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The Sleepwalker

February 14, 2018
By Thesis, Malakoff, Texas
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Thesis, Malakoff, Texas
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I wake up to another horrendous day of High school. The walls screech of lost souls and misery. Good thing, I’m not there yet. I wake up and get ready before my mom yells at me. I wait for ten years for the bus. After ten minutes, I get off. I go to the waiting area where all the students all gather and I go to sleep.
I wake up in some sort of Trophy Room. The walls have exotic animal heads. The room had dark red walls with a fireplace in the room. This must be an impressive hunter. “Maybe the hunter can help me. I mean I need to know what happened,” I said under my breath. Fully convinced that I should get out, I open the door. When I opened the door, it cried out a loud creak. Before I can use my mouth to reach for help, I could hear loud banging sounds. It sounds like the kitchen. My eyes widen and I hysterically look around for a hiding spot.
“I don’t know what’s going on, but I do not want to find out.  I need to get out of here as soon as possible. Who knows what’s going on there?” I said under my breath.
I peered to my left and I see a dark room. It appeared empty and without a second thought, I jumped in. When I got in I quietly shut and locked the door, then I let out a sigh. Near the corner, there’s a peephole. Like a curious cat, I took a peak in the room and immediately regret it. What I saw was a woman trying to eat a turkey whole. I hear a creek behind me. It came from the corner of the room. I get a chill down my spine. The room lights up and I can hear a different voice saying “Hey! Get up before I write you up for insubordination!”

I get up to find Mr. Thresher, my 2nd-period English teacher, yelling at me again. He’s the head coach for the football team and he’s a teacher. The school board saw that we didn’t have many teachers here, so they made a requirement that they had to teach a subject and have a degree for it. Since when did I get here in this class anyway? “Did you hear me, Mr. McCoy?”
“Sure did, Coach, and I’ll get back to work,” I said eagerly. I would get back to work if I knew what we were doing. The response he gave me was a sigh. At least he’s not giving me the death stare, so I guess that’s a victory.
I look down and find a white paper with one-third of questions answered. I search the  sheet of paper for the title and it appears that we are still reading that book. I mean it’s a good book, but we use that for to learn how do poems and stories. The book’s about an old man fishing whose been fishing for years none stop, suddenly gets eaten and gets sort of digested for three days. During those times, he had a pen and a couple pieces of paper and started to make short stories and poems. How he could see in the stomach was beyond me. It was excellent and at the time, I was excited about another book. Little did I know that I’d grow to hate it.
After two minutes of staring at the page, I start to look for an opportunity to sleep. I am really sleepy today, aren’t I? Great! Looks like Coach is going to visit the land of dream and I will join him soon. I rest my head on my arms and let nature do the rest.
I wake up in a room that only has white. Just white. I look around for anything else and I find a plate but it’s white. I find a spoon but it’s white. White. White. White. White. I’m starting to go crazy. A noise start to ring in my ear and there’s a white speaker trying to communicate with me, but all I heard was white, white, white, white, white, and oh yeah, white. It tried a second time and I can hear him clearly. “As you can see you are here for the scientific test. We just want to learn what would happen to a human being if they only saw only one color. Ok?” Before I can even answer his question, I had a chill down my spine. It was the same as the other dream. “Who are y-” Zap.

I wake up to look to find the culprit that ruined my dream and it was my best friend, Mark. I don’t remember a time where we haven’t been friends. “You’re welcome,” he said with a smirk on his face. “Can you refresh my memory? What do I have to be thankful for?” I said. “Well, I just saved you from detention from Ms. Herse. She does get aggressive when someone's being disrespectful in any way.” Mark said while turning around to look at attention. What is he talking about? I turn around to find out that I’m in Ms. Herse’s classroom now.
Ms. Hearse gets to the class and demands attention. It’s kinda scary to see how the room gets quiet. She gets to her desk and grabs the material on what she’s going teach today. It feels like she gets into a preachy mood when she gets into her classroom. One of the materials she used was about squirrels and she complained about how they stay on the wires, gossiping and judging her sense of fashion, and how they could be plotting to take her home. I’ve always wondered what kind of house she lived under.
I wait for her to get preachy and I start to sleep. At this point, I would think at least someone would keep me from sleeping but no one does. Oh well, looks like I can sleep.

