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the curse of the silver rose

January 12, 2011
By Anonymous

I knew almost all the secretes in the universe… but felt surprisingly empty. I am the most powerful person in existence. You see, at my desire I could kill millions with a slight life of a single lift of one of my hands. I could heal a person seconds from death without ever even having to give it a second thought. I could see the future-the past-and most importantly the present (since that is the place that most of us live in I can assume). I could change the events that; have been going on; that will be going one (well I suppose just about everyone can do that); and that are going to be going on just by wanting them to be so, the universe was in my power! I could make it snow, I could make it rain, I could make it shine… I could make the sun turn to ice or let the universe burn. However… this wasn't how it was supposed to be; I mean I shouldn't have even a one hundredth of the power that I have. Though truthfully even though this might sound exciting to you and all which I'm sure it does, having the power to do anything and everything-you could make the one that you love fall desperately and madly in love with you-you could accomplish any dream or wish that you would want, you earn the respect of anyone and everyone! It sounds great when you say it like that, and trust me I've heard it like that plenty of times- though if I'm being honest here, I wish more then anything that I didn't have it. Though this may sound strange to you-I wish that I was human, I wish that I had emotions I wish that I could love and hate and sin I wish that I could live and feel and hurt-and I wish that I could die… yeah, you heard that right(or rather read it right). Though wishing will get me nowhere because that’s not the reality of this situation, it isn't how it is. Even if its how it should be...Hasn't anyone ever told you life isn't fair?

The reason I am the way I am is because someone or perhaps something would be more accurate; long ago did something, something so wrong and so horrible that it sent the whole universe so off balance; it was something that no one could stop. Evil, or whatever it was, (for I wouldn’t go blaming evil for a deed this horrid unless they were actually the ones who did it.) got away with it. They were never discovered, they were never found, they were never punished, justice was never avenged, they just...vanished.

The reason that I have only guessed at to explain(look up at the beginning, it says ALMOST all the secrets in the universe, this happens to be one of the few secrets that I don't know, or fully understand) why this happened is that usually good always triumphs over evil (its just the way everything was made-just like your heart continues to beat for no reason, good continues to win for no reason at all) but see; when good is faced with something, well not exactly worse but different, very different. Will they and do they triumph? Well evidently not, or else I wouldn’t be here.

Then, once the (well whoever they are) did this they came to terms with what they had done, and then they just vanished (like I said earlier) probably horrified by what they had done some would guess, and they never returned. After that the survivors soon rebuilt the universe from scratch and soon after made me; to make sure nothing like that could ever happen again- this is the truth, this is how it is...even if its not how it should be.

Why haven’t I changed this fact in history if I can control the past the present and the future you might be asking yourself; well I already did; (chuckle) I did that a long time ago. Though once I saw what I had done I realized something, something that I had done wrong-a flaw in my master plan. You see I could not fiddle with time and space without there being a consequence for doing such, a dire consequence. Although you see knowing almost all of the secrets of the universe has its advantages and to tell the truth I had already known before I changed this terrible fact in history what would happen if I had erased it. But how could I not still try?

Well once this 'consequence' happened, I realized that the universe had to have this terrible event happen to them, so that they could learn from their mistakes, so that they could learn to pick themselves up once they fall-so they could start anew. Then I also realized something else. I learned one more secret of the universe to add to my billions upon billions. It was the reason that this horrible story in history happened; and it was because someone had gained to much power. And too much power is never good for anyone or anything...... Even me. So learning from history I made a decision.

I would divide my power up into eight pieces so that the universe would stay in balance and nothing like this would ever happen again, so see no one could have too much power but just the right amount. How will I accomplish this? You let me worry about that. They would be named the Evod, I decided, a mix between good and evil. To do my job, to make sure the universe always remains in balance. To ensure that nothing that terrible would ever upset the universe again.

Number Eight: this one is the weakest of all eight pieces but once it is at its full power, it can kill thousands at a time. It will always be male; its greatest power is strength and bravery. Its weakness is anger.

Number seven: this is the second weakest of all eight pieces but has great intelligence; once to its full power it can solve almost anything. It can be either male or female. Its greatest powers are intelligence and the ability to catch on quick. Its weakness is pride.

Number six: this one is the third weakest of all eight pieces but once at its full power it can almost talk itself out of any situation. It will always be male; its greatest powers are street smarts, popularity, and manipulation. Its weakness is greed and sin.

Number five: this one is neither weak nor strong of all eight pieces. At its full power, it can bend almost anyone to its will. It will always be female, its greatest powers are, it’s beauty, its enchantments, its cunning and can see the past. Its weakness is that it is easily drawn to the dark side and can be easily lured into doing evil.

