my arms around his neck. Everything went black for a moment as we teleported but then our sight returned. I gasped.

We were on a beach with the moon gleaming on the water. I could smell the ocean breeze.

“Where are we?” I murmured aloud walking towards the beach.

“A small place I found years ago. It’s isolated from the world. We have this place to ourselves.”

“So we have this place all to ourselves?” I asked seductively walking back to my husband weaving my fingers into his hair.

“Uh huh.” Roman answered smiling. “That’s why we’re here.”

“I love the way you think.” Roman lowered his lips to mine then I was lost in our passion.

I laid my head on Roam’s chest as we swayed in the hammock that he had tied between trees. We looked up at the stars.

“I love you.”

“I love you too.” Roman kissed the top of my head.

“Please don’t die on me!” I heard.

“Did you say something?” I asked Roman.”

“No why?”

“I just heard someone beg ‘please don’t die on me’.”

“I didn’t hear anything.”

“I have this weird feeling I’m supposed to be where this person is. Like that person is a part of me.”

“Rose come on, what going to happen to me if you go? We’ll never find your mother. You’ll never die an old woman with me by your side as we watch our grandchildren play around the yard.”

“Shanna?” I heard Roman ask me. I sat up and looked down at my hands in my lap.

“When I was younger I made a mistake. I went to a bar one night because I was in a rebellious stage and I looked older than I was. I had a one night stand. I was scared when I found out I was pregnant. So I had an abortion.”

“Shanna, it’s alright.” Roman cooed sitting up beside me and wrapping his arms around my middle. “But what are you getting to?”

“She never died. She’s alive, and that’s why I’m hearing things. She’s in danger.”

“You have a psychic connection with her.” Roman breathed. “How old would she be now?”

“Almost sixteen.”

“Get dressed. We’ll find her.”

“Thank you.” I sighed. “You’re not mad?”

“Shanna we all make mistakes in our lives. That’s part of living.” After a brief kiss his continued. “I could never be mad at you for wanting to save a life. Your heart is the biggest on this planet and had room for everyone. Even your daughter.”

“Thank you, Roman.” I kissed him again then we began to get dressed. He teleported us back home and we were met by Emma and Angus.

“Oh it’s you two.” Emma said. “I thought you were taking the night off?”

“We were,” Roman started. “Angus I need a word with you.” They left eh room and Emma approached me. Today she was wearing a green tee shirt and jeans with Nike shoes.

“What’s going on, Shanna?”

“We’re going to rescue my daughter.”

“Sofia? She’s in bed.”

“No, Rose.” I sighed. “A few years ago I had a one night stand and had a kid. I had an abortion but it turns out she lived and I have a psychic connection to her. She’s in danger.”

“Well that’s…surprising.” Emma said.

“Yeah, well, let’s not talk about it.”

“Do you know what she looks like?” I concentrated and sought out Rose’s mind. Maybe I could see a picture of her face. Catch a name.

“She has…long blond hair in ringlets…she’s about my height…she has crystal blue eyes…a big…uh…chest? And I see a boy next to her. He has blonde hair and blue eyes. His hair is short and flat. Like an anime hairdo. He’s looking down at her; he’s built, and about a few inches taller than her.”

“That’s descriptive.”

“I saw a picture in my head. They’re really alike it’s like they’re twins kind of. I can tell they love each other.”

“Shanna.” Emma and I looked at Roman and Angus. “We have to go to bed. We’ll find her tomorrow.”

“Okay. Night guys.”

“Night.” Emma said

“Night.” Angus replied. Roman and I went upstairs and into our room.

“Did you tell Emma what she looked like?”

“Yes, I also saw a boy with her. I can tell he tries to protect her from everything. But there is something about him.”

“Like what?”

“I don’t know.” I yawned. “Let’s go to bed. I’m tired.”

“Alright.” Roman and I climbed into bed then let our eyes close and let the death sleep take us.

“Rose, please make it. I don’t know if I can live without you. I can’t live without you.” I heard Jasper say to me. I knew just where I was. In the hospital…again. I tightened my hand and felt his fingers intertwined with mine. I opened my eyes and wasn’t surprised to see the hospital room.


“Thank you, God.” He whispered. “How are you?”

“I’m sore. So what happened this time?”

“Broken ribs, internal bleeding. I barely got us out of there.”

“Anything wrong with my face?”

“Always worrying about your looks. But no not really. Just a bruise on your cheek.”

“Great. Where is she?”

“Jail. They took when I told the doctors.”

“She’s going to kill us.”

“No, we’re in new foster care. She won’t be able to touch us now.”

“Really? What happened?” Before he could answer a doctor came in.

“You’re up. That’s good.” He said. This doctor was actually pretty hot; His name tag said his name was Dr. Carlisle.

“Hey, I’m in Twilight. Your name is Carlisle.” I laughed weakly.

“That’s a good sign you’re making jokes.”

“How long has she been awake?” He asked Jasper.

“Just woke up a minute before you came in.”

“Well I can safely tell you two that your mother won‘t be bothering you again.”

“Why?” Jasper asked.

“She‘s being put in jail. It’s obviously she’s beaten both of you. You’ll have to stay here for a few more days though.” The doctor told me. “I’ll have the nurse bring you something to eat. And you son…you must get some sleep.”

“I’m fine.” Jasper yawned.

“That’s what I thought.” Dr. Carlisle pointed to the bed next to mine. “Get in that bed and sleep. Or I’ll sedate you to do it.”

“Fine.” Jasper slowly got out of his chair and laid down on the bed. He closed his eyes then I heard his soft snore.

“I’ll get that nurse.” The doctor left after showing Rose how to operate the remote. She turned on the TV then relaxed best she could. A nurse with brown hair and green eyes came in with soft food and Rose ate in silence while she watched a movie. After while a pregnant nurse came in and did tests on Rose. After a breathing test that hurt like crazy, the nurse opened the curtains. The sunset streamed through the windows.

Rose looked over when Jasper groaned. He stretched like a cat then opened his eyes.


“Hey…how was your nap?”

“I had the craziest dream. We moved to a city New York and met this awesome family and the leader dude’s wife was your mom and these guys were all one big family. There were shifters and vampires and even an angel. Although she was one. She choose to stay on earth because she loved someone.”

“Weird dream.”

“But with the shifters there I would have to hide.”

“You’d make me your she wolf?”

“I plan to. Would you?”

“Yeah I would.” I turned to the TV. Jasper got up and went to attend business while I flipped through the channels. He came back and slid into the chair next to my bed. Night had fallen by then and I was starting to get tired again.”

“When you’re my she wolf…what would you want to do?”