A few minutes later, I find myself with a raccoon in my hand and what I guess is cheese on my back. I look around to see myself in an alleyway. I try to get up by using my elbows. While doing that I use one arm to tear off some parts of the cheese off my back. It had brown and green mold and smells like someone’s gym rag. While still tearing off the cheese, I look left and right and find that the streets are deserted like the old west during a dust bowl but without the dust and raging wind. “Hey! Anybody?! Hello?!” I keep yelling those words over and over and find nothing. “Come on. Someone has to be here. Somewhere! Anywhere!” While holding on to those words, I look around even further and find that this city… is abandoned. What do I do? I can’t do anything now. What do I do? Find them? There’s nothing inside the buildings and outside of it is nothing. How do I find something that left nothing behind? As I was walking, I look right next to me and find a cat. After a few seconds, it caught me staring and started to follow me. I wondered why the cat was here, abandoned here... like me. It started to look me in the eyes and I stare back. The cat’s eyes said a thousand words without saying anything. When it decided that the staring contest was enough, the feline climbed up my body and got on my shoulders and looked forward and look the same direction… towards the sun.

“Hey, Jake! Wake up! Wake up!” said a soft voice from the distance. It gives a nice warm feeling. I feel like I’m wrapped in my mother’s arms. I go even deeper into sleep. I see myself on a ship in calm seas. I am the captain of the rest of the Jakes. I look in the distance as the other jakes row towards the future. Then suddenly, thunderstorms start to stir up the waters around my ship. The ship rocks back and forth violently. As the other jakes panic, I can see a monster in the distance. I get on my knees and cry out “We were so close!” again and again. Then, the sun peeks down on us or me. I start to get up and yell “This is now or never!” and we or maybe I, start to row forward towards the beast. Suddenly, a ray light shines on us.
“Hey. Are you okay?” I hear as I am being violently pushed left to right. “Am I dead yet?”  I say while still laying my head on the table. “Well, if you call the ice-cream bar heaven, then yes.”  responded with a soft voice that warms me up inside. I start to look up and see a girl with brown, curly hair. She had a beautiful smile that left me breathless. There were no words that could describe this beauty.
“What favor do you want?” asked the goddess. “I think I’ll get a vanilla and I’m still trying to get your response.”
“I guess I’ll buy myself a chocolate flavor ice-cream,”  I said. “Hey, I’ve been wondering-”
“Is he okay or at least awake?” says a voice that seems very familiar. I look behind me and I see my best friend, Mark. “Good, looks like you’re awake at least. You go to sleep a lot. Oh yeah, I haven’t introduced you to her. Her name is Heather.” I never liked the name Heather until now. “She’s also known as my girlfriend,” said Mark, now as my rival. “She’s like an angel fell from the heavens.”
“Oh, you’re just saying that just to make me smile.” responded the goddess. “Yes I did say that so you can smile,” said Mark as he smiled. As a result, she hit his side and they both laughed as I starved with envy in my eyes.
After a few more minutes of torture, we all said our goodbyes and walked toward our own houses... or at least I did. As I was walking to my house I can see… Heather, waiting for something. What do I do or say? Heather’s Mark’s girlfriend. You can’t just walk take her away from him. The thing I knew I was right next to her.
“Hey, nice to see you again.” She said with a smile. “What’s your name. Sorry, I kinda forgot it.” I replied with “Yeah, sure. My name is-”
“Jake Rays McCoy! If you do not wake up in 2 seconds, I going to knock you into next week!” said my overly aggressive mother. “Ugh, all of that was a dream. Why?” I said while on the carpet floor.

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