Number four: this one is the fourth strongest out of all eight pieces. At its full power, it can accomplish almost any task set before it. It can be either male or female. Its strengths are that of… it speaks every langue known to the universe; it can blend into almost any circumstance as though it belongs there. It is resourceful, kind and can see glimpses of the future. Its weakness is kindness.

Number three: this one is the third strongest in the eight pieces. This one now has one third of all the other eight pieces power and some strengths of its own. It will always be female; its strengths are wisdom, speed and magic*. Its weakness is that its emotions are limited, and gives up easily.

Number two: this is the second strongest in the eight pieces. This one now has one half of all the other eight pieces strengths and a few of its own. It is always male; it is extraordinary in the art of swords and has the most good in it out of all eight pieces (though not the kind of good you can see). It is very humble. The strengths that are most effective of it out of all the eight pieces of eight are… wisdom, resourcefulness, *magic* and street smarts. It can also see the past and glimpses of the future. Its weakness is its inability love.

Number one: this person is the strongest out of all eight pieces. This person has all of the strengths of every one of the eight pieces; it can see the past, present and parts of the future and has a secret that even she don’t know half of the time. This person is I. I am this person; and it will always be me, for no one should have to endure this secret except I. My weakness is I am drawn to power and don’t care enough…. My name? Alice Wright. And this is my story.

She stood there. She just stood there. As though she were waiting for something. As though she were waiting for me. Waiting for me to do something. She laughed with her friends and talked with them just as any other mindless human would do. And flirted with guys-did silly things to get the attention of others and lived a selfish life just as everyone else did. So why was standing here staring at her? I mean she wasn’t really all that pretty, she wasn’t bad looking but I knew with the way I looked I could do much better. She had medium length brown wavy hair. She was sort of skinny with some curves still put in for fun. She wore kind a different kind of style every day. Sometimes she would be wearing the best designer brands of the era-then some days she would have on sweats and a boring t-shirt with a meaningless logo on the chest area. She had piercing light greenish gray eyes that seemed always sad to me even when her face showed different emotion. But other then her eyes she was completely normal. Really she was.

I was the new kid. I had only been here for a few days and already I was the most popular person in the school. It was effortless of course. And personally I didn’t much care for the popular life-in fact I rather prefer being a nobody. People don’t talk to you much and that way I can do whatever needs to be done without too much interference.

But this school in particular had something different about it then the others. Something I have tried countless of times to explain to myself and have utterly failed each time. And trust me I don’t fail at things easily. Well truthfully I knew in my mind what it was that was so different about this school-I mean how could I not? It was staring me straight in the face. It was her. Alice. One of her friends, Clare, I never liked her very much she's really ugly with weird hair sort of overweight and had cool eyes I guess but anyway she whispered something to Alice. I picked up on it since she was only a few yards away.
“Cloud’s staring at you” she said in a somewhat excited voice, I turned my head-the last thing I needed was for some girl that I actually have the slightest bit of interest in to start to like me and screw up the whole plan. Oh by the way incase you were wondering-yes my name is Cloud. Some of the popular guys came up behind me and started talking in stupid voices about how we are going to win the big game today. I fought back the urge to tell them the truth, that we would lose horribly. I wasn’t exactly positive of this-you could call it an inference, but I mean…it was going to happen. I know it was. I swear it was. Unless I was planning on being nice and making us win. Doubt it.

I didn’t really talk to them. I didn’t need to, I was the best player on the team and the best-looking guy in the whole school-so they had to keep talking to me. It was for their stupid selfish human image that so many cared about for some absurd reason. Oh well, this was the way things worked, nothing I can do about it. Scratch that I could do a lot about it. What I mean to say is there’s nothing I should do about it. Or rather nothing I'm going to do about it.

My name is Cloud Knight, and if you know what’s good for you you’ll stop reading right now. For I can tell you that this story isn’t one you would read for pleasure. Doesn’t exactly have the best ending and is equally sad the whole way through. Sure there are some happy moments but its best you put this book down and forget you ever picked it up. I’m writing this so that people don’t forget it happened. Because already many are beginning to call this story a myth. And they would be horribly wrong. So just so that the universe doesn’t become completely ignorant to the facts of this huge part in history I feel it is my duty to inform you of them. Whether you chose to believe me or not is out of my hands. Well actually I could always make you believe me…though I shouldn’t. Curse this easily guilty sole of mine. Anyway back to the story.

