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The Astro Compass

October 11, 2011
By Anonymous


Leland Hawkins is in trouble.
Again. For better or worse is the question. Apparently being popular at school takes on a whole new meaning especially when his apparent friends aren’t who he thinks they are. After being accused and beaten up for stealing his friend’s girl, Leland awakes the next day to find himself aboard a ship called The Armageddon with a captain, Felix Alvarez, who claims he’s saved his life. However, with no memories of his home, Leland agrees to join Alvarez, a wanted pirate, on his mission to find the legendary treasure known as the Astro Compass that uses the stars to lead you to your heart’s desire.
Though, the more Leland begins to learn about his crewmembers and captain the bigger his problems become.
Gold, family, memories, girls, betrayers, and secrets come together in a triumphant twist that tests our hero’s strength and his heart.
Take a ride with Leland and dive into his journals as the eldest Hawkins goes on his wildest adventure yet.


The Astro Compass

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