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August 1, 2012
By pallers, London, Other
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pallers, London, Other
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imagionation can take you anywhere, if you let it too.

Author's note: I have had this book developing in my head for many years . this piece is really special to me because it all erupts from my imagination and i have had this book in my head since i was six! plus i can relate to my main character (Anna claws) in some way.

The author's comments:
My book is not fully, fully edited yet so please pardon any mistakes.

My name is Anna claws. I’m so old , but you wouldn’t believe it if you saw me you’d say I was a happy, bubbly, friendly twenty-two year old girl. But I’m a hundred years old! I have lived in London my entire life- mainly Tower Bridge. As a kid I grew up living in a gigantic mansion that only other kids could dream of living in. plus, my mum always made sure that I dressed classy and well-presented. She normally made me wear bright colours so that it would attract people away from my pale skin complexion. Although I have a pale complexion, people say to me that my black, soft, feather hair completed my beautiful face. Which were my flamboyant blue eyes that shone brighter than the sky. Plus my ravishing red lips that were darker than blood and near perfect proportioned nose. Overall I have delicate sharp features that blind people with its beauty. I’ve witnessed life, joy and happiness. That’s something I have tried to have throughout my life, however I don’t ever seem to accomplish it. I just get pain, misery and death. Your probably wondering what it’s all is. I’ll start off with my family. Well my mum and dad. I know to you humans it’s simply impossible but my dad is the devil! I know what you are thinking, how can that be? Well to be perfectly honest I have no idea, and really I don’t want to know! He preys on innocent human victims. When he turns it’s like a shock wave that circles around your body repeatedly. Were you are standing there’s all ways a humongous earthquake and you fell sick, you feel as if your insides are about to explode! When he feeds on humans it’s putrid. He just rips them apart as if they were tissue. He must have killed thousands of people, he’s evil. He does not care for human life, to him their just food. You wouldn’t think that such a monster is capable of love would you? But he was he was so in love with my mum. My mum, she was beautiful she had jet black hair, piercing green eyes and had a beautiful figure and was so… human. She grew up going school having normal friend’s normal parents; in my eyes she was lucky! She knew about dad well not at the beginning, when my mum found out she just laughed and thought it was a joke but then he showed her what he really looked like. She wasn’t scared at all because when you are in love your heart takes over not your mind. He never compelled my mum or anything like that. Oh sorry I bet you don’t know what compelled means do you? Well its mind control when a demon uplifts there soul from there heart and then jumps into other peoples bodies and mind. We can make them do anything…. My mum and dad where together for 17 years. Until the day, the day that changed my life for eternity. It was a car crash. A brutal death eating car crash, that took my mum dad and sister. My sister rose. She was so young, sixteen. She had such a great life ahead of her graduation, friends and her own family. She was full human that’s why she never survived the car crash. A beautiful young girl who will never be forgotten. We were so close me and rose we were soul sisters. She had my mum’s eyes, those sharp green eyes, when the sun hit her face her eyes glistened; she was a lovely girl so kind. I remember once I had dropped my ice cream, so rose gave me hers instead! Little kind things like that made her built up to her being such a kind and thoughtful person. She was amazing all around. But it wasn’t fair because she was human and I wasn’t! It wasn’t fair because one day shell dying one day and I’ll have to suffer her pain forever. The car crash happened 82 years ago. I remember the car crash like it was yesterday. I arrived home late from school with rose, we was talking having a laugh like a normal day.( as normal as I could get) Mum was at home dad had just come back from wherever, then mum said she was going to get a human blood bag for dad. Rose and dad also volunteered for a calm and peaceful ride in the car. Dusk was starting to fall. I stayed at home because I couldn’t to go out in the sunlight. They’d been gone for about two hours now and I didn’t think much of it until I heard the dogs barking viciously. I told them to shut up! When they ran to the door and I heard a massive bang! Because I’m a demon I could hear it from a mile away. The sound reverberated through my body. I rushed out the door franticly to see what the noise was. My neighbours were screaming “Anna! Anna it’s your family”. My face sank as low as it could possibly go. I ran anxiously panicking to my family. And what I saw next I’ll never forget. The car had gone straight into a colossus tree! The tree tore straight through the car and straight through my family. I rushed to the car, yanked the door off and threw it to the side of the road and checked my mums pulse no reply, went to my sister and shook her and checked her pulse. Nothing. My family were lying dead in front of me. Oh my god dad! How can I have forgotten? I looked round dad was not in the car he was nowhere to be seen! I know what he’s done I thought he’s left them lying here, got scared and ran away from another problem. I hate him I screamed. I’ll never forgive him for this. I got so angry my sharp penetrating fangs started appearing from my gums. I am a demon not a vampire, I don’t really have fangs. My teeth are more like claws stuck in my mouth! However, I have two huge fangs that lie directly in the middle of my gums. They stretch longer than my chin, these two fangs are lethal! Horrifically, they can kill murderously! After that, other smaller fangs extract. Then my eyes turned pure black! But I thought of my mum and rose, so I then started to cool down. I couldn’t do anything because we can’t turn family into demons, if you don’t know what that means well let me enlighten you. It means when you bite someone and then feed them my rich blood and then kill them, and then feed them human flesh. We can’t turn them because of the angels they put a terrible curse on us which is you cannot turn your family and the person you love into a Demon. It’s the worst curse there is but another one is that there only seven demons in the world because of the vampires. The vampires are our immortal enemies, they started on us. The demons were created before the vampires the world was sort of peaceful back then because we only killed for food (sometimes we didn’t)! We ate the humans but we didn’t care about them I know