“Hey,” said the annoying girl-Clare I knew exactly what was going to come out of her mouth even before she even knew it herself, so it came as no surprise as she uttered the next words in that deep voice of hers “Do you like my friend Alice?” she asked, I sighed-this is all these measly humans ever care about isn’t it?
“No” I said with zero emotion in my tone. And well it was easy to say it to her-though I knew if my mind strayed to Alice…well things wouldn’t get better.
“Yes you do, stop lying I can tell, you were staring at her” she insisted, right now I had three choices, one: I could get angry with her-and well this would be the most entertaining one-I’d love to see her cry (yes I know I’m horrible, get over it). Two: I could just deny it and walk away, kind of boring, but will probably have the best results for the plan. Three: I could use sarcasm and tell her the facts. I like this one. This one is the best I would say.
“Oh yes actually I’m madly in love with her, especially with the way she still hasn’t made out with anyone yet, or how she doesn’t floss every day and the way still wets the bed occasionally” I said still with no emotion in my tone. It took a lot out of me to make emotion and I didn’t feel like it right now. She looked at me in horror, I sighed-did she think that I cared about any of this?
“How do you know that?” she shouted looking scared and horrified at the same time.
“Being popular has its advantages, now leave before I tell anyone else about her little problems” I said to her and she glared at me for a second before she stalked away. These little emotions that humans have don’t please me as they used to. Now I don’t even care-I think my case is getting worse I fear. But I wasn’t really concerned enough to care. Great.
“What was that about?” asked Garrison I shrugged, he didn’t really need to know, then I walked off to class.

“Okay class get out your books and turn to page 22,” said my teacher, her name was Mrs. Riddle. I felt kind of sad for her-she was a good human being from what I could tell of her; to bad she was going to die along with the rest of them. Maybe I should…. No, don’t start thinking that way, you’re here on a mission and you wont let any foolish human being stand in the way of that. No matter how kind they are. I mean you cant. You shouldn’t. You…I, I don’t know. I really don’t, I haven’t been sure of much anything lately. I think it has something to do with this not caring thing. I haven’t been able to feel or think anything for myself at all. Its strange-its like I’m a robot. Everyone I know has told me this countless of times yet I haven’t really believed them until recently. But its to late-nothing I can or would want to do about it now. Lies.
“Hey,” whispered tanner-some kid I didn’t really know, he wasn’t really popular so he probably thought he wasn’t sociably acceptable to talk to me. Who cares? He passed me a note that said on it.
To: Cloud
From: Lacy
It read: Hey, I was wondering if you wanted to go out with me:)))))

I looked behind me-she sat two seats behind-she was pretending to look a different way though I knew that she was doing this on purpose. It would be awkward if she looked at me. Stupid human emotions, if only she knew what would happen to her if I actually said yes. I would usually have laughed at this but like I said I was changing somehow. So I couldn’t even find in it to laugh at the ignorance of this pathetic little girl.