“Kiss you.”

“Your wish is my command.” I smiled when he stood and kissed me sweetly. “Life’s going to get better…I promise.” We spent the rest of the night holding hands and watching TV. At least until I fell asleep. I had a dream I was at a ball. There was red drinks being served all around and then I saw a couple. They danced and laughed with love in their eyes. I realized it was an older version of Jasper and me. I saw a woman approach us and I called her mom.

Form my vantage point on the ceiling I could see people’s fangs and realized I was at a vampire ball. But then I smelled something different. Shifters. I recalled the dream Jasper told me he had. I looked around for the ex-angel. I saw her flowing blond hair swirled around and her partner spun her around.

Suddenly I was in my older self’s body. The woman I called ‘Mom’ had her hand on my stomach which I saw had a small baby bump. I gasped.

Everyone was so busy trying to find her. I hated to have everyone do this but Roman said he wanted to. It was only the first night and everyone had lowered the location to one state. Tennessee. Now I was just waiting for someone to give me an address so I could go get my daughter. I admit now I felt pretty bad about having an abortion. But I was so young and scared out of my mind.

I left the cafeteria. And went into the garden outside. Rose would most likely be shocked to find out I was a vampire. But something told me she already knew about supernatural creatures. I searched for her mind again. I got glimpses of the gala Roman held every spring. I had my hands on a woman’s baby bump. She kept calling me ‘Mom’.

“Rose.” I whispered. The man on her arm smiled. I talked with Rose while he and Roman talked. Rose and I started to walk away.

“Jasper!” Rose called. “Behave yourself.” Jasper bowed sweeping his arm out to the side.

“Your wish is my command.” Rose and I laughed. I was forced out of her mind when I tripped. I caught myself then stood brushing myself off. A flash of white disappeared behind a bush. I followed it into the maze behind Romatech. I followed a giggle then when I reached the center of the maze I saw a while figure behind the fountain. I walked around it and saw a wolf allowing a girl in a glowing white gown pet its nose. The girl looked at me and smiled.

“I knew you were real.” She said before I heard Roman call me name. As I heard people approach the girl and wolf disappeared like a vapor. Roman, Phineas, and Connor entered the maze.

“We found her.”

“Rose.” Jasper whispered “Rose wake up.”

“Someone better be dying.” I growled.

“No, life just got better.” I opened my eyes and saw the couple in my dream. The woman I had called ‘Mom’. And I assumed her husband.

“Who are you?” I asked rubbing my face. The woman stepped forward.

“I know you don’t know me but I’m your mother.”

“Come again?”

“You’re my daughter. I had you when I was too young so I had an abortion. But-”

“Someone took me and that woman beat me for almost sixteen years.” I said flatly. “I’ve been in the hospital more than I can remember because of her.”

“I’m sorry I didn’t know you were alive. Until I heard him,” the woman pointed to Jasper. “Begging you not to leave him.”


“I heard your thoughts.”

“So you’re psychic too? And here I thought I was crazy. Why’d you want to kill me?”

“I was still in high school. I was young and I made stupid choices.”

“Don’t we all. So we’re coming with you I suppose?” The woman nodded.

“As soon as you’re out of here we’ll take you back to our home in-”

“White Plains, New York. I have a question. I may sound crazy but I had a dream that you two were vampire and all your friends were shifters or vampires.”

“Yes, we’re vampires.” The man said. “I’m Roman, Shanna’s husband.” I took a deep breathe.

“Will Jasper and I be safe with you all?”

“Yes, there is no need to be afraid anymore.”

“If you’ve met the woman whose been beating us then you know she’s evil. She’s the devil herself. She’ll find us.”

“You’ll be safe.” Shanna assured me. “She won’t be able to get to you any longer.”

“Will we be able to get our stuff at our house? I want to make sure my porcelain collection made it through her drunken destruction.”

“Yes. I’ll be sure to get it Rose.” Jasper told me.

“Roman why don’t you go with…” Shanna paused.


“Jasper and get their things.”

“Of course.”

“I’ll be fine Jasper.” I assured him when he looked at me. He nodded then kissed me and left with Roman. Shanna took the chair next to the bed.

“Can I call you Rose?”

“That’s my name isn’t it?”

“Sorry, I didn’t want you to have the life I wasn’t prepared to give.”

“You were in high school. Teen pregnancy is common, don’t feel bad. One of our friends was knocked up but she was raped. She put the baby up for adoption.”

“’So how has your life been? Besides the bad stuff.”

“Pretty good, I’m great in school. I’m awesome in volleyball. I’m in show choir. And I have Jasper.”

“How do you know him exactly?”

“He was adopted too. He’s been protecting me the best he can. If it wasn’t for him I’d probably be dead. The last I remember he got us out of there.”

“Well you’ll both be safe with us.”

“No one will look at me funny because I’m you bastard daughter?”

“Don’t say that! You’re still my daughter.”

“It’s the truth.” I said. “Who was my father?”

“He killed himself after I told him about you.”

“Nice to know…how’s my life going to be different?”

“Well for one. No one will look at you weird. Everyone respects each other for who they are. You’ll go to the Dragon Nest Academy.”

“A school you founded?”

“Yes. Supernatural kids and kids how know too much.”

“And your hybrid kids.” When Shanna looked shocked I smiled. “I’m physic too.”

“I have a son, Constantine. Everyone calls him Tino. And my daughter Sofia.”

“How old are they?”

“Tino’s four, Sofia’s two.”

“So do you sparkle like Edward?”

“Sparkle?” Shanna asked with confusion. “Oh, you mean the sun. We don’t go in the sun because we can’t. Once dawn hits us vampires are in a death sleep. Were basically dead.”

“But once it’s dusk, you’re back alive.”


“Have you seen Get Him to the Greek with Russell Brand?”


“Do you remember that one part where the guy I having a heart attack and Russell brand gives him the adrenaline shot and the guy sits up and screams ‘I’m Alive!’?”

“Yes, I know that part. It isn’t like that though.”

“I don’t’ want to know. It’s just so weird. I knew I had a mother somewhere. I had a dream that I was at the big ball.”

“Roman throws a gala every spring.”

“Anyway. Jasper and I were older and I was pregnant.”

“I saw that back at Romatech.”

“You did?”

“I was searching for mind. And I caught the dream. I almost fell so I caught myself that’s when I saw a flash of white and followed it to the center of the maze behind the factory. I saw you with a large wolf with snow white fur and the brightest blue eyes.” I hesitated; it wasn’t my place to tell her about Jasper. That was his secret he had trusted me to keep.

