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Defeating The Giant

October 16, 2014
By Wendy Romero, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Wendy Romero, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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The moon rises as the sun goes down. Darkness and silence fill the environment as the lights in the houses and the people living in them start shutting down; leaving me alone. I’m not bothered by it; not at all. I’m actually glad to encounter isolation once again. Seclusion has been my only companion since the whole ‘adventure’ thing first started. I don’t regret doing it; not at all. I’m glad I had the chance to run off and end up here, walking on this railroad in the middle of nowhere. I’m glad I gave up everything I had, wanted, needed and loved only because of a book and a dream. I have no idea what day it is, the month or time; and I really don’t care. I’m broke, dirty, hungry and tired. Again, I really don’t care. I’m glad all of this is going on in my life. Yes, I know this is the most insane and bizarre thing anyone can think, say and feel about a situation like this one. But that’s just who I am, insane and bizarre. Take my word, after all of this you will understand; understand why I say all of this and why I am walking in the dark on a rusty railroad. But just to give you a hint on whom I really am and what I think about everyone and their way of thinking, talking and doing, I would like to let you know that I truly hate all of you.

Wendy R.

Defeating The Giant

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