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Keldom (Chaps 1-3)

February 4, 2020
By digimonmaster98, Coalinga, California
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Welcome to the world Keldom, it is a world of elements and magic there are 6 different breeds, fire, water, nature, earth, wind, and thunder, each one has its own clan, the fire clan is made of divas, strong, and can get mad easily and will give a power boost, and they are weak to water, the water clan is made of nice, well rounded people, they are mostly poison artist, plus they can control ice, weak to thunder, the nature clan is made of healers, and can control any kind of plant and animal, and in the sun they gain strength, in rain they get speed, they are weak to fire, the earth clan is made of people with good defense, they can make armor with nearby grabble, earth, or any rocks, not diamonds, they are slow, weak to nature, the wind clan is made of fast and silent assassins, and can breath any type of air, they have moves that can cut through a tree, they are weak to earth, the thunder clan is made of smart and very strong people, but it takes time to use their attacks, they are weak to wind. In this world there is hate between every element, Every element lives in clans, but there are some elements that visit different elements but if they are caught they are executed, So most people stay away from the “evil” other elements, because they enforce that law so much.


By the way hi I’m Steven and I am very special, I am a type of breed called a hybrid, which means my mom and dad are from different clans. Im a hybrid, My dad is in the fire clan and my mother is in the wind. But my dad is also part thunder so he is a hybrid too, same with my mom she is in water so guess what she is a hybrid too. So after 9 months and 3 years I have a baby sister and brother. Im currently 14 my sister, miracle is 13, and my brother Daniel is 11. So 3 hybrids kids and 2 adult hybrids. But miracle got a combination of wind and thunder so she is storm, Daniel has fire and water so he is steam and I have all four of them. But since I was born with a mark so I am able to control every element so, I’m called elemental. An elemental comes when 4 breeds mix and the child will be one with all elements. Now thats not all you see, I kinda stick out like a sore thumb, I was born with giantism(extended height), Miracle was born as a twin but she accidentally fused with her, and Daniel was born with different color eyes, anyway I go to school like everyone, but I go to thunder it is hard but rewarding. I learn to use thunder and its like forth nature (get it forth nature). So I learn faster than anyone. First I learned how to use my power. Then how to conceal it. Then to put it to the test. I really payed attention to concealing it because if I burp fire comes, if I sweat little pebbles comes out and when I sneeze a strong current of air comes out. After all that we had tournaments first match was Antony and Ken. Ken won by using a lightning punch. Then I was next up against Alex. First we shook hands then the fight commenced. First move then Alex shot a thunder bullet at me. It hit but not much was taken. So I used my earth power secretly and put rocks around my fist and used thunder punch it landed and I one shotted Alex so I first took off the earth fist and then took off the lighting punch. Then after 3 rounds then came the finals me against Ken we shook hands and the fight was on. First I gathered all my thunder power and unleashed my hyper volt dragon. Hyper volt dragon is when I forge my lighting into a dragon shape and shoot in an out spread of thunder waves. But it missed so I was resort to combat so I can save my energy, I punched him 3 times all in the jaw. Then with the rest of my thunder I saved I used uprising electric uppercut. Then Ken fell to the ground. The match was over I was victorious. Then Ken came to me and said, “Congratulations you have won” I said, “Thanks, you did well too.” Then Ken said, “You’re really good at using your thunder guess that make you my rival.” I said, “Good I need one anyway.” Then we both laughed. Next up match was with miracle and Kim, Ken’s younger sister. So the match starts and Miracle uses her storm moves, like down thunder, thunder prison and thunder beam. Down thunder is when a cloud is over the opponent and claps down a big lightning bolt, Thunder prison is when a cloud it at the opponent’s neck and seals them from head to toe in thunder, and thunder beam is when a cloud shoots a beam of thunder under the opponent and stuns them. Everyone thought she was one of the 10000 year legend, the 10000 year legend is every 10000 years every element gets a well gifted child and will become king or queen. Every clan knew that, and there was another like when all elements come together a savior will arrive. Then once the savior arrived the dark element will come and he or she will save all of us. Now as I was watching Miracle get everyone riled up she ends it by using down thunder and thunder beam. When she got off the stage everyone cheered and I went up to her to congratulate her, thats when everyone put their eyes on me. They just found out that I was the 10000 year legend’s older brother. They all asked questions like who is stronger you or your sister, or was she always like that, I was glad when the bell rang and it was time to go home. Daniel came back from water school and he was also questioned to be the Almighty 10000 year legend. I was happy that that was the last day of school. Cause the best part of no school is I can release my true form. Only because we live in a mountain that can’t be climbed or flown too, so we made a giant hole and hollowed it out. Our walls where about 10 feet thick and we had a bolder for a door. So we released our true forms. My true form was a multi-element giant that was 14 feet tall every year was a foot, but I can make myself no smaller than 1 foot, so I was always a 6 foot giant cause it was a natural feeling. Miracle’s a storm lion, and Daniel’s a steam monkey.