I wasn’t really in the mood to let her down easy-nor was I in the mood to be rude either so instead I flipped over the piece of paper and wrote on the back: No. I handed it back to tanner and he handed it to Lacy I’m sure. And she was probably crying inside by now. And I couldn’t even get myself to smile-how sad is that? The class dragged on for another 45 minutes. I pretended to take notes the whole time even though I already knew more then the teacher herself did so I pretty much just went over the plan in my head…over and over again. So I guess there was no reason that I should fail-and yet…
“Hey, dude,” said one of the only kids in this whole school (with a population of 3,ooo people) who was actually okay: Stuart. He had dark brown hair that did that flip thing to the side that most guys had now a day-he was stocky and a little shorter then me and had dull brown eyes and wore skinny jeans and a red shirt with black letters on it that said volcom.
“Hey” I said with no emotion
“So what did that note say from tanner?” he asked, of course he noticed that,
“It was from Lacy” was all I really needed to say,
“Oh” he replied obviously getting it “how did you tell her no?” I couldn’t even get myself to laugh, as I should have really been able to. Usually.
“I just said no,” I said in sort of a light way, yet I still couldn’t smile. He frowned,
“Poor girl” he said with a laugh-I forced myself to smile, he looked at me sadly “dude what’s wrong with you?” he asked, I almost did a double take I mean how in the hell did he know that was something wrong with me? There wasn’t that much of a difference in me only within a few weeks? Was there? I wasn’t sure.
“I don’t even know” I replied
“Well, you seem different somehow…” he said and I shook my head-there was no way I could have changed that much.
“How?” I asked,
“Well, I don’t know, you just used to care more” he said and I shrugged, if only he knew how right he was. He never would though. He would never know an ounce of my life. For his own sake. Crap. I didn’t even want to think about him dying along with the rest of them…it couldn’t happen. I wouldn’t let it. I didn’t really care if it screwed up the plan-he didn’t deserve to die. “There’s a lot you don’t tell me” he said-it wasn’t a question, and really I’m glad it wasn’t because I wouldn’t be able to answer it anyway. “If you don’t tell your best friend who do you tell?” he asked, ugh, why did we have to have this conversation right now? Screw that, why did we have to have this conversation at all? No idea.
“I don’t tell anyone”
“Why not?”
“…Its just better if no one knows”
“…I’m sure there’s someone you can tell”
“Nope” I replied getting kind of annoyed, though I guess that’s a good thing-at least I can still get annoyed.
“Why not?” he asked-I shrugged, stupid-idiotic boy. “Just tell me,” he said and I had about had it with thing I shook my head wishing he would shut up. I tended to have anger issues I will admit and the fact that I was trained for decades to be a killing machine doesn’t exactly help Stuarts case. “Come on! You know everything about me! Tell me something!” he shouted, and that was it-I spun around furious.
“You want to know why I don’t tell you anything? Really do you? Because there's a simple explination but it might scare you” I said with death in my tone, I saw that he was actually scared so I laid off a bit. He stuttered his next words-I guess I forgot how scary I could be because truthfully I wasn’t even trying.
“W-well…I, um, I t-think that…that I c-can hand-d-del it…” he said in a small voice I laughed silently to myself…I guess I’m not completely emotionless…yet.
“Okay…the reason I don’t want to tell you these things is because you would be hunted down and slaughtered in the middle of the night for knowing what you know” I said nonchalantly-he gave me a look that meant ‘are you serious?’ I gave him a crooked smile that meant neither yes, nor no. He stopped walking.
“Your kidding right?” he inquired, I thought of the best way to respond.
“Well…I wouldn’t let that happen…but if I did, yes that’s what would most likely happen…or worse.” I said he glared
“What could be worse then that” he asked I started bursting up laughing…oh if only he knew…but he doesn’t. He wouldn’t understand either. So I just let that question go.
“I probably shouldn’t even be friend’s with you.” I said with a-matter-of fact tone to it. He was the one to smile this time. Why in the hell was he smiling? Did he think it was a joke or something?
“Really” he inquired, I thought about that for a second…I mean in one way I was going to save his life-yet in another I could also be starting something even worse for him. So who knows?
“Depends on how you look at it,” I said
“Well, then why can’t you tell me if you’re not going to let anything happen?”
“Because I would rather not deal with that right now…it’s a pain in the ass.”
“Please-come on!”
“Pretty please”
“I’ll pay you,” he said and I started laughing so hard…if only he knew that I could be the richest person on the planet if I wanted to… I mean was it really that hard to rob a bank?
“Wow…you could pay me 36 billion dollars and I wouldn’t tell you a single thing” I replied, and that stumped him for a second and trust me its really hard to stump Stuart at things.
“What if I…I…okay there’s nothing I could give you that you don’t already have! I cant use black mail because I don’t know anything about you…not that I would. Just saying. And I can’t do anything but beg! Please-please-please-please” he said and got down on his knees.
“This is not helping your chances”
“Then what would?” I thought about that for a moment.
“Look here’s the thing if you want to know these things you would be in the life I live…forever…no going back. And you wouldn’t want that.” …Though if I’m saving his life he doesn’t have a choice. But for now its better if he’s normal…so he can live a normal life for a while.
“And what is your life…don’t tell me the stuff you cant tell me…is it like F.B.I stuff or like fighting or figuring out stuff or the Mob or what?” he asked, I laughed, he would wish it was the Mob after he actually finds out what it is.
“Its…sort of like a mix of that....I guess” I said, it was very difficult to explain
“Then I’m all in-I knew there was something different about you!” I laughed at how completely naive he sounded…now I knew that he couldn’t know. I would just let him die along with everyone else. For he couldn’t possibly know what he was getting himself into.
“Okay” I said
“So you’ll tell me?”
“No” I said slammed my locker and went off to class before he could protest.