“Jasper’s the wolf isn’t he?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Rose, there are shifters with us as well. Phil has the wolves, Carlos has were-panthers, and Howard’s a were-bear. Then we have Rajiv who’s a tiger.”

“I like how that sounds. Were-bear, it’s cute.”

“Yeah it kind of is.” We continued to talk about our lives until I fell asleep.

“Stop here. This is the house.”

“Looks okay.”

“The inside is a wreck.” I told Roman when I left the car. The house did look neat outside but inside was hell.

“I can teleport his stuff straight to my home if you like.”

“That’d be helpful thanks.” I let us in then turned in the lights. I went to Rose’s and my room.

“Your things are in here as well.”

“We shared a room. In case she came in and tried to beat us I could protect Rose.” I grabbed a box then roman and I started to put things in them. I would label a box them he would teleport it to his home. It saved us a lot of time. While he was gone I put Rose’s personal drawer in her back pack them placed that in a box. He came back and I was wrapping Rose’s dolls. Every one had a made it; Roman teleported that box as well.

When the room was at our new home, or rather the things in it were; Roman and I talked.

“So you have shifters in your family?”

“Yes, Shanna founded the Dragon Nest Academy. That’s where supernatural, hybrid, or kids who know too much go.”

“So what kind of shifters do you have?”

“Phil and a few others are wolves. Carlos has a few panthers. Then Howard is a bear. And we have Rajiv who’s a tiger.”

“I can only imagine Rose’s reaction to that.”

“What’s that mean?”

“She’ll call him a were-bear. I know her better than anyone…she’ll think it’s funny.”

“I can see that. Would you like something to eat? I’m sure you’re starving.”

“You don’t have to.”

“Nonsense. I’d be glad to.”

“I don’t want to take advantage or your hospitality.”

“Jasper,” Roman said. “Its fine…where would you like to go?”

“Subway…can we pick up a sub for Rose too? She’s been telling me how much the food sucks at the hospital.”

“Of course.”

“Do you eat?”

“I can but I don’t usually do.” I sighed.

“Let’s get out of here. If I stay any longer I might burn it to the ground.” Roman stood as I did then we both left.

“Why were you asking about the shifters?”

“Because I am one.”

“Well, you’ll have plenty of support there.” We arrived at
Subway and we went in while I ordered the subs. Roman helped me carry them back to the car then we returned to the hospital. Rose was asleep and Shanna was watching TV.

“Hey, we’re back.” Roman announced and kissed his wife. I set my food down then took out Rose’s sub. A foot-long roasted chicken with American cheese lots of spinach and a little mayo. I put it under her nose and her hands grasped it while she smiled and opened her eyes.

“Thanks, I’m starved.” Rose sat up and started to eat. Shanna and Roman went out of the room to talk and I was content eating with Rose myself.

“So what did you do?”

“I asked her about the shifters and I didn’t tell her but she found out.”

“It’s alright I told Roman.” I kissed Rose.

“What was that for?”

“I’d told you our life would get better. And because I felt like kissing you.”

“You feel like doing a lot more but wouldn’t dare do it.”

“Yeah, you’re right. Maybe later.”

“Maybe.” Rose took a bite of her sub then Shanna came in with two men.

“Rose, Jasper. This is Phil and Carlos. They’ll stay here during the day with you.” Phil had thick, brown hair with red and gold highlights and pale blue eyes. While Carlos
had long black hair and amber eyes.

“Roman told me about your condition. I can help explain anything if you need it.” Phil told me.

“Where are they now?” Rose asked.

“They went back home.” Carlos said. “We’ll be here during the days.”

“Okay well, I’m going to eat my real food, watch TV while doing it, then go to sleep.” Rose did as she said she would and I fell asleep soon after her. When I woke up again a nurse was having Rose do a breathing test. I asked why and the nurse told me it was to see how her ribs were doing. It was to see how much they would expand to allow Rose’s lungs room to breathe. Phil and Carlos were still there and while Rose went back to sleep I asked Phil questions. Like why I could shift anytime I wanted.

“I thought were-wolves could only shift on a full moon.”

“Some do. But Alphas can shift whenever they want. I’m surprised you can. I took me years to learn how.”

“I could do it right away. It really helped us a lot when she started drinking.”

“Who’s she?”

“The woman who was our abusive mother. We don’t like to name her.”

“You don’t have to.” After a few more answered questions Rose woke up around noon. We watched some more TV while we waited for sunset. We were playing a game of Rummy and I have to admit Rose was kicking my butt when there was a knock on the door.

“Who is the responsible party here?” Dr. Carlisle asked. I guessed he was meaning Phil and Carlos.

“We are, while their parents are away.” Phil said standing. “They’ll be back tonight.”

“Good. Thank you. I have good news. Ms. Rose will be able to go home tonight. I have a list of things she should avoid doing and a prescription for pain meds.” The doctor gave Phil some papers then added. “Please give those to her parents.” Phil nodded.

“Will do.”

“Thank you. Hope you feel better soon Rose.”

“Yay! I can get out of the hospital!” Rose said with fake enthusiasm but I knew she meant it. “Rummy!” She shouted and slapped the card I had just laid down.

“Heck Rose at this rate if we were playing with real money you’d have me in the poor house.

“I know that’s the point. You did bring me a change of clothes right? ‘Cause I don’t’ see the ones I was wearing before.”

“They threw them out. But yeah I did.”

I ended up losing as always…but my girl’s happiness was my first priority.

After what seemed like forever night finally fell upon the small hospital and Shanna and Roman returned. They took Phil and Connor back first. Then Shanna insisted she help Rose dress but Rose voiced otherwise.

“You may be my mother but you’re still a stranger to me.” After that Shanna let me dress Rose. Once I had her in jeans, tee shirt, sweatshirt, and shoes we left the hospital. Once out of the parking lot and somewhere private Roman teleported each of us back to White Plains, New York. We were in awe of the house. It was a beautiful mansion. They led us to our rooms. It felt strange having a separate room but it was right across from Rose’s.

Rose went into her room and gasped.

The room was gorgeous. The room was a dream come true. The bed was lush and I could tell it would feel like a cloud. The main carpet was a pale purple then there was a king sized bed against the center of the all across from a window with a desk in front of it. The bed had a dark purple bed skirt, white sheets several deceptive pillows, all with some from of purple on them. My favorite were the ones with the purple butterflies all over them. The desk was white and had a curved lamp on it. The chair which was set next to it had thin steel rods as the frame then had striped upholstery for cushions. The curtains on the windows were a matching purple to the bed skirt, there was a thick coverlet pulled down on the bed. It felt like silk with raised designs when I ran my over it. I sat on the plush purple foot stool at the foot of the bed. The headboard was a matching white to my silky coverlet. There was a black night stand with a vase of roses on it. And I saw a big walk-in closet. I also notice the very small balcony with French doors a white translucent curtains. And in the room along the walls were shelves I could put my porcelain doll collection on. My light was a small twisted chandelier I thought was amazing.