So the next day I went to one of Keldom’s clans depending on the need for supplies. Only I can go cause I can change my form to any element. It is really handy because I can go anywhere and be safe. So one day I needed to go to the water village for tea, so I change into the water element, my hair turns blue and long, my eyes turn into a water blue, and I had water eyebrows. So when I went to the water clan village mall I see the tea I need lucky there was one left. I grabbed it and I walked to the line before I got there I was stopped by this water girl. She had long sky blue hair, light blue eyes like me, and she was wearing a river dress that had little fish at the bottom. So in my mind I was like wow she is so pretty, but how I was on the outside was quite and shy. She asked “Is there was anymore tea left?” I said, “Sorry I got the last one.” Automatically I said, “Do you need the tea for something?” She answered, “Yeah my mom got sick and I heard tea will help her get better.” My heart started to beat fast and I said, “Here take it but, show me your mother maybe I can help you out.” She smiled and said, “Ok, by the way whats your name?” I responded “My name is Steven, whats yours?” She said, “Nice to meet you Steven, I’m Lilypad but you can call me Lily for short.” I said, “Nice to meet you Lily.” She asked “How old are you?” I said, “14” she said, “No way, I’m 14 too, Your pretty tall to be 14.” I responded proudly and said, “I was born with a genetic called giantism, It is like hyper growth.” She looked so amazed. So we got to the clerk and he said, “Oh good choice this is the best tea, will that be all?” I said, “Also these pots, seeds, dirt, and tools.” The clerk said, “Ok that will be 170.35 currency.” Lily said, “I think I got.” I interrupted, “Heres 200.35 keep the change.” The clerk said, “Thank you have a nice day.” Then we left to Lily’s house, on the way there Lily said, “I could have payed for the tea you didn’t have to do that.” I responded, “I took it as a duty since your mom is sick it’s the least I can do to help out, plus the garden stuff is for a surprise.” She smiled big and said, “Thanks, you’re really nice to a stranger.” I said, “I hope it can be contagious so one day all the clans will merge and there will be no hate.” She said, “I hope for that too.” We got to her house and I see her mom coughing, sweating, and shivering in her bed. She said, “Lily who is this.” I responded, “Help.” Then I said, “How did you get sick?” She responded, “I was poisoned by a green horn frog about 4 hours ago.” I grabbed 3 napkins and then said, “Miss and Lily use these to cover your mouths I will be back in 5 mins, Lily if your mother gets a fever use your water power to make the tea and add a salt to it.” Lily said, “Will do.” So I rush out of the house then into the forest. I was looking for some glowshrooms, wild water, and oak water. After I grabbed all the stuff I rushed to Lily’s house. I got in and said, “I need a pan and a knife.” Lily grabbed a pan and a knife and I started to make the medicine. I was so into the moment I accidentally used my fire powers, I used it to cook the Glowshrooms, Oak water and wild water together, Lily eyes widen and mine did too. But I kept going, after the Glowshroom cooked it soaked up the wild water and the oak water put a glaze around it, then I used the knife to make the shroom to a paste and gave it to the mother. She perked right up and was recovered but only a little. Then Lily said, “Who or what are you, where did you come from and how did you use water and fire skills?” I said, “I’ll show you guys and tell my story if you guys don’t rat me out, because they will execute me and my family.” They both noted and I began to speak. Their faces after I said everything where in shock. Lily’s mom said, “Then