It was a dark night tonight. There was no moon and the stars seemed to be hiding somewhere in the infinite expanse of the universe. There weren’t any clouds either, nothing to explain why the stars were nowhere to be seen. Maybe it was because the universe knew what was going to happen tonight. Maybe because the stars and the moon were on my side and wanted me to succeed in this fretful task set before me. Whatever the reason…I was glad that it was the way it was. I worked best in the dark…don’t ask why because even I don’t know and for tonight to be an accomplishment I needed all the help I could get. The forest was icy from the snow early today and since it was 18 degrees outside it must have all iced over. Though I worked well in ice also-it wasn’t my best element but I worked well with it. So this was a clear sign that tonight would be my night. I walked without leaving footprints. Its something you learn from where I come from-for people who come from where I do learn to become invisible. Not actually invisible of course but as close to it as you can get. We walk in the shadows and know how to make it as though we were never here. For usually its not a good thing to be followed. That’s why I was shocked when I herd footsteps coming from behind me. Whoever they were wouldn’t be anywhere near where I was standing for about five minutes-but it was clear to where they were going. Who were they? I closed my eyes and concentrated on the pattern of the steps…it was light. Though I was never very good at identifying people by the way they walk so this pretty much sucked. Great. They couldn’t follow me if I ran I was sure of that. But I still didn’t want them interfering with my plan. I mean if for some out of this world reason the already knew where I was going that could screw up everything. To bad I was already so close to where I was going. So who ever they are-are really pissing me off. I ran in the direction of them and when I got close I ducked behind a tree. “What in the hell am I doing out here? I’m so stupid! ‘Oh yeah follow him and find out what he’s up to’ smart plan genius especially when its 18 degrees outside and he runs really freaking fast!” shouted…yep you guessed it. Stuart. Fun stuff. I ran up behind him and covered his mouth so he wouldn’t scream. He would not jeopardize this night for me. He started freaking out as any regular human would do. I couldn’t help but laugh at his weak attempts at hurting me. I whispered in his ear. “Dude its me would you shut up” I uncovered his mouth when I thought it was safe and he wouldn’t start screaming on the top of his lungs. “Don’t scare me like that again!” he shouted a bit to loud-I shut his mouth again with my hand and pushed him up against a tree. “Then shut up and I wont have to” I said and he relaxed a little- “Sorry,” he whispered “What are you doing out here?” I said in screamed whispers-the little punk- “Looking for you” “Well you found me now what do you want?” “…I want to be in” “What?” “I want to be in this whatever thing your in is” “No” I replied in a nasty tone-he was really getting on my nerves. “Yes! It’s my life and I know what I want so dont be like ‘oh you don’t know what your getting yourself into’” “You don’t know s*** about what you want” “Oh and you do?” “Yeah I do! Because I was like you once! And I would have much rather died then become what I am” I said and he shook a bit under my grip around his neck (yeah I was still holding him up against the tree) he must be freezing. “Well I wouldn’t! I want to have adventures! Life sucks and it’s boring!” “I would trade one thousand of adventures that I have had for one boring day,” I said and he smiled “Is that really what your life is like for you?” “Its not a good thing” “I want it” “No you don’t” “If I get this life and I don’t like it then it’s my fault! You warned me! Okay so please-please…” I only shook my head at him…such a waste. “Not tonight” “Tomorrow?” “Maybe” “No, you have to swear! Otherwise it will never happen, I know you” “…Okay fine I swear….” I said just hoping to get him off my back so I could get what needed to be done finished with tonight. “If I live through the night I will do it in the morning” “If?” “Yes, if! Now go home” “…I…I don’t know where I am” he said and I rolled my eyes-great-now I had to take him home. Would I still have time? I wasn’t sure-I cursed him inside my head…this is why I don’t want friends. “Fine. I’ll take you home…I guess it will just have to wait for tomorrow night,” I said and he smiled-he tried to hide it but I could still tell he did. Stupid, idiotic, selfish boy-but I did swear that I would give him my life (though I never was one for keeping to my word). I hauled him onto my back-he was colder then a glacier. I guess I forgot that humans got cold-for I mean I never did. That’s not a good thing. I ran into the forest in the direction of his house. Don’t ask me how I know where he lives. It took about five minutes to arrive there-I jumped through the window and threw him onto his bed. His walls were completely covered with weaponry. Really crappy weaponry I might add but still. Wow he really didn’t know what he was getting himself into. “Okay since your not even going tonight cant you change me tonight?” he asked and I shrugged “Its not exactly a matter of changing you…” “Well do whatever you need to do tonight! Please” “Don’t you want to say goodbye to your family-once you’ve committed yourself to this there’s no going back.” “You mean my good for nothing dad. And my alcoholic mother” he said in a despicable tone. I rolled my eyes-if only he knew what I would give to be human again and have a good for nothing dad and an alcoholic mother. “Yes them” “No” “Look I know you might have a genuinely good reason to be angry with them but messing up your life isn’t going to make them feel any worse its going screw up you! Got it? You’re the only one it’s effecting…well in the long run I mean.” “No I know. I’m not that stupid to screw up my life for them. I want this.” He said and I shook my head. “Whatever. You’ll regret this though” “Sure-sure” he said and I felt like strangling him-he treated this with sarcasm? This was the rest of his life! It could be eternity before he dies. I don’t think he understands a thing…oh well. “Okay lets begin,” I said and he looked up at me excitedly-he was so young-he’s only lived 15 years after all. His loss. “So first and for most-once this happens there is no going back” “I know” “And you don't die…” “…What! That’s so cool!” he shouted I glared at him no it was so not cool… not at all.