that sounds bad but it’s the truth! Then the vampires appeared. They tortured the humans played with them and then killed them. All the demons were bemused we had no idea of what they were? Then they started turning humans into vampires so they had a bigger army. Moreover the vampires found out that they weren’t the only immortals in the world. They got jealous because vampires are a very selfish UN caring race. So they started on us. There were thousands of demons in the world then the vampires went round killing us one by one and the demons couldn’t join together because if we come in a 15 miles radius with one another we will fight to the death! And one of us will die, that curse is terrible. Then there were hundreds of us left then fifty then 20 then 10 but now there are seven. I escaped from them but I remember my encounter with them let me tell you. It was a terrifying night, bodies scattered everywhere those of demons and vampires. I was running then someone grabbed onto my legs and started yanking me I was scared but I didn’t stop me I kicked the vampire flying but then more kept coming. I was then surrounded by twenty vampires! One lunged at me I punched him with my superior strength, and then they all ran at me with their teeth hungering for my blood. One sank their teeth into me; quickly I grabbed his head and yanked it out of its socket. Then one vampire snapped my arm in half. It hung in an un-natural position. There was no time to dwell on the pain. Finally, I had enough I ran at them pulling heads off, breaking arms and snapping spines. That was it all dead. Then suddenly I heard a snake like scream the vampire ran at me with his teeth ready. I stuck my arm out as he run into it and then I ripped his heart out. Blood flowed from his mouth. I pulled my arm back out with it getting a bit stuck, heart still in my hands. Hungrily, I looked at the heart and studied it for a second. Then I willingly devoured it. It was a terrible war but it’s not over they still want us dead. I need to always be aware for eternity. How can I forget the most important one sun light! We will burn in the sunlight and just explode. But we found away, and its backgrat. It’s a special herb that we have to eat every day to make us immune from sunlight it’s found in the sewers and yes we have to get it ourselves. It’s like a sort of fungus that grows down on the floor of the sewers. I go every year to get. There are not many things that can kill a demon like me, apart from grik it’s a form of salt. It’s so rare that I’ve never actually seen it! The effects are revolting if you put it on the skin, it will bubble over like a witches caldron. But I’ve heard legends that they inject it into your body and it ages you to your real age. Plus it turns you human so Imagine if you are 448 you will just turn to ash. Also other demons say they sprinkle it into your eyes and your eyes explode. Imagine the pain? Back to the incident, I was an eighteen year old girl petrified out my wits and I couldn’t do anything. I curled up with my mum and sister and cried while screaming for help! As I started to stop crying I heard an ambulance arrive! My heart started to feel hope! They can revive humans, can’t they? Sharply, the men ran out of the ambulance with a straight plain face and body bags just in case. I felt sick gazing at these flimsy, useless over size bin bags. Knowing that my mum and sister could just be stuffed into these bags and never seen again! The ambulance people grabbed me trying hard to get me away from my family. Fiercely, I tried to fight there force. They seemed so much stronger than me at the moment – considering I am demon! I felt as weak as a tiny ant. Five members of the crew had to hold me back from my family. My hair swung in my face, teas gushed from my eyes, my throat was beginning to feel saw from screaming. Also my whole body was starting to feel numb, I was finding hard to stand. It was luck the crew was supporting me, otherwise I would have collapsed. As the crew restrained me, I saw them carry two full body bags out of the car. The body bags were zipped up to the top and you could see an outline of a figure inside. My heart began to crumble. When I saw my mum and sister in the body bags I became silent. I felt not worthy to scream or cry. They can’t cry any more so why should I? They released me to see my mum and sister for the last time. Zipping open the body bag carefully, I saw my mums pale lifeless face. I started to speak to her “mum, I’m sorry I couldn’t protect you! Please forgive me please? I love you mum always remember that.” After speaking to my mother I ran to my sister and unzipped the bag and said “rose, my little baby sister. Remember how it was, you and me playing, laughing and having arguments of silly little things. Just remember that. I know you can hear me somewhere, please! You were the kind and happy one out of us; it shouldn’t have been you it should’ve been me. I’m sorry, I’m sorry. Dad will pay for this, leaving you hear without saying goodbye. Trust me! I love you sis, don’t forget that.” I lent down and kissed roses head softly and that was that. My only family is dead. There gone forever. Now I’m Left on my own to defend for myself, this is where my pasts end and my future begins… ok let me tell you a bit more about me! Well I’m a demon. Yes I’m an evil flesh eater, so what! I don’t feed off of humans I’ve lived on animals for decades. I was born a demon you can’t be changed into a demon. I had a very hard life or death, you could say. I have many powers. I have the ability to control minds, read people’s minds, superior strength, lightning speed and many more. But the worst is when I get hungry. I eat human flesh I, drink blood as well but we need to survive on flesh, remember I’m not a vampire! When I turn from my normal human face, you’ve never seen anything like it before. The veins I’m face appear pumping with blood. Then my claws, well I bet you’re wondering where I get my name from, my knuckles push out of my skin and turn to sharp pointy, blood ripping claws. Depending on how angry I am my claws can grow as big as t-rex claws! Then When I see wet blood oozing from someone’s body my gigantic fangs started to extract from my gums then the rest followed, slowly they crush the human teeth and take over my whole body. While my fangs extract my eyes change colour too. The pupil becomes so dilated from joy and excitement it covers the whole of my eyes. Some people say it’s like staring in to a black hole that never ends (the people that have survived, of course). Also some of the bones can snap in my body sometimes because I become over adrenalized and the body can’t take it but I just pop the back in place after. I felt like changing the day of the incident. But till this day there is no evidence to say that my dad was driving like a mad man or lost control of the wheel so I wonder how did it actually happen? Or did someone do this on purpose…

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