you’re not welcome here we don’t want trouble and stay away from my daughter she is all I have left.” Then I said, “Thats fine, just promise me you’ll take care of these plants because you need to take the same thing I gave you once a week for 3 weeks and you should have fully recovered, anyway I’ll be on my way, It was nice meeting you guys.” Lily said, “Wait, don’t go have supper with us it’s the least you can do for helping my mom plus we need you for the medicine because we don’t know how to make it.” Lily’s mom said, “Lily thats enough he can’t stay.” Lily interrupted, “But he helped you can at least show some gratitude he even paid for our tea, he let us have it even though it was the last one.” Lily’s mom said, “I’m sorry for saying the stuff before clearly Lily trusts you so I can trust you too.” I said, “Thanks, and Lily thank you for sticking up for me no one ever sticked up for me before.” Lily looked at me, smiled and said, “What are friends for.” I blushed. I asked, “Lily whats your moms name?” She said, “Moon.” I said, “Miss Moon its nice to meet you I’m Steven.” Miss Moon said, “It’s a pleasure meeting you Steven.” I asked, “Can you stand?” Miss Moon said, “No I can’t.” Lily said, “What do you want for supper mom?” She replied, “Can you make me some soup?” I said, “Sure” Lily looked at me and said, “You’re the guess you can’t make the food.” Then I responded, “Just stay with your mother, I bet you have a lot to say about school.” Lily puffed up her cheeks and said, “Fine.” I blushed and said, “You look so cute in a puffed up face.” The words have slipped out of my mouth. Lily blushed, and Miss Moon said, “Lily are you blushing?” Lily covered her face.


So now I start cooking the soup, I grabbed some beet root, carrots, oak water, sea sand salt, and egg stock. After 20 mins I, served it to Lily and Miss Moon. Lily said, “Wow it’s so yummy!” Miss Moon said, “Wow good cook, good looks, tall, strong, respectful, and smart.” I blushed, then she turned to Lily and said, “He will be a good husband in the future.” Lily and I turned pink. Miss Moon Laughed and said, “Are you guys dating?” Lily and I turned red and Lily shouted, “Stop it we are just friends!” Then I said, “It’s not like that.” Miss Moon responded, “What is she not pretty enough for you?” Lily said, “Were just.” I interrupted, “She is one of the most prettiest and nicest girls I met, It’s just that.” Miss Moon said, “What you have a girlfriend already?” I responded, “No, but it’s just that I’m not handsome enough for her, she can find someone way better.” Lily’s word slipped and said, “Thats not true, you are really handsome, smart and nice!” I turned red and said, “I have to go, see ya in a week.” Lily said, “Bye Steven.” Miss Moon said, “Bye.” After I left Miss Moon asked Lily, “You like him don’t you?” Lily said, “Yeah I kinda do.” Miss moon said, “Ask him out when he comes back in a week, he basically said he loves you so do it.” Lily said, “ Like an hour ago you said he was not welcomed, now you’re trying to hook him up with me?” Miss Moon said, “Well I changed my mind he will be a perfect son-in-law.” Meanwhile I walked back to the store and got the other brand of tea and went home. The next day I trained on my water skills, I made shapes, letters, and pierced a rock. I did that until the next week. Then I transformed into the water type and went to Lily’s house. I said, “Hey Miss Moon today is medicine day.” Then I said, “Where is Lily?” Miss Moon said, “Lily Steven is here!” Then I started to make the medicine and Miss Moon took it. Miss Moon said, “Steven go out side and get a blue rose then come back.” I said, “Ok I’ll be back.” So I went. Miss Moon called Lily and said, “Lily put on the prettiest dress you have so I can she how it looks.” Lily said, “Ok be right back.”