It was cold outside yet it wasn’t raining. Just the perfect weather I thought to myself. It wasn’t too sunny so that you would get yourself all worked up into thinking that this could be the best day of your life and you’ll be just like one of those happy people you always see on T.V. but then come to realize at the end of the day that there was nothing special about it at all. Yet it isn’t raining outside so I can still go on a jog…so this weather worked. I silently prayed to God that this weather would stay-but I knew it wouldn’t. I smiled in spite of myself yes you could call me a pessimist but I like to think of it more as…realistic.

I walked into the halls of Willamette high school (boring name right, well it fits for it’s a boring school) and saw people standing in their own little clicks whispering irrelivant gossip that no one would even remember next week. My school consists of five groups...well make that six-there were the preps-the skaters-the nerds-the drama club-the pot heads and the people who don't belong to one of those five. I was one of the few who wasn't in a click, me and a few others-Clair-Maddy-Melina-Shayla-John-Spencer-Braden-Lacy and Jake...speaking of jake... I sighed deeply and turned around straight away in hopes that he wouldn’t see me. Though it was already to late and I knew it too.

“Hey, wait up” he said, I cursed silently to myself then turned around with a smile-

“Hey,” I said in a some what disappointed tone-he didn’t seem to notice though- (or did he?) he sighed deeply which in Jake talk it means I have to ask him what’s wrong…or something of that sort. Jake has black dry messy hair and is as white as an Eskimo (I think that’s what they say right? I mean Eskimo’s must be really white with there being no sun and all. Just saying) He had dark freckles that covered most of his nose and a smile that would be better not shown out to the pubic. He was tall and skinny and wore somewhat baggy clothes that made him look even skinnier in my opinion. He had on blue worn jeans and a t-shirt that sponsored a certain baseball league that no one knows about; and last but not least conver's that stuck out like a sore thumb (Question: do sore thumbs really stick out all that much? Well sure they might be a little noticeable but I mean couldn’t they come up with a better saying then that?). I unfortunately told him to buy those a few months ago…and well it was a good idea at the time-I just didn’t know that his feet would look so bad in them. Its sad really-I would say something if it hadn’t been my idea to get them in the first place.

“What’s wrong?” I asked him and that was all he needed to go on and on about some kid who apparently called him a nerd over the weekend; what else is new I felt like saying to him but because of how nice I am I held my tongue-curse this nice streak I said to myself. I didn’t need to say much to make the story run on for about ten minutes. Note to self NEVER come to school early again. I suppose usually I can just avoid him for the first ten minutes when I get to school but today that didn’t much work as you can probably tell. I filled in some empty spaces with words like “I’m sorry” or “that’s to bad” and once I even said “well he’s stupid-don’t listen to him” but in all actuality I didn’t care. But this is what happened almost every day-he would complain about something; and I would comfort him, you could call it a routine.

“Hola!” said my best friend Maddy-I smiled as I realized that I was saved, Maddy has black hair that she meant to dye brown but some how it came out black (or so she says…) a few months ago (and somehow its staying black…magic perhaps?) she has nice white teeth that I wish I had and was very pale. She was a little bit to skinny in the legs and had a small pouch for the stomach-but just to judge her looks in general I would say she was quite pretty. In my opinion though-and I do tend to be bias I must add.

“Hola!” I said back and she laughed-we continued having a small conversation in Spanish when Jake finally stepped in.

“Okay, I have no idea what you are talking about” he said and all three of us laughed, but in my head I actually rolled my eyes. Yes you do idiot! I wanted to shout at him, because I was positive he did, we said this all the time to each other and I’ve explained it more then once. I mean how stupid can you get?

“And you never will” replied Maddy I smiled, I could tell they liked each other-but both of them are too self-conscious that neither would ever admit it…Oh well.

“So how was your weekend?” asked Jake looking directly at me-yet Maddy answered for me-whether she didn’t know that he was talking to me or she didn’t care I’m not sure.

“It was awesome! Oh, but I was in the shower last night…” I think we all know Jake’s thinking, feel free to punch him in the nuts in your mind for me “…and I cut myself!” she shouted, I could tell that Maddy had said that only to get Jake’s attention-not only with the cutting part too-I knew she put the shower part in there for a reason.

“Emo!” shouted Jake-we both looked at him and all three of us shared a second of silence before we all three started bursting up laughing… and for once it wasn’t fake-I suppose Jake did have his moments.

“You know I have been noticing your clothes have been looking rather dark lately” I said and all three of us looked down to see her dressed in pink skinny jeans and a bright green jacket she got from Canada. We laughed again-and I could tell the people around us were envious, which is another reason I must say I would rather be unpopular then popular-plus I tried it once. I am not going back. For I could be popular if I wanted to be-I don’t mean to brag but really I could. I have the looks the attitude the talent…I’m pretty much made to be popular-but its not really me-its just who I appear to be (am I doctor Seuss or something because that just rhymed).