Then I gasped again when I saw I had my own bathroom, tub, shower, everything. Three windows were on the wall. The middle one had a rose design in the window with ribbons on the corners. The same ribbon design was on the other small windows as well. The tub was a Jacuzzi and had steps leading up to it. The sink was simple with porcelain counters and sink. Included in the bathroom was a separate shower. It had translucent doors, a detachable showerhead, and a bench to sit on or place soaps on. A shelf by the sink held towels and wash clothes. I opened the mirror and sighed. I’d have to fill it up. When I shut the door I saw a white robe hanging on it.

I smiled, life was getting better. I left the bathroom and went back into my room. I saw Jasper, my Mom and her husband waiting to hear my opinion.

“I love it!” I rushed up and hugged Shanna. “Thank you.” I whispered tears coming form my eyes.

“Why are you crying?” She asked.

“I never thought my life would get this good.” I laughed wiping my eyes. “Let’s go see Jasper’s room!”

“Right this way.” Roman said leading us out. “Rose your things are in the closet as soon as you want to put them up.”

“Thanks.” We entered Jasper’s room and I heard his gasp. His room was big like mine. His bed was kind sized as well, there was a corner of windows. His bed had stripped covers and a few pillows with the same design. There was a black shelf above his bed with picture frames waiting to be filled around it. Then a long black dresser I guessed ran along side his bed acting like a bed length nightstand. He had black carpet with a rug as well. He had a desk like mine but matching his room, he had a walk-in closet as well and his own bathroom. It was black marble with spots on it everywhere. He also had a tub and separate shower. Two sinks and mirrors with and a little cubby holding towels and washcloths. The tub was deluxe too and he also had a robe hanging on the door as well.

Upon further investigation our rooms we found we had killer stereos. We were then told that everyone wanted to met us so we had to shower and wear something nice. That’s where Jasper and I looked at each other.

“Uh, Shanna.” I started. “WE don’t have anything nice. Everything we made in jobs went to bills and food. Any mom she made went to the alcohol she drank and she even stole from us.”

“Well good thing I went shopping.” Shanna put us in our rooms and told us to look in our closets. I had a beautiful dress. It took my breath away.

“Wow,” I thought for a moment. “Is this some sort of a ball?”

“Kind of.” I smiled at the dress and Shanna smiled as well. “Do you like it?”

“Like it? I love it!”

“The sun sets here and hour before Tennessee. So I’d thought I’d get you a gift. A sorry-for-abandoning-you thing.”

“Thanks. Who’s the designer?”

“Heather Echarpe, her husband in a famous fashion designer. They design together. This hasn’t officially come out yet so...”

“I’m like a model?”

“I guess you could say that.”

“Sweet!” I shouted. “Sorry I just can’t believe all this is happening to me.”

“It’s fine. I’m glad to see you’re happy.” I looked at the dress. It was white and a halter top, floor length dress. At the hips white fabric into a bow that would reach my knees. It had a very small train and the back stopped below my shoulder blades. Then the shoes were high heels the same color as me dress with an ankle straps to prevent it from coming off my feet. The dress finally had elbow length gloves.

“Go get cleaned up. I have a lot of work to do with your hair.” I nodded then went into my bathroom and she left my room. After a brief thought a nice bubble bath sounded like heaven to me. I stripped off my shirts before I turned on the water. I adjusted the temperature then reached back to unsnap my bra but hands stopped me. The cologne I smelled familiar to me.

“What are you doing?” Instead of answering me Jasper made me lower my hands while he lowered his lips to my neck. “We have to clean up.”

“She didn’t specify where.”

“Jasper.” I said when he kissed the back of my neck. “We have to stop.” He pulled away but walked into front of me and poured the soap into the tub. Bubbles formed.

“Get in.” he said

“Don’t look.” Jasper stood then walked into a corner on the other side of the bathroom. I kept my eyes on him as I undressed and stepped into the safety of the tub. He turned around and started undressing. I looked away then looked back when I heard him run the shower. I smiled then started to wash myself. The water felt so nice against my skin. I ducked under it and sighed mentally at its warm caress against my skin. When I resurfaced Jasper was out of the shower and out of my room. Happy he was gone and wouldn’t see me naked I got out and put the thigh length robe on.

I dried my hair with the blow dryer then wrapped my hair in a towel. When I enter the room I went to a dresser and opened the top drawer. Those weren’t my personal clothes. Shrugging I pulled on a pair of underwear then went to my dress. I put my hand against the material.


I had never owned anything so fancy in my entire life. I never could. Jasper and I were the adults paying bills and buying food the best we could. But now we could enjoy the rest of our childhood. If you could say we still had one. There was a knock on the door.

“Who is it?”

“It’s just me.” Shanna said.

“Come in.” She saw me still in my robe.

“Good, we’ll need you in your new dress last. I brought my friend Heather with me as well.”

“Hi,” Heather said entering the room with a make- up and hair kit. “I heard you love my design.”

“Yeah totally, you’re really good. I wanted to be a fashion designer when I was little but then I realized I like writing more.”

“Writing?” Heather asked putting her kit on the vanity and leading me to sit on the cushioned seat.

“Yeah, I like writing stories, like fan fictions. I have a few for The Twilight Saga.”

“So what team are you on?”

“Edward. I don’t like wolves.”

“But you’re going out with one.”

“Jasper’s different then Jacob Black.” While we talked Shanna and Heather did my hair and make up. Heather took out of book of hairstyles and asked me to look through it. I flipped though the pages until I saw one very curly updo.

“Can you do this one?” I asked her.

“Definitely….I actually used that one for my wedding to Jean-Luc.”

“Did you design your dress?”

“Yes, I kept all my designs away form him too incase he came looking for what I’d be wearing.”

“Isn’t it bad luck for a groom the see the bride before the wedding?”

“Yes. He actually wanted to design my dress.” She paused as she started to curl me hair. “I told him he couldn’t see the dress and he gave me this look.” Heather smiled and rolled her eyes. She then made the face so I could see her in the mirror.

“Let me guess you did it with him later?”

“Yeah I did and he tried to keep me from designing it but I was glad when the sun came up. I could design it without him knowing.”

“Where’d you hide it?”

“Truthfully I can’t remember.” We kept talking about other things and when my hair was done they helped me into the dress.