I came back and said, “I’m back.” Miss Moon said, “Now go out to the front door and get on one knee, this is an old way of good luck, then say here its for you, then you say it again when the door opens to bring good luck to the whole house.” I said, “Thats oddly specific, ok then.” So I go to the front door and do what I was told. Lily comes out of her room with a blue dress skirt. Miss Moon says, “Someone’s at the door can you get it.” Lily said, “Sure.” Then she opened the door, right after I said, “This is for you.” I blushed, she blushed, Miss Moon said, “Here are picnic items go and have fun.” I got up from my knee and said, “You set us up.” Lily said, “We don’t have to go if.” I interrupted, “It would be a pleasure to go on a picnic with you.” Lily blushed and said, “Are we going to the park or the woods?” I said, “Woods.” Then “I know a spot follow me.” Lily follows behind me while I cary the blanket and basket. We get to this spot where there was a nice Clear River, next to it was a nice shady tree. So we set up the blanket and started talking. I said, “So is your mom always like this?” Lily said, “No because you’re the only boy that went to my house ever.” I said, “Do you really like me?” She responded, “Yeah a little.” I blush and said, “Then can I see your true form and you can see mine.” She said, “Sure seems fun.” She transforms into a blue fox with a water tail. I transform into my giant form. I went over and pat her head and said, “You’re so cute.” Then we transformed back, but on her right hand and my left had a mark. Her mark was a blue diamond and mine was a gold ring. We freaked out and ran to Miss Moon and told her everything. Miss Moon’s face turned from worried to excited. I was relived when she smiled. Then she said, “Congratulations.” Lily said, “Congratulations on what?” Miss Moon said, “You guys marked each other so you two are now engaged, but the reason for this is that she is your soul mate and he is yours.” I said, “When will we be married then?” Miss Moon said 6 years from now. I was warned about this, but now it happened, Lily is my future bride and I am going to have to live here because if we are 3000 feet away from each other we fall asleep and won’t wake up until we touch but it breaks once we have a child. I went home with Lily by my side and told the whole story. My parents weren’t mad, but happy for me and my siblings didn’t care cause they where Legends and they thought they were all that. That was the night before my parents died, They where killed by hybrid hunters that used a strange magic. I found out about this in the water village, it was all everyone talked about, 2 hybrids found one was a man other was a woman, The woman was pregnant, and had no other signs of kids. I have no idea where my siblings are but I guess their safe, That was a hope.