“I’m sorry…its….it’s just so hard sometimes you know” she said through fake sniffing I rolled my eyes with a smile. Then the bell rang.

“Ring” I jumped about a foot in the air-it wasn’t for attention really it wasn’t-I just get scarred very easily-I truly wish that I didn’t-but I do.

“Not scarred of a bell are we?” inquired Jake; I shot him a death glare

“Nope, I was only checking to see how high I could jump” I lied-he smiled, for I rarely am funny-but like I said today is a good day-the weathers nice, Maddy’s in a good mood and there serving pizza today for lunch which means no one will have an excuse for wanting my lunch. But things do rarely stay the way that I wish they would. And like I said before you can call me a pessimist but I like to think of it more as…realistic.

I checked his pulse. It beat faintly underneath the thinness of his olive skin. He was definitely alive I thought to myself and smirked. Good so I hadn't killed him...yet. And yes you may be thinking that I'm a horrible person who deserves to die and has no heart or soul for that matter and well to say truth...your completely right; but in this case I had to knock him out-I had no choice. He is only fifteen and is to young and immature to know what he wants out of life. I would know. He reminds me of myself when I was his age... So new to the world and so excited and full of life. So willing to do anything to get out of the boring little circles humans so mindlessly run around in. Yet little does he know of the worlds true form. He has no clue of the sin in this world; of the lies and predjuice and injustice and ignorance of all mankind. For that's mankind's nature-to be inconcederate self-centered little know-it-alls. So if he cant even understand how his puny little world works, the way they lie and cheat to get what they want then... he cant even begin to fathom the complexity of mine. Which is a good thing. A very good thing. I wish that I would have had someone around when I was younger to tell me not to go through with this. To knock me out or whatever needed to be done. But I didn't-and that's one mistake I will live with for the rest of my pathetic life-and it is also one mistake he wont be living with for any portion of his. How ever short that may be. Hey he still has heaven right?

(School the next day)

"Everyone please report to the big gym immediatly" blaired the loud speakers sounding like the principals voice shouting those loud words. I rolled my eyes and began to walk down there with Jake Maddy and Clare. Oh yeah, I haven't told you about Clare yet have I? Well she has brownish red hair that went a little below her shoulders and she was a bit overweight in the stomach area but other then that she was pretty good looking. She had strange eyes that were yellowish gold and was probably my least favorite friend. See she's in love with this concedided jerk named Cloud is mean overberring and thinks high of herself so umm...maybe her and Cloud would be a good match after all I chuckled darkly to myself.

This is it. I thought to myself-its time for earth to die. The Eeries were here; and it was too late-my mission would have to be finished on another planet because they were here I could smell them-a mix between metal and rotting flesh if that makes any sense at all. I walked into the gym and saw everyones terror stricken face's as I watched the Eerie's present there usual charade to them.
"People of Earth....Hello. I am Amabo." he tells the crowd he wears a crocked smile-mixed with a calm expression on his angelic face. He was skinny and athletic and wore nice casual clothing. He had black hair in a stylish cut that hung down a little over his brown eyes-he smiled his crystal white teeth and said "Do not be afraid-you will only die if you choose it" he said and my teeth clenched-how I loath him. He kept his smile cool and calm. It freaked me out. "I am here to help you, you see. I am here to keep you pure of heart" he said with a warm smile-his expression showed that he shared our pain and actually cared, and well..thats when he said "I am bring you hope." everyone burst into chatter. He only stood control-and waited for everyone to quiet down to complete silence before he spoke again. "So here is the deal-If one of you...just one of you-would be willing to fight" he said and gestured to the five ton man standing next to him "this man....then all of you will be saved. All of you on this pathetic little planet. The rules are simple. Fight to the death and see who wins" with a crooked smile and a wink he looked off into the crowd of little kids cowering up at the man to whom they were destined to fight (why Amabo always chose a place with children to do his usual charade I will never understand). Of course no one could possibly hope to win this battle so it was like him saying- if one of you will give up your life I will save all of you. Then when no one would give up their life it would show how selfish the little planet was...and everyone would die. Everyone. And well...I was almost sad.

Thats when she stood up. Brown hair and peircing green eyes. But still very normal...a little girl around the age of sixteen. Also known as-Alice. My jaw literally dropped at the sight of this.

