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Jungle Lost and Found

March 17, 2022
By Dahlia14, Braham, Minnesota
Dahlia14, Braham, Minnesota
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Princess Hazel and her guards and handmaidens are playing in their jungle home when Hazel loses a necklace that she had received from her father. When it gets late, Hazel and one of her guards stay to keep searching just a little longer, while the others return to the palace. Hazel and her guard soon get lost, and then they get attacked by Coffin spiders, the deadliest spiders in the jungle. They are rescued by a boy named Linden, and the rest of his village. When the princess and her guard are fully recovered, they return to the palace, with Linden promising to keep an eye out for Hazel's necklace. Months later, at a festival, Linden and his grandmother once again meet Hazel and all her guards and handmaidens. After a quick scare at the piranha tank, Linden is once again hailed as a hero. Hazel begins to realize something. A few weeks after this, Linden arrives at the palace with a surprise for Hazel. Delighted, she pulls him to the throne room to show her parents.  

Anna G.

Jungle Lost and Found

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