Now it’s been 3 years since my parents died but I decided to make my own different element family. My siblings are missing still and I gave up on looking. I decided to go to other villages to find friends. First I go to the thunder village, My hair is purple but short, my eyes turn a dark shade of purple, while my eyebrows looked like thunder bolts. Then I’ve seen Ken my rival I said, “Hey Ken how are you?” Ken said, “Ah ha My rival, we meet again are you gonna challenge me to the battle of the century?” I looked at him as if he was crazy and said, “I will if you keep a secret but if I lose you don’t have to.” Ken gleamed and said, “Thats a deal, meet me in the woods where no one is around, so we can go all out.” I said, “Ok but your gonna lose.” So later we got to the middle of the woods, and we started the fight. Ken said, “Use your full power.” Then I said, “They had a power restraining necklace on me, but now I will unleash everything.” The battle started, Ken used dragon god off the back, Dragon God is When an element makes a giant dragon and attacks with mini versions then the giant dragon attacks. I was dodging everything but one of the dragons struck me, I went down but I got back up. Ken said, “Come on attack use everything!” Then I said, “Ok but don’t tell anyone, elemental dragon!” Ken looked confused, then I chanted, “Earth, Fire, Wind, Water, Thunder, Nature, GIVE ME STRENGTH!” I summoned an elemental Dragon, an elemental dragon is when all elements unite and make a dragon god and attacks with a Giant fury of different elements. Before they hit Ken said, “Oooohhh shhhhiiiii.” Then splat. Ken yields and says, “My rival is the SAIVOR!” Then he said, “From the legend!” Then I said, “Sure, just keep it a secret and follow me and be quiet.” Ken nodded and we walked until about 100 yards away from the water village then I said, “Stay here I need to get someone.” Then I changed into my water form and walked to Lily’s house, I went in and said, “Wheres Lily?” Miss Moon said, “Oh my Steven you’ve grown so much, I’ll get your bride, Lily come here there is someone waiting for you!” Lily said, “Just a minute.” Lily walked out of her room and the biggest smile was on her face, Then I said, “Hey there beautiful, I need you today for something.” She said, “Sure.” So I took her to Ken. When she saw him she attacked him with water bullet and he attacked her with thunder bullet, I jumped in-between the attacks and used rock armor. Then I said, “Don’t worry Lily he’s fine, and Ken do that again and I will fling you, and I mean DON’T EVER ATTACK MY BRIDE!” Ken said, “Sorry I didn’t know you were gonna bring someone.” I said, “Well we got 4 more to go.” Next is wind, I change to my wind form, My hair turned breeze and white, my eyes turned silver, and my eyebrows turned to clouds and I said, “When the group is together I will show my base form, hide out in the middle of the Forrest I will send the others.” So I get to the wind village and I see this one kid getting jumped his hair is white but had blood making it red, so I helped him from being killed, I ran with all my adrenaline pumping through my veins, I used air bubble to get him to me and air machine gun, air bubble I can surround an object in an air bubble and bring it to me, air machine gun is a burst of little air bubbles that don’t pierce but bruise. I shot my air machine gun on the guys and they ran off. I inspected the injured kid, the red in his hair was all blood and he had a few bruises here and there, some minor scrapes. He was knocked out cold, I had to wake him up with life line air, life line air is when I shoot air up the persons nose and restart their brain to wake them up, he woke up and said, “What happened, who are you?” I said, “I save you what did you do to deserve this?” Then he said, “I stole some food, cause I got nothing else.” I asked him, “Do you have parents or a home?” He said, “No.” So I told him, “Follow me we can be your family.” He said, “Really!” I said, “Yes and how old are you?” He responded, “I’m 5.” Then I had a follow-up question so I asked, “Whats your name?” He said, “I don’t have one.” Then I responded with remorse, “We will name you when we go home.” His 5 year old eyes lit up and he was weak and passed out. So I took him to the woods and met up with Lily and Ken. I used instant construction nature style, I made a hideout, each room was made I made a kitchen, garden, living room, bathroom, and 8 rooms 1 for me and Lily and 5 for the other elements also there was 3 guest rooms. I told Lily to bring her mom and Ken to bring his dad. I brought the 5 year old into the hide out and put him in my bed right next to Lily’s. I wrapped him up in gauze to stop the bleeding, Lily asked, “What is he doing here, how old is he, where is his parents, and why bring my mom?” I said, “First I brought him cause he has no home, second he is 5, third he is an orphan, and fourth so I can make sure she has the right medicine.”