Not her I thought to myself. Not her. Everyone was quiet, no one talked, no one laughed, no one cried, no ones face showed any sign of emotion. Utter silence. As the little 115 pound girl stood before the five ton man. The height difference was laughable. The man they call Amabo looked at her. His face completely wiped of his devious crooked smile, or his confident expression that showed that there was nothing that we could do that would throw him off his guard. Nothing but this. Nothing but doing exactly what he asked us to do. Such a selfish planet this was-so easy it was to read. To figure out exactly how to make them kill themselves. But this wasn't part of the plan. Their plan...And they are never wrong.

"Ready?" she inquired shaking everyone out of the trance that we were in. Amabo only stared at the girl; her innocence made her unaware of his tedious eyes lurking on her. Glaring at her, but I was very aware of them. She would not die today. I vowed, not her. My eye's gazed at her-she was shaking in her skin. Her hands clenched and her eyes fought back tears as she stared up at the five ton man. Amabo finally broke out of whatever he was in and looked at her angrily. As though by doing exactly what he asked of her she ruined his whole plan. And to say truth that's exactly what she did.

"Kill her" he whispered to the five ton man and stalked off into some unknown direction. My eyes widened and I ran into the match not caring if it would mess up the plan that I had been so keen upon finishing, and well I'm usually not very keen upon anything. Not caring if it would ruin my entire life, which I'm sure it would. Not thinking about the fact that I could and probably would be sent to the lost for this (whats the lost you may be wondering. Don't worry about that yet). I just ran. And thats when it happened...the room was spinning, time slowed to a hault as though time itself was caught off guard, for what happened next was the impossible. No.... I didn't save her. The five ton man fell. He fell to the floor with an ear shattering earth quaking sound and cracked the very foundation of the earth. His eyes were wide open- and yet no longer seeing anything. He was dead. The five ton man is dead. My eyes darted to her, she wavered from one foot to the other and her eyes rolled back in her head as she began to fall. My arms automatically caught her as though they were meant to. And I stared off into the crowd. No one said a word. They didn't need to-it was apparent that this tiny little insignificant girl had saved billions of lives. She had saved a whole planet in fact. Because the Eeries never go back on their word-they never lie. So because they said that the people of earth would not be harmed well; they would not be harmed. Though these little mindless humans might not have known this fact I was definitly awaire of it.

How had she done it? I wondered to myself. There was no way she could have killed an Eerie on her own. Someone must have helped her. But who? Who could possibly care about this measly little planet? Who would care about this measly little girl? I could think of no one. Well no one besides my self of course (the fact still remains unknown why I care for her) so how did she kill him? My head spun with the realization of the fact that I did not know the answer to this question. Wait, I didn't know? How was this possible? I mean, don't get me wrong-I don't know close to everything about this universe. With so many small stupid planets out there. Trillions upon trillions. How could I know everything? But one thing I was positive on was the Eeries.

A species trained to kill. A non-human species that had little emotion and that little emotion that they did have was only anger and hate. Not friendship, and definitly not love. They controlled the universe. And they were a species that I was especially trained in. I knew how to kill them-I knew what made them tick-I knew what could kill them- I knew what couldn't-I knew their strengths their weaknesses their life expectancy; their I knew that no little girl no matter how strong or how powerful or how smart or how quick that little girl may be could kill one of them. There was no way in hell that that could happen. So why did it? I looked down at her lying in my arms. She seemed so delicate-as though with one touch she would break. This was the girl who had killed the Eerie? Unfathomable. I looked down at her again-at her lips...and for some out of this world reason I....I wanted to...I wished that....ugh. Idiot. Don't think that way. That could never happen. Ever. Scratch that-it never would happen. Ever. I would make sure of that.

She was beautiful though. In her own way-with her pale thin skin that had a line of freckles on it going across her nose and a little onto her cheeks. I touched her cheek and smiled-it was soft and...warm...I immediatly became aware of the fact that I was still in the gym and everyone was still watching. I bit my lip. What was going on with me? I never acted like this. I shook my head and hoped that it would stir me out of this trance but still with her in my arms I felt; different. I felt... 'sigh' I don't know how I felt. But it was weird.

Then as she stirred around restlessly in my arms something clicked on in my head. A light of some kind. Had what I been searching for so very many decades be lying right here in my arms? Could it truly be that easy I wondered to myself. Had all of the stories, and all my hope been about and faced on this one little girl? This tiny little girl? The stories called for a hero of some kind. A girl, someone not very likely-and the last part was very relevant though a hero? Could this be her? Could I have accomplished my plan after all...but just skipped a few steps? I was brought here to find a hero. I was here to find the girl that so many stories were based off of. I was here to find the saviour of the universe. I looked down at the girl in my arms, at her dark black eyelashes as they twittered so softly, at her mouth as it opened ever so slightly murmuring something quietly under her breath no doubt dreaming. Could it be her?

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