“You look gorgeous.” Shanna murmured. Then she and Heather exchanged a high-five. “We. Are. Good.”

“Totally. We still have to get into our dresses.”

“I feel like we’re at a wedding and I’m the bride.”

“No we’re just going to the Gala opening ball.”

“What?” I screamed shocked. “Really? A real ball?”

“Yes.” Shanna said. “Calm down will you?”

“Sorry. I’ve always wrote about balls and how they would be but I’ve never been to a real one.”

“Well then you’re in for a real treat.” Heather told me then went to my bed and grabbed a back bag that held a dress. “Shanna yours is on the bed.”

“Kay!” She shouted back when Heather went into the bathroom. It was then I realized I hadn’t taken in their appearance. Probably while I had been cleaning up they had and had styled their hair. While they got dressed I starred at my reflection in the full length mirror on my closet door. I saw stunned. Never had I thought myself to look this beautiful. I removed my glasses, I loved how I could look sexy in them but today I didn’t want to wear them. I picked up my skirt and walked into my closet.

I found the box I’d been looking for them opening it. I pulled out my contacts, I rarely wore. I put my glasses in their case them went back to the mirror. I placed them in and blinked a few times to get my eyes used to the feel of them. Shanna and Heather were both in the bathroom now and I wondered what Jasper was doing. I looked at the door that lead into the hallway then back at the bathroom. I walked towards my door and looked in the hallway. It was empty.

I moved over the Jasper’s door and was about to knock when I was pulled back into my room.

“You can’t see him yet.” Shanna told me as she sat me on the bed.

“Why not?

“You’re not done yet and haven’t you seen the movies? The girl walks down the stairs and the guy is talking to his friends when they stop and look at her. Then he does and his mouth drops at her beauty and…” Shanna stopped. “Where are your glasses?”


“Anyways…where was I?”

“His mouth drops at her beauty and…” Heather said.

“Oh yes, thank you. Mouth drops at her beauty and he tells her the most romantic things.”

“Cool.” I said rolling my eyes while heather and I laughed at Shanna’s day dream. Or rather the way she was telling me. Her arms were wide and she had the most romantic look on her face.

“Here.” Heather said as she placed something in my hair. “It’s a tiara. It’s not real of course but it does look nice.”

“I like big butts and I can not lie! You other brothers can’t deny!” Shanna answered her cell phone while Heather and I laughed so hard.

“The guys are waiting for us.”

“Now you can let Jasper see you.” Heather said. We went into the hall and started to go down the stairs. They decided to give me the grand entrance. Heather went first, and then Shanna, then I did. It was just like in the movies, or like how Shanna said it. I reached the bottom of the stairs and Jasper closed his mouth. He wore a simple white suit with a black shirt and white tie. He took my gloved hand and kissed it.

“Tu es belle ma chérie.”

“Merci.” I smiled then I heard the man next the Heather ask if I spoke French. 

“Oui. Je parle un peu français. Quand j'étais à l'école j’était dans un français. Maintenant j'ai besoin de trouver un nouvel enseignant.”

“You’re very good. Where did you lean to talk in such long sentences?” He asked me.

“I’ve been learning on the internet but it isn’t the same.” I replied in French.

“I’d be happy to teach you more.” He replied in the same language.

“Thank you. Are you form France?”

“Yes, it’s a wonderful place.”

“I’ve always wanted to go to Paris.”

“I could take you sometime.”

“I’ll take you up on that sometime. Thanks.”

“You’re welcome.” He finished in French. I realized I had just had a whole conversation in perfect French.

“You’re French is very good but you do still have error.” He told me in English after he teleported me to the ball. It was still early we had about an hour before it officially started. “I’m Jean-Luc. Pleasure to meet you. I saw my wife’s design does look dashing on you.”

“Thanks. So are you really willing to teach me French.?”

“I teach fencing at Shanna’s school, how hard could French be? I am from France after all.”


“I totally want to see this.”

“When you come to the school I’ll show you.”

“Thanks.” I also met. Angus and Emma MacKay. Then Robby and Olivia MacKay. I met many others and they all showed my kindness. When I met Shanna’s children. I found them adorable. While I held Tino I felt better, like everything was going to be okay. I looked at Sofia and recognized the two small children as my half siblings.

“Tino.” Shanna said.

“Sorry mommy but she was so sad and sore.” I set Tino down then went up to Shanna.

“What did he do?”

“He has the power to heal people. Say someone was sad, he can make them happy.”


“I think that too.”

“Well I feel great. I’ll have to thank him.”

“He does try and help.” Shanna said as we watched Tino play with his sister and show Jasper his other powers. “He reminds me so much of his father.”

“He looks like him. Sofia looks like you.”

“Thank you.” After looking away Shanna added. “I want you to know you don’t have to call me ‘Mom’ if you don’t want to.”

“I might eventually. It’ll just take time getting used to.”

“Well I hope you have a good time but for right now I have to go play hostess.”

“Yeah, go do your job.” I smiled then turned when I was tapped on the shoulder.

“That kid did something to me.” Jasper said.

“Tino can heal people. Mom explained it to me.” I stopped. The name had rolled doff my tongue so easily. “Wow I didn’t expect to call me Mom so quick.”

“Neither did I. So I guess those two are our siblings now?” Jasper said as we both watched Tino and Sofia.

“Yup. I expected people to sneer at me or something. I guess people will when the guests get here but for now everyone is so nice to me.”

“Rose!” I heard someone call. I looked behind me and saw Gregori, a modern vampire come up with a big smile on his face.”

“What is it?”

“We just wanted you to know avoid at all costs. Corky Courrant. She will ask you questions and turn it into something vile.”

“So you say something then she manipulates it and makes people look bad?”


“I’ve seen people like her. Don’t worry I’ll watch out for her.”

“Well you have a good time. Btw you look amazing.”

“Thanks.” Gregori nodded then walked away. “I have a feeling we’re going to meet a lot of people here.”

“So do I. But let’s dance I can here the music playing.”

“It’s been an hour already?”

“Yes, and Roman makes a speech come on.” Robby said showing us the way with his pregnant wife next to him. We made it just in time for Roman’s speech then the music started. I smiled at Jasper when ‘Ain't That a Kick in the Head’ sung by Dean Martin came on. He smiled back at me then we started dancing the fox trot like Ralph Macchio and Karina Smirnoff did on Dancing With the Stars on season twelve week one with our own little dance so we lasted the entire song.

It was then I realized there were TV cameras and they had been recording us and everyone there had been watching us.

“So much for the low profile.” I murmured to Rose.

“This isn’t good.” Suddenly everyone broke into applause. Shanna moved to the front and came over to us.

