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Iron Heart

February 13, 2016
By MysteriousErudite SILVER, Beaverton, Oregon
MysteriousErudite SILVER, Beaverton, Oregon
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What would you do if your future depended on a single test score? Iron Heart is a dystopian, heart-wrenching novel where failure is not an option. 


Thorn is a fifteen year old adolescent who wants to love the world, but the world sees him as an imbecile, a lower thing to be removed. Ever since he failed the Test, his society saw him differently and hated him.


After facing backstabs of his friends, the caustic disapproval of his society, and an attempted suicide, Thorn suddenly wakes up to find himself in a hidden world where life is not about competition or books.


There he painfully discovers the truth of life, and also the truth about himself. 


Iron Heart

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