1 hour later… The 5 year old woke up and said, “Hey mister whats your name?” I responded, “Oh I’m Steven and this lady right here is Lily, she is my future wife.” The 5 year old then said, “You promised me a name so what is it?” Lily said, “Can I name you?” I said, “We can let him choose.” Then I said, “How about Willy?” Then Lily said, “How about Aires.” The 5 year old said. “I like Aires.”  I said, “Ok then your name is Aires.” Then I said to Lily, “Go get your mom and I’ll take care off him.” Then Lily smiled and ran off, I asked Aires, “Are you hungry Aires?” Aries said, “Yeah.” I said, “Then Dinner will be served in a minute.” I made Aires Chuckwagon and an apple pie. He ate everything and passed out I put him in my bed, Lily brought her mom and Ken brought his dad, Ken’s dad is best friends with my dad. The next day I was the first one up so I started breakfast, I made a feast, we had flapjacks, eggs, bacon, toast, OJ, and hash browns. Everyone came at once, the had the smell of food and gulped it all up, Aires ate the most and that made me really happy. After everyone ate I said, “I have collected 3 out of 6 team members of different elements Miss Moon and Mr. Ken we need you to get supplies from your clans, Ken you need to tidy this place, and yes I will get you your thunder juice, Lily I need you to come with me and Aires to the water village.” Then Lily said, “How will Aires go he is a wind type?” I showed a blue wig and blue eye contacts, Lily Smacked her head, I smiled. So we got Aires dressed up in the wig and contacts, and I transformed into my water form. I grabbed Lily’s and Aires’s hand and we walked to the village, we went shopping for clothes for Aires, we get to the store and Aires got some nice clothes, he got a tank-top, a dinosaur t-shirt, a pair of jeans, a pair of shorts, underwear, socks, a jacket, Dino-slippers, running shoes, and pajamas. After that is said, “Lily take Aires to get some ice cream I need to get a few things.” Lily said, “Sure, come on Aries.” Aries said, “Ok.” So after I left I went to Aqua Gems, I got a blue diamond ring. Then I went to the toy shop and got Aires some action figures and a walkie-talkie. Then I caught up with Lily and Aires, then Aires said, “Oh hi dad.” And with the biggest smile. When he said that my heart bursted but I said, “Aires, I’m not your dad.” Then Aires said, “Yes you are, your the only adult man that loved me.” My heart was heavy and I submitted, and said, “If I’m gonna be your dad then we will make it legal we will go to the center and it will be real.” Aires said, “Really, I love you dad.” He ran and hugged me or at least my leg, Then I said, “Then Lily want to be the mother.” Lily smiled and said, “Yes, I would love that.” Aires ran to Lily and said, “I love you mom.” After that shopping trip we went to the Adoption center and I asked, “Can I adopt this kid Aires, he was homeless and I think he would be a great member to our family.” The receptionist said, “Sure all you have to do I write your signature, the kid’s signature, and your wife will sign hers.” So after we did all that process, we went home to tell everyone. So when we got home, I knocked on the door and said, “Guys open up it’s Steven.” The door opened, then I said, “Every one its time for a meeting!” Everyone came down to the living room, then I said, “Ok we have some good news, guys me and Lily.” Miss Moon interrupted and said, “Oh my god Lily is pregnant!” I said, “No, No, the good news is me and Lily adopted Aires so now I can’t wait 3 years.” I look at Lily, got down on one knee, and said, “Lily will you Marry me?” Lily blushed so much and she said, “W-w-what did y-y-you say?” I said, “Will you Marry me?” Lily said, “Since we both adopted Aires, My answer is… yes!” I got up from one knee and said, “You have made me the happiest man in the world, you hear that Aires you just got a momma and a papa.” Aires ran up to us and gave us the biggest of hugs. Then I said, “Meeting adjured, Miss Moon, Lily, and Aires stay.” So everyone left and I whispered to Lily, “Want to make what your mom said true?” Lily blushed and said, “What about Aires?” Then I said, “Miss Moon, or should I say momma moon, can you put Aires to his room and read him some stories and put him to sleep?” Miss Moon said, “Sure but make sure to keep it down.” Lily and I Blushed and we said goodnight to Aires.