“That was wonderful, where did you learn to do that?”

“Uh, Tv.” Was my answer. “Come on, follow me.” AS Rose and I walked away behind Shanna people gave us compliments on our dancing. The TV crew was coming over but Shanna pulled us away and out of the ballroom.

“That, you two, was amazing. But now you’ll have Corky jumping for a chance to interview you. I have no clue what you’re going to tell her.”

“I have an idea.” Angus said approaching us. “This isna the most original considering Gregori told me and I quote. ‘They look like they’re pros at this’.”

“That could work.” Shanna said. “You could be professional dancers.”

“Or we could say we’ve been taking lessons.” Rose said obviously not wanting to take credit for something she wasn’t.

“Yeah I agree with Rose.” I said. “We don’t want to bring too much attention to us. I few say we’re pros then people will start looking us up on the internet to see if they can find us.”

“Alright that does sound a lot better.” Shanna replied. “Well now that’s figured out let’ go back into the ball.”

“We’ll go out in a bit.” I said. Shanna nodded then went back. I took Rose’s arm and lead her to the women’s bathroom. “Are you okay?” I asked cupping her face. She had gone pale and her skin felt clammy.

“Mmhm.” She said leaning into my chest. “I just felt I a little light headed is all.”

“You think you can go back out there?” I asked moving her hair to I could see her face. She had her eyes closed. Rose nodded.

“I just needed a minute.”

“If you want to go tell me.”

“I will.”

“Hey,” I said making her look at me. “You were gorgeous out there.”

“Thanks, Jazz. Let’s go.” Rose seemed to regain her strength and we went back into the ball. The vampires and shifters around us welcomed us with open arms. Our story was we were nomads. It wasn’t shaming Rose or her mother. Things were going great until Corky finally caught up to us. We put on our best faces and prepared ourselves for whatever she was going to throw at us.

“I’m Corky Courant, host of Live with the Undead on the Digital Vampire Network. Would you mind answering a few questions?”

“No of course not.” Rose said.

“You danced in front of everyone here likes pros, are you pros?”

“No, we just took lessons.” I answered.

“There are rumors going around that you are the illegitimate child of Shanna Draganesti, are they true?”

“No,” Rose said. “We’re just nomads.”

“But you look like Mrs. Draganesti.”

“Just because two people look alike doesn’t mean they’re related.”

“So how do you describe your similar looks?”

“How do you describe your breast implants?” That shut the woman up. She gaped at Rose. “If you’ll excuse us.” Rose said then we left the hostess gaping after us.

“That was smart.”

“I know, she was getting on my nerves. I had to get her to shut up somehow.” Rose looked at the dance floor.

“Want to dance again?”

“This time not make a spectacle of ourselves?”

“Your wish is my command.” We moved to the dance floor and began dancing with everyone else. We spent hours dancing it seemed like forever. The way Rose moved in my arms was amazing. Corky never bothered us again and she had the time of our lives.

“What a great way to kick off our new lives.” Rose laughed.

“Yeah.” It was well past midnight and almost to dawn when the party was over. Vampires teleported to their homes or where they would safely go. Finally it was just Rose and I on the dance floor swaying to music in our heads. I lowered my head and kissed Rose like I’ve never kissed her before. When I pulled away she opened her eyes slowly.

“I love you.” She smiled.

“I love you too, ma chérie.” I kissed her again then pulled away when I heard someone coming. Rose yawned and I chuckled. She lightly hit my chest.

“Don’t laugh at me.” She smiled. I lifted her into my arms and she wound her arms around my neck. Then leaned her head on my heart. I started walking out of the ballroom and found Ian in the hallway.

“I’m supposed to teleport ye both back.” I looked down at Rose, she had already fallen asleep. “I can teleport both of you. It isna a problem.”

“Thank you, Ian.”

“Yer welcome.” Ian then teleported us back to the house. Ian teleported away once we were inside leaving me Rose alone. I walked up the stairs to her room and laid her on the bed. I took off her shoes slowly then her tiara followed. I went into her closet and found a ivory white, lace appliqué satin slip night gown for her. I sat her up then slipped it over her head. Once the night gown was over her dress I removed the dress. I pulled back the covers and placed Rose under them. She sighed and rolled over facing me.

I kissed her forehead then went to my room. I let my blazer slide off my arms and I put it back on the hanger. I kicked off my shoes then loosened my tie. After I was done in the bathroom I saw a flash of lighting followed by a roar of thunder and rain. My eyes widened at my windows then I turned and went to my door. Something wasn’t right.

I rushed into Rose’s room and found her gone. Her bathroom was empty as was her closet.

“Rose!” I shouted. I heard a scream next. And followed it down the stairs and out of the house into the front yard and onto the street. Rose stood and a hooded figure stood over her. He stabbed her and Rose gasped as the blade pierced her stomach, blood bubbling out of the wound. Infuriated, I changed into a white bangle tiger.

I tackled the figure and was shocked at who I saw.

Our old mother.

Her eyes were wide with fear and I growled at her then killed her with a swipe of my paw, I broke her neck. Changing back into my human form I found my pants and slipped them on. I looked around for Rose and she was laying under the street light limp and pale. “Rose!” I went over to her and picked up her head. “You’re going to be okay. Don’t leave me.” The knife drew her blood which was staining the ivory white a sickening red. “Help!” I yelled at the top of my lungs, but no one came.

“Jazz.” Rose’s weak voice said. I looked at her eyes. “I love you.” I grabbed her face.

“No!” I growled fiercely. “You’re not going to die yet! Not yet!” I yelled for help again then when no one answered my call I did the only thing I knew would save her. I looked into Rose’s eyes and kissed her hard. “Forgive me.” I begged then I changed into a tiger once more and bit her. I was back in my human form and had pulled the knife out when someone finally came. Then everything was in slow motion for me, like in the movies, and sad music played in my head.

Rose’s eyes were closed and she lay limp and cold in my arms. Howard Barr was the one who answered my calls for help. He looked around them pulled out his phone for more help while I looked at Rose. I silently prayed my bite would be her saving grace. More people arrived; they were all human’s and shifters. Someone put a robe over me to hide my nakedness then someone took Rose from my arms. Or to some degree tried.

“If you don’t let me take her she’ll die.” LaToya told me. I let her take Rose from my arms. “He bit her.” She told someone.

“Let’s hope she makes it.” I tied the robe around me and saw someone go by the broken body of the woman who stabbed Rose.

“Her neck is broken. She’s dead.” Phil announced.

“I killed her.” I admitted. “She stabbed Rose, I was so angry I changed and killed her.” Phil looked to me then at the body finally at the sky. “Dispose of the body somewhere.” He told anyone. He then made me stand and led me into the house. “You bit Rose.”

