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October 24, 2021
By AnnickL, Sherborn, Massachusetts
AnnickL, Sherborn, Massachusetts
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      Joice Fischer wasn't the nicest guy. He treated everyone, especially his coworkers like garbage. He was constantly yelling at them and insulting them. Nobody really liked him. He was rude, selfish, and stuck up  As he was walking to his bus stop he noticed that there were no cars on the road. Joice decided to just walk ahead but then noticed the car come flashing straight at him.BAAM. Am I dead? he thought to himself as he awoke in a world surrounded by pure white. Someone then appeared and says how curses had been placed upon him. "Crack it before its too late," They said disappearing 

Follow Joice in Redo as he tries to break this curse and return to his normal life

Annick L.


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