In the morning, I woke up to Lily right beside me, I got up and got dressed, then for the wake up call I made a big breakfast and left a not for them, It said, “Gone out to get the rest of the crew.” So I decided to go to the fire clan next, so I get into my fire form, My hair turns untamed and red, my eyes turn a scarlet red, and my eyebrows turned into fire. So I go to the fire village to see that it was attacked, there was a lot of them dead, and there was some knocked out, but there was on little baby girl she was wrapped around her dead parents, her parents risked their lives for her so I picked her up then walked out of town, but before I could leave I hear a little voice, the voice said, “Wait, wait!” I turned around to see what it looks like a little girl she said, “Wait thats my sister you can’t take her!” Then I said, “Then come with me, I am afraid to say your parents risked their lives for her so you should come along with me, we have food, water, and a nice bath, plus whoever attacked this place might come back for survivors.” The little girl started to cry, my eyes teared and then I said, “Come we must go.” So the little girl took my hand and we walked home, I opened the door and everyone came rushing to see the baby and the little girl, The little girl said, “AHHH, other clans!” Then she shot a fire bullet at Lily, I rushed there and put my back against the attack, Then I said, “Here Lily take her and give her a check up.” Then I turned around and said, “It’s ok here we are the people who want all clans to live in harmony, just be calm we are friendly.” I picked her up the called out, “Aires come here.” Aires runs over and says, “Yes dad.” The girl looked at me and said, “Dad?” “I thought you were a fire clan like me.” I said, “Nope, I am an elemental so I’m every element.” The girl was confused, then I said, “Hey Aires why don’t you play with… uhh… whats your name?” The girl said, “I’m scarlet.” Then I finished, “Go play with scarlet.” Aires said, “Come on scarlet I got some toys we can play with.” Scarlet said, “Yay!” So they went to Aires room and played, I said, “Hey, Uhh, guys both of their parents are dead and they are gonna stay here, keep them happy Imma get 2 more clans tell Lily to make some tea.”

Now all I need is the last 2 elements Earth and Nature, I decided to go to the earth village first, So I changed into my earth form, My hair was very short and brown, my eyes where a dark brown, and my eyebrows where made of pebbles. So I get to the Earth village and everyone was built and tall, I felt like I was home, I looked around and I found a Coffee shop and I saw the barista, she had long brown hair and light brown eyes, I said, “Hi, how are you doing?” She responded, “Bored, I though I was gonna have adventure in my life, to be rushed and challenged otherwise I would be bored, how about you?” I said, “Would you like to work for me then you don’t get paid but you get a free room and we have some fun most of the time.” She said, “Sure I got nothing better to do.” I said, “Ok then meet me in the woods about 100 yards away from here.” She said, “Sure.” I take her to the house and she punched Ken in the face, then he got up and said, “Nice to meet you too.” Then I told her, “We don’t fight we are all different clans and we are trying to get everyone together so all of us can live in harmony.” Then I said, “Let me introduce you to the squad, First there is my wife Lily, my son Aires, Lily’s mom Miss Moon, then theres ken the one you punched, then ken’s dad, and two little girls, one is an infant and the other is named Scarlet.” Then she said, “Oh I am Diane, Hi everyone!” Everyone said, “Hi Diane!” I said, “Welcome to our base.” Diane said, “Thanks Steven.” Just about before I left I heard a scream, It was Lily’s! I rushed over there as fast as I could, I entered and saw Lily putting out fires. I put them out in one sweep and put bubble hands on the baby, then I said, “She won’t use fire anymore.” Then I went over to Lily and said, “I promise no more kids I will bring an old friend that knows my secret.” I whispered, “He helped me learn a most of my nature spells.” Lily said, “Ok but be safe.” Then I used water-style shape magic and made a heart shape and in the middle it said, “Don’t worry.”