“No one was answering my calls for help. I was panicking.”

“Let’s hope she makes it through the turn.” Phil sighed. “Go upstairs and take a shower. Then try to get some sleep. I’ll get you if anything changes with Rose.” I obeyed Phil, I was a robot at that point. I wanted to stay next to Rose but I knew she wouldn’t even know I was there.

I laughed when Tino jumped into the spring and splashed everyone.

“Come on Rose!” Jasper shouted. Our family shouted encouragement to me. I looked down at the steep drop into the crystal blue water. It looked so inviting. But something told me not to do it. I looked up then back down, the crystal blue water was now I nauseating blood red. The bodies of my family were floating face down.


I screamed in horror. Then the evil laughing sounded behind me. I spun around and saw my old mother licking a blood covered knife.

“I love hearing you scream.” She laughed. “And I love tasting blood.” She said licking the knife.

“You’re not real.”

“Oh I’m very real. You should have heard their screams when I killed them.” She pointed the knife down at the bloody water. “Now you’re next.” She stabbed me in my stomach. Then the scene changed and I was in front of my new home. It was raining and almost dawn. I clutched the knife in my stomach then looked down at the streaming blood. Suddenly a white flash tackled my old mother. I collapsed on the ground, I turned my head just in time to see Jasper swipe his paw and snap her neck. He changed into a human again then shouted my name the ran over telling me I would be okay. Begging me not to leave him. After looking at the knife he yelled for help.

“Jazz.” My weak voice said. He looked at my eyes. “I love you.” He grabbed my face.

“No!” He growled fiercely. “You’re not going to die yet! Not yet!” He yelled for help again then when no one answered his call he did the only thing he knew would save me. he looked into my eyes and kissed me hard. “Forgive me.” Jasper begged then I watched as he changed into at tiger and bit me before everything went black.

I woke up.

I’m going to be a wolf, was my first thought. I looked around. Where was I? I looked for a clock. It said 9:30. AM or PM? I suddenly felt sick to my stomach, then a cold sweat came over my body. Someone came in.

“We have to get her out of here.” Phil said.

“We set up a spot in the gazebo.” Roman told him. Someone picked me up keeping me wrapped in the blanket I realized I was naked under. I opened my eyes as I whimpered. “You’re going to be fine Rose. We promise.” Roman told me as he carried me to the gazebo. He placed me on a cot then left. I felt Jasper near me.

“Rose? Can you hear me?”

“It hurts.” I choked out, I didn’t have the strength to talk much. He put his forehead against mine.

“I know. It will be over soon.” I felt tears on my face. Jasper was crying. He covered me with a blanket then kept murmuring words of comfort to me. Telling me I would get through this. I would be his she tiger, I would be able to live.

I knew when the full moon was nearing the peak because the pain got worse.

“Do you want the pain killer?” Roman had set a syringe fill with a pain killer out incase I wanted it. I nodded and Jasper gave it to me. When the moon reached it’s peak I started to shift. Even with the pain killer the shift still hurt like hell. It was sickening the way I heard my bones break and shift. My skin became covered with black and white fur. A large pink nose formed on my new face. A tail grew behind me then the pain stopped and I collapsed on the cot, exhausted.

A wet nose and soft purr nudged me. I opened my eyes and met Jasper’s blue ones gazing at me.

You did it. He told me through telepathy.

I had the help of my tiger.

Let’s go. We left the gazebo and I looked at the building. We were behind a large building. Inside people were celebrating my successful shift.

This is Dragon Nest Academy. Our new school. Jasper and I then encountered the other shifters. The wolves, Howard the were-bear, Rajiv the other tiger, but he was the traditional colors. Then we saw the were-panthers. Jasper’s tail hit mine and I hit him back.

Come on I have a lot to teach you. Jasper said then I followed him as we all went running around. Jasper taught me everything I’d need to know. Then it was play time. We pounced on each other and played around with the other shifters. Finally Jasper and I returned to the gazebo. After another painful shift back into my human self I lay panting on the cot. Jasper covered me with the blanket again by biting it and dragging it over my body. He shifted back into his human form then helped me dress.

“Are you alright?” He asked me again when we were in my bathroom in my room.

“Yes, for the millionth time.” But truthfully there was something in me that was acting strange.

“I know that look you’re lying.”

“Well then what’s wrong with me?”

“I know what you want.”

I sat at my desk in my room. My glasses sitting on the tip of my nose, and my hair in a messy bun as I typed away on my brand new laptop Shanna gave me for a birthday present. It was more of a can-you-forgive-me-for-all-these-years gift. I did of course.

It was now three in the morning and the only things keeping me awake was my determination to finish my story or at least get to a cliff hanger part, 7up, and the cramps killing me.

It had been three months since my first shift and I continued to shift every month. It was like a monthly flux but at least with shifting you didn’t have to worry about blood stains on your clothes.

I loved my new laptop. The cover was a custom skin of our giant family, which was my family and all of our friends in one giant picture. I groaned, I desperately wanted to sleep but my body wouldn’t let me. So frustrated I cursed very fluently in French.

Jean-Luc was teaching my French like he had promised and fencing. Heather sometimes asked me to be her manikin when she was designing and I agreed it was a way to get money for new software on my computer. I also worked as a waitress at a local restaurant which helped paid for a lot of my things. My life was good. I was close to finishing my first-over three hundred pages-novel. I also-

“Who is it?” I called before they could knock on my door. Being a shifter meant keener senses.

“I can’t believe you’re still up.” Shanna told me.

“I’ve tried to sleep Mom.” That’s another thing, I called her mom now.

“How’s the book coming?” She asked sitting on my bed.

“Almost done.” I sniffed. “Why do I smell perfume on you?”

“I can’t wear perfume?”

“You’ve never worn that scent.”

“It’s new-”

“Informal or formal dress?” I sighed.

“Informal. I have a surprise for you.”

“At this hour?”

“It’s not far.” I sighed, closed my laptop, rubbed my eyes under my glasses then went to my closet. I picked an off the shoulder red top, boot cut jeans, and Greek sandals. In my mirror I added earrings, and fluffed my hair, I added a necklace and bracelets then put on someone my makeup.

I stood when I was ready and Shanna wrapped her arms around me. We teleported to a nice rural neighborhood. Definitely higher class.

“Why are we here?” I asked. Shanna starred at one house and watched a man walk inside. I looked too. The man was tall and wore a crisp clean suit. He had pale blue green eyes, short brown wavy hair, and a fair face with a stubble. When he removed his blazer I saw he was muscular and if I didn’t have Jasper I would so date him.

“He’d go to jail.”

“On what charges?” I asked.

“Child molesting and incest.”

“Incest? Wait are you saying he’s my father?” When Shanna nodded I felt sick to my stomach.

“Good looking isn’t he?”

“Mom, why’d we come here?”

“He deserves to know you exist.” She started forward but I grasped her wrist.

“Its not worth it. He has a life we have ours. Don’t you hear them?” I heard the other two beating hearts in the house. He had a pregnant wife.

Tears sprang to life in Shanna’s eyes.

“I thought you should know who he was.”

“Thank you but let’s go home. I’m pretty tired anyways.” WE teleported back home and I fell asleep as soon as I hit my bed.

I knocked on his door. He opened it and looked at me shocked.


“Hello Rhys.”

“What are you doing here? And at this hour?”

“Remember that time we hooked up?”


“Here.” I handed him a picture of Rose. “Just thought you should know. Don’t worry about paying child support. I’m taking care of her just fine. Good luck with your family.” He looked at the picture then I disappeared.

“Shanna I-” He stopped when he saw I wasn’t there. “Tell her I love her.” he whispered. He then closed his door and crawled in next to his wife.

“I will.” I promised.

9 years later…Opening Spring Gala

I laughed with my mother at Jasper’s actions. We walked away and I placed my hand on my very large baby bump.

“So when’s the baby due?” She asked me when we sat down. Tonight I wore a white and blue dress with halter neckline features shinning rhinestones embellishments at the waist. With white and blue chiffon embellishments, an excellent cutout work at the waist highlights the gown with a comfortable look. Though my baby bump was pretty evident in the gown.

“Any week now, but I would’ve missed this party for the world.”

“Have you picked out a name? What gender is it?”

“We’re keeping it a secret. It makes it more fun.”

“I see, so what are you going to name it?”

“If it’s a girl we’re going to name her Kelly Marie Edwards.”

“Well of course you’re naming her Edwards that’s her last name.”

“I just wanted to say it, don’t you think it has a nice ring to it?

“Yes. So what are naming it if it’s a boy?”

“Casey Brandon Edwards. Both names are Irish, Casey means Vigilant in War. Brandon means Prince. Kelly means bright headed and Marie means Sea of bitterness.” Shanna opened her mouth to talk but she stopped when my forehead creased. “Give me your hand.”

“Oh my.” My mother breathed when she felt the baby kick.

“She’s got quite the kick.”


“I want her to be a girl.”

“Ah. Well I bet either way it’ll be adorable.” We smiled then I stood.

“I have to use the rest room I’ll be right back.”

“Call me if you need me.” I stood and left the ballroom and walked into the empty hallway that led to the bathrooms. I placed one hand on the wall and another on my stomach.

“You’re really in a fuss tonight, aren’t you?” I said aloud to my baby. It kicked me again and I grimaced in pain. Suddenly I felt wet between my legs and I collapsed to my knees. “Oh no.” I whispered. My water broke!

I saw Rose leave and I went to Shanna.

“Where’s she going?”

“To the restroom.” While we waited Roman came over and joined our conversation. After a while I become worried.

“Excuse me.” I said then left to find Rose. I rounded the corner and found her leaning against the wall trying to walk back to the ballroom. “Rose!” I rushed to her and let her lean on me. “Rose, honey, what’s wrong?”

“My water broke. Get Mom.” My eyes widened then I heard Shanna and Roman coming down the hall.

“Shanna!” My voice yelled then they came running.

“What happened?” Shanna asked.

“Her water broke.”

“Oh my, come on. Roman call Dr. Lee! Now!” I picked Rose into my slowly and followed Shanna to one of the clinic rooms. I was in shock, I was going to be a father but then half of me was concerned because my wife was about to go through a world of pain in the next few hours.

I placed Rose on the bed and she moaned. I brushed her hair off her forehead.

“You’re going to be okay.” I kissed her forehead.

“Whatever I say I don’t mean it.”

“I know you don’t.” Rose was referring to that every baby show she had watched the wife was always screaming she hated her husband and told him to go die sometimes. “I won’t blame you.”

The next few hours were hell on earth.

Rose would scream and try to rip the IV’s off of her. Then the worst part was when the baby was coming. Then Rose started saying nasty things but she clung the me for dear life as she pushed. When the baby started crying Rose sighed with relief and the doctor announced our baby was a girl.

“You got what you wanted.” I laughed and Rose smiled. Shanna handed the baby to me and Rose opened her eyes and I handed her our baby. She smiled and touched our daughter’s nose.

“Hi Kelly Marie. You’re finally here.” She laughed. “Do you know who I am? I’m your Mama and this is your Daddy.” Rose kissed our daughter then Shanna took her so she could clean her. Shanna put Kelly in a baby bed like the ones you see in hospitals then pushed her into our room. It was past dawn, Roman had gone to bed but Shanna had taken the stay awake drug to support Rose thought the labor.

I stood looking down at my daughter while got some much needed sleep. Kelly cooed and wiggled her limbs. She grasped my pinky finger and squeezed. I pulled up a chair next to her and watched by try and chew on her fists. Maybe try was a better way to say it because Shanna had put socks on her fists after a while. Soon Kelly was asleep and I continued to watch her. Someone entered and I looked up. Marielle had entered.

“How are they?” She whispered.

“They’re both asleep.”

“She’s beautiful,” Marielle said looking at my daughter. “Looks like her mother.”


“So how was Rose?”

“Before she told me she wouldn’t mean any of the things she said. I think she meant them then. Birth is painful, guys are lucky they don’t have to go through it. Or have to nurture a baby for nine months.”

“I would’ve gladly taken away her pain if I could’ve.”

“Shanna said to tell you she needs you to sign the birth certificate.”

“I will.” Marielle left and Shanna returned with the birth certificate and I looked it over. It had a foot print on the side of our baby then it had her information.

Birth Announcement
Kelly Marie Edwards
This Certificate that Kelly Marie Edwards
Was born to Rose Kay Edwards and
Jasper Mason Edwards on Saturday
The 29th day of February, 2020
Other information:
Blue eyes, blonde hair, mother’s face
3.75kg, 8.26 lbs, 51cm

Then Rose and I had to sign our names at the bottom. I signed my name then waited for Rose to wake up so she could sign hers. That night Rose had just finished feeding Kelly when somebody knocked on the door. Our family and friends came in. Tino, who was now in his teens, and Sofia, who was almost there, were the first to enter. Everyone was in awe of Kelly and she had the widest eyes as she looked at everyone.

I looked at my wife and baby and smiled.

Our life was now complete.

The End

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