Now I transformed into my nature look, my eyes were green, my hair is green and my eyebrows are leaves. Half an hour later, Now I’m entering the nature village since it was the last stop for a while for my transformations to rest, I decided to go to the store, so as I was walking to the store, a gun was pointed to my back and I heard from behind me was a voice that said, “Give me everything you have and I won’t kill you.” Then I said, “Lennon you can stop now.” Lennon says, “How did you tell it was me?” I said, “You’re the only person here who wears wet tree cologne plus your fingers don’t make a good gun.” Lennon says, “Man your too good at this, you’re a detective or something.” Then I said, “Didn’t you run a corse on all type baby health?” Lennon said, “Yeah why?” I told him that after we go to the store he needs to follow me. So after we picked up a few things we started walking in the forest. Then after we walked awhile a wolf pack came up, usually when any animals see nature types they are very friendly but, this pack was odd, when they saw us they started to growl, then I noticed that the wolves look different, usual wolves look, brown, or green, or red, or purple, or blue, or white but this color wasn’t any of them this color was a pitch jet black, there eyes were gray and there claws had a little blood on them, then I saw their teeth, there was the red hair from the fire clan there, and they had bald spots on there backs, heads and legs. My emotions turned from fear, to immediate rage, I used air bow and shot each one each arrow went right through, but one of them bit my arm, and then they ran away, Lennon doesn’t know that I was bit by the wolf and I won’t tell him till we get home. After an hour we reached the base I collapsed and all I uttered out was, “Bring… Lily.” Lennon ran and got Lily, Lily called Diane and took me to Lily’s and my bedroom.


I was out for 3 weeks everyday Lily would be on my side, then when I woke up, Lily was talking to me but she didn’t know I was awake, The I heard one last thing before I got up, she said, “Steven, I don’t know if you can hear me but, Listen I… I… am.” I interrupted, “*Ugh* What time is it, ah I need some coffee.” Lily’s eyes bursted to tears, she was grabbing me, hugging me, and kissing me, I said, “Whats all this commotion about?” She responded with a tearful face, “Don’t scare me like that ever again.” I wiped her streams of tears from her red cheeks and kissed her forehead, I got up and I used a self heal spell, My wound looked normal, and my spell fixed it but there was a scar,  It felt a bit off though, I asked, “Wheres Lennon?” Lily said, “First why did you get up second, Lennon is helping Eva.” I responded, “Who is Eva?” Lily said, “Eva is the little fire baby, Scarlet named her after mother.” I smiled and asked, “Get Aires I need to talk to him.” Lily nodded and brought Aires. I told Aires, “Sit down I need to talk to you.” Aires gave me a hug and sat down, I smiled, tussled his hair and sat down. I said, “Aires when I was your age I learned my first wind spells now I want to teach you a few of them.” Aires yelled, “YAY!” We got up and went behind the base, I made nature targets for him and I said, “Ok First thing is, open your hand.” Aires opens his little hand, I said, “Now focus all your power to your palm, like this.” I showed my palm to Aires and Aires copied, I said, “Finally, make a circle with you finger and thumb on your other hand, Place that circle in the power, and blow the power from the circle.” Aires put his index finger and thumb together and placed his hand in the power, he blew into it and it made a nice breeze, He said, “Wow, thats cool.” I said, “Here look at this.” I made the power palm, put my fingers together, placed my hand in the power, and blew it, A strong gust came out and blew the target away, Aires eyes lit up and I said, “Practice makes perfect.” I taught Aires how to fly, float, and defend, These were some skills I wanted him to know. Not it is the after noon and we started to head inside, Aires ran to tell Lily everything, I thought in my head, “Lily is gonna kill me for teaching him to fly.” Then I heard a voice in my head, It said, “Dark, release.” I looked around and no one was there, Then I said, “What is dark, release?” The voice said, “To confine dark say dark confine.” Then I asked, “I said dark release what now?” The voice said, “You are the chosen one, You resist the darkness, you are cursed.” Then I asked, “What is this curse?” The voice stopped and never said anything ever again.

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